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Special Anouncementiii
Greetings to you brethens,
This is to inform you all that pastor will take time off On the 25th december and 31/1 January respectively.

As I won't be able to attend to any one of you during this days,and for this reason I want you all to bear with pastor because I may not attend to any dream posted during this time.

Most importantly,I want you all to keep in mind that any dream posted during this period may not be attended to hence will be strap to give way to the recent ones as pastor won't be able to bear the loads and/or pressure of many dreams at the same time.

Please bear with pastor as I will fully resume back on January 2nd.

Pheeew time to rest indeediiii

I also want to use this opportunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a Happy new yeariiiii

God bless you all in jesus name.

I was wondering when in fact do you rest. Please do take the break I believe a very well deserved one at that.

And have a merry Christmas and a Happy new year.
Honestly? I don't. I guess it's a must this time if not for anything atleast for my loved ones.
Well it's just for 3days away but it's worth it.

Anyway pastor is still active for now until then...

And, I wish you a merry Xmas and happy new year to you too in jesus name.

Bless you.
Enjoy your family then. And thank you for spending all your time through the year attending to total strangers. The Lord will richly reward you for all the work you do in Jesus name.
Have a merry Christmas & new year holidays with your loved ones sir :). A big thank you for all your efforts sir, God be with you always.