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  Working on the errors
Posted by: ebankole - 07-08-2018, 02:04 PM - Forum: Announcements and Help - Replies (2)

Just yesterday it came to my observation that there's been some typographical errors,mispellings,and use of wrong words in my dream interpretations,messages on here. This is often due to having loads of task and work to accomplish at the same time and my failure to cross check before pressing the " post thread' button.

NB : please note that crossing can be very tedious and stressful hence it's always been a challenge right from the time we were on Nairaland.

This must be corrected, fixed and overcome ( but it's not going to be easy for me) by all means as such error poses a great threat to myself and the work of God.

But do all NOTE that I can only try my best because the loads of my work can be so overwhelming and stressful some times,if not often..

May the good lord continue to guide us aright and strengthen us. Amen!


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Posted by: sparklekay - 04-08-2018, 06:11 PM - Forum: Testimonies - No Replies

I want to thank the Lord Jesus for my health. I believe I'm now thoroughly healed,after going through some strange ordeals. I pray for more good health & strength to speedily accomplish all that I still have to do,amen.

I also want to use this medium to thank the Lord for using my mom to bless me with a new phone. God has been using my mom to bless me in more ways that I can think of, & I'm really grateful for that.Thank You Jesus!!!...

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  in Christ alone
Posted by: Hidohwuh123 - 03-08-2018, 11:28 PM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (6)

Good evening sir,
pls sir, I need interpretation to this dream of mine.

I saw my self at a junction with 2 other people arranging chairs for something like crusade. The other people were tired and hungry but I was singing the song "in Christ alone" in a cheerful mood. Not quite long, I saw water, which is crystal clear, as in super clear and clean forming like a cloud in d sky. Sometimes it will form like human shape, sometimes like cloud and I was telling the other person that can u see what I am seeing but she didn't answer me because she was weary and hungry. so o kept singing. then I saw myself at night in the congregation in the place we arranged listening to sermon.

that's how it went sir.

God bless you sir.

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  The World in Trouble
Posted by: ebankole - 01-08-2018, 09:03 PM - Forum: Spirtual Clinic - No Replies

Quote:Some of you know of Autotune who have done music or ran into the stories about singers using it to en chance their singing ability. Yes everyone can sing yet not all great singers. My music teacher shared that with me and I can't sing a lick. Well I sound terrible, yet did you know that all the music industry puppets can not sing? Yes, the Freemason sodomites that run the music industry have used autotune combined with lip syncing stage shows to pull off these incredible fake plays. They are literately taking nontalented people and making them into stars. All the record labels are doing it. Its so easy to make anybody sound like a great singer. The Freemason wizards write the songs, the lyrics, they even create the look, the dances and the studio producers create a smooth lush voice out of out of tune drug addict stars they have signed to satanic recording contracts written in their own blood. This is amazing to know because there are some who can really sing yet they don't get signed. This is a warning for all those who want in the music industry, they don't need you. They can use any puppet. So many of these Freemason puppets have been caught lip syncing and their real voices exposed as pissy poor. Watch Mag Bitter Truth break it down:

Edited video was taken down and the youtuber removed all of sudden without a trace. This is strange indeed.

But worry out the video can be requested for just reach out to me.

Bless you

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  What does it mean?
Posted by: Anamosa - 30-07-2018, 08:13 PM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (2)

Sir, God bless us.
I saw this in my dream. I saw that a white man i knew was layiing outside of a house with white bedsheet to couver himself, and a 1 or 2 yrs old girl was standing beside him.. i asked him what he was doing and if he is now the type of man that sleeps with babies but he replied and saidno that i should come and see, i came closer, and laid but i saw nothing and at that moment, this baby was about to rush my breast to suck it as if i am her mother, but i weaved and she landed on the man and i stood up and wared her not to try it again.
I than saw that my sister was standing and i was in a car, a very big car and at first, it was as if i was to hit a parked bus but i moved the car and now i wanted to park the car but the empty space was a green grass garden and i didn't want to park there and i chose to drive the car a bit before parking ,i was now driving well but my sister wanted that i give her the car but i refused because i was then enjoying the ride and also needed a place to park the car.
Thank you.

