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Help me interpret this man of God
Thank You Sir4interpretation

Thank You Sir4interpretation

This dream i had this early morning, im waiting4the furniture shop2deliver the kids beds.the van from the shop came&2my suprice the house we are staying in there were workers, covering the roof with a curtain,instead of real roof,as i was now thinking what is this, what if it rains what's going2happen2my furniture inside. intending on buying some furniture have been praying2God4direction as we are renting were we are, Sir pls what's the meaning of this concerning my plans
God bless You...
Indeed, this place needs to be reshuffle and rearrangement but why not take a look around the room/house first and consider what's more important before you consider furnishing the place/house?

This is to avert wastage and doing what's more important first before you consider furnishing the house.

Bless you.
Thank You Sir, now i understand very well, 2God believe the Glory, thank You4interpretation....
May God continue2bless You
Good mrnn Pastor, pls help me interprete this dream. cousin was telling me that he is getting finished by a substance addiction,he was showing me that blood is coming out,the substance is finishing him inside im speaking2him,he changed2be my other cousin&brother,so its like the 3of them were telling me the same thing

3.i was shocked about it as i thought,i don't have the answer Jesus has the answer. My heart got angry with the mothers but i calmed down as i thought i believe Jesus want2deal with this case that's why,he is showing me. the picture changed i was with my kids&their father, he was walking us2 the church bus,although he was not ready2go2church,he hadn't taken his bath&was wearing just normal clothes1would wear when relaxing@home.

5.we were having a normal conversation without fighting i was amazed,as the church bus stop,he said2me the kids are not going2church,i asked another man ,he's an older man like my father i take him,2say my words i said pls say something this man is abusing me.

6.he got out of the car2hear me out after he said ohh sorry i don't want2get involved,went in2the car,i didnt want2argue or have strength2say anything2their father i just looked@him

7.then he released the kids from his hands&gave them2me, i took them we got in the bus&it went on,

thank you Sir4interpretation,God bless you
I see an evil norm/addiction that runs your lineage/family but the power of jesus and salvation is more than enough to stop this from transferring into your offspring.

Indeed, you've not only been delivered through the power of grace and salvation but in christ and by his blood shed.

But watch it as I see the enemy trying to manipulate/use the father of your children to stop you from destroying this evil norm/pattern that runs in your lineage over the life of your children.

Yes!,yes I see the enemy struggle and manipulating you in order to stop you from establishing your children in the presence of God and in salvation knowing fully well that that's the only way you children could be eschew as well as you did.

But fear not you've won the battle already but pray this prayer often :

Oh foundational powers, kingdom of darkness and satanic manipulating that want to use the father of my children to frustrate & prevent me from establishing my children in the lord against evil pattern of my foundation-Catch fire and perish in the name of jesus-psalm 8,24,19

Bless u.
Thank You , Sir4interpretation, i thank God who won4us on calvary through Jesus blood...
Morning Sir,, mercies of God of a new day, pls help me interprete this dream may God bless you in Jesus name...

1.i was in a place have been checking2rent,i met the owner there&she said, they are not renting the place,have been praying about it.

2.was in a place &there were 3 people lined up towards me infront of me, from far off was something i don't know, although dark, then a person a man, then a child almost closest2me about 16 years,

3.the man in the middle was cursing me saying i cause delay, delay 4U,then were i stood i said, i turn back every delay2U in Jesus name, the child there was so stressed saying, these delays are coming back2us, she said ohh we are receiving back all these delays, i kept on saying all delays i return them back in Jesus name.

4.was walking from a place i stay in town, going somewhere very dangerous, is the feeling i got, i was walking boldly towards the place not sure where i was going2, the men on the streets where looking@me saying where is this1coming from what is she doing here, then a friend of mine that i had in my primary school days she came&walked with me, i was happy she was eating chips, i shared with here...

Thank You Sir4 interpretation
1. This isn't an idea place for you. Infact you might be denied rent eventually.

2. Every arrow of retrogression/stagnancy fired against you shall be render powerless and go back to sender-by the authority in the name of jesus in you.

3. Even though the lord said " Even though you walk through the valley of death you shall fear no evil for I am with you. My rod and my staff they comfort you..
He warned not to misuse this privilege hence don't be found roaming,walking, embarking on a journey during odd hours lest...

Bless u.
Thank you Sir4interpretationooo may God continue2bless you in Jesus name
Goodevening Sir, please help me here something strange that i don't understand is happening here.

1.This is day number3 now, as i sleep i dream i see there are some activities taking place as i wake up its like my memory is being wiped off.

2.I have been praying about it&there are 3people that have been appearing in these dreams in these days, they are wearing things like rugged blankets i don't see their face.

3.As i wake up, i only remember seeing them from there im blank, although as there is an activity i see.

4.I don't want2miss anything or....' Sir may God open my spiritual understanding in Jesus name amen