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Help me interpret this man of God
This morning i dreamt going on the street was not sure where im going, i went on for a lot of streets, then as i was getting tired of walking my tshirt changed to a tshirt of a department that called me for training, then i saw another lady infront of me wearing the same shirt so i decided to follow her because i was not sure where to go exactly. The lady was far from me &she turned on the street ahead i could not see her anymore, i was feeling very tired now&i didn't turn where she turned i went on straight, then i saw 2other ladies wearing the same shirt stopping a taxi, so i also went into the taxi thinking maybe the distance to our destination is far by walking&when i checked the money i had it was not enough for the taxi fare but i got in anyway thinking ill ask the lady to fill it up for me, & i asked her are going to the department as well, she said yes, i will show u, i didn't ask her for money i just let it, then i realised i was with my younger son, He followed me all the way&i didn't realise, immediately i was stressed bcos i was thinking will they accept me with a child with me, but i continued anyway.

When we got to our destination, i just got off the taxi without paying then i rushed passed the gate incase some1 realise its me who didn't pay, so as i was going further i realised the taxi driver is angry&has decided to stop the taxi, people where complaining&i felt bad because i knew some people where going to work, so i stopped where i was, then some1 came running passed me&the exact amount i Needed for the taxi fare fell from that person, so i picked it & as im picking i saw other monies &i picked the rest money down because i need the money even to buy my child something to eat during the day.

I counted the money it was enough to pay the taxi fare&have small change for food.i went back to the taxi& i told the driver sorry its me who forgot to pay then he said give me 2rands extra for this is gave him. He was happy&actually praised God for that then the people got inside the taxi &let.

Then i went up, from there i was outside trying to get my son home bcos i was thinking he will disturb me inside but there was a huge rain causing a lot of flooding rain i couldn't cross the street so i stopped there&i woke up. Im real life im pregnant& iv been praying to God about my situation so it doesnt get in the way of my performance & it must get in anything way...

Please help me understand this dream it would mean a lot to me.

Thank you
Fear, distraction and confusion is all I see here.
But Gracemohau you can overcome these if you put your house in order-the lord whispered.

I can see how much effort you're putting into making sure that your family(kids) don't get in the way of your career and I can see the love for both your kids and career.

What a wonderful and great mother you are.
But Gracemohau, why have you allowed this challenges/activities robbed you of your peace,focus and gave in to these distraction and confusion.

Above all, to God be the glory for providing a way out of these distractions and fear.

• Prepare.
• Learn to separate each and time them accordingly.
• Fix your time and put your house in order.
• Be wary and work on your fears.
• You must learn to relax and note down your plans/activities.
• Never do two things at the same time.
• Create time for you kids and know when to draw the line between your career and family.
• Pray against fear,distraction and confusion.
• Overcome your fear,distraction by the word of God.

• You can call me for counselling in 30min time.

Psalm 19, 42. 121:2.

Meditate and use these bible verse for prayers : peace, and against spirit of fear and distraction.

Bless you.
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Thank you Sir, may God increase you&continue to bless you.

I will continue pray in the scriptures &use your advise.

I thank God for you&the word of the holy spirit, in Jesus name, amen...
Goodevening Sir
I just woke up to a terrible dream now, its been a long time since iv had these kind of dreams, I really want2 understand 1.what brings these dreams back, what's the opened door, can i pray against them in advance.

1.few weeks ago iv been dreaming that food being offered to me, i would get countious&refuse to eat in the dream, also some1 trying to sleep with me i would refuse&wake up.

2.all of a sudden i dream eating with other people.

3.tonight i dream some1 sleeping with&iam continuing my deliverance praying during the day&night before i sleep, not happy again&hv just started a new job, i don't want past hurtful experiences, is there something im blind to here that i should know?

