John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Help me interpret this man of God
I thank God so much for all of this in Jesus name, may I recover completely in Jesus name Amen. May God continue to bless You Sir&family in Jesus name Amen
Morning Sir this dream I had..

1. It was raining&I had bags of my clothes I packed from my house, I got to my other house, the reason was because a lady was staying there who was my friend in high school but we had a misunderstanding now she is not my friend anymore.. I went to there to show her that the house she is staying in I'm the one who is helping her because it is my other house with Femmie. She didn't know because Femmie was alone when she moved in to rent there&she was being rude to me.

When I got to the house I used the spare key with me&I put it was mostly my shoes&few clothes there on the floor in the kitchen. Later she came&found me, she was irritated to see me also thought I'm moving in, didn't have a mind to say i own the place. I then packed all my things realising she doesn't get me. Then Femmie came yo pick me from there. When He come the lady came out with all her belongings & gave Femmie the house key telling him she has decided to move out. Femmie was shocked&asked me what did I do, I told Him nothing because he didn't know I have a history with this lady&I didn't like how she was treating me. I told him I just packed my shoe boxes&clothes there I didn't mean for her to move out. Then we concluded that she didn't understand me. We left the place.

Picture changed my aunt &grandmother ate at their church, I warned them about. There was a lot of people like they have their special celebration. I got to them &tried to pull them out of the crowd. They where not listening to me, ignored my efforts. Then their service continued inside. I followed them. Inside I still spoke with them, trying to pull them out, they ignored me. Then another woman saw me&called others out saying 'there she is she came again' I they started to chase me trying to capture me&hurt me. I managed to run out the door&they couldn't catch me. My aunt&grandmother saw all this&was alarmed why are their "people" now chasing me out of a "church" & what do they want to do to me, do they want to harm me...dream ended.

2. I was at church & our pastor prophesied a group of people telling them what God is about to do for them, in this group was a young woman&an old woman that caught my attention, after Our pastor spoke these people where exited&jumped thanking God. Other people in church clapled hands celebrating them.

The church became like a house & in the kitchen was2men and a woman discussing something together they also attended that service then I could see these3people came from the moon they don't stay on earth like us. The woman & old woman who received prophecy where so exited that they told people what the pastor told the process they started to become confused as to how will the prophecy come to pass, the young lady received that she will bear a male boy&has been struggling with her husband to conceive.

They told a lot of people because of their excitement & one guy from the moon, he told them that for the prophecy to come to pass they need another man of God to pray for them until the prophecy come to pass&now they had fear they believed the guy. He went to speak to the others he came with, I quickly went to these women&told them that guy is lying to them it is only God Himself who Gabe the prophecy who will work it out to manifestation, they should stand in faith&prayer also apply the wisdom of the word of God, the lady said ohh she already allowed that man to pray for her&he hold her hands when je was praying. I just stood there shocked, the woman asked me so is her prophecy going to come to pass, I said I don't know&I told her next time if God tell her something she should keep it to herself until it comes to pass¬ trust people. She told me I should not tell anyone because she wants her prophecy to come to pass, I told her I haven't said anything & whom will I tell...she said she believes she&the grandmother prophecy will come to pass they will wait...

I ran to the kitchen to check that man from the moon. Their clothes changed & he used rope to pull down the moon&called the others that its time to go home, he have what they came there for. The others was busy eating in the kitchen talking how nice is the food, he carried the moon like its a balloon&went to them, showed them the moon &reminded this m earth is not their home that they should come¬ be taken by the things here. They came&they shoot back to the moon. In my mind I knew that guy took the woman&old woman prophecies &went with them. Dream ended

Thank You Sir for interpretation
1. ◄ Mark 6:4 ►
Jesus said to them, "A prophet is not without honor except in his own town, among his relatives and in his own home."

The lord warned, if there is no trust nor honor for you among your own blood, people and relatives how much likely wouldn't a friend betray you? He warned, trust none not even a friend with home, abode. Always be wise but if you must help a friend or home her? A provision must be made in case she betrays you.

2. The devil preys on the faith of the children of God knowing that none can please God nor receive from God without faith neither can a doubter receive any good thing from God.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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To God be the glory, thank You Sir for interpretation may God continue to bless You in Jesus name Amen
Morning Sir this dream I had..

1. I was at my grandmother house, with my mom, brother&Princess. We where preparing to go somewhere my mom, had finished with her bathing, Princess&myself were dressing up. Princess wore a beautiful dress&she looked very beautiful..My mom&brother told her she is beautiful, I had finished wearing my own dress&they didn't say anything, then I asked them why are they not commenting about my look, my mom said if I could truly see myself, my own beauty is extraordinary that I'm sooo beautiful they cannot explain my beauty is out of this world. I took a mirror to check myself indeed I was sooo beautiful everything also my hair was natural & the beauty was not of this world.

