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  We are in now,No Retreat, no surrender.
Posted by: ebankole - 06-07-2020, 02:29 AM - Forum: Announcements and Help - Replies (1)

We Are In Now! There is no going back.

Watch the video and come back for the screenshot below. Hmmm..(click image to enlarge).

Brace yourself up. We are in brethren. Yes, we are being monitored now.

Go to your phone- settings>Google services(or google)>COVID-19 Exposure Notifications

Direct link ;

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  Welcome July
Posted by: gracefilled - 01-07-2020, 07:44 AM - Forum: New Month,New Year & Holidays anouncements - Replies (1)

May the power of God in us come alive, to be used to His glory.
And may He perfect all that concerns us. Amen


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  My Dreams
Posted by: Ponle - 30-06-2020, 04:15 AM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (17)

Good Morning Prophet,

Dream 1
I was in a place, I think people talked to me about their system, then I told them I had the same issue ( system going blank) but it started working after I used a method or so. Then I helped someone and the system worked ( she was happy)but someone was not happy that I helped his wife or something because he just got her a new one and she didn't need the old one again.

Dream 2
On my way leaving i met our choir mistress, she was complaining about the meeting she just had , that it was strenuous and she might not get picked. I told her not to worry that it was a drill that would be over soon.

Dream 3
I dreamt I was in a place with my Boyfriend and his team mates, I think the light went off and he put on the Generator, it came on and a lady helped to charge my phone. My boyfriend offered me a snack ( people were looking at me when he did and I was smiling and my female friend was there with me.

Dream 4
My female friend was leaving, I decided to escort her to the main junction, so we could get a bike, after minutes of not getting one, we decided to move back, however we didn't take notice that there were trailers heading towards where we stood until we moved back. Then I told her to go to the garage since there was no bike , she wanted me to go with her but I told her no. The road was bad, lonely with only men around. Then I headed back home.

Dream 5
Rain fell in my mum's shop, she called me to see it and I did and also helped her Clean the shop. Then she came to meet me at the front of the shop and told me she had a dream where her former shop landlord ( now dead) was attacking her and she was able to defeat him but not completely because there were other Alfa priests stretching 5 fingers and chanting incantations towards him in the grave. She asked me to give her a prayer point, I did but she wasn't satisfied with it and told me to give her another one which I did.

Dream 6

My boyfriend dreamt he was in a public place and he saw a male friend selling shoes and he wanted to buy shoes from him and he picked two pairs but he discovered while he was testing/ putting on the shoe it tore and was open. It was obvious the new shoe was not of Good quality and he started searching for another shoe/ type to pick but it was like the seller didn't want to sell to him bcos he was trying to pick another sandal.
Later he noticed he saw his EX mum and sister walking pass where he was trying to buy the shoe but he noticed he wanted to greet them but they did not answer him and did as if they did not notice or see him.He was now saying to him self that he was informed the EX was happily married that they should have gotten over him and moved on from what happened between them.

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  For the South African
Posted by: ebankole - 28-06-2020, 04:23 AM - Forum: Education Center - No Replies

For the south Africans among us. Watch and secure yourself now

Direct link ;

Bless you

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  Prayers to Crush The Agenda of the Wicked
Posted by: ebankole - 24-06-2020, 02:33 AM - Forum: Prayer Points - No Replies

Quote:Prayers to Crush The Agenda of the Wicked - by

Praise worship

Scripture Reading - Esther 7 Confession - Psalm 68:1

1. All graves dug for me, scatter, in the name of Jesus.

2. Powers prolonging my problems, die, in the name of Jesus.

3. Powers of reproach, die, in the name of Jesus.

4. Fire of affliction, die, and rise no more, in the name of Jesus.

5. Gates of death, reject me, in the name of Jesus.

6. Every strange thing in my body, come out now, in the name of Jesus.

7. I prophesy over my life. (Mention your name), wake up, in the name of Jesus.

8. Satanic mafia working against my prosperity, I bury you now, in the name of Jesus.

9. The devil will not bury me, in the name of Jesus.

10. Foundation of witchcraft in my family, die, in the name of Jesus.

11.Spiritual funeral procession organized against me, scatter, in the name of Jesus.

