John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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1.i had a dream familiar girl pack car in front of me I open the door and was talking with her and her mum came around like I didn't allowed her mum to see me.later I was about sleeping and another girl was beside me talking and opening her legs as I was about touching her something like a black wire was twisting my left fingers so I poured anointing oil on it and on the girl too the other girl that looked familiar also came bark and wanted to attack me and I opened another anointing oil so they left I was about pursuing them one man came and said that I should please he gave them power then I woke up.

2.i dream I went to my bathroom and found my former room mate naked using my baby disinfectant I checked I didn't see any water in bathroom to take my bath then I woke up.
1. I see agent of marine being sent to hunt/lust you. But I see the failing over your marriage, life, soul et al.

Be be wary of lust, the evil/marine kingdom is all out to hunt you, lust you. But careful of strange ladies around and don't fall for lust lest...?
Anyway, the lord assured he's with you but be wary and watch.

2. This is serious. Spirit of lust, and agent of marine kingdom are after you to rob you of your salvation(they are succeeding), deliverance, and lust you in other to inflict you with spiritual/physical retrogression.

This is serious as (asap) you must rise up on your feet(2nights) and wage war against the spirit of lust,agent of darkness, kingdom of marine over your life,deliverance/salvation and soul. With psalm 119,91 and 27,8.

Bless you
Please had a dream I was passing by and I saw some people working with shovel with plenty sand gathered around them.
Pray this prayer :
I and my family, loved ones shall not be bury before the end year(and beyond) of this year.

Bless you.
Kindly help sir.i had a dream I was in a police station with the present IG and some police officers later some people come in to report each other then they started fighting their self with knife then I came out 2 people hold my legs I push them away some one again want to sell shoe for me I said I have mine.
Pray that as the year draw to an end you don't experience, encounter anything that will cause you to visit police station.

As I see a serious fight/misunderstand before you such that, If case isn't taken or stop with prayers asap may involve the police.

May you not be find in the police custody when your should celebrating the new year/xmas with your family in jesus name. Even after the holidays. Amen.

Bless you.
1.i had a dream I was in a house my clothes were dirty I call a girl inside and touch her Brest is like she cant talk and she left and I was went to buy soap from a shop to wash my cloths.
Don't take advantage of the helpless especially when your wife isn't around and you feel lonely.
Be wary of lust as I see spirit of lust and temptation.

Why indulge in such filthy act when you know that it's detestable to God only to now repent later.
It's called "known or deliberate sin". Mind you such sin will not go unpunished because it's deliberate .

Above all flee from sin/filthy act of lust lest you draw the wrath of God.

Bless you
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Kindly help sir.i had a dream I was clearing some mud and fallen branches of tree from a land later I saw my washed clothes that fell from hanger on one side and was cover with the tree branch's so i pick all the cloths and put them inside a blue bag and other clothes that looks like am not using again to use them for rag and I hard one of my small cousin passing so I told him to take the clothes home for me while I continue clearing the land.
Indeed it's a lord work to lead a holy life and work hard (daily) to maintain your relationship with jesus. But As you continue to endure, tame the soil/land of your(life) holiness and lead a life devoid of sin the lord, will through this prevent every form of shame and prevent you from being trample shame along with your grace.

Bless you.