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  Exalt the Lord with me
Posted by: nonop - Yesterday, 12:54 PM - Forum: Testimonies - Replies (4)

Isaiah 44:6-8 “Thus says the Lord, the King of Israel,
And his Redeemer, the Lord of hosts:
‘I am the First and I am the Last;
Besides Me there is no God.
7 And who can proclaim as I do?
Then let him declare it and set it in order for Me,
Since I appointed the ancient people.
And the things that are coming and shall come,
Let them show these to them.
8 Do not fear, nor be afraid;
Have I not told you from that time, and declared it?
You are My witnesses.
Is there a God besides Me?
Indeed there is no other Rock;
I know not one.’”

I just wanted to come on here and give thanks and praise to my God, the creator of heaven and earth, even the universe as vast as it is, He can hold it in the palm of his hand. He's the first and the last, He who was and is and is to come... Every thing will perish but he will remain.

After much struggle with the government (perpetrated by the devil and his cohorts), and much prayer as directed by the Lord Himself through dreams and interpretation by pastor Bankole, I finally tied the knot with my husband this past weekend. The way we were so frustrated by the whole process which was delayed by 2 months, it was clear when it finally happened that the Lord Himself had opened the doors and brought down every embargo on our way, it became so easy and went without a hitch.

I know that the devil has a habit of giving us a hard time with everything good coming our way, but the Lord always always always comes through for His own, in ways that are sometimes hard to believe. We still have a long road ahead of us, but with the Lord on our side, the devil can only try but with faith and grace of God, we can and will get through anything. He is after all the creator of all things and He has no limits to what He can do.

May His name be praised forever!

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Posted by: ebankole - 22-04-2018, 12:12 AM - Forum: Wedding/marriage - No Replies

Confession: Ephesians 6:12Bible Texts: Psalms 35:1, 127:3-5,  27, 121, Eph. 5:21-31
Beloved, I used to know a couple some years back believing God for the fruit of the womb who were coming for counseling and prayers.  A wonderful couple, they have been married for years and were attending a Bible believing church.  Whenever they came for prayers the Holy Spirit would always say that one of them was a sinner.  They fasted, prayed and did deliverance but the Holy Spirit kept saying that one of them was a sinner.  Surprisingly, the wife told us she was sure that her husband was the sinner and since the Holy Spirit cannot lie, it went on for three years. There was a twenty years old young man living with this couple whom the wife introduced to the husband as her brother.  On this fateful day, the man (husband) asked him to wash one of their two cars for him to take out.  After the young man finished washing the car, he refused to release the car keys to the man.  He said he wanted to take the car out.  This infuriated the man who made an attempt to beat the young man.  The man called him a foolish boy and he replied that the man was the foolish one to have believed the lie his wife told him that he (the boy) was her brother.  The boy told the man that his wife is his mother. The man did not believe him and told him he must be out of his mind.  By now the young man was already shouting at the top of his voice.  He told the man to ask his wife to confirm.  It was the noise the wife heard from inside that made her run to the scene.  On sighting the wife, the boy told the woman to confess to her husband that she was his mother and that not only him but also the girl that used to come to their house for holidays whom they said was the woman’s elder sister’s daughter.  By now, the husband was shocked and was perplexed, he reported the incident to his family members.  His family members came and sent the wife and her son out of the house mainly because of her unconfessed sin.   It took divine intervention before the woman was allowed back into the house after two years of pleading.  When she returned back home, God forgive her and returned the agape love between her and her husband, and God blessed their marriage with children. Now, I do not know whether your own case is different.  May be you have dated another person’s spouse before you got married and that has led to the collapse of the marriage.  The aggrieved partner might have issued a curse on you that is now affecting you.  You need to repent, ask God for forgiveness and pray aggressively to God for solution.

Lord I thank you for being there for me all the time.


Lord I thank you for being there for me all the time.

O Lord I thank you for the wonderful parents that gave birth to me.

God, I thank you for giving me my wonderful spouse as a friend.

I ask for forgiveness of sins on behalf of my spouse and myself.

O God, forgive me of any secret sin that I committed and I cannot share with anyone, in Jesus Name.

Have mercy on me O Lord and let your mercy change my story, in Jesus Name.

Every bad behavior that has become a habit and has opened the door for marriage breakers, get out of me, in Jesus Name.