12. Every enchantment assigned against me, die, in the name of Jesus.

13. Every problem designed to destroy my destiny, die, in the name of Jesus.

14. Violently, forcefully, I take back everything the enemy has stolen from me, in the name of Jesus.

15. Every power mocking God in my life, die, in the name of Jesus.

16. Every power challenging God in my life, die, in the name of Jesus.

17. Goliath, you will not survive your boast, die, in the name of Jesus.

18. Sorcery of stagnancy, break, in the name of Jesus.

19. My destiny, shoot me out, in the name of Jesus.

20. Sickness. Be eaten up by the blood of Jesus.

21. My Red Sea, loose your power, in the name of Jesus.

22. Every power designed to waste my life, die, in the name of Jesus.

23. Root of hardship, die, in the name of Jesus.

24. Yoke of stagnancy, break, in the name of Jesus.

25.Every power working against my prayers, die, in the name of Jesus.

26. I cancel my name from the register of satan, in the name of Jesus.

27.Yoke of satanic delay, break, in the name of Jesus.

28. Every problem that came into my life through the blood of my parents, be wasted, in the name of Jesus.

29. Every problem that came into my life through anything I have swallowed, be crushed, in the name of Jesus.

30. Every problem that came into my life through witchcraft and polygamy, be destroyed, in the name of Jesus.

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Posted by: ebankole - 23-06-2020, 12:01 PM - Forum: Education Center - No Replies

Mike Bamiloye

The Governent Locked Down the Church...
And You are Making Too Much Noise!
Was Your Visions Locked Down?
Was Your Dreams Locked Down?
Was your Calling and Ministry Locked Down?
Was Your Revelation of God’s Mind Locked Down?
Was Your Heaven Locked Down?
Was Your Inspiration Locked Down?
Was Your Ministry Locked Down?
Was it not a BUILDING that was Locked Down?
Was Your Purpose Locked Down?
Was it not a simple Gathering that was Locked Down?
Was Your Fellowship with God Locked Down?
Was Your Eternal Purpose for Living Locked Down?
Was Your Spiritual Eyes Locked Down?
Was Your Divine Utterance Locked Down?
Was Your Spiritual Life Locked Down?

You Missed the Choir, Abi?
You Missed the Ushers, Abi?
You Missed the Choruses and Worship, Isn’t it?
But did you miss God?
Did you miss Jesus?
Did you miss the Holy Spirit?
When Paul and Silas were Locked Down, what did they do?
Didn’t they cause an Earthquake?
When Daniel was Locked Down in the Lion’s Den,
Didn’t he turn the Lions to Pets?
When the Three Hebrews were Locked Down in the Fiery Furnace,
Didn’t they hold Ministers Conference with Jesus in the Flame.
Didn't they come out of the Fire
And set the Nation on Revival Fire?

You are Locked Down,
You are making too much Noise!
How many Books have you written since the Lock Down?
How many Songs have you composed since the Lock Down?
How Many Online Programs have you had Since the Lock Down? !

You were Locked Down and
You became something else.
You became so because that's what you were ever before the Lock Down.
You were Locked Down
And you became redundant.
You became redundant because You had ever been Redundant before you were Locked Down!

Was your Spirit Locked Down!
Was your Brain Locked Down!
Was your Divine Reasons for Living Locked Down?
Was your Moment of Manifestations Locked Down?
I thought you said you are a Man of Great Visions!
I thought You had always boasted that You are the Deborah of our Time!
So Your Visions Were inside the Church Building!
So, when the Building was Locked Down, your Visions were Locked Down inside the Building!

