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Dreams 123
Greetings pastor

1. I dreamt I was sleeping on a bed with a woman who was supposedly my husband. We slept for some time and and then she asked me something I don't remember now, and I said "no you're a witch". I don't know why I said that because she didn't seem like she was doing anything bad. I went back to sleep and later woke up and she was awake already. I asked her if she had been awake the whole night and she said she was as she had things to do, and I said so you were listening to me snore the whole night. She didn't say anything and she was playing with something like an ipad or so and she was smiling. I or someone else asked her something about having children and she said that won't be necessary. Then she was sitting on a chair below the bed and she had this smile on her face while she was looking at something on her hands. She called me to her and said "look how I spread myself in space" and she showed me a picture of her wearing a black witches robe with a hood. Then I realised that I was right when I said she was a witch even though I didn't know per se. I started thinking that all this time I had been sleeping with this person and she is a witch. I started praying saying thank you Holy Spirit repeating. I must have been saying it out loud because my husband woke me.

2. I saw my cousin's mother and she was worried about my cousin. She had a list on a big white board detailing all the sicknesses my cousin was suffering from, and the list was long with a lot of serious deadly diseases. I remember thinking this was so bad because her brother is blind (in the natural) and now this.I seriously was feeling bad and expecting she could die anytime.

3. Then I got a message that my friend's mother had died. Later on I was at my friend'd hometown to attend the funeral and I saw her husband wearing a white shirt and black pants, he was with other men who were wearing the same outfits. He asked me if I knew about my friend's mother and I said yes. He then said OK and he left in a hurry. Then I was standing among people at the funeral and this little girl (maybe 5 or 6 years old) was sitting across from me about 2 metres or so. She looked at me with this evil in her eyes and she stood up and said to me "I don't want you here" and she came straight for me. I realised she had a demon and I started rebuking it in the name of Jesus and this girl kept coming for me as if I was doing nothing. I kept rebuking and she fell on the floor but she struggled back up. It was a strange encounter, I don't remember how it ended.

4. My boss's boss was talking to me as if he was testing me or something. Then he said he has something for me to do,which he explained that he wanted me to convince another lady not to leave work because he had tried but she refused. (This lady I know her from some time back we used to go to the same church, she is always changing jobs moving from place to place, but she doesn't work with us). So I went to speak to her and she was adamant that she was leaving.

5. I dreamt we were asked by my landlord to vacate the flat we live in and occupy another one in the same complex because they were renovating or something. So we moved to this other flat which was the same as the one we vacated. In the new flat there were two fridges, one belonging to me and the other belonging to my husband. The one belonging to me looked newer than the one belonging to my husband. I don't know if there was any food inside. The landlord came and said the other flat will no longer be available for us as the other people decided to stay there. So we thought we just stay where we were. I saw my husband's fridge open and I went to close it.

6. On two dreams over two consecutive days I saw a spot of blood on my underwear, the second was more like diluted/watery.

Thank you
1. Never you for once doubt your spirit man nor your guardian angel. And also rise up to pray if it warns of impending danger or attack such as these one.

2. I see gene-rational curse or affliction. O yes! If the son refuse to tighten up his belt and pray his way out of these gene-rational curse or affliction? His case would be worse than that of his mother- the lord warned!

3. Whatever befall the above family or this one in this dream? Is beyond ordinary as the powers that be, in human form (but demon) is behind it. But the lord said, ' the evil spirit, attacker can be terminate " in the name of Jesus " if that family or whoever is concern embrace it - that's why it was terrified at your presence. That family need a savior, the name of Jesus or someone who can represent christ for her until then?the evil spirit within will have it way.

4. This or that lady? Her case is spiritual.
What's troubling her is called " wandering spirit ".

5. Whatever happens between you and landlord, pleasant or not? Trust God its surely to establish you and your husband and expand you. Infact, it's a blessing, in disguise.

6. It's actually a good sign as it's an opening, preparation for birth, spiritually -- but you can command it to cease.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you sir