Please help Sir
1. Sin,absence in the presence of God, lack of prayers or weariness in your spiritual life could be the cause.
Above all, this is why warned and he said :

Thessalonians 5:16-18
16 Rejoice always, 17 pray without ceasing, 18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

The above verse tells us that whether you pray or not the world is a battle field. But rejoice for in christ you are more than a conquer.

Now search within you and see if the aforemention are the cause if not? Pray still knowing fully well that in christ this won't last and shall cease with prayers.

*. In advance? Well, the answer to your question in the above bible verse : "Pray without ceasing.. ".

2. They are called ' night caterers, witchcraft attack, destiny/blessing robber".

I can see your spiritual life and understanding is very low. The enemy are using this against you.

Psalm 91, 24 ,8 and 23.

• Every witchcraft arrow fire against me come out and die.

• I vomit every infliction,deposit of night caterers within me out and catch fire.

• Every arrow against my blessing, destiny and my define expectation you shall not prosper come out and go back to your senders.

3. If indeed you've been praying and engaging in deliverance war prayers and you are still experiencing these dreams? It means you've not hit your prayers on the spot nor prays the right prayers.

You must seek where the problem/attack lies and their source fire so that you will figure the right prayer points to pray.

4. Call me 2pm tomorrow.
There is a mystery surrounding your case and hence it's persists.

Believe me you its through grace and mercy that you were able to secure a job.

Bless you.
Thank You Sir

Which number can i use, iam in south Africa.

May God continue to bless You, in Jesus name
My phone number is there below the forum(PC version).
Anyway, here :


You can as well add me on whassap.

Bless you.
Thank you Sir will communicate on watsapp.

I thank God for you......
Morning Sir, pls help me interprete this dream...

1.was@my grandmothers house,we were sitting outside the house,with my family members,i noticed it was dark. im sitting some1came&gave me a pack of something,inside was covered nuts as they are from the tree,he gave me2bags

3.ohk,as we sat,some people came2us being so rude2me especially,another guy came&took the1st ba of nuts,&my mom got angry,my mom was doing my other aunts hair&she wa talking about how rude these people are2give me something&then take it back like that,i noticed front opposite nextdoor was a funeral service.

4.&i had opened the other bag of nuts,as i start2eat,a child from the funeral came&said give us our nuts back,she took the bag by force&left,my mom was very angry as she was seeing people she knows passby going2the funeral,she was saying a lot of things about how this1did that,that1did that

5.i didnt recognise those people i don't know them,other2ladies came2borow chairs,my mom screamed@them,as they try2take the chairs,they left the chairs&was about 11years in the dream. i took the chairs2bring them nearer2us,2chairs,they had burning candles ontop on each corner,i was suppriced by that,didnt understand&wondered if any1can see that&wondered what it meant.

7.i put the chairs down&was picking something on the ground@the entrance&i saw some feet of some1,i looked up it was my dead uncle,he was looking like a very poor man with what he was wearing.

8.he touched my hair as im standing&said,hmm i see your hair has grown hey,im glad your hair is long like this,i stepped back,didnt say anything,he went on2greed other people&i became conscious, that no i don't want2speak with dead people in my dreams&i woke up.

*thank You4interpretations Sir,i need your advice Sir,i believe God has delivered me from foundational powers of my fathers&mothers house,why do i keep dreaming about the place&this dead uncle,as i understand today represents the evil man,foundational powers,i don't want2say strong man because i believe Jesus conquered him....
It's called " inherited strong man,affliction,glory destroyer and foundational shame".

In essence, the lord say, No more, you shall no longer eat the fruit of sorrow, shame,and every inherited strong man over your case has been rendered powerless.

Indeed, You are more than a conqueror, for no more shall the strong man of death,foundational and inherited affliction of shame,glory destroy rule over your glory.

Your glory is now fully restored and inherited affliction/sorrow and shame has ceased forever over your life.

Thank you jesus.

Bible ref :

◄ Proverbs 18:10 ►
The name of the LORD is a fortified tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.

Bless you.