John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Dreams 123
1. Blue heavens, white : grace.
You marital grace, manifestation, and the chance to be a mother again been established.

2. TEN - Law and order.

Life hasn't been fair to him ever since he left you for another woman.
Infact, it's been confusing, frustrating,difficult and chaotic all round for him.
But, there is need to for him to search and make a thorough findings about his life and/or where he got it all messed up so that (biblical number) : TEN - Law and order. would be restore back to his life.

What mystery!
Indeed, what goes around comes around..

3. I got so exasperated I stepped outside saying "God does not need/want our help, He can do this all by Himself!".

Indeed. He doesn't.
What a parable. Hence, we must listen to his instructions, obey the holy spirit and refuse to be wise above/before the lord.
In essence, the lord warned you : daughter, listen as I whisper and obey, do not give in to pressures of the flesh or anybody for that matter no matter how highly placed.
My instructions above all that u wanna do or any situation you find yourself.
What a powerful message!!

4. It's called " marine foundation" .
Indeed, there is a connection between the family and marine influence/kingdom.
So much that this family is surrender by them, and so do everything about this family. They so much had their way and almost took your brother especially, you DAD et al away. But through you, and for his mercies over your life the lord rescued and resurrected some members of this family.


I'd suggest you wage war against marine influence in your family, if not often? Atleast once in a while. Even though it's settled. You don't have to anyway!

Bless u
1. Actually they had a blue "urine strip". Praise the Lord!
4. I remember this is the second time this marine foundation comes up. I will pray about it. It just amazes me how dealing with foundational powers seems to be like peeling an onion, it's layers and layers of them. But I thank God they are getting exposed as complicated as they are.

Thank you sir
Greetings in Jesus mighty name

1. I was at my former village with T ( the guy I told Ps about in PM) apparently we were married. There were some members of my family too and my son. We were initially standing by a road. Then we heard that my nephew was in hospital for surgery but it sounded like minor thing though I can't remember what it was. So we decided we would go and see him. Then it started raining and we went to the house to take shelter. At some point we were in the house and I'm not sure if I was praying to God but I was saying that thank you that I conceived right away. As I was saying that I was looking at two tortoises walking on top (by the ceiling) of two cupboards. The reason I say I'm not sure if I was praying is because I could see the face of the person I was talking to and he wasn't pleased even though I was saying thank you. In my mind it was like as I'm talking to this person and telling him this thing the tortoises would move away or something but they kept going up and down on the cupboard. Then I saw my other cousin come towards me wearing a yellow dress. As we were about to enter the house we were now walking on dirty water due to the rain. I picked my son up and we entered the house and they were eating, they were sitting on benches so they shifted to give us room. I said we arrived just in time (in our language, you normally say that if you walk in while people are eating). I heard my father say you don't say that at home (because they'll dish up for you anyway). Then as they were getting the food ready I woke up.

2. I was with some people and my pastor. There was a lot going on, people were coming to my pastor to confess their sins and so forth. Then my pastor told me he has some things to give to me , meaning foodstuffs. I was ashamed that he would want to give me food when I should be the one giving him food. He took me to a cupboard and showed me 3 items: a bag of maize meal, another packet of something which I can't recall now and then he opened another cupboard at the top it was full of containers of cooking oil. There were small and big containers but it was a lot of oil. I exclaimed that with so much oil I won't be buying it for next year or more. After that I went somewhere but it seems like I wanted to talk to my pastor in private to discuss some things. He eventually found time and we went to a secluded area and spoke and came out. But it was like we didn't finish what we were discussing. Another lady came and wanted something from my pastor maybe to report to him what happened after praying as she had been instructed. She then said but at her church they mix and I said yes I know in your church you mix the gospel and other things that's why you sometimes don't get to where you should be (spiritually).

3. A man came holding something like a camera but it could have been a navigator or some other thing. He asked me if I have a cable that fits on it. I took a cable and tried it on the gadget but the cables fit badly. Not sure what happened afterwards.

4. Then I saw my bosses coming on a bus as they had been to Brasil, even the bus they were on was written Brasil. I thought that it was unusual to be coming from Brasil by bus but thought maybe they came from the airport by bus. I saw the plane they were riding on as if it was taking off.
1. The lord said, even though you don't quite belief, and not really expecting something to come out of these.
Even though the coming together of this two shall have it challenges/slippery path, even though (deep within) you wish and expect he was somebody else.
The will of God shall prevail, as I see you both together.
Yes. It might take time for you two to understand the language of each other, to get along and agree with will overcome this challenges, you shall(both) arrive at last.

2. To God be all the glory.
The lord said , you've sowed, sacrificed, paid your dues,prayed, embraced faith(even while the going was tough for you, spiritually/physically) and offerings unto God (the man of God).
Now, it's now time for you reap the fruits of your labour, it's time to be given back ,rewarded your blessing. it's your season of harvest, and the manifestation of the seeds you sowed unto God through your obedient and sacrifice to God(man of God)

Watch out, get prepare as the lord is about to bombard you with blessing, testimonies etc..
Hmm You can't see what I 'm seeing. Wow.