The dress I had to wear was very short & I didn't like that. Now they had left already I was the only one remaining. I decided to change that dress.I had on my shoes, without a dress, I saw a guy in our choir at church I said hello to him he didn't reply another key from the choir came, this guy was following her, I sat with them the lady left like I'm irritating her, the guy then followed him. So I decided to leave them alone because its like they don't want me to be close to them.

My mom called me because the guests where arriving. The long dress there was a black dress, so I took it with the shoes that match it&I ran to where the guests where coming because they where my guests. I started dressing up&ran to a corner where they cannot see me, the dress changed the color to white&the people who came there where there yo celebrate me, its like they couldn't see me, while being welcomed by the door, it was all Nigerian women & men in Nigerian attires.

I then looked around for my seat in the celebration because I knew that there they will see me. As I go a voice told me I'm the bride there being celebrated&it was like a movie. I had to walk on a thin path way of uneven wood in a steap to get to my seat. There was a man/woman who started to compete with me to get to my seat&he/she didn't look good like a person who stay on the street very dirty clothes torn&very poor looking. Around the path was water, I decided to go ahead&run for my seat. I felt an invisible presence balancing me not to fall because I had to run past that person indeed in that situation I passed the person without falling into the water, the person got disappointed & stopped&gave up where I past her/him. The office was at the top of this mountain.

It wasn't easy but I got to the office&I could see my chair in front of the crowd of people to celebrate me, I met 2men in the office one guy said He is the one who wrote the film & He have chosen me to be the lead actress. I was suppriced He showed me a drawing of the dress He wanted me to wear that I chose when I didn't know He is the one who chose it for me&it was me on the sketches. He showed me on the papera how He planned everything, I couldn't answer bcaise i was very suppriced, He to me my seat is ready I can go take it. Behind us was a woman who used to stay next door to us. She invited herself to the celebration & she didn't have a seat, so she was complaining she said some people are enjoying life while she is suffering, she past us still looking for a seat but no one was concerned about her. I agreed with the guy because He told me the that after I take my seat its a lot of work I'm going to be doing for Him&His company, that after celebration i should come back to Him in the office so He can tell me qht to do next. I agreed to His terms&I went to seat on my chair, the people started to see me, they looked at me&started clapping hands for me.. Dream ended.

Thank You Sir for interpretation
Thank you jesus!
Finally! The lord said, the "prince of persia" power that's been contending and frustrating your next level, marital settlement and heaven of breakthrough has finally been overrun,defeated by you.

Indeed, I see your at the next level, marital settlement as I see one cause for celebration, breakthrough and joy fall on another. Meaning, two or more celebration, cause of joy at the same time.

Yes! I can see you get a bit shy at times especially when you are overwhelm with joy or before a crowd but it's part of your beauty and where your confidence should be drawn. Therefore, look up to no man be it within or without the house of God for happiness and confidence in times like these or when you need confidence but God, alone and he'll never fail you.


Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Wow I thank God, for manifestation to God be the glory haleluya.
May God continue to bless You Sir in Jesus name Amen
morning Sir this dream I had..

1. I was walking in town with my brother, we where hungry looming for a restaurant to sit&eat. The restaurant we know was across the street far away from us. Some people made it hard for us to reach where we wanted to go, but we didn't listen to them we moved on. We crossed the sreet&now we are inside a big taxi, with our bags from my state going to our parents house. Then we saw by the window the restaurant we wanted but couldn't stop the bus because we had to drop at the taxi rank.

Another lady stopped the bus that she is dropping there&everyone in the bus told the driver they are hungry&want to eat before we reach our destination. The restaurant was now closed, but they told us at the back of the same shop the sell mini pizzas that where baked but not sold during the day at a lower price. We all decided to go there a few people remained on the bus. We got out&left our bags inside.

In the restaurant was a lot of other people I was amazed at that, we sat down&other people ordered , the one we wanted was not well prepared so we changed &ordered something else, they gave us each another one extra because they wanted all pizzas to go. We sat down&ate, then I asked my brother where is out bags, he said the driver had gibe to deliver some people but he is coming back to get us..he decided to go ahead&follow the driver to get our bags, we all finished, I took his other pizza for him & we got to the taxi rank our bags where in good shape, like we left them. We took our bags dream ended.

Thank You Sir for interpretation
◄ Proverbs 23:18 ►
For surely there is a future hope; and your expectation shall not be cut off.

Indeed, delay is not denial, and for the children of God? Every disappointment is a blessing. In essence, the lord said, I will continue to be your God and bless you, cause your expectations to come to manifestation even in the midst of disappointment or delay you'd testify at last.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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I thak God in Jesus name Amen

Morning Sir this dream I had...

