John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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please sir help
1. I was in a room where second hand cloths were sold, they were heaped on the floor. Met a woman selecting hers, i joined, removed a white shirt which was u laid at the bottom of the heap but I didn't like it, took the one that was under it and it was good.

2. I was walking along a street with ''my relative (he concluded the fast yesterday)''. His legs were balanced, he walked normally but not very fast. We walked past a compound with a big, black gate, saw a guy close to the gate. I heard a voice saying that the person who plotted and turned people against ''my relative'' doesn't know that everything has
been over-turned and the people are against him.

3. I was in a room with my youngest brother, my immediate younger brother walked in carrying a brand new television, with a guy carrying a DVD player which he went to buy.
The guy went to the fridge, knocked-off the door and took water from it. I asked him why he did that, and he responded( but I don't remember the response).

4. It was like I had two homes, stayed more in one (bigger). I went to the smaller one, which was a room, had a cupboard in which I packed cooked food. I opened the cupboard and saw that it was well organised. I was worried that my food could get spoilt as the one prepared yesterday(3 plates) were still there, I opened one of them, percieved and it was not bad so I decided to warm the 3 plate immediately so that they dont spoil. The food prepared two days ago (2 take-away plates) were also in the cupboard, i looked(without opening them) and they did not appear spoilt. My maternal aunty called my name and passed the room immediately, I ran out to see her outside (appeared like a market), she asked me to join her but I decided to go back and warm my food.

Thanks Sir.
1. Wage war against " infliction and spirit of not-poor,not-blessed.
The lord said that you are not doing bad financially but neither doing well.
Meaning, this isn't the level you should be by now financially as you are living below your destined financial capacity.
Pray the lord to take you out of this level into a whole new level of financial breakthrough,capacity and freedom. Ps 1,19,24 and 119.

2. I was walking along a street with ''my relative (he concluded the fast yesterday)''. His legs were balanced, he walked normally but not very fast. We walked past a compound with a big, black gate, saw a guy close to the gate. I heard a voice saying that the person who plotted and turned people against ''my relative'' doesn't know that everything has been over-turned and the people are against him.

Thank you jesus,and what a mighty jesus.
The lord said, the evil arrow fired into your relative life/leg to incapacitate his destiny and ability has been fired back to the sender.
Meaning,your relative is just been delivered indeed,his/her life shall henceforth move forward,and as for that inability he's been healed spiritually(that is, his case is no longer spiritual as the evil arrow fired into his life/leg has went back to the sender) hence the need for exercise(with faith) and join the oil pulling crew,now!

3. The lord warned to warn your ' immediate younger brother' to be wary of bad friends/influence or gang lest they lead him astray & to the path of destruction.

4. You have a great future indeed,but the lord warned strongly against 'wastage" now and even in the future.

Bless u.
Thanks Sir.
Please in 2, I don't understand "join the oil pulling crew".
I was in my room, "my relative" sat on
the floor and called me to come and see his hand. He had a chronic wound(which was always covered but he had remove the bandage), it was getting worse as the fingers were shrinking, the wound was eating deeper and the flesh was rotting.
He suggested going to see a doctor, I suggested seeing a pastor(whom we both know) but the third person in the room(my primary school mate) suggested that we should go to God in prayer.
Thanks Sir, God bless.
Oil pulling ;

As a result of this new message, I may have to decide soon if your relative still require another deliverance exercise or something different--that is if his case require going for deliverance session in his/the church.

In essence, I want you,especially your relative to pray this prayer, just one, everyday with Ps 119 :

• O God arise, in the name of jesus every strange visitor in my body incapacitating my destiny,life and body system..i shake you off come out and die!

Bless u
In a compound that my maternal aunty once lived (rented), in the open space between the gate and the apartment, moving towards the apartment I saw a little girl in front of me with my wrapper on (the wrapper that is always used by my relative), so I went in anger to remove my wrapper from the back just to naked her. On getting to her, I noticed that she was "my relative"s sister (not actually a little girl but appeared so), I asked her if she wasn't in the room when we prayed as she didn't join us and she said she was in the room, and I wondered why she didn't join us. She wasn't walking fast so I changed my mind and assisted her from behind to walk into the apartment(my aunty's apartment) immediately she stepped into the room (very close to the door), she sat on the floor and it appeared she was paralysed.
I had this dream after morning prayers with "my relative" this morning
This is serious but nothing is impossible for God.
Indeed, I see a spirit manipulating &inflicting your glory,prosperity,life,body,& heaven with retrogression,failure,stagnancy & paralyzing your destiny/progress.
Truly,your destiny is being manipulated(imitated) in the kingdom,agent of darkness to stagnate & confined it on standstill.
You must cry out & wage war against these powers stagnanting,manipulating & paralyzing your destiny.
Ps 119,24,8,4 & Isaiah 49:25.

Bless you.
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1. I defaecated and somebody packed the faeces away.

2. In my father's apartment in the family house, in the village, I went into the bedroom through the back window and it seemed a woman was after me so I locked the window immediately. My siblings were inside, my immediate younger one told me to rush to the front door and lock it so that she doesn't enter the house. i rushed to the front door, met her about to open the door and enter the house but i quickly locked it.

