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  Know your right Nigeria member
Posted by: ebankole - 28-01-2019, 11:47 PM - Forum: Information & News - No Replies

Quote:Pls spread this info.
SARS has been reformed and the new rules of engagements are:

*1. No SARS personnel is allowed to interface in any civil matter.*

*2. They are not allowed to interfere in cyber crime (yahoo yahoo).*

*3. No SARS personnel is allowed to conduct a stop and search exercise unless there is a distress call from victims or members of the public.*

*4. They are not allowed to be involved in commercial matters (debt recovery, landlord vs Tennant issues).*

*5. They are not allowed to interfere in any social /relationship cases ( marital matters, boyfriend / girlfriend relationship).*



*If The "New SARS Harass YOU"*

*Please Contact:*

*DIG, Department of Operations:*

*08037025670; IGP X-SQUAD 0902 690 0729, 08078662130, 08174041000 – CALLS,*
*0903 227 8905 – SMS,*
*0903 562 1377 – whatsapp*


*- Here are some tips on how to identify fake Police men at a glance:*

*1. Number tag of a real policeman must be six*
*digits, less than six is fake*

*2. Only female police officers have their numbers begin with "0", any policeman with number beginning with "0" is fake.*

*3. Every policeman's name tag is woven to the*
*shirt, no more removable name tags*

*4. A distinction between the normal policeman and the SPY (supernumerary) police personnel is that a "SPY" number must be either three or four digits with the word "SPY" boldly inscribed on their uniform shoulder.*

*- Please at night always roll up your windows in traffic, central lock your doors, be double sure they are true policemen, if they are not, be strong and speed off or hit them, Never get frightened*

*Be watchful, they are everywhere, Educate your family members and friends*


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  End time alert!!!
Posted by: ebankole - 28-01-2019, 11:44 PM - Forum: Education Center - No Replies

Quote:END TIME: Russia has banned any form of religion soon it will be universal.

Troubling times for the Church in Russia as the State tries to seal loopholes for anyone to meet Christ.

A new law has been signed this week by President Putin stating that:

1) Foreign guests are not permitted to speak in churches unless they have a "work permit" from Russian authorities

2) If a friend or relative from outside Russia wishes to share his/her faith in your home the guest will be fined and expelled from Russia.

3) Any discussion of God with non-believers is considered missionary activity and will be punishable.

4) Missionary activity will be permitted by special government permission. Example: If one travelling on a train shares his faith without written permission, the offender will be taken into police custody for the duration of the journey and will be fined 50,000 rubles ($1,000).
Offenders from the age of 14-years-old will be subject to prosecution

5) Religious activity is no longer permitted in private homes. Most churches in Russia meet in homes.

6) Every citizen is obligated to report religious activity of neighbors to the authorities. Failure to be an informant is punishable by law.

7) One may pray and read the Bible at home but not in the presence of a non-believing person. You will be breaking the law and be punished.

8) If the church has purchased property it cannot be converted into a place of worship.

9) In church buildings, it is not permitted to invite people to turn to God. Worship services are permitted but making a non-believer a follower of Christ is against the law.
Let us pray against such evil statutes.
?The devil is working very hard to occupy Christians with the things of this world so that the day will catch them unawares.
? Please be prepared.

?Are you still doubting the END TIME?
?What breaks my heart the most is that many people in the Church will not make it if JESUS comes now?
?Many are unaware that the end is near.

?If any area of your life is not in sync with GOD’s word, repent and be converted.
?If you miss heaven you can never miss hell….. think about it.
?Hell is not a pretty place.

?He who has ears, let him hear what the Spirit says to the church.
?Have you ever wondered what should have happened if we treat the Holy Bible the way we treat our mobile phone? And we really can’t live without it.
Only 7% percent will re-send this message.

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  Uncommon Love of Jesus!
Posted by: ebankole - 25-01-2019, 08:23 PM - Forum: Spirtual Clinic - Replies (1)

When it feels nobody loves you.
When you feel like crying instead of laughing.
When you feel like breaking down instead of rejoicing.
When you feel nobody cares about you.
When you feel like the whole world is against you.
When you feel like you have no strength to carry on no more and feel depressed.
When you have to sigh instead of being happy.
When you feel the world has opposed you and you have no strength to carry on.
When it you feels all other love is gone and you are lonely,down and helpless within.
When all hope is gone..................remember that Jesus loves you,remember that his love for you never cease ...dies,remember he cares for you,remember he would never forsake you but always be there...remember that he died for your sins and he laid down his life,soul and body just for you.....then life would be pleasant and glorious !!

--------Lyrics-Inspired by me/God,written by me and culled from one of my written lyrics back then when life was hopeless,helpless and it seemed all hope was gone.......and when I had no one to learn upon but Jesus ----------be inspired!

Prophet Ebankole

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  Please, help interpret
Posted by: Tosalex - 25-01-2019, 06:38 AM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (1)

Good day man of God. Thank you for the opportunity and grace on this platform.

