John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Pls, help me out
Happy sunday to u pastor. Pls help me interprete:
1)a former neighbour's son said it takes d grace of God for his dad to return to secondary school.

2)we are on strike in my place of work. I went there to pick a notebook that i forgot & close the window when a man (my boss) wit a gun did not want me to enter but i entered by force. When i got outside i met him & he called me, i now knelt down & began to beg him. He asked what has happened to me nowadays that i look dirty among my colleagues & i dont make my hair. A woman in labour pains now came & we told her we are on strike. I felt like assisting her but since my boss did not say anything i kept quiet.

3)an old grandma with a wound covered wit palm oil on her head & smelling was carrying a baby wit respiratory distress. I asked what the problem is but said there is nothing. A nurse now asked the mother if she has been pregnant & she said yes. When i wanted to go & take a thermometer to check the baby's temperature i saw a biro on the floor & picked it. A colleague was there & was looking @ me somehow.

4)a lady was on the floor & her friends were making jest of her. I didn't see her face but her buttocks were exposed. A woman now came to cut her hair with scissors as if she is being disciplined.

5)a lady i know physically put palm fruits in a bowl & squeezing the oil. She left the place & i wanted to take from it & eat but i returned it & said i dont know the source. I was now looking @ a snail & vegetable in another bowl.

6)in my house i wanted to burn somethings & i see that there is a place they were already burning things & i threw my rag inside it.

7)in my former street, i saw my ex & a co-worker. It is like i dont want to follow my ex as if i've been waiting for somebody. I now followed my co-worker & another colleague now said she will mock the one i am following that she is pregnant.

8)i was in a place where we planned to go somewhere & i discovered all my friends have left & we remained like two there. I began to say my mates have left me behind. My ex was in the bathroom & wanted me to do something for him but i didn't go. A lady went to meet him there & i now see my present neighbour & we talked. I noticed that when she came., i messed up & was thinking maybe she perceived it.

9)in my former street i held a new broom & cutting the excess away. Some of my present neighbours were there & saying that a wife (physically pregnant )to one of them is now with another man & she stinks & not that everybody would perceive it but only when the husband wants to relate with her. My mum now tell my brother dat they should go to d farm & bring its cock & chick home as if d lady is a hen & d cock is now grown up. I saw an old broom & told my broda to take it inside d house. He was also saying smth abt cooked beans.

10)i saw smth like a question being interpreted & i was opening it in pages.

11)i was interpreting one of d above dreams symbol by symbol.

12)a woman came to greet us in my house & said she wants to use toilet. I told my mum not to open my toilet for her as if it is a bedroom & dat she has an agenda. She now used my flat mate's toilet & didnt flush it, my mum now carried a bucket of water to flush it, my flat mate now came & i said thank God dat i've flushed her toilet.

13)i was eating bread from a big one my sister is carrying.
Thank u sir.
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  • I am me.
I shall interpret this at dawn.
Bless you.
1. It means, with God all things are possible.

2. Sin, sin, sin. (Sins are dirts)
You've, you are leaving room for sin and, as a result of these? The security of your job is at stake.
The lord and grace you've been enjoy is at stake.
So, stop!

3. It's called generational curse or inherited foundational curse or sin.
And the bible says ;

â—„ James 1:15 â–º
Then, after desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, gives birth to death. As the pregnancy signifies 'sin'

The lord said, shall one like you heal/re-write the history of such when you are still living, committing the same sin' as well? You will only be mock and or consider foolish before God and man.
Let you story change first and victory completed then and before you can re-write the history of such others.

4. Be thankful in spite of what, all you are passing through right now. Many are being denied their freedom and being disgraced before you, but this isn't your case. Shouldn't you be thankful? Count your blessing.

5. Indeed, not all that glitters is gold.
Continue and always be contended with what you have and avoid greed. So that you don't end up being inflicted and bring curse upon yourself.

6. It's called, disposition of evil deposits or inflictions. Congrats.

7. Yes, separate yourself completely from anything that draws you back or backslide you from the new path in christ. Be yourself and stick to the voice of God in you no matter what people think or say about you. But, flee and have nothing to do with such friends that sees sin a way of life or commit sin like it's part of their of life.
The lord is delivering you now from every grip/hold of retrogression.