3. I was walking along a street with "my relative" , went into a shop (alone without him) where second hand wears were sold. close to the door were placed shirts and jackets for men, I went over to select some for him but it was finished as a policeman (not in uniform) had picked all of it except an over-all with hood which i picked. I went over to the other side of the shop where there were ladies wears, the shop keeper gave me 2 pairs of earrings- one was gold and the other red, and put them in my bag immediately. i had very little money in my pocket, so thought of dropping the over-all so that if the money is enough i can atleast pay for the earrings.

4. I went with "my relative" into a place where beef was sold. it was a small shop with 2 sellers. the meat was placed on the table but we had no money to buy. one of the sellers(the one facing us) pointed at kpomo (it looked like cow tail) , many large pieces that were kept beside him and said that those pieces are not for sale that my relative can have them. we turned and looked at each other in surprise, he (my relative) told me that he will wait behind to thank the seller in private. i said, since the meat issue has been settled, i should concentrate on my self. I had an exam that afternoon at 1.00pm, time check on my phone was 12.30pm, so i proceeded to check my exam centre online but the phone directed me to "message" instead of "internet". i had checked earlier that morning and was given my exam area(that is where i was) and advised to check for the centre later that day.

5. looked like the university i attended, was in a vehicle, sat at the back, drove out through the gate onto the main road, i told the driver to stop cos i had forgotten to cover the gas cooker and if rain falls while i'm away it would get spoilt. he stopped and i alighted and ran back into the campus. found my self in a large house, didn't know the way out, struggled and found my way out only to discover that the gas had been covered.
i saw my self carrying a naked mattress(the size used in secondary school hostel) on my head and went to a place(that appeared like a clearance point before graduation in school). met 2 men(and some others afar-off). they both asked what i was doing there since i was cleared previously, i told them that i came to make sure that i wasn't owing any debt. they both told me that since i have come, they will go through the records and make me pay all the debts i've owed all through the years. i knew that i was pardoned unconditionally, cleared and my form signed, if the records are opened i won't be able to pay all my debt. so i insisted that i was cleared and none of my records should be opened. i turned to go, only to discover that my purse had been stolen, i alerted the 2 men and they joined me in the search. i saw the handle of the purse on the ground close to where we stood, dragged the boy that was close by and said that i suspected him. all the vehicles and everyone in the premises were stopped and there was a very serious check.

Thanks, glad to have you back Sir!
Happy new year!
1. It's called " disposition of evil attack/deposit : sickness, affliction, evil arrow, diseases et al.
Praise God!

2. I see a strange woman: strong man troubling this family,craving to find her way into this family/foundation.
And truly, your spiritual consciousness and warfare as kept the strange one aloof but she must die for this home/family to have peace. In that case? Wage war against strange woman,agent of darkness troubling this family and striving to penetrate her NOW!
It's a continuous prayers/battles until something happens.

3. Stop! Don't make promises you can't fulfill either consciously or unconsciously, directly or indirectly. Not even within your heart as a covenant breaker is an enemy of God! And do open you hand too,learn to be a giver,blessing to people around you.

Life isn't all about you,your needs and wants alone be a blessing to the world..

4. This complement your number three dream.
The lord said, if you want to be successful in life and experience progress' cultivate the habit of a being a sacrificial person and a blessing to people around you. Strive to be a blessing, a source of blessing, support to people and success will locate you at ease and whatever you seek you shall find.

5. I see sin of the past hunting you,your progress and drawing your life backward, infact stagnanting your life and frustrating your prosperity.
The lord said, you have an unsettled debt(sin) in your past,and that's what is frustrating your prosperity now.
There is urgent need to unravel what that is, and most importantly, ask the lord to help you settle that debts now by forgiving so that you life/destiny can move forward.

Bless u
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1. I went to a shop where handbags were sold, met some people in front, went in and took a good look at the bags that were hung in display. i went for the one i liked but the person with me looked at me in surprise knowing that it won't be given to me. i told the shop keeper that i was interested in the one i chose, he she asked me to buy the one close to it but i refused and insisted on my choice. saw my self walking down a road (no other person on the road) carrying the handbag (the one i chose) and a large ghana-must-go bag fully packed.

2.I got to a place, everyone was asking where I was as my name had long been called long ago, was told by a woman to go to the front and collect my money. she told the person in front that my name is no.6 on the list. on getting to the front table saw the list and my name, 2 names were completely cut out of the list. my money was given to me, there were many people wanting to take it from me but did not succed, i gave them a small piece of paper instead.

3. i was in a room with my siblings, the youngest was doing some calculations on paper, my immediate younger one told me that calculator was needed, so i pointed to a calculator closeby (a simple adding machine),but was told that he was doing engineering calculations that needed a more advanced calculator. so i stood up, took out 2 scientific calculators (the type he needed) from my bag and gave it to him. told him that we are using two calculators to avoid errors.

Thanks Sir.
God bless you.