O God, arise and change the story of my marriage for good, in Jesus Name.

O God, arise and declare war against my marriage breakers, in Jesus Name.

Every evil third party fueling invisible fire in my marriage, die with the fire, in Jesus Name.

Every wicked envious witchcraft, that has been the architect of problems in my marriage, die, in Jesus Name.

O Lord let every evil register of the wicked architect; catch fire, in Jesus Name.

Let every evil pattern drawn by wicked architect for my life and marriage die, in Jesus Name.


Every wicked spirit in my lineage that is against successful marriage and happy home, die by fire, in Jesus Name.


I destroy by fire the confidence of marriage breakers, in Jesus Name.


I break and damage the weapons of marriage breakers, in Jesus Name.


Foundational marriage breakers caging my marriage and fruitfulness, break by fire and let me go.


Every marriage breaker that is circulating my name for evil, die by fire, in Jesus Name.


Every seasonal dark figure that comes to cause problem and calamity in my marriage, die by fire.

Every strange woman that is after my marriage for destruction, die by fire, in Jesus Name.


Wicked strongman on assignment to put an end to my marriage, die with your work, in Jesus Name..


Any wicked power that has gone on any evil journey to make my marriage unfruitful, thou shall not return, die by fire, in Jesus Name.


Strong man of poverty responsible for many marriage break ups, my marriage is not your candidate; die by fire, in Jesus Name.


Strongman of financial hardship that has pushed some husbands into extra-marital affairs (Sugar mummy), my husband’s life is not your candidate, die by fire, in Jesus Name.

Strongman behind the marriage break up of some women by pushing them into extra-marital affairs, I am not your candidate, die, in Jesus Name

Every deaf and dumb spirit of barrenness, get out of my marriage and life and die, in Jesus Name.


You spirit of death that has taken possession of my womb and reproductive organ, get out and die by fire, in Jesus Name.

Every parental mistake that is causing problem between me and my spouse, get out of our lives and die, in Jesus Name.

Any strongman with evil confidence that is boasting that my marriage will surely scatter, you are a liar, die by fire, in Jesus Name.

I release Holy Ghost bomb into any witchcraft coven deliberating on my marriage, in Jesus Name.

Any witch/wizard hanging their legs on the wall to attend evil meeting for my sake, I gun you down, in Jesus Name.

Every witch / wizard boasting that unless they were not born of woman will I be fruitful in my marriage, you are a liar, I shall be fruitful, die by fire, in Jesus Name.

Any strongman that says my husband shall be big for nothing, that he shall not produce quality sperm, your end has come, die by fire, in Jesus Name.

Secret of marriage breakers, be revealed and scatter in Jesus Name.

I break the spinal cord of stubborn spirit husband/wife causing confusion in my marriage, in Jesus name.

I break and destroy iron-like curses that prevent successful / fruitful marriage in my family and that of my spouses, in Jesus Name.

Every marriage breaker that wants to introduce untimely death into my life and that of my spouse, your mission is over, die, in Jesus Name.

I use the blood of Jesus and Holy Ghost fire to remove every invisible leg of strange woman from my matrimonial home, in Jesus Name.

Every polygamous spirit from the foundation of my marriage, I chase out by fire in the name of Jesus.

Any mistake that can cause irreparable damage in my marriage, I reject by fire in Jesus Name.

Every demonic hunter shooting gun at my marriage in the spirit realm, fall down and die, in Jesus Name.

Every strange gift that I have ever received that has become the root of my problems, catch fire, in Jesus Name.

Whatsoever I have eaten, drunk or stepped on after we have been joined together as husband and wife that has brought new problems into my life, come out and die, in Jesus Name.

I am that I am, you gave Sarah and Hannah peace in their marriage, give me peace and make me fruitful, in Jesus Name.

Fourth man in the fire, Jesus Christ, quench every visible/invisible pains in my marriage, in Jesus Name.

O God that rubbished the counsel of Ahitophel, rubbish every counsel of evil counselors in my marriage, in Jesus Name.

Marriage breakers, enough of your activities in my marriage, I cut off your legs, hands and I cut you to pieces, you must die, in Jesus Name.

Any strongman standing before an evil mirror at midnight to watch my marriage for barrenness be crushed to pieces with your evil mirror, in Jesus Name.

Any witch that has donated me, my spouse and my unborn children to any witchcraft coven, release us and perish, in Jesus Name.