8. If being ignore/neglected by all, friends etc, if letting go of every thought and longing for the past and or anything that has to do with it what would deliver you from every physical backwardness ,retrogression, and spiritually : powers holding you to stagnant and retrogression etc? Shouldn't you take delight in that and make it your hobby?
If that's what would guaranteed your total deliverance shouldn't you rejoice and stick to that?

9. You are being punished from your mum's past and her past and or past sins. It's called inherited sin.

The lord referred to this bible verse again:

â—„ James 1:15 â–º
Then, after desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, gives birth to death.

The chic/hen: â—„ James 1:15 â–º

Then, after desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, gives birth to death.
The Old broom means : old or inherited sins of your mum/parent.

Removing the excess of it(the broom) means: you are separating and removing the influence of your parents/mums sins/past sins. Thou the old broom still lives within this home but your rewards (deliverance) cometh soon as the word beans means: rewards and or blessing.

10. God is using me and thru me/this forum speaking to you indeed. Be thankful for such privilege.

11. You have a book at home, where you right down your dreams and interpretations.
The lord said, indeed, the truth lies here and he's here indeed.

12. Your mum is leaving a room for sin, while you reach a spiritual/physical stage such that detest sin or anything that brings sin around you.

You mum must watch who she allows into her home/life. As for you? You are spiritually conscious already/now and has reached a stage to identify anything that bring about sin around and or anybody or visitor. The lord is with you. This goes to shows that you've grown spiritually and your spiritual consciousness is on alert.

Blessing. You reward cometh. The lord is about to bless you. It's called bread in his presence.

Bless u
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Typographical errors corrected/fixed now.
Re- read/visit for better interpretation and clarification.
Bless u
Good evening pastor & thanks for the interpretation.
1)my parents were eating food in my former house, i went inside d bedroom & i saw a bundle of second hand clothes dat my mum bought & i took one to examine it before i wear it. My dad now said my sister has tested it.

2)i was eating rice & beans without soup, @ a time, i spit it out & said i have vowed not to eat in d dream again.

3)i saw a friend wit a long hairdo(artificial). I left d place & went with a former schl mate to a place like my office where a photocopier is used & a lady is likely in charge of it but didnt attend to us. The operator(a man) couldnt locate where d oil is but my former friend located it & turned it on & worked well . D lady in dis office looked @ her angrily. The old friend gave me a note wit a writing like a former schl mate's writing & at d same time like a type of book @ my office.

4)as i left d above place, i wanted to pass under a tree & d branches attacked my hair & i was telling d former schl mate but didnt answer & i didnt see her again. I saw some pple likely coming from d church, they wanted to urinate but an old woman quickly go to a house around my former street & urinated @ d entrance. I now shouted if d owner of d house is around. The other church pple now say it is like the old woman is not ok. She ran mad immediately.

5)i saw a man with a car, i dont know if he's d one dat put his hand in my mouth or myself. I cut d finger wit my teeth & spit out d remaining flesh. The driver now dropped two
#50 notes on his car as if i entered his taxi & gave me change.

6)in my office, a colleague gave me
#500 note as if it has been long they told her to give me & didnt deliver it. She whispered smthg in my ears but cant remember.

7)i held a dictionary & searching who is online there & at d same time watching films such dat i can select anyone i want. I watched one from d beginning to d end & said dis Ebankole's film is always interesting. I noticed i'm d only one watching it & wondering why my parents couldnt join me.

8)i saw smth like they use to kill mosquito or treat mosquito bite dat has expired in yr(2013). Smth like cartoon & inscription dat: i want to kill u, but d mosquito likely replied dat if it attacks it, it would do smth & d cartoon replied dat it wont touch it. I wanted to apply it but i dont know if it would harm me bcos of d expiry date. I said i wil be using d container for smth else.

9)i saw dead lizards, a smaller one is there. They are either 2 or 3 altogether.

10)i saw a former neighbour's son & he is crying & pple were now begging him to stop dat he would go to church & be given another place to sweep. My mum was consoling him too. The film i was watching distracted him. In d film, a lady called out smbdy by saying a man & a blood brother shd come out but a boy dat seems not to understand wat they were saying came out & pple were laughing. The caller now said she wont make dat type of mistake again.

