John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Help me out thanks
Thanks u very much
Gud morning pastor,
I dream this morning that I was barbing my head with knife and I barb the side and the back but the front hair I did not remove it and I told my younger one to help me dress the front hair after that I carry bag and enter catholic church in my village for sunday services or weekly services.I open eye.

2nd dream

1 man I knw I went to his house to meet him to give me money.he said he will give me N12,000 later he said N10,000 later on he finally said he will give me N7,000. But I did not collect d money b4 I open my eye.

3rd dream
I dream that 1 of my brother frd was coming to my father house and he is driving traler DAF geting to our house he missed road and pass my father house .I saw he and try to re direct him to my father house.
There are terrible dreams.

1. Your glory/virtue is under serious attack hence..

2. ...Help, blessing,honour, favour might cease for now,and instead frustration,disappointment et al become the order of the day plus...

3. Retrogression, stagnancy and set back,failure and demotion. Many will look down on you and ignore and consider you unimportant.

Solution :

Psalm 119, 24 ,8 ,isaiah 60.

Father Lord I thank you for your plans to recover my stolen destiny and glory for
me in Jesus name
2. Oh Lord let the blood of Jesus wash me clean and empower me to pursue my enemies
in Jesus name
3. Oh Lord let the plans of the enemies bring shame, disgrace, destructions and death
upon them in Jesus name
4. Father Lord confused my enemies in Jesus name
5. Father Lord blind my enemies in Jesus name
6. I trampled upon my enemies of progress in Jesus name
7. Earthquake, seaquake and thunder of God cause terrible confusions and destructions
in the camp of the enemies in Jesus name
8. My glory and destiny in the wrong hands I possess you back in Jesus name
9. Evil exchange of my destiny be reversed in Jesus name
10. Evil personality seating upon my destiny and glory be wasted by earthquake in Jesus name
11. I pursue my enemies, I overtake them and recover all my stolen glory, wealth, blessings,
virtues and destiny in Jesus name
12. I thank Jesus for recovering my glory, blessings, virtues etc back for me in Jesus name.

Fast for 3days, break at 3pm.

Tonight at 12 am : get a bottled water and declare this :
(read into the water first : psalm 8, 24 ,119. And isaiah 60

Blood of jesus possess this water : 30 times
Holy ghost fire ". ". " " 30
Power of resurrection " " " 30
Power of deliverance ". " " 30 times

Then, shout as u raise the cup up : I convert this water into blood of jesus 30

Bath with the water for 3days. Simply mix the water with a bucket-full water.

Bless you.
Ok thank u very much
Pastor gud afternoon
I really need ur advice and prayer on this decision,last year october I lost huge amount of money on business since then things are really hard for me.I have go for deliverance and pray very hard I knw God is ready to bless me but I ve not see money to start over again I ve apply for loan the percentage is too high.

What iam thinking now is to sell my house project I already roof it and used some of the money to buy land and the other 1 to strt My business again .my rent have expired and my daughter school they are disburbing me to pay her school fees this week bc I already beg them that b4 mid term break I will pay.Now many things are tite down for my enermy.please I need your advice and prayer thank u
Give me a call.

Bless you.
Ok give me ur number thanks

Bless you.
Pastor I dream this eve that davido musicial with me we rent the same house but in different flat.davido came to my flat and enter my bedroom I see my big screen television and said is the same tv I have in my sitting that I put in my bedrrom.the ice cream he was eating I ask him where did he bought the ice cream he said he imported it and give me the ice cream and 1 other actress come inside my flat and we were all discusion about business then I open my eye

You've not even started already and the lord has started to restore you?

This is what I call " anointing break the yoke ".

Wow :
I see blessing, favour, honour and your helpers knocking at your door.

This is just so amazing. Lest than 24hrs and your deliverance is taking place already?

Oh thank you jesus for the power and your anointing upon me.

Congrats in advance. But remember? Work still need to be done so that you can be free totally.

Bless you.