John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Good morning pastor I had a dream that someone packed car near my house than come in to visit me with a baby and left with the baby inside the car again next scene I was coming inside my compound I saw my baby shoe with a long pole on the roof.

Bless u
Be security conscious especially at this time of the year where kidnappers and ritualist are all over the town.

Be wary and keep your eyes on your baby and family as a whole.

I pray the ritualist will not kidnap, rob you of your beautiful baby in jesus name.

Be on alert and trust no strangers,especially at this period of the year.
Reap psalm 91 on behalf of that beautiful baby and use it to pray for him/her often.

Bless you.
Kindly help sir.i had a dream I and my wife where in a house with my former friends they brought hot indomie and egg I told them to eat it.i went to the sitting room with my wife and i told her about one duplex that was lease out in my former environment we had some people singing praises we joined them then the pastor came with a microphone in is hand and touch my head and said I use to have some movement in my head I said yes and said something about my marriage too and left someone sitting on a wheelchair beside me was complaining that he has taken manner water or something and some people come to protest and left before the pastor left.

2.Two dwarf where fighting I was trying to separate them one beat the other and face me with a cutlass and i use iron rod to fight him and collect all his weapon later I saw two women pass beside me one was naked putting only top before I woke up.

3.I was in my former company they wanted to give me a contract paper so they took the paper to the HR officer to sign after they call me to come and sign I wanted to go back because I was on towel but I saw some people with only rappers so I followed them and two guy where telling me something I did I told them to forget it.
1. Be wary of old/new friends that want to draw your life aback or into worldliness.
In essence, the lord said every embargo, limitation in your life, progress and marriage has been removed hence I see you possessing your possession.
I see you financial life,life and marriage upgrading,and I see you moving into a new/better apartment if not yours.

2. The lord has caused confusion into the camp of your enemies(witchcraft) and disgraced them for your sake.
I can see how you've take your prayers serious this days.
Congratulations this is, indeed a powerful,landslide victory over witchcraft powers terrorising your life.

3. The lord said every power and infliction of shame/retrogression has been disgraced over your life.

Bless you.
Bless you sir I had a dream I was in a white building an engineer came to ask someone bolts the person ask me to look for the bolts I was looking for the bolts for a very long time before I saw a bolt that looks like what the engineer want and give them then i open a door i saw my mum i left to meet some guys in another department in my field having a meeting and i told them i admire them then i left the building on my way bark i could not locate the building again i saw a guy on the way he gave me something like pillow with something like milk coming out of it i was licking it and looking for the buildings before i woke up.

2.I was watching TV showing a soldier talking and someone was eating on the table near me afterwards I took his plates to the kitchen.
1. This is spirit of lust, confusion and distraction.
The lord warned to be wary of these and stop worshipping/respecting people more than they ought to be respected,beyond common ground-especially in your work place and among family member.

2. Obviously the lord is referring to the above message again as this(one)balanced it.

Stop being intimidated by people or what you see.
Stop allowing people intimidate you, and submitting yourself to the authority of mortal man all because of fear or intimidation.
Fear God alone, don't, stop submitting/enslaving yourself to mere human out of fear and intimidation.

Fear none but God.
That being said,doesn't mean you should go about disrespecting people or...

Bless you.
Complement of the season Sir.i had a dream I was with one of the DG that was arrested for money laundering inside the prison and I was telling him to make friend with one of the governor that is close to the president and return his loots.

2. I dreamt i and my baby where on a canoe in a river crossing then we saw rocks in the river and i saw a naked man walking out of the river.
1. No sinner shall go unpunished but repentance and confession can save a sinner.
In essence, the lord said for him to be free and discharge he must do as you suggested in the dream. That's his only way out.

2. Pray (often) for that child against marine influence/husband.
Most importantly the lord warned that you must be wary of where you take that child to...for keeping or....

Bless you.
Thank you Sir I had a dream that I and my family where in a big house with a garden owned by a man and his wife.his wife come out to tell him something and he went to tell the gardener something I followed I took my baby and followed him to where the gardener was and my baby ploughed some green leaves.
The lord is about bless/connect this family as a whole.

Well, he also assured journey mercy if you decide to travel home or anyway for the holidays.

And yes, I see peace, love,prosperity and harmony all around-reigning in this family.

Bless you.