11)i cant remember dis in details but likely my mum's slippers has a muddy soil under them & i wanted to wear it, i put it on & washed it with water & became clean.

12)me & my friend mayb former or present went to a place, when we were coming back, we wanted to pass through an entrance where pple werent allowed & locked but we opened d door & entered.

13)there were uncooked pap wrapped with nylon in a bowl on my fridge. I picked small one there bcos i dont like eating much physically but a woman in my office told me to pick a big one & i took it. She also described a place where i wil get a seive.

14)i was mixing cooked garden eggs in a pot & put salt. I was contemplating whether to fry it now or wake up from sleep but my sister said now dat she is hungry & smbdy also said i should cooked it b4 i sleep & dish it.
Thank u sir.
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  • Anamosa
1. Cry out and decree it this:
I don't belong to retrogression, this isn't my portion.
I purge and remove myself from every hold of second hand blessing and retrogression.

2. Wow! Thank you jesus.
It's called ' putting an end to your infliction and or to witchcraft attack'' wow! You've moved up spiritually.
It means, you now have the power to say NO! To you infliction and attackers. Wow! Thank u jesus!

3. Halleluyah, the same method is the enemies uses to to inflict you and bring about attack of retrogression is being used to set you free, expose, disgrace your embargo, wow! Thank u lord.
The lord said, you've been hated, denied your right and blocked for so long but now( as you've chose to walk with you past and learning from it rather allowing it influence u negatively) I shall disgrace these embargo and enemies of your progress. Wow!! Wow!! Indeed, you've learn from you past and hence walking/working ,learning from it be become a become a person has been your new resolution. And it's working. Wow! This is good.

4. There a level of wicked being committed or some sort of evil been buried or done to you directly or buried to inflict you (by the land) to attack you, your glory. Wow! What a revelation.
The lord said, you glory has been under attacked and they/she almost succeeded. But to God be the glory. The lord used your prayers and or some sort of anointing oil prayers render on your behalf and the judgment of God has/is about to rain of the wicked ones or this wicked woman.
Wow! They wanted to remove your glory but, and almost they succeeded but God in his mercy came to your rescue thru the intervention of your obedient and or prayers rendered on your behalf.
Yes, the lords judgement is here upon your glory contenders and manipulators.your victory It's long overdue.
Thank u lord for this!! Wow!

5. Wow! How I love testimonies and dream like these.

The lord have just delivered you from the eater of flesh,witchcraft initiation/influence, kidnappers and physical/spiritual attackers. Yes, this would have happened physically. The attack could be in any form.
Spiritually? You've been caged for so long and your blessing being denied but today, the lord has given you the power to overpower your captors and you are been released from the grip or chain.

6. This sums it all. Wow!
In your working place, without it and what have you?
The lord said, your benefit has been denied you and your blessing hijacked/held or delay.
Watch out, these benefit,blessing and etc that's been held and hide far away from u to deny you and suffer u! Shall/will henceforth be release without delay. Wow!
It's means, disgracing your benefits, bleSsing captors. I fear God for this.
A lot of people need to learn from you story.

7. Indeed, your presence here is the lords grace, locating me was is plans and his will to grow you and open your eyes.
But, cease from distraction.
Now, the lord said, the grace and privilege you are enjoy is uncommon and it takes it grace for any to know or find me(ebankole).
The lord confirmed that when everyone isn't around u are always here reading thru the thread and learning/growing in/your spirituality.
The lord said, many are called few are chosen u are among the chosen just like every member(s) are.
If only your parent had such opportunity at your age? Their life would be lot much better. Wow!! You are learning,you are growing and you've made this thread/my interpretations daily a learning platform and as a movie where you earn from, grow and understand the mystery of life etc.

8. The lord said, don't be afraid and stop listen to this voice/fear within. It's time, to settle the score between u and every influence of witchcraft as the lord assured that he's rendered them powerless before you- just fight/cry again them and I will fight without delay- i'm here. He said.

9. Witchcraft powers/attackers destroyed before and for yoursake. Wow, they are in trouble and being destroyed after the other. Wow! The lord has finally taken up ur battle.

