John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Help me interpret this man of God
Thank You 4interpretation , Sir i don't understand paragraph3......
The lord has always been faithful and closer even when it seems he's no where close.

Bless you.
Amen....This dream i had last night

1.the lady nextdoor my yard was accused by the family of her husband,they wanted her2move out of the place, she was listening2them not commenting&went in her house, i saw she was folding somethings, im not sure if she was packing2leave.

2.the picture changed where i was in some place with some of my church members, the person speaking was giving us boxes of new shoes. We all received 2boxes&1pair outside, all new. the service wasn continuing, the lady i was with said, i want2go home this pastor doesnt finish talking&she was driving,going2an area as me, i said2her ill go with u.s. we went2her car i put my shoes in2her car boot&she put her shoes by the gate of the church,she said i down like these shoes, they don't fit me...

5.the people in the church were listening very attentively&i also wanted2continue&listen, i listened&forgot my shoes in her car., as she drove off with my shoes, i was thinking ohh my shoes..i continued2listen with the people there...&woke up

thank you Sir4interpretation
The bible says, seek first the kingdom of God and all other thing would be added into you.
Meaning, ...'don't be caught or counted among those who seek God because of worldly,material things and the benefit of blessing lest your salvation,grace and blessing is rob before your very eye, and be wary of bad influence in the church and without it.

In essence, this is a very serious call, a strong warning that you must never have anything to do, in common with that lady that lives in your yard as she will be a very bad influence and a set back to your spiritual and physical life.

Bless you.
Thank You Sir4interpretation, may God continue2bless you in Jesus name..this dream i had

1.was in a car driving with my collegues, where we were sitting looked like pedals of a car as if we are practicing how2drive, i wanted2drive the car,i asked the guy driving, he gave me a chance, but as im driving getting used2the pedals, there was a big
truck infront of us, i had2stop the car so we don't hit the truck.

2.picture changed was@home with my kids in the night ready2sleep,&some people came knocked@the door, very angry@me, we kept quiete so they think there is no1@home&leave.

3.the knocking came quite, i went2the window2check who it was&the people saw me by the window,the lady angrily said open the door, i refused,she said im calling the police on u,i said im calling them first because this is my house you can't come here&harass me, as i dialed the police nr, when it went2call, it wasn through2my mom.

4.i asked her what's the emergency number,its like she didnt understand me, so i said2her ohk its fine, as i dropped the phone2attend2this lady&dial te number again...i woke up as we were talking with this lady...

Thank you Sir4interpretation...
The is a very serious warning to desist from anything that can implicate you at your work place especially things/something that you know little or nothing about.

Its not a must to take advantage of every opportunity in your work place especially such that your spirit doesn't agree with. Indeed, I see an opportunity to learn or take advantage of something especially in your place of work(a colleague) or with coworker or people that are close to you .
Be wary if you must don't be too forward to have a hold on it while you are yet to,dont understand how such is operated lest you ruin somebody's property and even implicate yourself and end up being threaten with the police.

Lastly,pray against implication and opportunity that attracts implication,trouble,no peace.

Bless you!
Thank you Sir4interpretation....
Morning Sir, my dream here, thank you5interpretation

1.was in a taxi with other people,realised we were going2church as we went2a house waiting4the pastor, it was a pastor i used2go2church before.

2.he came in2the taxi, i was@the back seat&some ladies helping me take off weave on my head but i wasn't wearing anything on my legs down.

3.i was embarrassed when i realised&kept hiding myself with a book,the pastor kept looking@me but he didnt say anything.

4.we got2the church&as the teaching was going on i was thinking of the work i wanted2do in the house, then when i was there i had thought of joining the cleaning team in the church. i took a bucket&mob2go clean, then another pastor said it is fine, we continue in service we will clean after church.

6.when service finished as im going2clean,i met a lady i know on the way been long.we spoke greeting each other&as i got2start, another man came just passing we greeted& i went on, as i take the mob,the people we go with taxi,called&said Grace we are going home now, the taxi is leaving u, i left the mob im going2the taxi, i met a lady, she had my cellphone&the lady,i spoke2earlier,she gave me the phones&she called me with my old name, i said no my name is Grace,i asked her2take the cleaning cloths2the class we were going2clean as there were other ladies there already,i saw my son, oil collected him, we got in2the taxi.

8.i saw his shoes outside,i asked the driver2stop as iv left my girl in there2,i got the shoes&my girl, her other clothes wasn't there i asked the teacher, where are her clothes,she said her grandmother came&took them, i said, ohk we left the place&i woke up..

Thank you Sir4interpretation, as i remember some more i will post again, may God bless you in Jesus name....

◄ 2 Corinthians 5:17 ►
Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!

Indeed, Before you found the lord and surrendered your life to him(jesus) shame,struggle overwhelmed your life so much that barely you could fit into the society and people around you even in the house of God.

But to God be all the glory for using the power of faith, your work/righteousness,service/commitment ,love for him and his house to erased past-shame,evil name(or inherited affliction) struggles,and to rehabilitate among the proud and the living children of God and society.


Bless you.
That's so true Sir, even in the house of God i used2feel like im a stranger, Haleluya 2God4now...

I thank Him...thank you Sir