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  Get scammers off your love life, business through these tips.
Posted by: ebankole - 07-05-2021, 09:22 PM - Forum: Research - No Replies

Get scammers off your love life, business through these tips.

The world has a serious scam problem

From Brazil (where a banking computer virus has been designed to attract potential victims with pornographic material) to America (where there were over 300,000 recorded complaints about scam text messages in 2020 - double the number from 2019), banking scams have exploded globally and Nigeria isn’t left out.

This is alarming news but there’s a silver lining: The scammers (aka Bad Eggs) mostly use the same methods over and over again.

With that in mind, our logic for helping you avoid scams is simple:

If you know the Bad Eggs and how they operate, it’d be hard for them to scam you.

Get familiar (from a safe distance) with these common scammers who work harder than the devil.

1. The SMS Scammer
Mode of Operation: Sends a text message (SMS) designed to look like it’s from a bank with a link to steal account details.

Strengths: Clever, good at imitating banks, relentless, hard to trace.

Weaknesses: Spelling errors in the text message, the link in the message always looks strange (eg., the sender ID is usually a random phone number (instead of the bank’s name).

Your Smart Move: Delete the message immediately, don’t tap the link.

2. The Ponzi Scammer
Mode of Operation: Sells investment schemes that are too good to be true on WhatsApp, Facebook or Telegram.

Strengths: Makes sweet promises, usually uses a familiar brand to look legitimate, creates a sense of urgency.

Weaknesses: The interest is always extreme (eg. “Invest 2,000 naira to get 50,000 naira in 30 days!”), always too urgent (eg. “Today is the last day to invest!!!”), usually doesn’t have a physical office.

Your Smart Move: Don’t reply, don’t send money to the scammer, leave any Telegram or WhatsApp group that looks suspicious immediately.

3. The Money Doubler
Strengths: Knows how to appear legitimate, advises you to start with a small amount so you’ll build trust, disappears quickly after receiving money.

Weaknesses: Never explains clearly how the money will be doubled, doesn’t have an office address.

Your Smart Move: Avoid anything that mentions money doubling online and offline. It’s always a scam.

Remember, a safe way to grow your money is to set up a savings plan on your Kuda.

We’ll pay you reasonable interest without strings attached.

Have a lovely weekend

Curtesy, Primenet,Nairaland

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  My dreams
Posted by: - 05-05-2021, 05:57 PM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (1)

1.I had a dream nd I saw a friend of mine conducting deliverance on a young boy, den immediately I joined him in d deliverance.after everything I woke up, I wanto no d connection between both of us cos for real were close nd I just knew dis person few month's ago nd were kind of connected in so many ways I don't really no why. I wanna no d meaning of dis connection.

2.I had another dream where I was with my family we were just together nd I noticed in dat dream dat salvation ministry were having a program nd I noticed dat my friend was there cos dats d church he attends same friend I talked abt in d first dream .but dis tym I wanted to see him .but sometin happened I was abt going to d church but I wasn't putting on slippers so i had to go bk nd wear slippers .but b4 I could reach d church , I saw him moving I had to speed up nd I was trying to call his name but notin was coming out asif I lost my voice I was telling 2, guys walking in same path with me to help me call d guy but dy didn't dy were just staring at me I wasn't happy cos I couldn't meet up .he entered a bike nd left so I wasn't able to talk to him,I woke up feeling sad

3.I dreamt nd I saw mysef in a building holding a bible on my hand but no wan was there I was d only one standing there dunno wat it means

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  Just imagine
Posted by: ebankole - 03-05-2021, 03:56 AM - Forum: Support dreamtorchlight ministry - Replies (1)

Just imagine

]Imagine the ministry can not afford data
Imagine the ministry can not afford to pay electric bills
Imagine the ministry can not afford to pay for our domain
Imagine the ministry does not have money to renew domain
Imagine the ministry can not afford the engine room (known as CPanel)of our forum where all your data is stored and information including all your messages,dreams,threads , PM , etc.
Imagine we can not affford or have the money to sustain the ministry.
Imagine the ministry without the forum.
Imagine the ministry without supports?
Now, imagine the ministry without all of the above and then , imagine the ministry without what sustains it , physically and materially ?