Look at You!
Child of God!
You are not Locked Down!
You are lying!
Where is your Vision?
Where is Your Zeal?
Where is Your Revelation?
Where is Your Purpose?
Is the Holy Spirit in You Locked Down?
Is the Holy Ghost Power in You Locked Down?
Is the Wisdom of God in you Locked Down?
Look Up!
Is the Heaven not Opened over your Head?

Wake up!
When the Church is eventually opened soon,
What Can You Look Back and Say You have Achieved for The Kingdom during the Lock Down?

You are NOT Locked Down When you are not yet Locked Down Six Feet below the Ground.
As Long As You Are Alive To Fulfill His Purpose,
You Are Not Locked Down! Go and ask from your God.

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Posted by: kaycee - 22-06-2020, 10:35 PM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - No Replies

Dear Sir,
I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.

Last night, i had this dream where i was coming out of my village house and my late dad was closing the gate as i left. However, what i found thrilling was that the Fence of the compound was now newly painted in extremely beautiful colours of navy blue and cream.

I also noticed that a new signpost was mounted outside the compound fence but facing the House. I couldnt see exactly all that was written on it but i could see that it had words like "prayer" and "warrior'

I pray the Holy Spirit gives you more insight to this revelation and guide me properly.

God bless you

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  100 Keys On How To Remain Poor
Posted by: ebankole - 19-06-2020, 07:54 PM - Forum: Spirtual Clinic - No Replies

Quote:100 Keys On How To Remain Poor”

By Dr. DK Olukoya

This Message Titled “100 Keys On How To Remain Poor” Was Shared By Dr Olukoya During a recent worship service.

Below are some of reasons people remain poor according to Dr. Olukoya;

1. Sleeping Sickness – Love sleep, keep turning on that bed, don’t wake up, once it is 12pm, continue turning: poverty is guaranteed.

2. Vagabond Spending – Spend money anyhow without making plans on how you spend them. Don’t make plan at all. Why should you buy things you don’t need in credit? It reminds me the story of that vice principal who before the end of the month would spend all his salary. It even got to a stage that she would go to his junior teachers to borrow money. So one day, she heard a message, this was even before the mountain of fire started. The message was titled “Know your self”.. She went home that day and prayed for 4hours, then God spoke to her and said ” daughter, you are complaining of poverty, what is this at the back of your house? Start to plant vegetables. ”

She heard this and was a bit annoyed, so she said to herself, “this can’t be the voice of God, I rebuke that voice ” God now answered, “daughter, it is I speaking, you can’t rebuke me.” … After all these the lady started planting vegetables… This was how her life changed to good….

3. No Savings – In those days, our parents used to train us to save, they will buy Saving Bank for us to be keeping our money, Unfortunately, that culture has died now.

4. Being An Arrogant Fool – Don’t involve in any educative business at all, keep saying; how can I , a graduate be selling rice, how can I a graduate be sowing clothes. ‘ I am a graduate, therefore, I want a graduate job: When there is no graduate job, then you remain poor.

5. The Cemetery Spirit – ( Desire To Start Big) – The only place where everything can be started big is the cemetery. If you have 20naira and you save 1kobo, you have saved something.

6. The Grumblers – Complaining About Everything… Complain about the government, complain about the way people does things instead of blaming your laziness.

7. The Spirit Of Dead Sea

8. The Key Of Vanity Candidates – Where is it written that every December, you must buy new clothes and new shoes? Show me where it is written. Because you want to be on top. You buy a phone of 150,000naira, whereas the only thing you know how t do on it receive call, send text messages and also make calls. Vanity; There are even some of the old men carrying phones that is higher than their ancestors.

9. Buying A Vehicle That Is Riding You – Instead of you riding the vehicle it will be riding you .

10. The Spirit Of Father Christmas – Give your children everything they ask, don’t say NO to any, and when those children grow up , they will become lazy.

11. Be A God Robber – Do not pay your Tithe , don’t give offerings, don’t pay First Fruit, Nothing At All. (Story shared….)

