John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Help me interpret this man of God
Morning Sir this dream I had...

1. I was with my parents in their house so our children had visited them without me, on this day I went there to fetch the kids, my mom was telling my father, the smallest girl, in the night she can see witches with open eyes, so I looked at the bed where she is sleeping &I saw 3naked people 2women&1man. The woman I know.

She came to the little girl&was waking her up, she woke up&I realise they wanted to climb my daughter to make her like their vehicle flying in the night. My daughter asked them what do they want, the woman was begging her to wake up&help them fly to their destination. The picture changed from there

I'm now in a taxi with our bigger girl, she is not very happy with me, I looked back&realised I was packing in the house&we got out late, so she was late for school, the taxi stopped at the filling station& she told me she wants to get off because from there the school is not far,I told her no I can't allow her to walk long distance like this alone, I will get off & walk her to school. We got off& went inside a shop there,which was a bank inside. Other people where helped, I had my documents waiting on line with her.
As Im next to the receptionist, my ring fell off my finger&I didn't want the people around there to see because one was my colleague I knew she would embarrass me, I said Jesus! while I look down on the capet with my eyes. Then a voice said look under this Capet there, I did&found my ring, I put it back on&woke up.

Thank You Sir for interpretation
The powers of your father's house, witchcraft are out to torment the spirit of your children through the power of dreams alby turning them against you and use them to trouble you through pride and disobedient.

You must shut them up forever and dismantle their strong hold over you children lest your children become disobedient,boasfil to you and your enemy.

The agenda is simply, to make your children become disobedient,rude and your enemies.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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I thank God for answered prayers in Jesus name Amen.

Afternoon Sir this dream I had...

1. I saw I was in a seriois fight with a colleague of mine..

Thank You Sir for interpretation
This revelation might come to pass in the physical , or play out , similarly.

Apply wisdom as I see provocation,misunderstanding or heated argument.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you Jesus, thank You Sir
Morning Sir this dream I had....

1. Was with my kids the way old as they are now, we went to visit the entire family was at my grand mother's house. When we got there, my mom welcomed us by the door&our kids went to her, just as I want to step into the house, 2men I don't know stopped me, and it became night, they pulled me back like I'm not supposed to enter the house. Another man told me to take off my clothes &I didn't want to but I just was submitted without my choice to do so. He slept with me. Then I saw our little daughter came outside to look for me , the man forced himself on me again, finish & my daughter saw the other man standing on watch for this one she wanted to ask him where am I, I quickly ran to her stopped her from speaking with the man. I woke up.

2. I was at my grandmother's house again with other family members and the uncle who is sick now, Blessing had called my father to come with a car pick the sick uncle take him to hospital. My father didn't take long but they where complaining that why is he taking long, I told them he is coming, indeed it didn't take long he arrived, but now when he got to the house, the sick uncle was up recovering from the sickness picking strength, it was now my grandmother who is coming very I'll&weak so he took her into the car to take her to the hospital.

3. I was at work, on the paper I wrong how I'm going to pay to my Dept's, I arranged with the people, later our supervisors came and called is one by one telling UA how much are we getting paid. So I wasn't suppriced by my amount because I know I made arrangementa to pay my Dept's. One of them asked me why is my salary low, I told her its OK like that I know where the other money is going, they couldn't understand... I woke up

Thank You Sir for interpretation
1. This is an attack on you,your virtue,pride,faith and your home.
Yes, a strong man from your father's house that must be destroyed now lest a temporary strong man become a permanent resident/strong man.

2. I see an evil pattern in your family or bloodline, and that is,generational or inherited sickness.

You must destroy it source of powers..over your life and your children.

3. God frowns at debt or borrowing.
I see finamcial shortage as a result of debts but this is self-imposed.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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