John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Help me out thanks
Thanks for dream interpretation. OK I will do that.
Good morning pastor,
I dream i am in my former rented house,and i pack my property to move out of the house.Later the landlord enter the compound and check the building at the back.When i check outside the compound again i saw cow shit or so in front of my flat and the other flat.

I ask myself what i am doing here when i have house i already build i told my wife we should pack our things and move out.
Later one celebrity came to meet us inside the flat he was advertising his school he said i should bring my kids to his school for this summer holiday and they gave us 2 form to fill and my wife did.

2nd dream
I dream i was in one area in my state one secondary school i enter i saw people fighting the school i was telling the teacher to call police and the police did not respond i only saw some men trying to block them to enter the school.I told the teacher if it was Europe under few seconds the security men we surround the whole place i was laughing at them.But the fight stop.

3rd dream
I dream one of my sister that is marry but they have not done traditional marriage, she was doing traditional marriage in my father house i saw one of my uncle he said he have share what they brought to some of my uncle and the other uncle that just came he give them cola.Before the marriage i wanted to give my sister 50k to assist them one of my younger one said i should gave them 20k only they have money.
1. Moving out of that rented apartment was by divine and mercy of God as its paved way for deliverance over shackles of poverty,struggle and stagnation troubling your life and prosperity.

2. I see you thinking,reasoning and mentally foreign or European -ward.

3. I see her traditional wedding being met. It's here! The future!

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning pastor,
I dream i enter inside one new building that look like hotel.I was counting money they gave me at the reception.I saw one lady there she was talking to me in a way, so that i will give her money.One of the boy said he will report her then the lady was afraid.The key i collect from them i use it to open the door, and the next room close to me one of my friends was there.When i came out i saw one of my friend car and other friend of mine brought a new convertible car.I was looking at it because the car is too fine.Later i left the place and i told my wife to come she refuse and i left there.

2nd dream
I dream one of my sister was holding wine she told me she bought wine for my elder brother he did not accept it,that maybe he think he use it to do sacrifice for him.I laugh and said i bought for him when i wanted to do my wedding but i was seeing my elder brother and her wife discussing from far.

3rd dream
My younger one dream one water tap was inside my house, and one man open the water tap. Dirty water ,snail,scorpion,cowries, and different things was coming out from the water tap later the water tap was clean.
He saw some young boys coming to my house, and he was calling me to come and see this boys if i known them that the man that clean the water tap said they are the one that put all those dirty before that they are coming to put it again.

4th dream
I dream i enter one house and i saw one of my friend inside the house with his brother.The house was rough not floor and the roof was linking and my friend was using cartoon as bed to sleep.I ask him is this where u are living,i said to myself i can not sleep in this kind of house then i left there.
1. You must keep your financial life, success and prosperity to yourself and make it an extremely private and personal,indoor affair.

2. Within your family circle you are seen and consider safe to deal with or trust, spiritually and physically, and otherwise!

3. I see household,environment enemies whose aim is to destroy,pollute and terminate or conterminate every good things therefore you must take it upon yourself to pray against them, and physically watch out for them or trust none in that environment.

4. You have plenty and countless reason to appreciate and be thankful to God daily for his blessings, and life he's given you. Because of your friends you consider better than yourself are way,far below expectations. Be thankful all the time but never look down on any. .. of your friends.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank u pastor.