John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Good morning Sir.

1.I was working for someone the person came to call me that I should help him to push a car after I saw one anty from my village and another one from my former area call my name that my wife just delivered I said yes.she said she is coming that she send my wife to buy soup ingredients for her.

2.I was unconscious talking with someone that God can work on you within 2week and make you a billionaire. then some head of market women pass over me then I woke up.I went to fetch water in a cup for my late father to of my sister was saying I left her to give my parents water I said what does she expect.

2.I wrote an application letter on a carton and mark it 60% a lady in my former school said I should write it again and submit with all my documents but the pen I wanted to use was not good.I borrowed another pen I still could not write the application.
1. Rebuke any and every attempt or act of allowing yourself and your wife, family of being used at will, or enslave by anyone no matter how old, or how much you respect the person lest your family as a whole become a source of errand for everyone even when it's not convinience,or inappropriate times.
Lastly, you shall wage war against any man, woman that derives joy in enslaving your household, physically and otherwise.

Note : this is more of physical war!

2. Indeed, your life is a living testimony : from zero to heroe, from nothing to something and from nobody to somebody.

3. The lord warned, ' that thing you want to step into or consider, or whatever endeavor you striving for? When it's obvious it's not forth coming nor have a tag of successful from the beginning even after several attempts? Don't waste your time, don't risk it (except the holy spirit insist) lest failure bounce on you.

Lastly, you shall wage war against unprofitable endeavor, and against failure.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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