Jesus is Lord!

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Posted by: ebankole - 03-05-2021, 03:41 AM - Forum: Spirtual Clinic - No Replies


One day, a school teacher wrote on the board the following:

When He was done, he looked back at the students and they were all *laughing at him because of the first equation which was wrong.*

Then the teacher said the following:
I wrote the first equation wrong on purpose, because I wanted you to learn *Something important.*

This was for you to know how the world out there will TREAT you!

You can see that I wrote the *RIGHT thing nine times*, but none of you congratulated me for it.

But you all laughed and criticized me because of *one wrong thing* I did.

*The lesson is:*
The world Will Never Appreciate the good you do *a million times*, but will Criticize the *one wrong thing* you do.
So don't Get Discouraged!


Don't *Look Up* to man; But look Up to GOD Almighty


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Posted by: ebankole - 03-05-2021, 03:30 AM - Forum: Wedding/marriage - No Replies


A: Always love your spouse.
B: Believe in each other.
C: Celebrate each other often.
D: Don't argue but always reason together.
E: Expect imperfections from your spouse.
F: Fix solutions to problems on time.
G: Go for a walk together once a week.
H: Hold each other's hands often.
I: Ignite the passion in your spouse daily.
J: Just laugh over issues worth criticizing.
K: Kill the spirit of unhealthy competition.
L: Let your spouse know your movements.
M: Make love like newly weds.
N: No separate room for you both.
O: Oppose any intruder or third party.
P: Pray together always.
Q: Quality time should be spent together.
R: Resist every temptation of infidelity.
S: Stay positive to each other's vision.
T: Take no record of past offence.
U: Utilize every opportunity to bond.
V: Visualize a glorious future together.
W: Win each other's admiration daily.
X: X-ray your lives together.
Y: Yell not at each other for any reason.
Z: Zip your mouth when you're angry


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Posted by: ebankole - 03-05-2021, 03:24 AM - Forum: Children and Christianity - No Replies

Dear Parents,


Please, carefully look at the list below and identify where you may want to make amends on yourself or on the young ones you are bringing up.

Children, if not properly groomed may never get to the top in life, even if both parents are at the top of their careers.
Manners take you to where your education can't irrespective of your status, wealth or your reach or influence:

1) Going to your child's school indecently
dressed. (Think again).

2) Speaking rashly to your child's teacher.

3) Cursing, using foul language or swearing
words in front of your children.

4) Using makeup on children.

5) Dressing your little children up indecently
(they lose their sense of Princesshood).

6) Putting earrings on your son's ears.

7) Your child hold the cup or glassware by the
brim and you don't correct.

8) Your children don't greet and you just feel
they will come around one day because they
have a mood swing. (You will be blamed for

9) Your children eat with their mouth opened
and you feel they will grow up some day.

10) Your children bringing home something
you did not buy for them and you say
nothing. (that is the beginning of stealing).

11) The Children talk back at you and you
conclude it's okay since you are a 21st
century Mummy. (You will hate yourself if
they do that outside and they are

12) The Children interrupt when you are
speaking with another adult and you think
they are bold and clever. (Its really bad

13) The Children exercising authority over the
Nanny and domestic staff and you let them
be. (that is bad parenting).

14) The Children saying things like "my driver
is on his way..." I do not advocate that
children should call your domestic staff
Aunty or Brother, calling them by Name
when they are not young people is not
proper either. The use of Miss, Mr or Mrs
will look good on them.

15) Your children don't say a 'thank you' when
they have been helped or served
something and you are cool with that. (Bad

16) When your Children cannot stand children
who are less privileged.

18) When the Children pick their noses with
their hands.

19) When the Children don't wash their hands
after visiting the washroom or after
returning from school or outside visits.

20) When your Children take something from
the fridge without taking permission. (Bad

21) When your Children don't knock on closed
doors and wait for a response before
opening the door.

22) When your Children don't collect from your
hands items you brought in as you walk
into your home.

23) When your Children request for a bribe to
carry out their home chores or extra task.
(That is disgraceful).

24) When your Children act like their
Grandparents irritate them. (It's a
Transferable Curse).