12. Be Visionless – Don’t have plan for your future at all.

13. Be A Prophetic Slave – Allow Prophets To Enslave You. Keep going to prophets that will tell you to bring this and bring that all in the name of prayer.

14. Invest Your Money In Things You Know Nothing About.


It was in those days, when people were putting their money in what they call Money Making Machine (possibly MMM). A man, after he had invested all his money into what he knew nothing about, now remembered that there is a place called PRAYER CITY. He came here crying; I want to die, let me die. They brought him to me; so I asked him, ‘you want to die?’ He said ‘Yes’, I now answered him ‘ There are many ways to die, there is no need of you coming here infact, you don’t even need to tie rope on your neck …….” When he heard me saying these things, he said, sorry sir , are you the G.O (General Overseer) ? I said ‘Yes’… He said ” am not dying again sir, give me prayers …… Investing your money in what you have no knowledge of..

15. Waste Things – Waste Food, also waste Time, waste everything, poverty is guaranteed.

16. Be Lazy – Don’t even go to work, while others are going to work in the morning, remain on your bed. Poverty is sure.

17. Invite the spirit of poverty – Poverty is a spirit , so you can decide to invite the sprit of poverty through many ways.

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  The mystery and power of prayer
Posted by: ebankole - 15-06-2020, 01:32 AM - Forum: Prayer Points - No Replies


Quote:Begin to thank the Lord for sparing your life;
Prayer Points:

1. Any power assigned to celebrate my tears of sorrow, die, in the name of Jesus.
2. I put myself and my family inside the envelope of the fire of God, in the name of Jesus.
3. Any power assigned to use sickness to trouble my life, die, in the name of Jesus.

Like I have been saying, these are very hard times for so many people and these are a very rough times for the whole world; and the Lord Almighty is passing a very strong message and we must take this message seriously.

What is happening now is like everybody now has gone on holiness by force, holiness by fire. All devices have seized, all these things that people do, they can't do them anymore. God is passing a message across. This is a time to repair your ways, prepare for the rapture, the trumpet may sound anytime, God is warning.

The Book of Matthew made it clear; when the time has arrived there will be terrible things happening all over the place, men are to be failing for fear, there will be pestilence.
May the Lord deliver us in the name of Jesus.

This is the time to access you life as a Christian.
- What have you contributed to the things of God?
- What has God been telling you that you’ve not paid attention to?
- What are those things the Holy spirit has been putting in your hearth that you have neglected? This is a time to prepare your time and to prepare your life.
The time-table of man will soon be over.
It may not be now but prepare now.
What is happening now is a very strong message to all believers and all who know about God.
God rules in the affairs of men


*Text:* Psalm 23:4 ; Matthew 10:16

These are two survival passages.
Survival is a central theme of life whether you like it or not.
◾ *Any shadow of death assigned against you shall scatter in the name of Jesus.*
God did not promise us an easy road but if you do not survive, you will of course expire.

*There is something known as survival agenda:*
1. You must function despite adverse conditions
2. You must outlive the storms battling your life
3. You must exist inspite of dangers
4. Be as wise as serpent and harmless as dove.
5. You must be a fighter
6. You must have the power of God in your life
7. You must live a clean life.
8. You must be a person of prayer and a person of the word of God

Luke 18:1-5
- Prayer is a mystery
- The power of prayer is beyond the level of human reasoning
- Prayer is a mixture of simplicity and complexity
- Prayer is simple but can travel more than imagined
- Prayer is relevant to the young and the old
- Prayer can be an action or attitude
- Prayer is the fight of faith
- Prayer is an agony and a wrestling match
- Prayer is submissive to God and also forceful
- Prayer can work instantly and can always reserve action
- Prayers cannot die
- Prayers cannot be wasted
- Prayer has no respect for your opinion, position, power, your boldness, your aggression.
- Prayer does not recognize geographical barrier
- Prayer can be focused on a simple object that also roam around the world
- Prayer can comfort as a confession
- Prayer invest great power upon men.
I pray the anointing of prayer, the engine of prayer will fall upon you in the name of Jesus.