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  Am worried pastor
Posted by: grace of GOD - 27-07-2018, 02:27 PM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (7)

Pls I want you to help me with the interpretation sir. The first dream came a week after my wedding
(1) I dreamt of seeing someone I knew( even though I could not recall the face when I woke up) using her head to hit my stomach twice . Just the way you see a goat using their head to fight physically. I saw in that dream that I stood up and gave the woman a serious warning never to try such rubbish with me again.
(2) Just last night , I dreamt that I went out and while going. I came in contact with my mum , who I greeted and while still expecting her to move alway from where she is, she told me she had come to get tomatoes and pepper from the mallam she usually buy from and since am now here, i should use the opportunity to meet the mallam , so that when ever I come around there, I can be buying from the man. So while still waiting for the man to show up. I saw a woman who I knew very well( she was my neighbour where I lived before I got married) coming towards our direction, so I greeted her by going on my knee which was my mum instruction any ways. As I stool up from greeting her, to walk gently to me and hit my stomach twice and said very soon, I shall become pregnant and I kept saying amen and woke up.

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  Business Opportunity
Posted by: ebankole - 27-07-2018, 01:40 PM - Forum: OPPORTUNITY & JOB - No Replies

I thought I should share this with you all :

You can buy a small bag of pepper for #1500 in Azara market Kaduna road, and sold it's sold at the rate of #6500 in Lagos, a J5 bus can carry up-to 90 bags at one trip and they charge #110,000 per trip. Let's calculate.
#1500 * 90 = #135,000
#135,000 + #110,000 = #245,000

A bag to be sold for #6,500
#6,500 * 90 = #585,000

So.. #585,000 - #245,000 = #340,000.

Bro, # 300,000 is sure per trip.

There are many cheap stuffs you can buy from the north and resale in Lagos. E.g you can get matured goats for #4,000 each and resale for #12k or 11k.
The good thing is that you don't sell by yourself, dilaali (Hausa dealers) are readily available to sell for you while they charge a token from you.

You may think you're too big for these businesses but I bet the profit is cool


1.That's what I do,
2.Only risk is accident or breakdown of vehicle.(Godforbid)
3.You're not selling by yourself, or start looking for buyers,Dilaalis are there for you,they'd call you at most 48hrs after you handed over your goods to them.
4.Yes! you need to be available at the market to source for the goods(you may later not need to be there physically as you grow in business).

Quote:I'd feed you with full details on how the business is being done.
For easier, Go to the nearest foodstuffs market e.g mile 12 market request to see the Oga of the union of dilaalis (dealers). They are at least 80% honest, they would also be very happy to receive you. They may get you registered first,(we in particular didn't register till now). That one is sealed ,when your goods come they would help out.

secondly, In mile 12 market you'd see J5 buses from the north allover everywhere, communicate with a driver to know which market is currently booming, he'd tell you,you may follow him down there or you go yourself, but please don't you ever travel on the road with huge cash, don't trust no one.

There are risk in every business, but in this pepper stuff,you can't loose your money except for accident (Godforbid).

I know of two markets, Azara and Zaria market.

It's my fiancée's business, I followed him up to 4 times now.My elder bro already joined him in business now.Mind you my fiancée is MSC holder,

Take a step Sir, I may not be opportune to come whenever you need me.
Thanks all!

Courtesy : Darkchick ; nairaland.

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  Interprete please
Posted by: dgerry - 27-07-2018, 01:13 PM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (5)

Greetings sir!!

After the private messages, I have had series of dreams again.please help me interprete.

1. Saw myself washing and rinsing dishes in clean water. Later two of my neighbours little children came around and I took care of them.

2. Saw myself planting melon and cucumber seeds in a heap,as I was leaving I discovered the melon seeds were visible so I came and covered more earth.

3. I saw that my father was given lots of money and I was the one who delivered the news to him

4.My husband,myself and a family friend were to buy bags of ripe tomatoes,but when d family friend went to get hers she said mine was almost sold out so she had to stand in and secure mine in my absence.

Thanks and God bless you

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  A woman of great faith
Posted by: ebankole - 26-07-2018, 12:13 AM - Forum: Wedding/marriage - No Replies

It was my wedding night. I was so tired, I needed a bath and a rest. We had danced so much my back was aching.

My husband was beginning to have funny ideas. He was beaming like a new born baby.

