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Amazing benefits of agbalumo
Amazing benefits of agbalumo fruits for pregnant women

Quote:Pregnancy is an incredible time in most women’s lives. This is not only the time to think about the future motherhood but also to reconsider your daily menu. Since women want their babies to get all the necessary vitamins and useful elements from natural products, they start searching about agbalumo and pregnancy as well as other fruits and vegetables and their influence on the little baby’s development.

African star apple
The list of useful fruits for pregnancy is pretty long.

All fruits have great nutritional value and vitamins, so eating fruits while you are expecting a child is a great idea.

African star apple is also known as agbalumo. The interesting ‘star’ prefix to the ‘apple’ name is natural. The interesting fruit has seeds that are shaped like stars.

Ripe star apples are delicious. They have a lovely taste. Their color is dark orange. They can be added to fruit salads or eaten fresh and raw. They can be a part of a dessert or tasty cocktails.

Nutrients in agbalumo (per one fruit that is around 100 grams):

Vitamins (B1, B2, B3) – less than 1 milligram
Vitamin C – around 25 milligrams
Carbohydrates – around 10 grams
Proteins – about 7 grams
Fat – less than 3 grams
Potassium – up to 700 milligrams
Calories – about 60-70
African star apple is one of the best fruits for pregnancy because it provides much energy, is rich in moisture, and contains such useful elements as phosphorus, calcium, iron, dietary fiber, and protein.

Agbalumo fruits for pregnancy: health benefits
Each African pregnant woman can enjoy all the amazing effects from eating star apples. Here are the main advantages of this fruit often called not only ‘star apple’ but also ‘African cherry,’ ‘udara’ or ‘ciwoh.’

1. Healthier heart
Pregnant women are responsible for at least two hearts. Eating star apples is good for your heart health. This seasonal fruit can decrease the sugar in blood and cholesterol levels. This can lead to health improvement and prevent different heart diseases.

2. Stomach ache cure.
Not only agbalumo is good for the female body, but the plant’s leaves are also good during pregnancy. It is a natural method to treat stomach pain and diarrhea issues. Pregnant women can also use the fruit to improve their skin.

3. Perfect antioxidant
Natural elements contained in agbalumo work as antioxidants. They protect our bodies from the free radicals and work great for all body organs.

4. Source of energy
Pregnancy is a lovely period but it also requires you to stay active and get enough energy to get through the long 9 months of expectation. Star apple contains enough energy to provide you for the day along with good contain of vitamin C. Besides, this low-calorie food can make you feel full and save you from hunger.

5. Watery fruit
There are many fruits that are rich in water and can be amazing at different times of the year. Star apples are such products. This is a great alternative to juices and other tasty drinks. So, one fruit can replace dessert plus a drink. Isn’t it wonderful?

6. Natural reliever
Sometimes a pregnant woman feels dizzy and has to vomit. Eating star apples can be a great way to prevent vomiting. This is a natural reliever that can always be in your pockets or your bag just in case you suddenly feel like throwing up.

Sour and at the same time sweet, this fruit is a great seasonal product that includes many vitamins and useful elements. Don’t worry if you have cravings for star apples while you are pregnant. Eat more fruits and enjoy the expectation period!


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