10. The lord said, it's time to cry more and cry out unto him and refuse to be shame and mock. Your day of total deliverance from the grip of retrogression is finally here, has finally come.

11. You are becoming a source of healing,spiritual/physical success to yourself and those around you. You rewards cometh and are here.
Shall a blind leads blind? The lord is making ways for you and is/will use you to deliver many around u. You are growing spiritually. You are taken back what the enemies stole from u too' thru your mother. Wow!

12. God, said, I shall make way(s) for you where there is none or seems to be no way. Jesus!! This is huge and wonderful! ! Wow, what a loving and caring God.
I see doors of opportunity opening before you, I see doors of connection and undeserved blessing opening before you. Wow wow wow oo

13. You wanted less but the lord assured that you will get plenty: plenty of peace, blessing,connection,love and prosperity. Wow!

14. Halleluyah oo
What an awesome father, God and mighty God we serve! Indeed, your obedient has passed ways for these. Wow! Overnight and becos u obeyed the lord turned everything around? Wow!

The head shall be the head again and the tail will return to it position. You are the head.
I see blessing and I see you becoming your family bread winner again.
Wow wow wow.! I'm blown away.
Thank u lord for the life of this daughter.
Bless u
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Good morning man of God & thanks for the interpretations.

1)i was swallowing ASPIRIN.

2)it seems some pple were fighting over a seat or smthg else & i went to d veranda but when rain started falling i rushed inside to avoid the wind from blowing d rain to where i'm standing. When i got inside i didnt see them again.

3)i was in a place that looks as if they were lecturing pple on how election is being carried out. They also did mock election. The scene resembles a place i've been to before where NLC election is being carried out & one of d contestants who is my boss & d only female contestant was disqualified bcos she submitted her form lately & announced but the majority of the voters didnt accept, she was later approved & everybdy were happy. My mind also told me dat she knows that she would win d way she walks majestically, physically she won.

4)two women came to my room which resembles hospital setting. They have wound on their feet. The surfaces has egg shells & it looks like sacrifice to me & my mind told me it isnt ordinary. I now wrote what they wil use to treat it for them & smbdy said they like to disturb pple here.

5)my neighbour was standing beside a well in our compound & i used a sponge to wash d upper part of d well where my hand could reach, d well doesnt appear neat to me, i looked upstairs in her apartment & saw a man & asked him abt his leg as if the same thing dat happened to d above women happened to him too, he replied he is ok. Seems dis woman wanted to know wat happened. I also see her male child naked & he threw a cup inside d well & i picked up a cutlass dat i wil cut his manhood, his dad was coming & he ran away.

6)i was in my office when a man was driving towards d place & d music he was listening to in his car was too loud & i said it's like he just bought d car. When he entered, he came wit a child & d man is HAUSA, he held smth & put it on a trolley, it was when he came dat the trolley appeared there, though d trolley didnt stand well. I was now playing with d child & pple were laughing. My aim was to ask y he was so lousy when he entered.

7)in my house, i saw a woman taking away her 2 male children in a hurry.

8)in my house, there were 2 chairs (white plastic & black cushion), they put them outside & a woman(my boss) sat on the cushion one. I cant remember if my mum sat on d other one. My mum was telling her abt her past & hardship.

9)a man i know physically dat drinks alcohol & smoke cigarette was throwing his dirty clothes @ me i & threw it back @ him. I told him that he is dirty & likely not bothered.

10)a lady dat was my junior in my former schl, sometimes ago travelled abroad & now married came to my house & doing smthgs i couldnt remember but she was singing & her voice resembles dat of HELEN PAUL.She also said she doesnt know me but i told her i knew her & introduced myself.

11)there is a place in front of my house dat i use cutlass to cut d grass physically, d grass changed to another type dat is green & doesnt need to be cut. I said dat i cant cut anything again but sweep it & i wil tell my flat mate to do same when i'm not around.

12)likely in our former house, either my mum/dad cut a bannana tree, it is now bent,my mum wrapped d bannana wit palm leaves to ripe, likely d palm leave pricked her though not serious & i told her it used to have thorns.
1. It's called ' Healing '
Healing from infliction, spiritual attack, physical sickness, arrow etc congrats.

