John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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pls need interpretation

But yes indirectly because the person could be a friend, neighbour or somebody in your environment.

Well you can pray.
Bless you.
Good afternoon pastor.....1)I was in the house and it was dark so was trying to put on the light from the first bulb.tried another one,it was so low so was asking them in the house what's niece answered it was cos of low voltage.I woke up and prayed for divine light....2)its like something bad happened in my mum's we are talking about it,her siblings arrived.I left house trying to avoid they are entering,I was the first person they are asking I was lieing down somewhere dodging,I realised part of the ground is wet and was disgusting and its like I sat and got my feet stained.....3)I saw my mum dressed in an unusual way.short gown,lipstic,I mean like those irresponsible women.I hope you know what I mean so I was looking at her and wondering in the dream....4)I cannot really remember the dream but its like something bad happened to some people and me and I was trying to signal to someone for help but he ignored.eventually we got that happened I don't know.then I saw us in a room like hospital where we are being treated.the particular man I was signal was also in the room lieing down and it looked he was also involved.I was infuriated and went to him telling him what he did was wrong that he should have helped then.he was just looking at me suprisingly and did not say anything.later he took his cloth and went out.I felt sober and remember what you said that I should learn how to forgive and forget.I stood up instantly and followed the man to apologise.he did not answer me untill he got to certain room.its like he is a photographer and people/customers were waiting for him.I told him am very sorry that I was just angry he did not help then.he was trying to tell me he's involved too but did not allow him..all I wanted is to apologise.he said its okay and the issue is now 50/50.what that means I don't know.I torched his side while apologising,he said something about the torch jokingly but I could not get it.he now gave me a memory thinking was where pictures are stored...told me to have a nice I was going in a street,I saw old women all looking at me..something told me they are evil.I worked on my confidence by looking into the old woman carrying local bath sponges on her head walked past me and I gave a kind of sound to let her know am not afraid.I said within me that you people had been put to shame because I know you don't expect to see me.then I put the memory card in my pocket.....5)I dreamt this early last the house mum felt bad and asking me if my sister tell me that my younger brother gave her 60k.I was like this does not concern me.then my sister called me to come and check goods she bought to the corridor that links my room to hers,there was cobweb up,I told she should have removed it.she took broom and wanted to but her hand could not reach.I took from her and removed the cobwebs.what she bought looked like perfume and cream but looked inferior like second hand stuff.while checking,I was putting cream or sort of in my mouth and she removed part of it from my mouth.
1. It's called " lukewarm or limited heaven".
The lord said, there is need for light : restoration of your heaven lest your prayers and grace is limited.

Pray for fire, restoration of your heaven so that not 50% of your prayers,expectation and access to the lord's throne is consider while the remaining 50% is rejected.
And last stay steer clear and away from sin lest your heaven remain " Lukewarm ".

2. â—„ Leviticus 5:1 â–º
"'If anyone sins because they do not speak up when they hear a public charge to testify regarding something they have seen or learned about, they will be held responsible.

If your hands are clean and you've done no wrong why the guilt?
The lord warned to steer clean of sin and unholy activities lest the power of sin prevail and hold you (progress down)to ransom.

3. She may never dress or conduct herself (publicly) in this manner but the lord say, worldliness has found a foothold in her heart,life and thoughts.

4. I felt sober and remember what you said that I should learn how to forgive and forget.I stood up instantly and followed the man to apologise.

all I wanted is to apologise .he said its okay and the issue is now 50/50.what that means I don't know.I torched his side while apologising.

Indeed, I can see how much efforts you are putting and willing to turn a new leaf and/or overcome this weakness in you: unforgiven spirit.

Its called " in between or average results".
In essence, the lord said, the result of your effort and obedient so far is at 50%- or average Level.
Hence, the better,higher you reach(percentage) the greater your strength, courage and ability to walk before the evil ones and kingdom of darkness without fear and intimidation and the more secured you are.
You know, sin(our weaknesses) prevents and limits God grace and power over our lives.

So, keep that up and make sure you reach 100% so that can heaven,security and grace can reach that level as well : %100.

5. It's called " household witchcraft attack, stagnancy and infliction ".
Indeed, your sister,mother(this family as a whole) has been struggling to keep her head above the shoulder but the power that be(lives) therein has limited her potentials and blessing.
But today, every household-witchcraft manipulation,infliction that causes this family,especially you mother/sister to labour in vain, keep/spend money without being able to account for it as, for your sake break and set her(them) free from the shackles of stagnancy, witchcraft manipulation and affliction that's robbed this family of her blessing and business potentials.

Congrats to her(this family).

