John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Help me out thanks
Pastor good morning,
I dream 1 man that collect my money last yrs and run.last night I dream he was telling 1 of my old frd that he did not collect my money that look his account statement.then I told him no problem iam not angry. God will fight for me

My wife dream
1 woman from my state close to my house was inside uncompleted building without roof and the woman was neacked but her 3 childrent where not neacked and grasses was inside her house.

She also dream that 1 photograher in her village saw her on the road and told her the grandmum is dead.but she said nobody told her that her groundmum is dead,she now call me and start telling me.

After that me and her was in my road in her village I carry my son and I was jorging on the road and her brother who live in italy was telling her to jorg and meet me in front and he was pushing her to run later my baby I was carry was crying she ask me what is wrong with him I said maybe is bc of jorging that I press his hand.1 woman came she look like her step mum relation and said what is wrong with this baby and she wanted to tourch my son my wife was using my son to durge her and the woman was now asking my wife what of her body my wife used her hand to through the woman hand off.then the groundmum was coming but she did not reach were we are.
1. The shall restore all the blessing,years lucust has eaten, but not until forgive,forgo and forget those who'd hurt you in the past or took advantage of you.

2. Be thankful that you are free and alive.
In essence I see disaster,storm hovering over this woman's family as I see a dark cloud.
May the lord protect and preserve her and her family from this storm.

3. There are powers in her foundation that are out for this boy.
For this reason you must both pray for this boy often,and for now don't take the boy to her village in case of any emergency or otherwise.

Bless you
Pastor good morong,
My wife dream she on water tap and put bulket and she was fatching water inside bucket and 1 woman said she should fetch from outside tap this 1 she is fetching water from is not rushing she told the woman ok she will fetch water in the inside tap.later the 1 she was fetching from was rushing.

2nd dream
She also dream her dad and her step mum was calling some of his step brother and sister that they should not near her,talk to her that they don't known where she got power from.
1. It's called " multiplied deliverance, grace and heaven".
The lord is working, purifying,restoring and establishing her deliverance more than ever.
I see double portion of grace, heaven and manifestation of prayers.
Congrats to your wife.

2. This is indeed a very strong confirmation of the above dream.
Congrats to your wife, as the lord say, foundational powers, inherited infliction, domestic, household enemy shall see her and flee.
Bible ref :
â—„ 1 John 4:4 â–º
You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.

I can see how much your wife engage in warfare,powerful prayers?
This is amazingiiiii

Bless you.
Thank u very much pastor.I just read the message now may God contiune to bless u

Pastor I use 1 pastor in my area to dream.I dream the pastor and 1 man went to meet 1 woman in my village and the pastor titled aligator papper and other things in his hand and he was giving it to 1 woman in back of my father house.I was standing looking at them,later I was saying this woman is native doctors what is this pastor doing there and the woman was preparing the things the pastor bring then I open my eye.
â—„ 1 John 4:1 â–º
Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.

He's a man of God during the day but this is who he is in the night, behind close door.

Be wary of such men, church of God lest you become another victim.

Bless you.
Pastor gud eve,
I dream 1 church that is close to me was expounded with canopy to my house and people was many inside the canopy and the canopy that was placeed on front of my house was design with different colour like pink and was very fine I was in front of my house looking at the them.

I went to first bank weekend all there atm no network I left the bank.
1. The kingdom,house of God, church is reaching out to you.
Do not allow your challenges prevent you and stop you in the presence of God.

2. I can see you are expecting something, financially?

Prayer points :

Psalm 1, 19 ,24 ,121 :1.
• Oh God arise frustrate any power that want to frustrate and delay my expectation.

• I dismantle, destroy and dislodge any power, strong hold of disappointment against me, my blessing and effort.

• I shall not fail but succeed, therefore every disappointment, delay on my way fire.

Bless u
Thank u pastor
Pastor gud morning
My wife dream she was walking in 1 town with 1 actress and that actress dress somehow but she did not dress like her as they where going in that town they saw another actress and they greet them self after that there where set of boys standing in 1 side of the road,she was saying this boys we attack this other actress and the town was like people where running like fight was there, she now run and hide in 1 area.then she saw a little girl hold something like gun to shout her the first ballet did not get to her and the girl shut other 1 and something hit her then she stand up and used the thing to hit the girl back and the girl run to 1 house my wife follow her to her house and see 1 woman from the window that send her.Then my wife pick sand on the ground and was talking inside the sand and used the sand to hit the small girl twice.then my wife left and went to actrss house and told her she want to hide there.the woman who was the mother of the little girl came to meet her in the actress place where she hide and saying she don't knw what my wife did to the little girl something happen to her daughter. my wife was saying the woman is a witch she send the girl to attack her that is she attack the little girl back.

2nd dream

I dream I was standing in my bangony upstair there was 1 man sitting near the gateman house holding native doctors things but the maan was carrying 1 pastor face.he was telling me to come downstair and check about my life I wanted to meet the man later I said no iam not going and now move back upstair and said why should I check about my life?the man was shaking his head and said ok.then I move inside my flat and my sitting room was shinning but the outside my house was somehow dark