Well, I wouldn't blame him; any man in his position would not joke with this night because I was a warrior during our courtship".

No... no hugging, no pecking, no holding, no touching, no tapping current, no weather for two, Sexual purity till my marriage was top on my list.

The Knock came. I was thinking, half past eleven (11:30pm). Is that room service, I wondered. Then, with eyes popping. I heard my mother in-law's iron like voice: "Tise, Micheal, open the door". Micheal jumped up from the bed, rushed to the door and opened it for his mum. My Mother in-law walked in, sat down majestically and asked us to sit down too.

"Tise, I don't know if anyone ever told you? There is a curse on my husband's family line.

The men in their family don't prosper, their wives are the ones who work, and provide for their families.

This is because, according to the story that I was told, one of their forefathers killed the only son of a great herbalist and the herbalist placed a curse on every son in their lineage, that their hands will never produce nor bring forth anything goo also, their sons must always lose a son amongst their children"

I watched in amazement as my mother in-law kept telling the story. Then, she concluded by saying: "In essence, I have just come to let you know that your marriage is not a land of funs but of war"

Why? Why didn't she tell me this before now?

Well, in order not to waste her time, I also gave her my history. I said,

"Mum, I am sorry, I also did not tell you this before now. I came from a family that fights for those we love. My Father (Jesus Christ) actually died while trying to save His people. My family line does not operate under curses because we are operating under a covenant of blessings - John 1:12-13. Therefore, anyone who is fortunate to marry any one in my family becomes automatically BLESSED! So mum, for my sake, your son can not operate under those curses again".

My mother in-law was shocked, to say the least, as I could tell what she was thinking. Then, it made sense to me.

My Sisters in-law always had this gloomy look on their faces and the two of them actually lost their sons.

"Mum, you need to go and rest. My husband and I need to produce two sons this night because in my family line we conceive immediately our husbands meet Us", I concluded.

My mother in-law stood up with caution and silently walked out.

At that moment, all the tiredness vanished as I took Michael's hands and looked him straight in the eye.

"Listen, I don't care what you or your ancestors have done, but for my sake, you will prosper with these hands", I said.

Listen, Paul and some criminals were on a ship and there was a shipwreck.

The soldiers wanted to kill all the criminals to prevent them from escaping, but the Army Officer stopped them for the sake of saving Apostle Paul.

Michael, for Paul's sake, the lives of other criminals were preserved. "So Sweetheart, because you are married to me, because we are in the same ship, yes, this relationship called marriage, for my sake, you cannot be punished for your ancestors' Sins", I assured him.

That became my prayer plea to God from that day forward. I kept praying to God to save my husband, my sons for my sake.

To the Glory of God, I have 4 sons none of them died. Now, they have sons and daughters of their own.

For my sake, my husband's destiny changed for the best.

You see, women are always great assets to change powers; not assets for sex only.
It doesn't matter what challenge that man of yours is facing at this point in time with you on his side praying, ancestral curses will flew out of his life.

Women are destined for that; good women are a great blessing to the men.

When a good woman comes into a man's life, many good doors of success, prosperity, joy, love, etc open & ancestral curses break down & disappear.

Good women diffuse ancestral curses like a diffused bomb.

Woman, always pray for your man (husband) friend; your prayer works for him; your prayer can save his life from shame ...
Your prayer can set him free from bondage.

God bless you ?.
Thank you for reading and practicing.

Take your time and read it????????

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  urgent interpretation
Posted by: dgerry - 23-07-2018, 05:43 PM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (1)

Really glad to be here!!!
kudos for the good job and more grace.

Had a couple of dreams this past night and need some interpretations.

1. Dreamt of locking and barricading my doors and windows as I heard that some armed robbers around. but they never came to my apartment.

2.Had another dream of weeding and sweeping my environment but after I was done my mum asked that I repeat since it wasn't clean enough,which I did again though not happy doing it

3.I later saw myself in the postnatal hospital ward with so many babies,then I stopped by a bed where a baby boy was crying and I picked him up and started rocking him to stop

4. Lastly I found myself in my past university, one of the lecturers called out to say hi and heartily as I was walking away I got an akara ball into my mouth from the table and a close friend behind me asked that I also give her some which I did.Then I woke up.

please help me interpret. Thanks

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