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pls need interpretation
Good evening pastor,I had just got the way the forum works.I am happy to find this forum as had been looking for ways to interpret my dreams.I appreciate your work and pray God will continue to strenghten you. My dreams past few days. 1) I dreamt I was in a large room and I was trying to catch white baby hen/fowl.while trying that I saw a grave in the room.eventually I catch the woman and a man felt someone is the room and trying to find me but on my way out of the area,I tried to dodge so they did not see me.then I remembered I left my my bag inside the room but did not really care about it. 2) I saw myself on a queue.I am the first on it.we are all holding small sheet of paper.I tried to read what was on my own but could not see it.I saw pastor making a call and heard him telling the person that I have seen him,he is the one.who he was refering to,I did not know.a woman was sitting in front of us on the queue.happen to be the one to attend to us.she was not that anxious to attend so while I was waiting patiently like 2 girls from my back could not wait and kind of rushing,stretched their hands from my back for the woman to siqn their papers.she managed to sign for them and put date.then I did not allow anybody from my back anymore.gave the woman mine.she siqned and did not put date.I asked her she did not put date,she said yes she did not and she fold the paper very well and gave it to me. 3) I was in the church.had encounter with someone.what we did,I did not know probably pray or he or she counsel me.I could not get that very well.later an usher was telling me he will not come to programme.I told him to makesure he I stepped out of the church something came to mind that I should have talked to God for few mins before I live but did not go back.on way,I saw another usher peeping at me from a particular house in front of the church.on my way to greet her,suddenly I was carrying heavy bag.kind of heavy and it was hard to walk very well and I said my Jesus.I did not see the bag to the front of the house and calling the girl, the house I saw deaconess through the net she was looking at me but I pretend I did nt see her.the girl came out.we greeted.her stomach kind of big and was asking myself is she pregant.was not sure if its preganancy.I now find myself singing in front of some children.they are also happily singing with me.the song is of cherubim and seraph church.meanwhile,that's not my church.the song was funny one that something keeps telling me it has meaning.three names were mentioned in the song.the song goes in yoruba.....iba Mose,iba Peter,iba Ajayi agbo ti jesu.mose iba ogun orun ti oran mi ni ise....I hope you understand we are singing someone called emmanuel was sitting at the entrance and he was smilling.I tried to tell the girl,I mean the usher to sing with me but she was not really in the mood.
1. â—„ Isaiah 49:25 â–º
But this is what the LORD says: "Yes, captives will be taken from warriors, and plunder retrieved from the fierce; I will contend with those who contend with you, and your children I will save.

Indeed, you wings and grace to grow in order to discover your physical and spiritual potentials was under the captivity of the grave and evil altar.

The white chic/hen could be refer to as " your wings, white dove and/or your angel in captivity.
In essence, the lord say, today you've been delivered as both your spirit and being has been released from the power of the grave and hand of the strong man.
Indeed, every confusion shall henceforth cease in both your inner man and without man.

You shall now discover, know where you belong in the kingdom of God. Because it's now time for you to grow both in spiritual realm and your physical being.

2. I can see that you've be asking God for(long) one particular thing and, but today the lord has heard cry for mercy and answered your prayers. For you've been favoured but patient is needed as the lord didn't specified time,day or month of manifestation. But prepare as the lord has answered your prayer at last.

3.It's called " the word of anointed break the yoke of:
Lust, sin, confusion, distraction,lost and pull down the wall of your jericho in your life.
No more shall you carry the load of sin,distraction, lust, confusion, lost, manipulation et al contending with your heaven and place in the house/kingdom of God.

And Now shall you sing the holy song, the song of the holy spirit and the holy spirit shall have a place to dwell, establish itself within and without you. For now you shall know where you belong in the (house) kingdom hence the lord holy shall henceforth speak, walk with you and minister to you because you've been chosen to live for God.


