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I am here to testify what God has done for me through ebankole.
2 years ago..I would always hear an Owl crying at midnite ontop of my roof..I knew it was a bad sign.and I prayed but it persisted.Fast forward to last year I lost my job..it was devastating cos It was really no fault of mine..I was very hardworking..knew my job role very well and the only problem was I was'nt promoted..and so the establishment decided I had stayed too long on a grade.Then issues started surfacing, everything I tried was not successful.So like a month ago..I read an article on nairaland ..where someone testified about how ebankole helped him.I decided to reach out to him.I told him my situation and he first gave me a bible passage to read for 3 days. Guys...I did ..and I had a dream and saw a revelation.I told him immediately and he said I would have to do a 7 days prayer and fasting with accompanying bible verses.I started and what I saw was amazing.in short in that 7 days fasting I saw revelations. I woke one morning to see a bird dead in front of my door (wish I could upload the picture). Another morning again .. I saw another bird dead.I had a revelation that someone would die...and indeed someone I know died.
God has shown me breakthrough revelations which I believe have started manifesting.