John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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I dreаm my friend wife took me on bike she bought biscuits we left there аnd wаs going to buy other things she left me there аs I wаs looking for my wаy bаrk home some guys want to charm and kidnapped me I escape.I went to enter a bus the bus took us to a shrine for sacrifice.I saw some people where chained. they use the first two people they could not use me so i ran away.I fought the guards and something took me away from there.I woke up.
What a country, what a cruel world evil everywhere.

This is huge and I we all must learn from this dream.

I see deception, a betrayal, trick, an evil friend, an enemy but a friend in disguise.
Run,run and flee for your dare life.
But, why are your this vulnerable, why do you trust people so much especially friends?
Your life is in danger,someone(a friend or this close) is about to betray you,your trust.

Flee,flee,flee trust no friend or anybody henceforth.
Becareful what u accept from people/friends, be careful what goes into your mouth or given to you to eat, be careful of where u follow friend go. If you could identify this friend? Well. My dear? That's your number enemy. Flee from such NOW before you find in a situation you may never return to tell the story.

Be warned!!
Bless u
Kindly help Sir.i had a dream my baby was feeling fine and I and his mum took him to a man's place when we were leaving we pass a police station and I saw some police with uniform together while some were just walking around and we entered a market to buy vegetables I now asked my wife did we drop baby in herbalist place she said no we drop him in general hospital the I woke up.
This Is a warning to you and wise.
Be wary of whom you handover your child to while you are not around lest his glory/health or body is manipulated/abuse in such a way that it's obvious and have to report the person/case to the police.

Lastly, pray for the health of that child as I see illness/sickness hovering him.

Bless u
Good morning Sir. I had a dream I was fetching water from a well to bath but the water was not too clean and I saw some bucket of water too not too clean and saw bucket full with water in a tap think of taking my bath with it then I woke up.

2.i was sleeping in a room with someone then I woke up was praying and think where am I before I woke up.
1. I can see how you've been struggling to experience the power of God, deliverance and holiness undiluted ,and be trouble no more for the lord has make away for you now.

I see you experiencing undiluted heavens, I see open heavens and power of God undiluted, I see answer prayers ,your total deliverance. I see things getting crystal and your heavens of prayers/grace.

You are about to hear,experience the power of heavens/God in such a manner you never had.

2. You were spiritually death, sleeping, unconscious..
But thanks be to jesus for restoring your back, and re-awaken your heavens and spiritual grace.

Now, your enemies/troubles are in trouble.
Because you are active and alive now spiritually.

Bless u
God bless you sir.i had a dream I was in a room with an army officer I wanted to check his rank he has red neck badge I said is a cornel or major general he now said I even know army ranks and i keep asking about is wife or something's another younger officer came in and they both exchange something in there caps.then I woke up

Thank u sir.
Indeed, just like you are quite conscious of the lords presence in your life/family the lord is as active and much as your consciousness can comprehend but much more though.

I rejoice with you for indeed, you've grown and has developed to a certain and significance level in your spirit life, and indeed the lord too along with that.

Bless u
I had a dream i want to buy shirt in a shop where they sell cloths and shoes and people were rushing to buy the cloth while i saw a friend going to look for job.

Bless u Sir.
Indeed the lord is good and merciful.

I can see you've been crying out to God for a new beginning ,and to turn things around in your life.
Indeed , he's shown mercy and he's about to give you a whole new beginning ,do something new in your life and put on you new garment ,and remove every garment of shame and failure .

But the battle isn't won totally,hence you must intensify on these prayers asking the lord to finish what he's started and manifestation of the on going deliverance .
With psalm 19,isaiah 60,psalm 119.
Congratulations in advance!

Bless you