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Posted by: Spora - 07-04-2018, 10:23 PM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (1)

Good Evening pastor, Here is my dream for interpretation -
It was like an initially sand-filled expanse of land but now flooded. Even as I waded through the flood and trying to fish with a net but without luck, I could find my way easily through holes cos am conversant with the topography before it got flooded.
Finally I had to cross a bridge to dry land but then decided to fish with my Implement (hook and line). Surprisingly there were many fish hiding under the bridge.
There were two hooks - One got stuck, try as much as I could it won't get freed. but the second hook was just pulling out fishes in there variety even without bait.

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  Top Skills That Have Created The Most Millionaires In The World
Posted by: ebankole - 06-04-2018, 09:22 PM - Forum: OPPORTUNITY & JOB - No Replies

Quote:This post is practically tailored to all those who believe that getting an administrative job in a company is their life ambition to become rich.

I will be listing out the several top skills that have created millionaires in the world today. This shouldn’t be rocket science because the process has always been the same.

- Get a skill
- Perfect it
- Find a problem that your skill can solve
- Create a solution using the skill you have
- Market it very well
- Become rich.

Is becoming rich difficult? Hell No. The only difficult part of this process is the first. “Getting a skill”

After a point in time, I stopped replying those who asked me questions like

“Please, how do I make money?”

The reason is that they always fail to answer the corresponding question which is

“What can you do?”

I will list out the top skills that have created millionaires, so I advise you now to learn it and start making your money.

Are we trying to copy them?

NO! These skills might look saturated outside the shores of this country, but right here, it remains a goldmine.

The average starting salary of a programmer in Nigeria is 200k monthly, which other skill can give you that?

This post was written by Chinedu Okezie, a Senior Android Developer with an IT firm in Lagos. I recommend this IT Institute for those interested in learning any of the skills I am about to list.

Let’s not digress further.

What are the top skills that have created millionaires?

[Image: skills-millionaires.jpg]

Programming: Case study ==> Mark Zuckerberg (Web Development, Mobile App Development)

He was born in 1984. At 10 years old, he sees his father’s computer and learns to use it. At 11 years, he hires a programming tutor to help teach him. He starts reading a programming book called C++ for dummies.

With help from his friend D’Angelo, he starts perfecting his programming skills. He goes ahead to design a program that learns your music taste. Microsoft offers him $1 Million, and he turns it down.

He helps a firm (Winklevosse) design a dating site, after which he designs within a week. He gets $10 Million offer for Facebook and turns it down. He drops out of Harvard and moves to silicon valley.

He gets another offer of $1.5Billion from Viacom and turns it down again.

He gets another $1Billion offer from Yahoo and turns it down again.

Microsoft offers him $15 Billion for Facebook, Mark turns it down.

The first programmer he hired worked for just a week and left to open his own million dollars business named “Youtube”

Today, Mark Zuckerberg is among the 10 richest men in the world. Does it work for just whites?

We have the owners of VougePay in Nigeria, PayDirect, and several other businesses in Nigeria. (Infographics and other relevant links are on the blog. You can visit using the link at the end of this post)

Digital Marketing: Case Study ==> John Chow

[Image: john.jpg]

This is one skill that has created more millionaires in Nigeria after politics. Thousands of youth in Nigeria has made so much money from practising digital marketing. As long as you surf the internet, you are making people rich.

Due to non-availability of details about our Nigerian Digital Marketing Millionaires, I will use John Chow as a simple example.

- Born in 1965 in China
- Moved to Canada with his parents at age 7
- Started his online business in his teenage age
- Dived into Digital Marketing
- Created several online businesses like,,,
- The moment he made money with Digital Marketing, he diversified his assets into other profitable ventures like real estate, stocks, bonds, etc.

Does it also work in Nigeria? Yes!!! People like Tobi Ashendi, Mr Alabi of Alabian Solutions, and several others.

Software Development: Case Study ==> Jeff Bezos

[Image: jeff.jpg]

If you have ever heard of Amazon before, it was a simple software development skill that made its owner a multi Billionaire. Here is his short Biography

- Born on January 12, 1964
- Had an early love for computers and studied computer science at Princeton University
- After he quit his job in 1994, he decided to explore the untapped internet world.
- He set up his company in a garage along with a few employees and started developing software.
- They expanded operations, and eventually developed a test site
- After series of tests, Bezos opened in 1995.
- The success of Amazon (An initial test site) developed by Bezos was considered meteoric.

Nigeria is suffering a real deficit when it comes to skills in Information Technology. Extra hands are needed to explore this growing field of information.

Nigeria spends about $14 Billion purchasing software from abroad. If American and other foreign countries still need Information Technology guys to help grow their country, you should see the opportunities that abound in Nigeria.

My first software was sold to a Financial Institute in 2012 for $500,000. I am still enjoying the proceeds to date, and I want you to join me.

Remember to subscribe for more articles like this by visiting the source link below.


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Posted by: kaycee - 05-04-2018, 01:31 PM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (1)

Dear Sir,
More anointing in Jesus name.

Please there are some strange dreams i had many years ago and each time i remember it, it gives me some concerns.

1) Dream where i laid hands on a lunatic and she became well again

2) Dream where someone was crushed by a moving vehicle and i prayed for the person in that dream and the person became alive

3) I was holding a Bible and it fell to the ground and it turned into an Assault Rifle like an AK-47 rifle

Is this suggestive of a Call or what? What do i do? I no longer have these dreams anymore

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Posted by: tophil - 04-04-2018, 02:48 PM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (1)

Good afternoon ON
I have been having these recurring dreams for some days now.
1) dreamt I was going to my old church (church I attended when I was young, an Anglican church) but I was driving there with my father's car. My father really loved this car. I was driving and thinking to myself in the dream that I'd have to get a mechanic to overhaul the car completely. So as I got to the church, i wanted to enter through the choir entrance. I now changed my mind and came in through another side. I was now putting on native and I then saw myself discussing with some relatives from my mother's house. I think they were asking why they don't see me regularly or so. I then told them about my work schedule. Then we started singing a hymn.