Garment of glory and fruitfulness of my marriage stolen by marriage breakers, I recover by fire in Jesus Name.

I possess the wisdom of God to live in peace with my spouse and also close the door against marriage breakers in Jesus Name.

O God of glory, give me glorious children that will carry your presence all over the world, in Jesus Name.

O God let divine and agape love that has left my home be returned, in Jesus Name.

The trials that our parents passed through in their marriages shall not be our lot, we have overcome, in Jesus Name.

Let the door of my marriage be opened to peace, joy, financial breakthroughs, babies etc, in Jesus Name.

I embrace divine season of laughter that is unending, in Jesus Name.

O God I thank you because you have answered me in the presence of those that gave me deadline in my marriage concerning fruitfulness, in Jesus Name.

O God I decree that my spouse shall not walk/fall into the trap of marriage breakers, in Jesus Name.

I shut the door of my marriage against marriage breakers, in Jesus Name.

Special announcement! There is no room for Delilah spirit, Jezebel spirit or any spirit causing marriage break-up in my marriage, in Jesus Name.

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  Not ready for flight
Posted by: Seeker - 21-04-2018, 11:04 AM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (1)

Just needed to post this. Haven't had a dream in a long time that spoke to me.

I was at the airport and everything went wrong. I forgot my luggage, passport and even my esta visa. I was with 2 friends who were ready for the
Holiday, one was upset with me for some reason so I bought him some food,
I had 5 hours before the flight so I tried to get my visa online, and the website was crashing. I asked my friends to take me home to get luggage
But they didn't want to help, but there was time.

Background: I am a Christian with no known sin in my life, but still on a journey.


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Posted by: ebankole - 20-04-2018, 04:41 PM - Forum: Prayer Points - Replies (1)

Quote:PRAYING AGAINST INHERITED FOUNDATIONAL BATTLE                                                
Bible Reading: Ps. 90:1-2, PS. 51, Gen. 21:1-7, Gen. 24:14-18, Gen. 25:19-34, IChronicles 4:8-10

Confession: Psalms 11:3


My beloved friend, I want you to have a deep understanding of this message.   This will put more aggression in your prayers.  Also, it will help you to know what is spiritually happening in your life from your parents or from the Holy Spirit.  God can reveal anything you want to know from Him when you make the right enquiries.




The foundation of our lives is very important.  It is our source; our beginning, and the vehicle that brought us to this world.  Our foundation is a deep mystery.

There are different battles in people’s foundation.  In some families, it is sickness, untimely death, marital turbulence, and hardship in all areas.  In some other families they usually start well in life and end badly, death during childbirth, stillbirth, delay in childbirth, miscarriages, etc.


This makes me remember the story of a lady.  The first time I met her she was crying profusely.  I asked her why she was crying and she said she was 6 weeks pregnant and the pregnancy was the problem of her life.  I asked her if she was married and she said she was happily married and she had a four months old baby she was nursing.  She wanted to terminate the pregnancy and terminate her life but her husband disagreed with her.  I told her she did not have to terminate her pregnancy or her life, that I had seen people conceived 41 days after delivery of their babies.  She further told me that after the delivery of her first child she was told that she went insane.  She was shown the video of how she was naked and was trying to injure herself and the baby.  After she recovered from the sickness and got back home, the first sexual intercourse with her husband resulted into another pregnancy.


I told her the Lord will give her victory and she needed to go to her parents and make enquiry about what happened.  She replied that her parents were late and she was their only child.  I told her to look for someone in her family she could make inquiries from concerning her plight.


The next time she came back to me, she came crying.  She explained that when she got to her family compound in her village, she met an old woman and introduced herself.  She explained what brought her to the village.  The old woman told her that what happened to her was not a new thing that it had been in their family for many years.  The old woman explained to her that her great-grand mother had the problem when she delivered her grand mom.  Her grand mom committed suicide when she couldn’t bear the shame of the insanity after delivering her mum.  Also her own mother was knocked down by a car when her insanity started as she ran out of the house.  The old woman further explained to her that insanity is a family problem after delivery in their family.


I told her to have faith in God, by coming for prayers and going for deliverance until she was healed.  To the glory of God, when she came back after delivering the baby, she said the doctors at the hospital had prepared to chain her down due to her first experience.  But to the glory of God, she delivered safely and no episode of madness.