1. Please, I have been having this dream of either being pursued and I ran inside my maternal family house, met some people inside but could not shut the door because the door is not there or does not have anything I can use to lock it.
Tonight, I saw myself looking everywhere for where to bath. All the bathrooms were either busy or verybody seems to be bathing and rushing inside. I approached someone just finished bathing to allow me use their bathroom but he just ignored me and look for where the padlock was and locked the door. The next thing was, I just saw myself like I just finished bathing and wondering how I bath. I starting d using towel right there and finding my way back to the house. I started d noticing people were hurrying inside not because it was getting dark alone but because its like they've declared curfew. I immediately noticed a uniformed soldier some meters away from me. I was trying to apply courtesy by greeting him, in case but he was not hearing or pretending not hear me.
Then I started running to avoid any arrest or attack. I decided to enter a house which is my grandfather's house in the village where I actually grew up, instead of continuing to my place and risk being arrested or harass. I noticed that I manage to enter but the house was having only net but the door was not there. So, there was nothing to secure the door so that the attacker wouldnt invade us. One of my cousin too was there struggling to shut the door but to no avail. I was just thinking so many things at that instance. there is nobody (including my mom) bouyant enough to fix this door. The uniform man was now coming towards us. But he instead was trying to help us secure the door but a breeze was blowing the dilapidated door open.
This is all I saw before I woke up but this dream is just too frequent. I dont know what the Lord is revealing to me.

2. There is another dream where I was trekking with a lady. We passed through lonely path, even through a bush, bypass excreta sef until we came into a town again and burst into the road. Then I noticed we budded each other bye and parted. She was going another way and I was walking toward the main road and wearing something like a native dress and people were greeting me from left and right, different greetings. E kaabo, e Ku odun. Some of them knew me in that place before. Its like some of them are mistaking me for someone else...

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  Please help me
Posted by: Francisca - 24-01-2019, 05:58 AM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (2)

Good morning pastor
I had a dream where I saw myself opposite the house where I grew up frying akara. We were about 3 people selling the akara but when customers went to my direct neighbors shop, they did not buy from them but rather they sent one of my neighbors to buy from my shop for them. I was the only one selling in that dream. Also I ate from it too. Please what can this mean?

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  My personal dream
Posted by: augusta - 23-01-2019, 11:36 AM - Forum: Dreams Interpretation - Replies (1)

Good morning Sir! Hope you are doing great?
I really need an interpretation of a dream I had today
In my dream I was standing at the rooftop of a building I wanted to discover what was writing on the rooftop but I knew that getting to find our that information meant that I would probably be putting myself at risk of falling off the building because the writing were towards to edge of the roof,so I summon courage and I did it,I saw the writings but I couldn't find my way out,the same way I got there,so I slipped and was hanging and holding onto the bricks on the rooptop,I wanted to try and make it out but I couldn't, I knew that if I didn't yell for help,I would fall off,so I shouted and my aunty came out towards the balcony connected to the roof,and I knew she can't help because she can't pull me into the house,she was pissed at first and I told her to call my brother specifically the 2nd born, I think I yelled his name and he ran out too but instead of him helping me,he tries to make a speech (which is what he does in real life and antagonize first before offering some sort of aid) I was very uncomfortable even if I knew he would eventually but as I was hanging I discovered that I can make a move,though risky and I did I don't know how it became possible but another rail appeared beneath me and I made my way back into the building through the balcony where they both were standing unaided by the both of them,they both kept quiet as I made my way through.

Pls sir I really need an interpretation thank you!

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  God is an awesome God
Posted by: Abby - 22-01-2019, 09:38 PM - Forum: Testimonies - Replies (2)

I just want to say thank you Lord, thank you Jesus, thank you holyspirit.Our God is great .God delivered me from secret covenant I had unconsciously with the Marine kingdom ,It looked like as if they weren't going to leave me but God promises never fail.. I return all the glory and honor, all adoration to the Lord God almighty who delivered me with his mighty hand, Alagbada ina..the I am that I am, the ressurection and the life, the lion of the tribe of Judah. He gave me instructions looked difficult by g,race I obeyed he asked me not to wear earrings I did, not to wear trouser I did, not to use anything on my head just my natural hair I did and many more. God is faithful all I need is to trust him more and not fear i believe the Holy Spirit is working on me
Thank you Lord ,for prophet ebankole God bless you plenty sir. All the glory return to God

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  God's faithful and steadfastness
Posted by: sparklingstar - 22-01-2019, 11:16 AM - Forum: Testimonies - Replies (2)