When you can really pray you have no problem, where prayer have been lukewarm, good things have been languished; Where there is prayer, scarcity of bad things have developed.
Most people are not magnetized to prayer, most people prefer church should be an entertaining centre, many don’t like praying, the Bible says: My house shall be the house of prayer not a house of dancing or entertainment.

Why is it that unseen forces work so hard in keeping us from praying?
Why is that we do not naturally delight in drawing near to God in prayer?
Why is that many of us don’t see prayer as a love affair between man and God?
Why is that many Christians avoid the presence of God in prayer and when they are in the presence of God, they are always in a hurry to get out, which is one good thing this lock down period has done.

1. Prayer takes time: The praying man stands between God and the devil.
2. Prayer battles unseen forces: The Holy Spirit will open our understanding, in the name of Jesus.
3. Prayer battles unseen forces
4. Prayer can disable
5. Prayer can uproot
6. Prayer can revive
7. Prayer can resurrect
8. Prayer can demolish
9. Prayer can abolish
10. Prayer can terminate
11. Prayer can kill
12. Prayer can reverse
13. Prayer can fast-forward
14. Prayer can organize
15. Prayer can plant
16. Prayer can build
17. Prayer can destroy
18. Prayer can recover
19. Prayer can pursue
20. Prayer can overtake
21. Prayer can pull down
22. Prayer can create
23. Prayer can re-create
24. Prayer can rebrand
25. Prayer can repackage
26. Prayer can reveal
27. Prayer can decode
28. Prayer can constitute
29. Prayer can reconstitute
30. Prayer can Cmconstruct
31. Prayer can terrify
32. Prayer can eliminate
33. Prayer can blind
34. Prayer can isolate
35. Prayer can discover
36. Prayer can re-orientate
37. Prayer can elevate
38. Prayer can demote
39. Prayer can re-construct
40. Prayer can sanitise
41. Prayer can authorize
42. Prayer can legislate
43. Prayer can dismiss
44. Prayer can pull down
45. Prayer can raise up
46. Prayer can dominate
47. Prayer can judge
48. Prayer can acute
49. Prayer can bury
50. Prayer can mesmerize
51. Prayer can disarm
52. Prayer can withdrawal
53. Prayer can approve
54. Prayer can dissolve
55. Prayer can disapprove
56. Prayer can stand
57. Prayer can echo
58. Prayer can incubate
59. Prayer can paralyze
60. Prayer can arrest
61. Prayer can punish
62. Prayer can fertilize
63. Prayer can repair
64. Prayer can re-wire
65. Prayer can suffocate
66. Prayer Clcan glorify
67. Prayer can police
68. Prayer can divide
69. Prayer can bind
70. Prayer can loose
68. Prayer can roll-over
69. Prayer can ignite
70. Prayer can deactivate
71. Prayer can nullify
72. Prayer can activate
73. Prayer can organize

The greatest thing you can do for God and for man is to pray
◾ Prayer is not a preparation for the battle, prayer is the battle.
◾ A prayerless man is a tragedy, a disaster not only to himself but to his generation.
May God give us the anointing for prayer in the name of Jesus.


- Prayers should be persistent: Luke 18:1
- Prayers should be fervent: James 5:16
- Prayers should be specific
- Prayers should be done in faith
- Prayers should be done In the name of Jesus
- Prayers should be according to God will
- Prayers must be resistant
- Prayers should not dictate to God how to answer
- Prayers should be done in the realization that God's resources are unlimited
- Prayers should be done pleading the promises of God.
- Prayers must be done in religiousness
Fornicators, gossipers, adulteress, robbers, those doing wrong things are wasting their time in the alter of prayer.
- Prayers should be done until we can praise God for the answers.

- Prayer is the only power that can overcome the laws of nature
- Creative praying is to call what does not exist into existence
- Creative praying is exercising creative praying in prayer
- Calling the dead back to life.