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  Help interpret this dream Sir.
Posted by: paulscholes - 03-04-2018, 09:09 AM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (4)

Sir please I had this dream this morning my lady was with me. I saw that someone gave me a car key and I went to the car to open it but the key wasn't entering the car to open it and I was afraid that the car might not be my own so I was looking here and there and my eyes caught a man who was beside and he was like what am I doing that he's going to call the police to come and arrest me and I started running away..

The other dream I had was my people/parents/relatives said the lady they want to give me is ready I can go in and talk with her and take her for myself, and I went in to be with the gal then she and I started playing around going here and there and I was running after her later she entered somewhere and I was looking for her but couldn't see her.

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  Welcome April
Posted by: ebankole - 01-04-2018, 07:02 PM - Forum: New Month,New Year & Holidays anouncements - Replies (2)

[Image: 728x90.gif]
At DreamsTorchlight : We Welcome You All To The Month Of April,And We Say : HAPPY EASTER!
[Image: 728x90.gif]

[Image: 27jpo4.gif]

God Blessings upon you all.


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Posted by: Niesje - 28-03-2018, 03:41 PM - Forum: Testimonies - Replies (1)

I want to thank God and this ministry . There are so many things that happend to me since i started to join this ministry. I know now how to direct my prayers because of the directions the pastor gives me. After months of prayer we now moved to a better and bigger place. There was some money that government had to give me but i was doubting to apply for it because they can be funny sometimes. I think a week ago pastor interpreted a dream that was saying that there is a blessing but i can decide if i want to take it or not. So i went ahead to apply for it and glory be to God i received an email today that they have transfered the money. Can you imagine if it was not for the pastor i would have lost out of some money. I really thank and appreciate your life sir. May God bless you abundantly.
God is truly a wonder working God and i cant wait to see where He is bringing me. Thank you Jesus.

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  Dream(s) Torchlighting!
Posted by: MECK - 28-03-2018, 08:52 AM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (26)

Shalom Sir,
Please, attend to these dreams;

1. I was being driven by a woman and then suddenly, I saw myself wandering in thick forest(it was like I've been there for so long), I then checked the time which was 11:00, and said to myself 'I need to go church', I began running out, envision labyrinth, because it wasn't a straight road, but I made it out and behold the same car I rode earlier was there, I humped in and it sped off.

2. I was at a former place, suddenly, I came out of a red coffin and closed it my brother also came out of black coffin.

3. Last night, I was saying to someone how I was gonna build an estate in a land I was gonna get with a guise. Secondly, I also negotiated with a carpenter, who repaired my roof, men! I was doing great. Thirdly, I was playing a soccer match.

4. I was instructed to pray about Destiny helpers, I began to pray, few days later, I began having series of cobweb attack.(reality). This was after I dreamt of where a spider bit a woman's right breast.

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  Marriage Favour for my Sister.
Posted by: francoben - 26-03-2018, 11:25 AM - Forum: Testimonies - Replies (2)

Quote:On the 9/02/2018..Posted by 05:26PM...Had the following dream where 

2.A Man came to the house to seek my younger Sister hands in Marriage..

 And Prophet ebankole did the below interpretation....09/02/2018...Posted by 06:06PM......

2.I See marital Settlement,breakthrough in your Family.Surely,(The Single One among) your Sister if not this one in Particular...

  This above dream came to pass yesterday been Sunday 25/03/2018....,as there was a First Phase Marriage introduction of my younger Sister in my fathers house and indicated and interpreted in my dream.
I want to thank the almighty God that has started this marriage breakthrough for my Sister to perfect what he has started...May God continue to bless the Man of God in the house(Prophet Ebankole) for all the Support and Interpretation.

 Praise God.

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  Truths All Single Ladies Should Know!!!
Posted by: ebankole - 26-03-2018, 02:28 AM - Forum: Wedding/marriage - No Replies

Truths All Single Ladies Should Know!!!

Quote:To the Ladies : 13 Truths You Should Know
1 – The way to a man’s heart is no longer his stomach but the quality of your brain.

2 – If your man must be Tall, Dark and Handsome then be ready to be the 2nd best because what you desire, others’ seek too.

3 – If you allow your parents’ pressure push you into marriage, you may end up a single- mom.

4 – A man that slaps you before marriage will build a boxing ring after marriage. Guess who his opponent will be – YOU!

5 – If you are yet to know any member of his family after 6 – 12 months of courting him, then, is either he wants you as his baby-mama or a back- up plan.

6 – If what attracted him to you are your bosoms and the sexy legs you flaunted, the contents of your brain had better keep him, else, there are too many well-rounded and bigger bosoms waiting to snatch him away.

7 – If he doesn’t discuss future plans with you in The picture, he just want a fling.

8 – Even when you trust each other, a little jealousy reminds him that you care.

9 – When you are already living with him before marriage, he won’t propose quickly.

10 – Don’t waste your years waiting for an unserious man to propose just because his parents loves you, you’re going to be married and living with the man, not his parents.

11 – When you seek his advice, you make him feel more of a man than he is.

12 – Your encouragement or concern about his career or job works faster than listening to a motivational tape.

13 – Don’t endure domestic abuse in a marriage because of your kids and what people will say. If You die as a result, the man, the people and the kids will bid you dust-to-dust, he will

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