You too can cry unto God and he will reveal the secret of your inherited foundational battle to you and also give you victory in Jesus name.



I thank you God for your intervention over the affairs of my life.
O Lord, have mercy on me and let me find favour in your sight.
O Lord, I ask for your presence and open heavens in my life.
By the power of the most high God, let every secret about the battles of my life be revealed.
O Lord, use the power of your word to pass through my foundation.
You the inherited foundational battle that has troubled my family and now targeting my life, die.
Every inherited foundational battle that is causing stubborn problem in my life, die by fire.
Inherited foundational problem that troubled my life before marriage and is still troubling my life and marriage, die by fire.
Every inherited foundational problem causing stillbirth in my lineage, die
Every bloodshed for sacrifice done by my ancestors even before I was born that brought curse of delay in childbearing in my life, die.
You inherited foundational battle, hear the word of the Lord, leave me and my children alone and die.
Every parental mistake in my foundation causing tragedy in my life and marriage, die.
Every blood of the innocent shed by my ancestors and has planted battles in my foundation, die.
Curses that found their way into the foundation of my life as a result of the sins of my forefathers die.
Every power behind slavery spirit and untimely death in my lineage, come out of my life and die.
Every foundational witchcraft against my marriage and fruitfulness, die.
Witchcraft in my foundation, delaying the promise of God for my marriage, die by fire.
I uproot by fire every tree of inherited sorrow that is growing in my foundation.
Every polygamous spirit in my foundation be uprooted by fire.
Every sickness that has wasted money and lives in my family lineage and is now targeting my life, die.
Foundational inherited problem, that makes people lose good opportunities, die.
Whatever needs to come out of my foundation for me to have victory, be uprooted by fire.
O hand of God, arise and drive out of my life every dark visitor inviting battles into my life.
Every strange spirit troubling my blood thereby causing hypertension, die.
You the snake worshipped in my family that appears in my dreams, die by fire.
Every strange spirit and sickness that has occupied the place of babies in my body, catch fire.
You snake that appears in my dream whenever I am pregnant thereby causing miscarriage, die.
Every inherited spirit husband troubling marriages and causing delay in childbirth, be roasted by fire.
Inherited foundational battle of having only one child in life and that prevents the birth of another child, die.
Stubborn foundational battle that prevented my parents from enjoying their lives and marriage and now targeting my life, you are a liar, die.
Ancient demon residing in me, you are not my father and husband, get out of me and die.
Problems that entered into my life as a result of careless handling of my placenta by my parents, die.
Every problem I acquired as a result of idol worshipping, come out and die.
Any evil priest worshipping on any evil altar firing arrows into my life and destiny, die.
Inherited foundational poverty, hardship, bad luck, failure, rejection, delay in conception, die for ever.
By the power of the Rock of Ages, I trample upon foundational battles in Jesus name.
By the power of Resurrection, I am the next person to conceive and carry my baby.
As from today, I am free from inherited foundational battle, I have victory in Jesus name
I embrace new season into my life by the power in the name of Jesus.
I thank you Lord because as from today you are my foundation.
Lord, I thank you because I shall sing my song and dance my dance to praise your holy name.

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  Bus and Jobs
Posted by: childoftheking - 19-04-2018, 06:45 PM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (3)

Thanks for the great work you are doing here and may God strengthen you and reward you bountifully.
kindly interpret my dreams below :

In real life I am out of job since last year and beleiving God for another one.

1. I wanted to travel and I went to the park to board the bus. I entered a brand new luxurious bus. It is equipped with world class equipments. We were told that it is the latest in the world. it has never being used in any part of the world before. It has communication equipments. when the bus fills another floor will open automatically above. I saw myself move from my floor to another floor. I was then explaining somethings to some passengers after the attendants explained to them and they did not understand.

2. I have being continuously seeing myself in the dream working with one or two of my former colleagues. One of my bosses some years back, I have seen myself working with him upto 3 times. For other colleagues I have not seen any of them in my dream working with me more than once but this boss keep reappearing as a colleague in another organisation.

3. There is a former schoolmate of mine, though we are friends on Facebook, I have not physically seen for over 25 years now but I keep encountering him in my dreams. He is either with me as a co candidate in search of job or as one of the people conducting interview or test or I will pass him on my way. I have encountered him in more than 3 or 4 different dreams.

kindly interpret.