3. Could it be something related to that? Anyway, time will tell.

In essence, the lord said, your grace, heavens and access to the lord's throne can not be share.
Halleluyah!! ! Everyone for his/herself.

Grace is not tradable.

4. This company is going international, it's expanding, connecting.
Could it this for your sake or another opportunity the lord will/want to use lift you up, expand/establish, promote as well,along with the company and /or as the company grows?

Trust me I wouldn't doubt that If I were you!

The lord is here, with you indeed!
Bless u
1. Well the will of God it is then. It is quite pointless to run from the will of God. Jonah tried and almost got innocent people killed. So it shall be as He wills. I'd rather feel wrong while doing the will of God than feel right doing my own if you know what I mean.

2&3 were actually from one dream(no. 2) but no. 2 had many things happening so I just moved the other part to no.3. I'm amazed you could tell. I await the testimonies in Jesus name.

Thank you sir
Greetings Pastor in the wonderful name of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ

1. There was this lady she had children and she was making these beautiful kitchen built-in cupboards. She had a drug problem though addicted to something. I remember looking at the cupboards she was making, the details were exquisite. I'm not sure I've seen that level of craftsmanship anywhere. At some point she painted them white but even as they were in the process of being painted they were beautiful. She didn't give them much time though because she was addicted to drugs.

2. I was with a guy I dated a long time ago and some other guys. He's married now but in the dream it was like he was not yet married and had reservations about marrying the same woman he's married to in the natural. He wanted me to marry him instead. I said to him but this woman already thinks you'll marry her and he was like no he'd rather marry me. (Lord have mercy!)

3. There was some sort of conference where they were discussing insurance. There were lots of people attending but I was standing outside. I was thinking that people are so occupied with insurance they spend so much money on it but God can give you protection. I saw their cards laid out on the side, there were credit cards and cheque cards as if they use them to pay. I think one guy came from inside the conference to speak to me though I'm not sure about what.

4. I saw my ex and his friend walking towards me they had their arms on the back of each other's necks, they were going in the opposite direction towards where I was coming from. I heard my ex telling his friend that his wife does not want to move from where she is, so now he has to spend time and money travelling to and fro from his place of work and the distance is long. So I asked him if he's happy now (that he's where his heart is), he laughed sheepishly. I went to the toilet but when I got there the toilet bowl was not there in fact the floor was closed looked like a ceiling as if the toilet was never there to begin with. I asked what happened to the toilet, the ex's friend replied but I don't remember what he said.

1. The lord asked " what is the essence of glory, potential, gift and anointing without christ?
What is the meaning of motherhood, fulfilment in life while one struggle under addiction and or with his/her life?

Indeed, what a waste, a life without salvation, deliverance, grace and JESUS!

So, the lord say to you today 'NONOP ", you see?
"He who have jesus have everything and is fulfilled"

2. The lord said" much that your marital heavens is widely spread/open . I will cause men to leave their wife/choice(if I so want)for u, I will cause men to make u their number 1 option, I will cause their eyes to fix on you above every other women, I will make them beg to ask for your hand in marriage.
For, I shall cause to become a marital hot cake for all men to troop around, strive for and fight over like you cast a spell on them.
I will cause you beauty to manifest so much that every man that sees u shall have no choice stare at you over and over again.
And when I shall bring these to past, you will have no choice but exclaim " (Lord have mercy!!!)

3. The lord said " NONOP " you need no insurance at all. You life is been insured in me.

What an assurance indeed, what a privilege from the lord. Halleluyah!!!

Oh thank you jesus for the life of your children, under this ministry..

Praise God!!!!

4. Though within your ex seems to be fine but this is contrary to what goes on within, his marriage.

He's like a captive in the hand of the strong (wo)man.
What a pity, he's only happy while and among his friends. What a life!!!

Now, there is a message for you, the lord said " depart from such,do not bother your about him lest he reminds you of you past, lest you are hurt/inflict on retrogressively and you have no place to dispose it/them.
So you see? It's better to stay far away as any attempt to give in might result to psychological trauma, hurt etc which you may not be able to dispose get over this time..

Bless u
2. :D
Thank you sir.
Greetings in the name of our Lord & saviour Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

1. I was somewhere and there were 3 or 4 babies that I was looking after. They were tiny babies newborns, I remember holding one and turning him as if to sit and I was observing how wobbly his body was. I saw some kids who are young now as if they've grown up. I looked at my brother's daughter and her hair needed to be combed so I gave her my comb and told her to fix her hair. There were other kids with combed hair that were standing by.

I woke up after this and prayed. I focused on marine foundational powers. Then I went back to sleep only to encounter one battle after the other.