I have always been sceptical about testimonies because growing up I have noticed that after people give testimonies worst things happen to them. But after reading the reading the write up on idolatry, I decided to write this.
My dad died in 2017, I knew we were in trouble. The only person working in my house was my mum with arrears of salary yet to be paid. My dad was a clearing agent and left it with someone. The importer he does for didn’t want the guy because he wasn’t of the same tribe and got others, the competition increased and the expected revenue hung.
1. Rent was due in 2018, we prayed and fasted for a Jesus house, it didn’t come but somehow the landlord gave us extra 3mnths and God just surprised us and the money was raised 450k.
2. as a student, the session ended and I needed money for fees and accommodation in that 2018, one of my dad’s friends sent me the money-80k after burial and surprisingly, school had issues allocating hostels and I was one of those whose rooms were unallocated, technically, I stayed in the hostel from 2018 till now free of charge.
3. I knew there was no hope of pocket allowance but God provided, he always brought me one temporary job after another to sustain me and not let me be tempted, from typing of peoples works to teaching as either a floater or assistant.
4. we have survived two Christmas without my dad, last Christmas, I bought gas cylinder because it was more expensive buying kerosene. At the end of the celebrations while cleaning up, I noticed the burner was tightly fitted, I couldn’t tell for how long it has been so but I thanked God that there were no casualties.
I believe God has done more spiritually and I will write more later because indeed God is faithful even when I get tired and want to give up. even when I was depressed and almost lost my way, he used his son the prophet to bring me back and guided. I cant say all that happened during those days of depression especially when everybody became really busy but God saved me.

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  Thank you Lord
Posted by: nonop - 21-01-2019, 10:42 PM - Forum: Testimonies - Replies (5)

I just wanted to put this testimony out here to show that God is alive and cares about us. I also want to tell the whole story so that you can understand the gravity of the situation I was in. On the 16 of January I went into labour and because I had a c section planned for 21 January, when I got to the hospital they immediately prepared me for the c-section. When I was consulting with the doctor, he mentioned that the fibroid that was sitting on the cervix was going to give them a problem, but they'll plan it nicely. Normally for the c-section they just numb you from the stomach down and you are awake when they take the baby out. In my case however they tried to numb me but they just couldn't get to the space where they inject the anaesthetic, so they decided to make me sleep. The next thing I woke up in another ward which I thought was for recovery for a few hours (1 or 2 hrs). But then I noticed that it was busy with nurses and other patients, it didn't look like a temporary set-up. I was hooked up on monitors, and I asked the nurse where's my baby, she said oh he's doing well he's in maternity ward they can bring him to you. Later on my husband arrived and he went to fetch the baby. I learned that the ward I was in is high care +ICU although I was in the high care.

My doctor arrived and explained that they had a hard time with taking the baby out, because the fibroid that I had which also sat on the cervix just started bleeding out of control, so I lost a lot of blood as a result which was why I was not at maternity ward they just wanted to monitor and support me more closely. My blood figures were not looking good so they had to give me blood transfusions, in total they gave me 5 units of blood to try and get my numbers up.

Over the next few days the doctor told me that the fibroid had many blood vessels feeding it and when they cut the uterus these blood vessels started bleeding. He says they were trying close them and it took a while before the bleeding stopped. Then they had to take out the womb (from my abdomen) so that they could stitch it back together before they returned it. I realised that the devil wanted to kill me in that operating table but failed dismally. But the devil does not give up, he tried again The last day I was in high care ward the doctor was worried that they had given me so much blood but there was very little improvement in my lab numbers. He came to me and said he was thinking of taking me back to theatre to check where I was losing blood. I didn't like the idea because I felt fine. He was also thinking if there's still bleeding they might have to do a hysterectomy (remove the womb). He did a scan but saw no bleeding and the vital signs were good, so he was confused as to why my numbers were low. It turned out that the lab people made a mistake when they were taking the sample, as they took it from the hand which had an IV which gave false results due to dilution. When they took it from the correct hand the results were satisfactory to the doctor. So I was released to the maternity ward. After 5 days I was well enough to go home, which we did on Sunday, praise the Lord! The devil failed again.

When I relayed this to pastor Bankole he said something that made me want to fall on my knees in awe of the Lord our God. I had previously asked him to pray with me about something, so he says when he was praying for that thing the Lord said no he must pray for my life instead. Brethren tell me what did I ever do to deserve such love and care from God? What am I but a sinner that He would do such things for me. I was lying in that operating table literally dead, the devil having all his schemes set up against me, I had no way of defending myself or even praying, but the Lord aborted all of them. Help me praise the Lord because I don't know how I can ever do it the way He deserves. He is the Lord of Lords and king of kings.

Many are the afflictions of the righteous, But the Lord delivers him out of them all. He guards all his bones; Not one of them is broken.
Psalms 34:19‭-‬20 NKJV

We named our son with a name that means we are grateful.

Thank you

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  Loving God
Posted by: pikk - 15-01-2019, 04:41 PM - Forum: Testimonies - Replies (1)

I want to thank God for his love and faithfullness.There have been some serious challenges lately which He helped to overcome in a way I never expected.He overlooks my imperfection and find a way to help whenever I am almost overwhelmed. Also, I really appreciate Him for strengthening me.

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