John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Pls, help me out
Greetings sir.

1. The control of my tap was coming out and the water was gushing. I was trying to put it in place but the way the water was gushing didn't allow it to stay. My late maternal grandmother was there.

2. My neighbour was walking with her brother's walking stick in the market place, she wore short skirt like she wanted to look younger. My sister saw her and trying to interact or greet her. Later, my neighbor wasn't with the stick.

3. My above neighbor was around my house. She was behaving like I should be the one that should be greeting her. I didn't mind since she's older than me.

4. In the former house, my father went somewhere and branched @ the barber's shop, I wondered how he wore dirty clothes to the shop, he came home with a bottle of olive oil that has undergone heating so he can apply it on his head, I was the one that opened the door for my father but looked like he has his own key. My father cut down a bunch of Plantain that the fruit didn't grow as it supposed to grow, the Plantain looked like the one in our present house. My mother just bought olive oil too. My mother was referring to something that her younger sister warned her against but didn't adhere to. I left the room and my mother said she knows I won't stay because of what she said. I saw my wrapper that's dirty being used by my mother or so. My mother wanted to beat me and asked me what I told some people about her.

5. I lend a male friend #3000 when he needed money. I didn't have much on me and wondered why I gave him but seemed I relied on something.

6. A very tall man who I know in real life but doesn't know me carried me like it has been long he saw me. He asked of a lady that her mother is dirty. The lady came telling me she didn't know the leggings she wore isn't the one she supposed to wear. The one she wore exposed her panties. I swept the place we were and a male colleague was also there.

7. My neighbors asked me if I would be able to pass a place in our compound where there are two wells without lids and I said yes, one of the wells served as my water tank. There was something that looked like something related to electricity apparatus and @ the same time like small water tank. There was a big tank in front of my neighbor's house. I successfully passed the dangerous place.

8. I assisted my sister to charge her phone and later the battery run down before I could give her.
1. I see an invisible force out to disgrace,ridicule you in that household. You shall render it powerless with the power of prayer.

2. She has this attention seeking, deceptive character.

3. This confirmed the number two message : she's proud,manipulative and loves attention.

4. Your mother has so many blemishes, shortcomings and your father isn't left her. But be wise to correct them wisely if you must or remain silence no matter what lest you made her/them believe you ridicules or detests them.

5. Always think before you leap. That is, reason and consider what's good for you,and never be too quick to make decision without meditation lest you harm yourself.

6. She's indeed dirty even in character,lifestyle(sinful) but be wise never to judge or detest her out of hated or way of life.

7. You can do all things through and in Christ.

8. There are countless things you can help your sister with but there are just some things,many you can't help her with but herself.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Thanks sir.

1. My father has been calling me to ask the amount I need to pay my house rent. I told him to give me any amount he could afford.

2. I cut a big insect that stings into two. Seemed my nephew was there.

3. I went to greet a neighbor who had still birth in reality. She couldn't hold her tears and I consoled her. She later left me.

4. 3 people were on the pulpit praying like pastors and @ the same time like they're Muslims, one of them do sprinkle water and all of them were eating fufu, they even take one wrap in front of a church member. One of the pastors was saying how female children were attractive and I asked him if he doesn't have his own female children. I wondered what he will be thinking when he watches the female movies he watches.

5. My nephew was crying that he wants to eat beans at midnight. I wanted to give him the one I put in the fridge for him.

6. My neighbor removed my clothes from where I spread it and put her own on the clothes line. I wanted to go meet/confront her in the presence of other neighbors but seemed she wasn't @ home.

7. I was in a big compound where the wall is very high and bricklayers have worked on the wall like four times. A girl took permission from me to go somewhere and when I asked from her where she's going my sister lied but the girl said the truth.

8. A woman I know do sell shoes, there were pair of beautiful ones that are for children, a green or blue type perfectly sized my nephew and it's sold for #500. I still wished the pair that sized my nephew is a little bit bigger so as to use it for a longer period but others are smaller. The woman showed me another type that's very attractive but I think it's meant for girls. The woman left a pair of green and blue slippers on my table.
1. You are indeed considerate and independent by nature.

2. Another evil agent destroyed.

3. She's in tears and troubled.

4. Be wary of those false, demonic and money bag (so called)pastors and churches. They are everywhere now.

5. Without doubt? You care a lot for him, you are his mother by divine.

6. I see provocation but you shall overcome it by divine intervention.

7. Your sister must change as this habit of hers can not raise godly children.

8. What a great love, care you have for the boy and long time plans even with little you'd give everything and anything for him.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you very much sir.