2. I was in a room and there was a man making wooden boxes. As he was working another man came in and said to the first man he was given the skills of carpentry to advance the kingdom of darkness. Before he said this I realised that the carpenter was an agent of the devil. So the next thing I'm with someone and we started blowing fire into the air towards these two agents. Fire was literally coming out of our mouths. Then I said "fire"! And fire came out of my mouth. Next thing I couldn't move or talk. I could see myself that I'm sleeping and struggling to fight but it was like i was literally locked down. It was a horrible experience. I woke up. I realised i had been sleeping with my arms crossed tightly at my chest and my mouth closed tightly with my hand.

3. I was now in what looked like a house with my family. The building looked like it was made of the materials that are used to make tents. Even the floors were like that although they were padded. The whole structure was multi storied and it looked like a commercial building. But inside there were multiple bedrooms like a normal house. Then my siblings were going somewhere, maybe school I'm not sure but they were all leaving the house. But instead of walking they were riding zip lines that you find in adventure camps, each one on their own. After they left I found out that we as a family have to deal with a child who was basically an adopted child but so problematic. He got into all sorts of trouble in the process terrorising everyone in the family. Though it's not clear now someone was wondering what the local politician was now doing at our house as if we had previously not been affiliated with that politician. There are many things that had to do with the boy but I don't remember them.

4. I was in a place with many people like a market or so. I was with someone. Then I saw a car (pick-up) with people at the back. I somehow realised it was sent for my harm, I pointed at it and said "back to the sender!", the car turned around and flew out of the place. I saw a ball coming my way and I waved my hand and it changed direction. At this point people were standing watching me as if I'm a magician or something. Another car came but it was not coming to me so I said back to the sender and it kept going where it was going. I got other things coming my way and I was sending them back and they were turning around and going back. It was a spectacle. From here dream 5 followed.

5. I was with someone and we decided to find a place to sit down and eat. We went to a room which looked like a car garage and had no windows only the large door. We went towards the back we were going to sit down on the floor, but I had a "vision" that there was a snake where we were going to sit. Indeed when we looked there was a snake. I told my companion that we should leave the place. As we were leaving I told her about the vision I had and even about the type and colour of the snake that it was exactly as the Lord showed it to me. We found a place with a tent and many people sitting under the tent and they were eating chicken and dumplings, apparently it was a function. But the chicken was the takeaway type sold locally and I was now wondering how come they had not cooked the chicken themselves like it's normally done when there's a function. There was a large vat where the chicken was, there was so much of the chicken that I asked how many chickens were slaughtered. Someone said 6000 chickens were slaughtered for the function. We sat down and we got served the chicken and dumplings. I'm not sure if I ate.

Thank you
1. A good, caring and wonderful mother you are, hence will become one again.

It's also called " heaven on earth ; peach, grace, blessing, joy, fulfilment, happiness etc
Hence the bible referred us to the book of,...and it says ;

â—„ Matthew 19:14 â–º
Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."

2. Hebrews 4:13

And no creature is hidden from his sight, but all are naked and exposed to the eyes of him to whom we must give account.

Luke 8:17

For nothing is hidden that will not be made manifest, nor is anything secret that will not be known and come to light.

You that instrument of change, that will expose, dispose and set cause chaos in the evil kingdom.
But, patient, growth is needed as the lord said you fire(spiritual altitude) isn't fit yet.
I will use u to expose, fight and set evil kingdom on fire but not yet, you are not fit yet you need more power, courage and or fire.

3. None of this family members must go into politics nor practice(in any form) it lest it unleach/adopt the beast into the family.
I hope you understand? The adopted child is the (troublesome)beast, and the beast it politics.
I wonder why the lord would emphasise on this..? Hmm

4. Halleluyah!!
These are the verses the lord referred you to ;

â—„ 1 John 4:4 â–º
You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.

â—„ Isaiah 40:30-31 â–º
Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; But they that wait on the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

â—„ Isaiah 49:25 â–º
But this is what the LORD says: "Yes, captives will be taken from warriors, and plunder retrieved from the fierce; I will contend with those who contend with you, and your children I will save.

Spiritual consciousness, discernment, alertness, insight...power to see vision, perceive, expose, dispose and set evil kingdom on fire has been bestowed upon you.
No wonder the lord also referred you to the book of..,and he says :
â—„ Micah 5:9 â–º
Your hand will be lifted up in triumph over your enemies, and all your foes will be destroyed.

Luke 8:17
For nothing is hidden that will not be made manifest, nor is anything secret that will not be known and come to light.

Halleluyah! Indeed, you are more than a conqueror!!

5. Luke 8:17
For nothing is hidden that will not be made manifest, nor is anything secret that will not be known and come to light.

Wow. Wow. Wow.
I see his anointed one here, a visonist
Be in a party, social gathering, among friends, family etc..?
The lord said, every evil agenda against you, to take your life, inflict you, attack you, set you up or poison would be make known to you. As the lord has established spirit of spiritual/physical, discernment, consciousness, insight and or vision.
Wow. Indeed, he that keepth you shall not slumber..
Even though you walk through the valley and shadow of death your shall fear no evil for every hiding thing shall be expose, unravel before you.

All these for one person? Wow. Wow. Wow.

What a merciful, wonderful jesus we serve!
Short of words*

Bless u