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Posted by: divine - 19-04-2018, 03:24 PM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (2)

Goodday pastor, please i need your prayers those strange dreams i used to dream are on increase its really becoming scary,
1, a week ago i saw a director in my office with admin mgr who were related in life with some of my colleagues, they rushed into my room in my dreams with some masqurades with plenty canes in their hands they were so huge i have never seen such masqurades before & my director & admin mgr order them to start flogging me it was so scary i was alone in a corner in the room i couldnt run all i could remember saying was O LORD HELP ME i saw a pillow and i use it to cover my head they began to flog me but i notice their cane were not touching me & in reality this my director hated me so much he deneid me promotions & so many benefits & now it seems they were after my life i just dont know what they want, my salary is less than #90,000 but he is earning over a million what does he really want from me,pastor it was so terrible before i woke up. I NEED PRAYERS

2, i had another dream 2days ago i saw 2 ladies coming out my office with their face covered they were talking to bishop oyedepos wife when they saw me they left her & came strait to me  i notice light were coming out of their covered face and they said to me all your mates have had their church but you are here playing about i wanted to say something but i was prevented & they left

3, just 2day i saw a man with a deformed head and some inscriptions on his head staring at me the man was so scary
 pastor what could be wrong with me i do face alot of attacks physically and spiritually ,am a very queit person i dont look for trouble,  i dont have anything to show yet just struggling to survive why could be wrong with me i need ur prayers sir.

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  Dream within dream
Posted by: hopeuk - 19-04-2018, 08:40 AM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (1)

In my dream, went to sleep in the day n dreamt my mum died.I screamed No & woke up running to her room. Called her n didn't hear her. I seem to realise it was true. My chest was heavy, struggled to breathe while crying.
Meanwhile my late dad was on a call (he's late for a year plus now) & he was asked about my mum, he asked my brother to answer. My bro. said she had travelled to a certain place. I understood it to mean a place of no return. So kept crying n said No this can't happen, then my late dad called me by name and said 'my daughter, do not cry'.

I'm married and don't live in the same town with mum. The house in my dream is a rented apartment we use to live in before moving to my father's house.

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  My niece's testimony!...
Posted by: sparklekay - 16-04-2018, 06:39 PM - Forum: Testimonies - Replies (5)

I want to use this medium to testify of the Lord's goodness & mercies in the life of my little niece. God is indeed too faithful to fail!...

Just yesterday evening, my 2yr old niece wanted to urinate in her potty. But as my mom took her to her potty, she just fell & started convulsing. My mom held her, put a spoon in her mouth & started praying & calling on Jesus. Not too long, a pastor came visiting & joined in praying for my niece. My niece almost died, if not for God. She even defeacated & urinated on my mom's body. This took a while before she regained consciousness & was taken to the hospital. I thank God she's better now. And to think that the devil almost took her life a year ago, when she fell downstairs from our upstairs balcony. Thank You Lord Jesus for the testimonies that have begun to pour into my family! May it never end...Lord Jesus, may You be highly exalted in all our lives!...amen.

Pls, join me to thank God for this testimony.

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  Help interpret these dreams
Posted by: paulscholes - 16-04-2018, 12:30 PM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (2)

1. I dreamt I was on the road going somewhere to buy bread, then I met a woman Hawking bread, I den decided to buy from her

2. I dreamt I and my brother went to a big office to confirm something, and he went in with some documents and money and I was at a corridor where I saw a baby on the window and was telling me some things and when my bro was coming out he told me that they have seized the documents and money we are going to use and then I just follow him to the desk but as they sighted me they just gave him the documents and money and we were left the building.

3. I saw a lady with a gun, she was killing people and I rushed to her, seize her and disengage the gun which has 3 bullet left. I went to my place with the gun and I was like thank God the Police did not even search me they will have found a gun on me. And then I just saw the lady suddenly come to my place and she was like she's going to be living with me, I was like no, and then I asked her what her name is and she said Hannah.. My fiancee bears that name though not her main name.

4. I use to see a woman/lady with me in my dream as if we are together/dating, although kind of appearing in different faces of people I know.

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  Is a dream
Posted by: Toben - 14-04-2018, 11:28 PM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (13)

Hello sir, pls is my first if I made any mistake correct me pls. I was in dream my young brother was try to buy Akara he ready selected some Akara and awake up.

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