Bless you.
evening sir.i am veryvery grateful for the interpretation.God will contineu to helpnp and strenghten you.
there was this drem last night.i was with pastor telling him that i am back from mountain and said that he should pray for me.meanwhile,i recently went to he was praying he suddenly praying like muslims.then i was wondering.someone i knnow came to me and said do i come for sacrefise.later i saw a picture of an alfa i know.
this is not the first time to dream such.somtimes i might see myself with herbalist or sort of tryin to do things for me.and the fact is i am not in that world so keeps me wondering
â—„ 1 John 4:1 â–º
Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.

Yes. That's because you've been patronising a demonic or fake man of God who seems to be a true man of God in the natural.

This dream as remained constant because you've refused to see through the eyes of God.
If at all, there is a man of God or church that you often share or asks to pray for you?
Stop,stop now and seek God concerning him lest you are in BIG trouble and under spiritual bondage.

If not, then take note of the@ bolds above before you run to any man of God or ask him to pray for you. Lest you glory is hijack and you find yourself cage by demonic, fake men of God whom you though/consider real.

Bless you.
Thanks are very right many fake prophets.that's why like 3 years ago I gave my life to Jesus I don't seek pastor or prophet anyhow.I choose to build a good relationship with God instead.I grew spiritually through my pastor's teachings and way of life.he detests worldly things.he believes in prayers and words of God.he hardly acts or preaches contrary to word of God probably is the reason I never bothered. ofcos he might be many things happening this end time.I only trust God. I want to ask is it possible to be having such dream if I happened to be in such world before gave my life to christ cos I am ofcos in such world seeking breakthrough then and I Will never go back into it anymore.all the same,is high time I ask God concerning the church if its the right one.kindly guide me concerning prayer about this. Meanwhile I had a dream like a year ago and its still fresh in memory.I was in church compound and I saw small black nylon raped inside was a lizard-like (omoole) that usually find inside was hanged inside children's chapel.I wanted to go and remove but stopped suddenly thinking it was put there by my pastor following God's instruction.I went out.saw my pastor and was telling me to finish the ongoin work at the entrance into the church compound and I saw myself building kind of fence blocking the entrance
I had a dream like a year ago and its still fresh in memory.I was in church compound and I saw small black nylon wraped inside was a lizard-like (wallgecko) that usually find inside was hanged inside children's chapel .I wanted to go and remove but stopped suddenly thinking it was put there by my pastor following God's instruction.

Indeed, it's now a must you seek the lord concerning your pastor or present place of worship.

Something isn't right here.

Psalm 24, 19 joel 2:28,1 John 4:1

• Oh lord my father I know your will for me is to remain safe and worship you in true holiness. Tell me, I want to know if I am save here.

• Father lord unravel & show me the foundation of this man of God, church.

• Almighty, mercy and powerful God, you are God that knows the heart of men and what is in the dark, am I safe here?

Oh lord open my spirit eyes, understanding I am ready to see, listen obey and follow your order, speak to me concerning this...

Bless you.
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alright sir i apprecate.
i had this dream this week.something bad was happening to my dad.its like he was vomiting something and he called me to help.with confidence i carried holy comminion wine and was praying whole heartedly on it so i can give him to drink.while praying i was weeping.later i could not see him and saw the comunion wine where he was sitting.the wine has been reduced so i was like has he taken from it
Pray for you dad's health.
In essence, the bible says :

â—„ Matthew 17:20 â–º
..."Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you."

If you cry out and faith that be on the mouth with authority in your heart i see the lord using you to restore your dad and/or bring him to total repentance/salvation.

Bless you.
morning pastor
i dreamt in a dream that it looked i ate something.then i vomitted rice on white paper and i made sure i spit remaining ones from my mouth
They are called " night caterers, destiny robber, witchcraft/destiny destroyer".

What more can I say? They attacked but it backfired as you vomited the evil arrow.
I rejoice with you. This is indeed victory.

Keep your prayer and spiritual alert alive it's really saving you and destroying the evil arrow and pit of the enemies over your life.

Don't joke with psalm 91, 23 and 24. You will need them often.

Congrats for this victory.

I love prayers because it's the only weapon that can destroy your enemy, disgrace them,it's and your source of weapon such that can do the undo.

Bless you.
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