2. An hovering disaster, trouble, infliction, anger and or poverty has been waved away from you. Congrats.

3. The is a proverb and message from the lord directly to you.
The lord said, when it seems it over, it's actually not for you. The lord said, if you have faith couple with persistent you can achieve anything and aim high. Wow!

4. The lord shall/will use you to set the captives free, deliver many and bring about salvation/deliverance to those without christ.
You've just grown in leap spiritually, your spiritual grace/ability has moved to a whole new level. Just within 78hours, because of your obedient? Wow!

5. Wow! No more run for untidiness (sin), no room for un holiness, no run for dirts around you and in your life. You've come to detest sin in you life and around you. Truly no sinner shall go unpunished, this tenant, what ever happens to her,family and or husband. Would be as a result of her sin(dirty nature) and or her family as a whole. The lord said, they eat and drink in sin and their reward cometh.

6. Keep up with you/this humility and rather than judge people, try to get along,embrace them and seek why they are who they are with humility and love. This will open doors of opportunity for you and pave way for connection.

7. Contenders, enemies are on the run.
The hunter is being hunted.

8. I see honour, favour and connection.
I see you finding favour and love with you boss.
I see relationship between u and your boss.
I see you becoming popular and respected/love by your boss. What a grace. The stone the builder rejected has become a glory/corner stone. Wow!

9. This person may approach you but being the person the lord has branded anew and glory such man will be irritating to you incase such or that man come around asking you out. In essence, its called' throwing back infliction/sin(dirt etc) to the sender. There will be room for sin,lust, fornication etc. The lord has made u whole again and for his kingdom you've become a candidate. Wow wonder!!!!

10. The lord will connect you, but do not force one on yourself. He who God blesses none can curse.
He who God honour none can dishonour.

In essence, the lord said, pride has eaten deep into this person.

11. The lord shall make your land/green, even if you don't want' henceforth. But remember, holiness it is all that the lord seek from you.

12. A suppose blessing becoming a thorn?
You must needs deliverance from her past errors,sins and she must pray against every curse on her hand.
She must pray against these curse working against her blessing,troubling her with retrogression.
She must also seek forgiveness for her past and remove this curse working against her as a result of what she did in the past or while at the former house.

Bless u
Good evening to you man of God, pls help me interpret these:
1)i was cooking & i had some water in my buckets. A dog entered it & i told my brother that it is drowning, he said i should leave it & let it die, i continued with what i am doing & i discovered that it has changed to dead lizard & another specie of dead lizard in d other bucket.

2)i was looking @ an uncompleted building afar, i saw a part of d building being roofed & pple were living there, the family were outside & pounding yam. I pointed @ them to one of my brothers, he was laughing & i told him they must not see him laugh.

3)smbdy @ my place of work said she wants to give me smth, likely a book & i said i'm not around & it would take 1 or 3 yrs before i could return. (physically, i travelled out of d place).

4)i was taking some drugs, some dropped likely from my mouth on d table, i decided not to swallow it again because d colour has changed.
On the same table, my dad was eating pounded yam & it was like he wanted to eat from my brother's food we he left, but watching me, he later ate from it. When i wanted to swallow my own bolus, it was very hard for me to swallow.
1. Thank you jesus.
Domestic and spiritual wolfs destroyed.
You are delivered from household wolfs and enemies? Wow!
The lord caught them un aware and consumed and deliverance it is, it what break the yoke.
It's called ' deliverance' break the yoke of ' household witchcraft powers.

2. You were once there, the lord delivered you.
You brother must watch what comes out of is month.
In essence, the lord shall mock your mockers and you shall laugh last.

3. Something, a secret or gift await you.

4. It's called ' breaking the yoke of witchcraft attack, influence and dominance over your life. Wow!
When you eat in the dream it means, attack.

Unable to swallow it means, breaking the yoke of witchcraft attacks.
The drugs means, dealing from every infliction of witchcraft attacks over your life and indeed, healing from sickness, attacks,evil arrow etc


Can you see? When one obey God never forsake.
This is a lesson for you and all members.
Bless u
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