1. I was giving my nephew drug because he's sick.

2. My sister and I went somewhere that took us longer time to come back home, my nephew was left @ home and I began to think of whose custody he would be.

3. I said my sister made her son's clothe and a neighbor asked if she's a fashion designer. I didn't reply the neighbor because I know she knows already.

4. My neighbor built a place where he mounted a water tank, I was thinking if I should do same but I thought it's a waste of money since it's not my personal building.

5. My sister loosen her hairdo and I said is this the little hair she has on her head since she made the hair.
1. I see you taken care of him like his mother.

2. Your love and care for the boy extra ordinary, it's indeed, motherly.

3. Be wary of gossippers.

4. Being financially economical is wisdom.

5. Her glory is still struggling to grow or find a solid ground.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you sir.

1. A friend called me that she needs something/money from me. She came @ night when people were plenty in our room and also watching TV. I excused myself from the room.

2. I wanted to ease myself in a place with multiple entries but dodging when I saw my landlord. He wouldn't have known but a plastic bag in my hand was making sound as I was walking. I entered a place where I could ease myself but it exposed me a little bit. I can't remember what happened next.

3. Seemed we had a break in school but I still want to charge my phone. I was in a room where the phone was plugged with a man's phone, I thought my phone wasn't charging but the way the charger was plugged was surprising. A man knocked the door but I didn't open the door where he could see me.

4. My aunt delivered of a female twins two consecutive times after she has planned not to have children again. The second set of twins were taller than each other. My aunt delivered herself @ home. In my mind I said my mother has lost twin pregnancy in the past and it's likely I have twin pregnancy in the future.
1. I see this coming to pass. But surely, your spirit man may not want to.

2. I don't see you getting along, comfortable with your landlord these day.

3. It's good and spiritually, physically wise to be security conscious, and surely, you are,and trust nobody indeed.

4. There is twins in your lineage,and fruitfulness : it comes naturally and I see it in you.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you sir.

1. I was looking @ a colleague's children running around, my colleague carried a carton of bread and that of another person, seemed she just got a shop to be selling daily needs. She was tired and put down one of the cartons. She complained about someone.

2. My neighbor was living in an isolated upstairs in the bush.

3. I saw a man in the bush and he started chasing me but I was able to run faster because he's not as agile as me. It later looked like an imagination where someone was chasing me to rape me and I later found someone I knew in the past who rescued me. The person chasing me turned to a child that brought her mother's picture and I cursed her. I also saw a blood stain.

4. My siblings did not listen to what my father was saying but kept eating the food with them.

5. Along my former house I saw a pail of water that was renovated with 2 types of aluminum sheets. I poured some of the water in the pail and put two papers in it, someone picked the papers & torn it. Seemed the pail signified that the house has been renovated. A mattress was on the road which looked like my late former landlady isn't dead and the mattress was meant for her, I thought my former colleague who's the landlady's daughter in law said her mother in law is dead but I saw black something which made me know she's not dead. The late landlady's son came to carry the mattress.

6. I found myself in the church program of my parent's church. People were plenty and they were given a task I didn't know so I followed a former classmate and my present classmates, non of them covered their heads but I covered mine with my nephew's blue pant. The pant fell from my head when I bend down and I put it on my head again. My classmates were looking at the sky and mango tree to count something. A tree was shaking in a fearful manner and a dog fell from the tree though it didn't look like a real dog initially, looked like a dog eating snake again. I was afraid of staying under that trees.

7. I was walking and something pushed me to enter a house where I saw palm oil, firewood and Plantain. My classmates carried firewood, palm oil and plantains but the palm oil I wanted to carry looked like it's mixed with vegetable oil so I didn't buy. I didn't buy Plantain because the body is dirty and changed my mind from buying firewood because it will stain my pot and would be a huge task for me while finishing the school program I came for in the town, I now planned to buy kerosene.
1. Every business, thing about life comes with it own challenges but in Christ, by faith we can do all things.

2. I see the power of his/her father's house prevail over her/him.

3. I see rape attempt, waylay against you aborted. But pray the lord to disgrace any attempt of such,or attack on your person in the future.

4. I see misunderstanding, insolent towards your father.

5. There is life after death, and truly there is no true death but judgment.

6. Some churches are not meant for you, some friends are not meant to be associated with - they drain you of your faith and spiritual growth.

7. You rush or quick to desire something without thinking? You rush out with nothing. Therefore,be wise in your decisions and whatever you want or choose to do..

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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