John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Dream interpretation
Goodmornin sir,i try sendin you message bt not going i had another dream last night were my mum want to embark on pawpaw business,i saw myself inside her farm were she sent me to help her check if there is pawpaw in the farm,i notice that i went with one guy,in my real life,were i new the guy was through one lady in my street wen i was new at my PPA i normaly go to her place to keep my company,due to her kindness and unworldly i develop interest in her,i made my intention no to her,she said no i pres further,she said that she is engage that i should let her be,i later new that the guy in my dream is the one dating her,i saw rip pawpaw an unplog it,an notice that it was soft i start eating it,i also notice that i was wearing neat cloth an we don't wear neat cloth to farm,sudenly i receive a call from my mum that my second elder sister husband was not were to be found,that he is lost,i doubted it.
NB : • Do maintain a/this thread to keep a balance and records of your dream thread and life.
• Yes! I see your messages on my PM, about seven of them. Next time you want to send a message and it fail? Do log out and log in again to avoid spamming. God bless you as you heed.

Your dream now :

Thank you jesus!
The lord said, the person, strong man behind your case, that's refused to let you experience marital breakthrough,financial breakthrough/blessing and rob your household of her joy, blessing and prosperity has/shall die!

Yes, I see your harvest of blessing, as I see blessing before you now ( it's here already) and I see life, hope and prosperity restored back into your life,household/family now. But don't be shock if somebody,suddenly dies because whoever it is must die for these to come to pass.

The battle line has been drawn and you sure are winning now.

Someone has to die somewhere for your blessing and prosperity, and that of your household to come and he or she has/shall die!

Praise God!

Bless u
Prophet Ebankole

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Amen,thank you so much sir.
Goodmorning sir,hope you had splendid night rest,this are the dreams i had yesternit 1 in the dream we were inside the house wen my dad tun to prostitude showing station,the next thing i found myself in the environment the place was like there join,i saw a lady that melt me,an told me that their display here in not that weird compare to the joint she mention the name,wen the they start displaying people were releasing semen without having sex,i ran of the place,i don't want people to be aware that i was am among the people release semen but the lady was after me to know if i was among,i saw my friend in a very quit place alone. 2 here i saw myself were i was the one that decorated the road that lead to were am working in the dream,but i felt that i did't decorate the road well,wen i start the second time decorating what i was using,spread out of control i try controling it that was were it end,

Continuation of dream 2,the next place was were i saw my close colleague holding tyd cotton,he did't put it on usual window,he put all at the middle of the house althrough randomly,the room was like canopy,he had a call,an he gave me the phone that i should receive for him,an he told me that i should tell the person he is not around.but i try receiving the call the phone was torchscreen no respond 3 here i found myself traveling the type of motor i can recall the road was bad that we were about to have an acident i jump off,the second phase of the dream i saw one man that jump of from inside there motor wen their were about to have an acident into drainage an said he prefer jumping of than having an acident. 4 i saw myself siting together with two people male an female i perceive their were men of GOD in chair an table that look like banquet,there was this average big bird that was flying around,the woman i sat together with said them would have kill the bird but is the woman
Continuation,over there is stoping us,the man siting beside me comand an he subdue the bird,i try stoping the bird wen i comand the bird will have litle shift backward an move towas me with a strong force,but wen i was awake i notice i did't use the name of JESUS. 5 this dream look complicated but i wil try my best to explain it,there is a guy or mayb is me i can recall,he went to rich man house wen his wife was not around she travel,an said he is the brother to the man wife,the rich man acepted him into his house,the man look like bishop devid oyedepo,the man had two daughters,the guy was helping them to do all the choir works,i was there with the guy,i was seeing vice president,other prominent men coming to the man house,later i realiz that i should leave before the guy get cut,i saw myself inside my vilage try to buy grandnut,wen we were begaining on the price i and the woman i awake.thanks.
I find your dream narration a bit complex. You so mixed them together that I couldn't separate one from two etc.. but it's ok, God is able I was able to receive one or more message from what I could grab from them.

1. If you've been committing sin behind closed door especially masturbation or lack of self control even if it was the past its time to confess them and strive to overcome them. Above all,you may PM if for counseling and confession if need be. Yes, you must has these sin are limiting your potentials and preventing your blessing from unfolding.

2. Also, if you used to or usually, consciously or unconsciously a chronic liar or one who indirectly or directly support lie or corruption, deception among others? It's time to confess and repent lest destruction and spiritually vulnerability continue to avail itself and stagnate your victory in Christ and in the world. But surely, if you have repented and turned a new leaf, the lord has come to give you dominion over your enemies and empower you to destroy every witchcraft (bird) powers troubling your life. But remember, you must wholehearted turn a new leaf and lead a holy and righteous, God fearing life.

Bless u
Prophet Ebankole

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Thanks you sir,i have pm you.
Good day sir,i had a dream last night were i an my fellow colleague embark on farming business,as other source of income,but it did't give us good return.thanks
The land is not fertile now. Don't sow any seed yet,that is, don't invest into any business or business venture with anybody,friend. The season isn't favorable. Don't! especially farming or agricultural business/investment lest you fail woefully and regret be your lot.

Above all, if you must invest into any business you must seek the face of the lord,first,and his approval.

Bless u
Prophet Ebankole

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Thanks you sir,there is a business one of our colleage at were am service introduce to me,but i have heard you.