25) When your Children have not learnt to get
up from the Chair for the Elderly or Visitors
to sit.

26) When your Children tells lots of Lies. (You
will both cry in the future).

27) When your Children ask "who is that?" at a
knock on your door instead of "please, may
I know who is there."

28) When your Children are always seated by
your Visitors when being served Drinks or

29) When your Children still point their fingers
at other people, when talking to or
speaking about them.

30) When your Children play and jump around
when Prayers are going on. (These can
apply to Children from Ages 4 and Above).

Don't be a 21st Century Parents who can't correct their Children. Train your Children in the way of the Lord so that when they grow up they will not depart from such Godly Training or Upbringing.


Please circulate to all Parents and Grandparents that are on your Contact Lists to ensure Better Futures for All Children under their Watches.

God Bless

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  The power of the tongue
Posted by: ebankole - 03-05-2021, 03:20 AM - Forum: Family and Christianity - No Replies




16 year old child has committed suicide on his mother's birthday as a birthday gift to his mother. He left a letter saying;

"On today's special day, I want you to be the happiest ever. Everyday you used to say that happiness left your life the day I was born.

You told me dad left because of me . So today, I want to change things. I want you to be very happy and live  as if I never existed.

You told me you'd never look at me with love but I always loved you and admire you as the best mom on earth. I hope one day you will think of me, I hope in heaven you will finally hold me and kiss me.

The best gift I could give you is leaving your life as you've always told me you wished I was never born. I love you mom. Happy birthday".

Please Parents be watchful of what you say to your kids. Words do cut deep

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  Mathematical evangelism approach
Posted by: ebankole - 03-05-2021, 03:13 AM - Forum: Spirtual Clinic - No Replies


Mathematicians say LIFE is like a line segment drawn from point B to point D.

What is point B to point D?

It's from point of Birth(B) to point of Death(D).
So life starts from the moment we are Born(B) until the day we Die(D).

But in the middle of B(Birth) and D(Death) is a mysterious C.

What is C then?It is CHRIST.

If we put Christ in the middle of our life(Birth--->Christ--->Death) our life will not end at D but extend to E.

What is E? It's Eternal Life.

So all those who put Christ in the middle of their life have Eternal life after Death

But those who do not put Christ in the middle of their lives don't have Eternal life after Death but they have F(Fire).

Therefore the mathematical Equation or Definition of Life For Christians is

B + C + D = E
Birth+Christ+Death= Eternal Life

And the mathematical Equation or Definition Of Life For Unbelievers:

(B - C ) + D = F
Birth - Christ + Death = Fire

Any one that avoids C must surely lose E

For scriptural references, please check the following

1John 5:11-13 Acts 4:12 John 5:34 Rom 10:1 John 3:16 & 17 Rev 20:11-15

There's always blessing in sharing.... so share with others. He that wins a soul is wise!!!

Can you pls do some Evangelism NOW by sharing ??

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  an inspiring story
Posted by: ebankole - 03-05-2021, 03:09 AM - Forum: Education Center - No Replies

Never be tired of doing good.

Quote:I left the hospital one night at about 1:45am.

We had a rape case that left the little girl bleeding seriously and I didn't know how I could jump into my car and drive home without any certainty to that little girl's life.

I had made Mami a promise to be back home early and I was looking for the right words to compose my apology.

By 1:30, the Doctor knocked on my office door.

I had dosed off.

She is stable now, he said, reassuringly.

Thank you, was the only words I could find because having to see your child in that condition is a lifetime trauma no one prays for.

I got up, picked my car keys and decided to go home.

At 12, Mami had called to inform me that if it will run late, I should stay back in the hospital.

I couldn't, I needed to get home.

10minutes away from the hospital, I was on a lonely road alone.

The only light that flashes towards my car are security guards along the junction of every street as I drove pass.

What I saw in split seconds were tires thrown on my path.

Like 5 tires.

I quickly applied brakes but didn't wind down. There were over 12 boys they surrounded my car, some having guns and others, marchets.

One of them released a bullet into the air to warn me they weren't joking.

Still I remained calm in the car even as they tried to force my door open.

Finally the leader shot one of my tires.

Reluctantly I opened my door but sat inside because I had recognized one of them.