Bless you.
morning sir
1)i took a bike to a place.gave the bike man money but did not have 5 naira change.he went lookinng for it while i was waiting.
2)it was in the night looking for comercial bus to a street stay before..some people are there also waiting.getting bus was not easy cos is in the night.eventually there was a empty bus.he said he is not passing through the street that he would drop us at the junction.i agreed cos could easily walk to were i am going and i gave him money.
meanwhile used to have such dream looking for bus in the night and found none.pls do i need to do something about itl
3)i was in the palace of the king of the city i live and saw myself holding lot of money.then i put in my the palace there was a man,he was known to be a trouble maker in te dream.they weree trying to satisfy him.i know him facially in wake life .they gave him food..could see on yhis right hand like leprosy or wound all over or artificial hand.i can't really i was going one of his boys said he should look at me.i said within me that i should have passed the other side.its like they know me.the man called me and asked if i know him,i said no but said he knows me and he was trying to explain how he knew me but could not get it.

late last year,i dreamt repeatedly seeing myself with a king of the city were i live.its eighter we walk together with some people,sat together or lead some people to him and i spoke with him.
1. Learn to let go small/little things as it will attract blessing to you.
Mind you this might come to pass in reality.

2. Not really.
Indeed at the time you used to experience delay, disappointments et al in your life.
But now that the dream has changed its settled.
Without doubt you realised something was wrong hence you embark on warfare prayers against that infliction.
I want to employ to continue with that prayer points or whatever it is you did/doing, your victory is secured.

3. It's means " honour, devine connection ".
The lord want to connect and honour you but pray against " Any strong man against my define connection, contending,troubling me against my honour, I fight you in the name of jesus " fall down and die.
Psalm 119,and 8,24.
12am, 3night.

Bless you.
i believe finding this forum is God doing.its really a blessing and i bless God for it.yesterday i was going through the prayer points threads by you.i saw one that suitable so did vigil with it last night.
your annointing will never run dry will be from annointing to anointing in Jesus name
good morning pastor
1)in the house i saw guinea corn in a bucket wih water in it placed on dinning table
2)few week ago dreamt of a certain friend.he looked thin and i was wwndering.he told me he is having a hard time so he came back in citylooking for job.i told him they are currently employin people in certain institution in the city but did not look like he took me serious the way he looked at me
1. Every food produce,even gold must go through refine process before it become pleasurable,edible.
So pray before you eat, purify yourself of sin before you go to God,and never compromise your holiness lest your table the lord prepare in the presence of your enemy is polluted.

In essence, the lord compromise (your)holiness.

2. He's indeed struggling and having challenges in his life now but his pride might continue to rob him of his blessing,out of his predicament.

Bless you.
Morning sir...1)a guy I cannot really say I know(picture not that clear) came telling me God sent him to me.I did not see him as someone God can send.I told him am not ready to listen that God would rather talk to me directly..he left angrily.later I saw myself eating like tilapia fish.I was cautious of the bones while eating.when I woke I was like is this what the guy wanted to tell me to avoid.I kind of felt bad but prayed over it if its evil.pls do I need to do something about ?.....2)i was in a house like hospital,I can't really say..I saw my friends comming in.some came with their kids for treatment.I greeted them but looked like they are not that with no kid came to me and I was like let's go outside and gist.he opened the door looked outside and shot the door again.I was like what's happening.someone in the room said something like police were outside.later I was in the kitchen.pot of soup with meat on a stove no fire though.I covered the pot cos it was not covered.the door was left opened and was wondering then i felt someone in the next flat was in the kitchen cos saw pair of slippers outside.I shot the door for safety.suddenly something liquid, sweat/blood from my head/face can't really say, droped on my right looked like blood or palm oil on my hand.then i switch on the came on and went off looks like the bulb is burnt out.the place was not dark though
1. It's called " anointing anger, attack and infliction ".
â—„ James 1:19 â–º
My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry..

You want to be wary and watch it especially when you find yourself before(a /those so called)man of God that your spirit don't agree with,don't voice out, don't show sign of disapproval but simply pretend and play along while you are in such presence but never come back again after. Be wise and be quick to see but slow to act.

In essence prayer this prayers :

• Every anointing arrow, anger and affliction,evil deposits fired against me,in the name of jesus go back to your sender.

• (play you mid finger on your tongue) I vomit every deposits of marine, witchcraft, night caterers deposits come out by fire.

• Evil deposits, arrow and holy anger(you are not God) be neutralise and catch fire.

Psalm 24, 19 ,23 and 8.

2. It's called " witchcraft invasion,manipulation, presence.."

As the blood/red oil and black out et al represent " witchcraft ".

You shall add this to your prayers above :

• Every witchcraft invasion, manipulation and intimidation scatter and catch fire.

•I dismantle, set on fire every stronghold of witchcraft over my life and in my home in the name of jesus scatter by fire.

• I cover myself, home and life with blood of jesus and prophesy that every arrow of witchcraft fired against : back fire.

Bless you.