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Posted by: ebankole - 30-09-2018, 04:28 PM - Forum: Education Center - No Replies

"S.I.N " ™




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  Help with this interpretation
Posted by: Target - 30-09-2018, 12:41 AM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (4)

I dreamt I saw a classmate of mine who is actually dead(died in 2016) and in that dream It felt like it was a year or two before he died, I told him in the dream that he wouldn't make it to 2018.I am just bothered.

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  Dream Interpretation
Posted by: FB for Christ - 29-09-2018, 04:30 AM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (1)

Good morning Pastor...

Please could you help me with the following dream Interpretations?

1. "Actually, I recently lost my job sometime last month. I resigned without notice after being cajoled to do so and the company refused to pay me my salary for the whole month plus my leave days. I have moved on and have forgotten about it.
So in this dream, I received a WhatsApp message from the company's managing director which I just resigned from. He requested for a particular document Which I can't exactly remember, I think it's a termination document or something, but it seems like he urgently needed that document and I had it. I replied him that I can't give it to him and since I refused to get paid, I can't provide it.
He then replied me that the first offer was cancelled and now I have a new offer, which means I will get paid so that I give him the document...He agreed to pay me the money I worked for in AUGUST so I will give him the document.i was really delighted and i was celebrating...
The next thing, I saw myself at the basement entrance of the company...I don't know what I was doing there. I think I was waiting for someone...
Now opposite me, there were three police officers in uniform and their guns, they were eating... After they finished eating, they immediately took their guns and ran into the basement looking for someone was obvious they were looking for someone....And I don't think this Police officers were good officers because they even pointed the gun and attacked the security man inside the basement...Why would the Police attack the security man, after all they are supposed to work together...And I also don't understand why they had to finish eating before they started looking for whoever they were looking for, because if they are urgently looking for someone, a thief or whoever, food can wait, but they took their time to finish eating before they started looking for who they were looking for.
All the while, I was standing opposite them, I didn't think they saw me, Maybe they did but they didn't take notice of me.... Immediately they ran into the basement, I was led to run away...I don't know why, Maybe something Inside told me to run....
But it happened that the person the police were looking for was me and they didn't know I was standing opposite them. Immediately I turned to run, they started chasing me..and a forth man appeared and was chasing me also...
Now I started running so fast. They were still chasing me, I wasn't looking back but I knew they were still chasing me...
Now the very funny thing is that, unlike other dreams I have dreamt, this one, I was conscious it was a dream, I knew this was a dream. Even, I wanted to stop at a point to give up, after all it was a dream, but I decided to continue running to a certain junction... because they Place in the dream is the same place in real life where that company is...
So I decided to run and reach one particular junction...
But at a point when I was running, I felt them coming close to me, and I prayed, I asked God to strengthen me or send His angels to lift me up. I remembered I said that. After saying that, my speed increased and I reached that junction faster than I would have... I got to the junction, I decided to take left and then I hid between a Group of people.....
And then that fourth Guy who appeared and was chasing me also, came up to the junction, he was the only one....I didn't see the police officers Again....
He came to the junction and was wondering where I went , which route I took. I think he Also turned left....
It was at that point that I woke up....
I woke up very pressed and thirsty. I went to urinate, drank water and came back to pray....
I still don't understand the dream, but I remember it very well....
2. The Second Time, I dreamt that someone gave me a new camera still in it's pack in the dream...
I don't know if the person bought it for me or if he just gave me. But I Know it's a new camera in the carton.
2. This third time, I was not in a good state with God, I had an unconfessed sin, I slept and dreamt. I cannot remember all the details of the dream.
I am struggling to remember. But I remember the end part very clearly. I even wrote it down, lest I forget...
I thought I was still speaking to someone, it turned out to be one evil creature. I was lying down and showing the creature something, it seems he was fascinated by what I was showing him and he wanted that thing...
The next thing the creature started saying was Let's eat and feast on your flesh, keviniraaaaaaaaaa
He was repeating this over and over again....
It didn't occur to me that was what he was saying, not until I got up and it sensed I have now observed it and it flew away still looking at me...myself being very shocked shouted Jesus and watched it flew away... I was awake, I wanted to duck my head Inside of my blanket out of fear but I remembered that fear feeds the devil. So I continued looking at that point where it vanished.... I went to urinate and then came to quote Psalm 91:10.

Please what donthese dreams mean sir?

Thank you sir....

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  Prayer Request for Breakthrough/Divine turnaround
Posted by: JJ1275 - 28-09-2018, 06:41 PM - Forum: Prayer Request - Replies (1)

Great Praises to the lord God Almighty.
Dear pastor I seek your support in prayers for a great turnaround in my life. I am tired of where I am and how my life has been going for a while. I have been unstable,suffered a lot, and life is not just moving forward or progressing.
I believe that the God whom I serve is able to do all things and my situation is nothing for him to turn around. I am believing God for a life partner (the bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh)even though I know I have met some ladies in the past who were ready to marry me.
I wish I was married now with my own kids but things are so rough now.

