John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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I has this dreams some time wife want to burn some of my clothes in the house I collected the lighter and told her to stop.

2. I dreamt my wife want to take my baby away I run after her and collect my baby back so she said she is going.

3.i dream I and my wife where in a room she said I should sleep with her I said no I went to urinate she said she is going we started argue before I woke up.

4. i had a dream I was in a shop like drycleaners shop and was charging my phone 2 guys where there one left remains me and one guy a woman came with jeep I thought she will call my number to talk to the other guy so that when it rings I will pick because is like I was looking for my phone but she called the dry-cleaner guy phone direct.then I woke up.

5.i dreamt I wanted to join navy and a man came and said the rank they gave me is higher than my certificate they told him is the commandant that said so then he said he will go and ask him then he took my documents and went in as I was there i saw they wanted to make an helicopter to fly but it couldn't fly yet.
1. She wasn't a good wife then,and you had to correct her with a lot of things.

Note : this is why I don't often encourage past revelations.

2. This marriage would have crash if not for God.
I hope this is one of your past dream too,she's changed now?

3. You must be able to live up to your responsibilities (as husband) on bed with your wife lest she lose interest in this marriage or you.
Create time for her and don't deny her her right. If you know what I mean?

4. Whenever you find yourself don't be distracted or leave your valuables behind even if the place is secure lest you lost them and regret your actions-disappointed.

5. The lord said, every enemy of your progress, blessing and upliftment shall be frustrated. Be it in your place of work or otherwise. As the lord shall give enemy of your progress work to do so that it won't have time to frustrate you on the day of your glory/upliftment.

Bless you
I had a dream I want to a place to look for a house to rent and I meet a lady outside I went in everybody inside were sleeping and came out to see people sleeping the lady try to wake them up I told her don't worry then I went ahead a bit I saw some people selling bread and another selling pounded yam I bought the pounded yam and vegetables paid and started eating the shop owner went in and her helper gave some money to someone beside me the person rap it in her clothes but when she stood it was a man with a bag.

2.I came out of a gate the security guy was holding 2 black dogs with chain we saw some crates of egg on the way the person with me pick a crates I couldn't pick because the dogs where blocking me so we left there then I woke up

Bless you Sir.
1. Be wary of the kind of apartment/house patronise or move into. Most importantly pray and hear from God before you pay/move into a house the environment may not be good, could be a place where people's glory sleeps.

In essence, you must dispose, wage war against that attack and destroy it soul.
As pounded yam,vegetable signifies witchcraft attack/infliction. Mind you this is to render your glory slugglish and/or cause it to sleep.

2. Deliverance from strong man, intimidators and slavery are not enough there is need to take back what it/they took from you.

Indeed, the lord had delivered you from every limitation, slavery, strong and powers holding your destiny to ransom but focus your prayers now on taking back every you lost, they took from you.

Bless you
Kindly help Sir.i had a dream I was working in a powder milk company my former neighbour gave me is business card to see him and some people gathered at the powder milk machine I was using I drove them away they took a tin of milk away i pursued them and collected it back saw some powder milk in my mouth as I was going back to the mechine I saw one of my former co worker coming then I woke up.
If things are going smoothly for you and you make it BIG expect distraction, people to troop around you hence retrogression ,implication descend on you as you succumb to every need.

The lord said, that when things are going well for you and life become more rewarding be wary of (the old) people who comes around to distract, lure you away in other to (subconsciously/consciously) rob you of your peace and remove you from your seat of blessing/honour.

Bless you.
Kindly help Sir.i had a dream I was in a house with 2 of my cousin I woke up in the dream seeing they where sleeping in the parlour and did not lock the door so I was about locking when 2robbers come in with iron i use cutlass on 1 robber while my cousin ware beating the other one.
Bless You
It's called " rewaken the sleeping giant"
The lord said you were all spiritually dead, weak, ...sleeping, vulnerable and powerless hence the enemies(spiritual robbers) had robbed you of your blessings, valuables et al both spiritually and physically.

But no more as the lord said the sleeping giant, spiritual consciousness has been rewaken. Hence every spiritual/blessing/valuables robbers is been confronted and disposed.

Both your spiritual/physical security/grace and blessing has been restored now ,and intact hence I see breakthrough, blessing et al and spiritual/physical security intact and manifestation.
Congrats to all of you,and all thanks to jesus and you for awaken the sleeping giant of your siblings/cousins too.

Bless u
Please help i had a dream I saw a man on bed and a baby boy with fish leg on a chair screaming and another baby girl with fish leg on the ground.
This is indeed strange.

Pray against marine manipulation, influence and presence in your life/home.

In essence,and mostly importantly read psalm 19(once) and joel 2:28(7times) ask the lord to unravel the mystery surrounding this revelation.

Bless you.