John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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pls need interpretation
thanks sir,i want to ask what you meant by annointing arrow?
When your action provoke an so called anointed man of God or when a man of God curse out of greed or selfish reason-its become a curse or attack.

Bless you.
Morning sir...1)I was in an unknown church.I could see the face of the pastor presiding clearly but I don't know him.he said everybody should raise their hands up in worshiping.we all did and I wanted to knee down but I was like I would be only one doin that so I did not.....2)I was going somewhere.looked like where I was comming from is far.I wore bathroom slipers,dust on my feet and so dirty as a result of long distance the way I saw it.its like I was holding water.I wanted to wash but I was like I should wait till I get to where I am going
1. You must take your relationship with the lord personal and do away with all form of shame,fear and/or minding what people will say while in his presence.
Be a follower of Christ and not your pastor,church or church members...

2. The lord say, it's not yet time to rest on this journey (prayers)be strong you are almost there.

Bless you
Afternoon sir....1)I don't know if there is meaning to this or probably is relevant.I dreamt I was in old friend's house.his wife did not look happy seeing her face.looked likes he was angry at me so I was like probably because I don't ask or visit them.I remember in wake life,like 3 years ago she used to accuse me for not asking of them....2)somethings are written on a wall with fire and the fire remain burning on the the dream I could read part of what was written and kind of understood but when I woke up,the words I could remember are baby/babies and 3 months
1. This family is not happy with you because you've refused to remember and pay them a visit.
You must be very important to them.

2. â—„ Matthew 19:14 â–º
Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."

Embrace me and my kingdom like those little ones as anything short of that may lead to Hell.

Bless you
Afternoon sir.dreamt someone like a friend removing pimple from my cutting or uprooting it from my face...not popping
Congratulations as the lord is removing every infliction, embargo and old image manipulating your beauty, and causing people to detest or get irritated by you.

What a way to celebrate the new Month?

Anyway, watch out as many will be attracted to you, many will seek,respect you(more) now and your true beauty will surface,manifest.

Congrats again.

Bless you.
afternoon sir
1)most of my teeth were removed by a woman.she said they are so decayed
2)there was a burial ceremony in a compound fenced.i was not in.just knew it was burial i was moving away from the area,met an aunty later changed to sister.greeted was like she is going to charge her phone in the compound.then i realise i lost weight as am in wake life and my hair kind of white or grey.i can't really say
1. There is power in the mouth/tongue. As it signify , you heaven, power to seek/ask.

A common saying goes thou ' a close mouth is a closed destiny, heaven ".

The lord say, you heaven needs renewal and restoration lest you seek,ask and it seem God is no where to be found.

Solution :

• I recover my heaven.
• My tongue, my heaven receive fire and redemption.
• power of resurrection, power of deliverance in the name of jesus recover my heaven for me.
• Let every living dead, infliction and chain of my heaven be destroy by fire.
• My heaven X 3..i recover you by fire in the name of jesus.
Psalm 19, 23 ,27 ,8 and 24.
With 12pm fasting.

2. Pray against sickness, and death of a family member or someone dear to you that might affect both your health and your well being.

Bless you.