John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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pls need interpretation
Good day sir

1)walking down a narrow road.a girl going before me and I was telling her to be mindful of the cars coming. She didn't answer me. I got to a place like footpath into a bush. I saw some rabbits so was wondering. Then I saw a house and said the owner of the house might be the owner of them. I avoided like a big scorpion as I moved ahead. That made me decided to turn back and I was like I needed to ask God first about the journey or sort of .

2)In a room that wanted to look like former house, it's like I was sleeping and woke up wrestling with a big snake which have been trying to overpower me. I strangled it to death. Before it died,i asked it's name and silently said to my ear something that sounded like eniyan in Yoruba word. 2 elder sisters and thier kid came him. The boy was bold enough to torch it. Later I saw it's still moving it's tail that has like scorpion sting.could see its head was already crushed so quickly took a pestle to crush the tail. The sting cut off and was trying to find it so it doesn't hurt the boy or me. I took a torch but it wasn't bright. The boy then, was lifting up my leg.I was wondering what was happening.

3)my younger brother was helping me to clean my shoe and asked me jokingly if he should clean under it's sole. We joked over it.

4)There was a gathering of people while I walked along. A secondary school mate called. I went to meet him and we greeted.he was putting on youth corps uniform.He called me his gate friend and seemed to have got drunk as he confirmed it as well.i noticed I was putting on a black sandal I used back then.

5)I slept like in former secondary school class room on a bed with an albino friend. I wanted to leave but he didn't want me to as I realised I slept on him. I saw around his wrist handcuff or chain so I was wondering if we were chained together but eventually saw myself leaving. I looked at my head and it seemed he helped to cut my hair before then but didn't cut a part very well.

6)I don't know if there is any meaning to this. I briefly saw a man in his car allowing his wife to attend to their client as I saw the woman writing like receipt on the car's bonnet. It seemed it's family business and it looked the date the woman wrote was 2016.

Thanks and God bless you sir
1. You must to your inner man and holy spirit but you embark on any form of journey in it financial,academical,career wise and otherwise even in every endeavor.

2. It's called ' serpent string of retrogression ' but to God be the glory, it's crushed '

3. The lord has made you the head,his elder and not tail, indeed.

4. I see shackle of retrogression,failure and limitation fired into you here...

5. ...but to God be all the glory, I see you come out of it, here.

6. Two is always better than one ; this old adage never fails nor lose it tastes.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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