Please sir remember me in your prayers..
I know my God is able to do all things. Amen.

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  Baby Delivery
Posted by: Spora - 28-09-2018, 08:38 AM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (1)

Good morning pst. please I want you to help me with the interpretation of this dream.
I was in a waiting room with family/friends. A lots of guys were being congratulated for their wife's safe delivery. When it came to my turn, the congratulations were likewise overwhelming as I was escorted to the delivery room. I saw the baby was doing well.
I then proceed to this particular man's house to show appreciation for his assistance. The man's place was like that of Osun worshipper's place. I went with lots of token gift among which was a broom. The man simply say for me not to worry as my case was not the only one neither could my case be different from others I saw celebrating. He then instructed me to sit on a bench as he collected and dip the broom into a basin of water and started sprinkling water all over my head.
As he does, he was praying and blessing me fervently just as l chorus, "Amen in Jesus name.
Now time to go. The Man seem to wrap the token gifts to a door post with a tape; and as I was driving past the post, the tape loosen over my head(the gift didn't fall though) and I could see a light spark like a star coming off my head.
Then there was this woman screaming, " There is sands on your head!"
That's when I wake up.

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  A big Umbrella
Posted by: JJ1275 - 27-09-2018, 05:28 PM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (3)

Goodafternon to u sir,

Please kindly help with the interpretation to this dream;

In the dream I was at the topmost floor of the building in a room. From where I was in the room I looked at the sky and it became very dark, the clouds were also very thick and dark. Then it started to rain heavily from the sky a big dark like umbrella also came down and stayed over a certain place as the rain continued to pour down heavily which resulted into a flood. After sometime the umbrella was pushed aside and it entered into the ground. The rain continued for a while and then eventually stopped. From the top of the building where I was we began to get bothered about the flood entering into our compound.Then all of a sudden again I saw my pastor in church again and he asked us to start praying and he was giving us prayer points he asked us to point to the ground and pray some prayer points. Eventually, the flood came into the compound and the water came up all the way almost to the balcony where I was. I started getting scared and I slipped and fell into the flood but because I could swim (although am not such a good swimmer in life) I came out almost immediately and got back into the room where I fell from.. Then the flood went away and all of a sudden again I met Bukola saraki at the entrance of our room he wanted to come in and greet my mum so I let him in. He was greeting and prostrating then he sat with us for a while b4 he left. When he was leaving I decided to escort him downstairs and helped him carry some of his things like agbada and a coat. We spoke a little till we got to his car downstairs. He was later asking for directions to a place we asked some okada people nearby and he decided to take a bike instead. His driver followed him but he forgot his agbada with me and they left.. After they left I was looking for a way to trail them and drop their things with them. That was when I woke up. Pls I don't understand this...

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  pls sir, i need an interpretation to this dream
Posted by: trends - 27-09-2018, 02:28 PM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (49)

i dreamt that i was sweeping the church, a lady came in and began to litter the floor, i asked her to stop but she did not listen. The pastor came in and talked to her,she began to insult the pastor. The two of them started exchanging words.

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  Multi-National Job Breakthrough
Posted by: francoben - 26-09-2018, 07:35 AM - Forum: Testimonies - Replies (2)

i want to use this opportunity to thank God Almighty for this great thing he has done.i came to this family forum lost,frustrated and hopeless.i was practically almost begging for food because immediately i got married and started building in my fathers house the enemy locked all doors against me that i even lost my only job.But God through his humble servant(Prophet Ebankole) have changed the evil handwriting against me today and my family through my daily dream life,Prayer points from this forum and Prophetic advises from his servant.

I want to use this opportunity to tell everyone that there is God in this forum,seek him with all your heart and Faith...He will definitely.come to your rescue.I am a living testimony.

Words is not enough for me to express all i have to say because i know this is just is beginning of a better days ahead!!

Thank you Jesus.

More Grace Prophet Ebankole.

God Bless Everyone.

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  Got a job
Posted by: gbemmyade - 25-09-2018, 11:19 AM - Forum: Testimonies - Replies (4)

I want to thank God for the recovery of my glory,I want to thank God for bringing me here for divine direction.I want to thank him for destroying the works of darkness over my career journey for close to 10 years I never used what I read in school to work but to God be the glory I got a job inline with my study in school and the job came without stress.
I thank God for the lords servant who has been a great guide may God continue to uphold you Sir and your anointing will never run dry.
Praise the Lord!!!!!!!

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  My restorer
Posted by: Chinedu - 24-09-2018, 07:49 PM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (1)

Goodeverning sir.
I just came new to this life is going ups and down,please i need ur help..Alot of rising and falling.

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