1. I was reading somewhere, these jumped to me where it said, Perfume causes delay& Mark 1:2 was in bold, this picture changed when I heared I'm exposing fake Pastors, then I was taken to a church lots of members in front they put 6mirrors , 2facing each other, their pastor was preaching, I could see the congratulation don't see these mirrors & there was a man wearing formal walking amongst the people whispering into their ears, this man ears was extremely long on the top &His teeth sharp like a wild beast&His eyes red. He was able to see me&almost like he is saying he got those people belong to him. I went back to the altar just before I could see the pastor, I was flown out if there in shock. Dream ended

2. I was sitting on a table with Femi&other people it was people we where sharing that place with, on my hand I had a book of houses they are selling, Femi was chatting with these people me looking at these house, asking him each time if He can afford the one's I like so we can be able to move out. He was listening attentively to these 2people &asked me not to disturb them, I had to tell him the price without my voice&he replied with His head. Then these people changed it was my mom&brother, he was telling our mother that He lost something very valuable to Him&where or how he lost it.I continued with what I'm doing because each time I tell them something they don't want to do it..He became angry because He saw that I'm not giving Him attention. He stood up & wanted to go. Our mother begged Him to stay&talk.

I felt for Him so I decided to listen to Him, they changed again to be other people, now it was a lady saying her boyfriend just left without saying goodbye&She is worried about Him because usually He doesn't do that so She knows something is wrong. A few days have past&She went out to look for Him didn't find him, this lady is a Zimbabwean lady the guy is a South African guy &from a rich family.

Outside our window was a group of men doing construction, I was in the kitchen&one man there was extremely interested in what is happening in our house especially this crying lady. I went to them&told them something is not right with one man out there they are only pretending to do some construction work actually he is monitoring you(the lady). I asked for the picture of the missing guy she gave me&I told them the man looking inside looks so much like Him but older as if its His father...

The lady came to the kitchen like she wants to get something so she can see the man very well. The man knew her, immediately they saw each other they greeted each other&the mab pretended like He just see her for the first time there, didn't know she stay there, He encouraged her to stay strong they will find Her boyfriend.

While I was standing there, I was inside this mans house, the missing guy was also there, He was warning this guy (his son) not to date thus girl because she is from another country, the guy refused saying He trully lives this girl&want to marry Her, He was ready for His father to disown Him, just so He can be with this girl&be happy. His father couldn't take it so He killed Him out of anger&hid His body so at our house He was looking for a way to frame this girl...Then I got back to the house.

I told them we have to find the body of this guy, I didn't want to tell them we might find Him dead. We searched while this man continued to monitor this lady by the window just like that, she confirmed that it is the guys father. This man realised that we are getting somewhere with our search, I could see this He ordered some people to through shoes on the river, to distruct us, some of our guys saw them&thought its for the missing guy, I told them to look very well those shoes are not his, His girlfriend confirmed they are not the shoes He wore the day he got missing. I told them its a distractions we shouldn't look in the river. The guys father turned Himself into a younger guy, detective asking of the missing guy, He came to ask some questions & I could see its Him others didn't see.

He asked us questions I decided to keep quite like I don't know anything, but He could see that I'm the one God is using giving them divine wisdom &direction, He became very angry warning me with His eyes. I knew the fight is on. He left the house&dream ended.

3. I was at home my mom&grandmother visited us. Its early in the morning they woke up but still in bed talking, me&the kids woke up preparing breakfast. This old woman came into the house I don't know. I called her trying to get her attention greeting her, she didn't respond to me, she looked confused&was looking for something she didn't find. She left the house again. Then I told my mom her neighbor was just her looking for her, she couldn't understand, I told her the person I was saying hello to is her, that if she doesn't believe me she should ask the kids, indeed the kids confirmed to her what just happened she was shocked.

They got out of bed&my grandmother had packed few chairs she said to my mom, she is returning her chairs that she had with her, they where new chairs. My mom said ohk when they leave she will take them. Inside the house I wanted to rearrange the place, so my mom was asking herself why did that old woman come&what confused her so much.I told her what she found inside this house she did not expect that is why she was confused.

I started rearranging the house&the church bus was waiting inside the house with the women I take the bus with, they where very selfish didn't want to help me rearrange the house, the other lady who is a driver in the dream got out&decided to help me, the women inside started to complain why is the driver now helping me because if she doesn't drive the bus won't move. This woman helped me, even though some things fell down&got spoiled but I was greatful to her heart. We moved everything the way I wanted finish & I knew I could fix back the spoiled things, they where like a puzzle we put them together the place was now even more beautiful the furniture changed I liked it. The women went back to the bus, she waited for me to get ready so I can also join them.

Picture changed I'm at school like but its at church. I'm with my twin sister but doesn't look like me buy we are twins. We had outstanding money on our education or for what I don't know because it was one of the pastors in the receiving office to receive the payment from people & was with another pastor.

In my purse I had money, I paid for my now little sister. He wrote her name down&let her sign for payment received. We then left, I was worried because I know I still owed. Later I had money again in my purse. We went back to the office, I paid then I realised the paper they give us to sign comes with the name of the person we are paying for so this time the paper had my name. I was so happy I paid off the dept&He gave me to sign..we left both of us dept free, dream ended..

Thank You Sir for interpretation.