Unfortunately, he was the one they ordered to bring me out of the car and he had a marchet in his hand as he approached me.

I named him Daniel because he was in prison for 8months for cult activities but he was serving for a crime his friend committed.

I paid his fine at the court and took him out when he narrated his story to me.

He promised he was going to live a good life and abandon his old ways

Sir! He exclaimed when he saw it was me.

This na father, this na father, he kept shouting, clear road, he said as he walked back to his leader.

Immediately, all the guys who were pointing guns and the ones holding matchets withdrew back.

I came out from the car and greeted the leader.

Daniel said something to him inaudibly.

Father, he approached me, you get spare tire?

I nodded. Abeg open for me make I change this tire. He took out the spare and the Jack then started taking out the tire.

Goat no dey chop rope wey dem use drag am to wia grass dey, He was making certain proverbs as he took out the tire and fixed the spare.

The leader sent Daniel with 2 other boys to take me home safely.

Somewhere along, I parked and gave them money to go home because I didn't want them to know my house.

Hear me!

Sometimes you grumble in your heart because for some strange reasons, people always come to you for help and you're wondering why you...

In some of those things you do, you have unknowingly paid for your freedom on the day the enemy will lay an ambush for you.

All these beautiful dreams I have would have ended that night had the Lord not positioned Daniel there to recognize me.

My children come to my room every morning to hug me before they brush their teeth.

All that would have ended that night but God remembered one incident that I paid for my freedom and He freed me.

Never be tired of doing good. Heart

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  Anti-spam and scam
Posted by: ebankole - 03-05-2021, 02:59 AM - Forum: Information & News - No Replies


For those who are posting free internet data, free this and free that.

Let  me  teach  you some basic  ICT. Any  Link  that  start with  *"http* " is  most likely a phishing link.

Phishing  is  usually intended  to  get  your Personal  details including  your  date  of Birth,  Bank  Account Number  etc.


This  is  how  Scammers and  Hackers  steal  your identity and  use  them to  Scam.


?Avoid random links.
?Avoid all these null Data links,
?MTN, Airtel, etc  are  not  sharing  data.
?The  Government  is not sharing  Money via WhatsApp
?Your  Bank  is  not sharing Money

If  Coronavirus  has  not  seen you, Don't allow  scammers  to scam  you.


Be  Smart  and  Ignore those  links  for  your Own  Good.

Stop  forwarding  as received  without proper  Verification because you might put someone's life in danger.

There is no free Money,
There is no free Credit
There is no free Data anywhere  in  Africa  via  Links

What is the difference between *http* and *https*? Please make sure you read this to the end.

Some of you may be aware of this difference, but it is worth sharing for many that are not.

The *main* difference between *http://* and *https://* is all about keeping you *secure*.

*HTTP* stands for *Hyper Text Transfer Protocol*.
The *S* stands for *"Secure"*.
If you visit a Website or web page, and look at the address in the web browser and it begins with the following: *http:///*.

This means that the website is talking to your browser using
the regular unsecured language. In other words, it is possible for someone to "eavesdrop" on your computer's conversation with the Website. If you fill out a form on the website, someone might see the information you send to that site.

This is why you never ever enter your credit card number in an
Http website! But if the web address begins with https://, that means your computer is talking to the website in a
Secure code that no one can eavesdrop on.

Now, you understand why this is so important, right?

If a website ever asks you to enter your Credit/Debit card Information, you should automatically check to see if the web
address begins with *https://*.

If it doesn't, you should *NEVER* enter sensitive Information such as a credit/debit card number.

While checking the name of any website, first look for the domain extension (.com or .org, .co, .in, .net etc). The name just before this is the domain name of the website. Example, **, the word before *.com* is *"diwali-festivals"* (and NOT *"amazon"*).
So, this webpage does not belong to ** but rather belongs to *""*, which we all haven't heard of before.

You can similarly check for bank frauds.
Before your ebanking logins, make sure that the name just before *".com"* is the name of your bank. *""* belongs to Ecobank ; but, ** belongs to "some1else".

You've hopefully learned something new, now please share and educate others.
Stay safe as more scammers and cyber criminals are on the loose these days!

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