- Let prayer become a blessed habit to you
- Be a prayer addict; the flesh does not want to pray.

- Do not settle down for minimum exhibition of God's power
- Ask for big things from God
- Pray without minimizing what you expect from God.
- Pray without assurance
- - God encourages very large petitions
Every impossibility and possibilities have one size lesser than itself.
Bold prayers does not only move mountains & hills, but tears them down

- Unity begets strength
- There is cumulative power in united prayer
- United prayer deepens the spirit of prayer
- Unbelief strive more in isolation, united prayer deepens the spirit of prayer



- God encourages argument in prayer Isaiah 41: 21
- Prayer is not a child's play or toil.

- It means desperate praying
- Desperation is strong hammer
- It produces change
- Progress begins
- Desperate prayers are short, direct, specific and directive
These are the 9 steps for you to practice strategic prayers.
This teaching is to help you in this desperate period

*Prayer Points:*
1. Oh God arise and silence the rage of the enemy, in the name of Jesus.
2. Envelope of fire of divine protection, overshadow my life, in the name of Jesus.
3. Every tongue of witchcraft assigned to destroy my health, catch fire, in the name of Jesus.
4. Every struggle assigned to put me to shame, die, in the name of Jesus.
5. Oh God arise, bury problems and announce my glory, in the name of Jesus.
6. Every power assigned to dry up my plant of destiny, die, in the name of Jesus.
7. Oh God arise and change my frustration to great testimonies, in the name of Jesus.
8. Oh God arise and have mercy on the human race, in the name of Jesus.
9. Every power assigned to send fear into my spirit, get out of my way, in the name of Jesus.

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Posted by: ebankole - 15-06-2020, 01:09 AM - Forum: Children and Christianity - No Replies


Why do we solemnize a holy matrimony in Church? There are basically 8 reasons. Interestingly, reason No. 1 is to establish a family church. By Church design, a family is the first unit of a Church. So, when we perform wedding ceremonies, we are indirectly starting a Church! In this new Church, the husband is the new pastor and the wife is the new pastoress; soon we expect to have children who would become by default the new members. Unfortunately, this aspect of understanding has not been made obvious to couples during wedlock. I pray that pastors will begin to open up this understanding to couples before joining them in holy matrimony. A holy matrimony establishes a Church altar in your home! A Church with 10 families simply has 10 branches. While the big Church meets twice or thrice weekly, the family Church meets twice daily - morning devotions and night prayers.

Government policies may 'stop' the big Church, but never can they stop the family Church. This type of Church had been in existence right from the bible days:

This is example No. 1:
Likewise greet the church that is in their house. Salute my wellbeloved Epaenetus, who is the firstfruits of Achaia unto Christ. (Rom 16:5).

This is example No. 2:
The churches of Asia salute you. Aquila and Priscilla salute you much in the Lord, with the church that is in their house. (1Co 16:19).

This is example No. 3:
Salute the brethren which are in Laodicea, and Nymphas, and the church which is in his house. (Col 4:15).

This is example No. 4:
And to our beloved Apphia, and Archippus our fellowsoldier, and to the church in thy house. (Phm 1:2).

This is example No. 5:
And they, continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, did eat their meat with gladness and singleness of heart. (Act 2:46).

Even when Saul was wrecking havock of the church, he was entering into every house where churches exist. (Act 8:3).

The Church in your house is unstoppable. COVID-19 cannot stop it. So you must strengthen that Church within this period. You can turn the lockdown for your family to a lookup. Don't accept lockdown. In a lockdown, you idle away the time and waste resources. In a lookup, you make the most of your relationship with God in the family - more time for family prayers, extended Bible reading and studies, and more Christian book reviews. Engage your children. Teach memory verses. Learn new songs. Act drama. Create interesting moments. Do your pastor or pastoress job. That's a lookup! Strengthen your family Church!

The Church in my own house greets you.
Greet the Church in your own house for me! ?

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