John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Dreams 123
Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord & saviour Jesus Christ

1. I was in a very big shop and apparently there was a sale on toilet paper. But I remembered that I have it at home because i bought it while it was on sale (true in the natural ). Then it was like there was a man who was preaching and he called everyone to come outside of the shop. As i was going i saw a pack of toilet paper lying on the floor and i thought it was mine, but i didnt take it. There were many young people. Now outside it seemed like it was a church service. The preacher was talking about something related to the youth. Then people dispersed some went back to the shop I went elsewhere.

2. I was washing myself in what looked like a spring. As I was washing I was thinking about my ex and all that he did. When I finished I opened a stopper as if it was a bath tub but the drain was a large hole. The dirty water went down the drain. I closed it again and I knew that new water would spring up again after closing it.

3. I was with my parents and it seemed like my mother had a lot of money that she got from somewhere. She wanted to buy another car (a van) and my father was saying he didn't see the need to buy another car.

4. I was with my son in a place that looked like a block of flats. I was supposed to move in to one of the flats but apparently the keys or something were not available. They were supposed to come from another city but they had not come. I went to a neighbouring flat and knocked on the door and a man opened the door. I told him the story and he was willing to help though I'm not sure what happened next.

5. I was with my son and the lady who looks after him. We were at a train station and then we saw the high end commuter train (best commuter train in the country) as if passing by. Then we were inside the train and I was asking the lady if she'd been on this train she said yes. I remembered that she had ridden the train when she first came to my place. (In the natural we came in a car the first time she came).

Thank you
1. You need not run around from one church to another.
From one preacher to another, from one deliverance to another,from one pastor to another.... Stay put. You have all these in abundance already.

2. Indeed, you've just washed away your past, pain and bitterness , anger against your ex.
The lord have just disposed/washed these trauma and everything that reminds u of him, makes you curse him indirectly.
But, there is need to let it all drain away lest this pain/past string up again.
Meaning, you have a bit role to play naturally. The lord has indeed played his part now.

3. You father has been a barrier on mother's potentials /glory.

4. Whether you are planning to move to a new apartment or not. I see you moving, I see help coming for you when you think all hope is lost.
I see men struggle for you sake, all over you.

5. I see the glory of God, blessing, honour, joy and grace over shadowing you, and everything about/around you.

I see a whole new level of joy, experience, exploration/movement in this family.
Do I perceive a journey or something new? Yes. Yes. Yes.

in essence, its called ' new level/experience of life, joy and fulfilment.

Bless u
Thank you sir
Greetings Pastor in the name of our Lord & saviour Jesus Christ

1. I was going on the road from the small town towards my old village. It had rained heavily and the gravel road was extremely muddy. The first thing I did I saw a puddle of water on the road and I could see that there was a drainage that was dug but it was blocked by mud. So I removed the mud and the water flowed out of the road. Some people who saw me do this came to me and asked if I had a house in the area what is my interest in removing the puddle from the road. I told them I don't have a house there, they didn't believe me. I left and continued towards the village. On the way the road was really muddy but where I was going it was dry I can't explain it well. I met a truck it was going the opposite direction to me and when it got to the corner it was too muddy and it slipped and capsized. I think I told some people I met after that that the truck had capsized due to mud.

2. I was in a town close to the city where I used to live last year. I was going to a newspaper company to put an application to be an editor. On the way I saw many people going in the same direction I was going, many of them white men. It was like we were walking in a mall. I got to the company and spoke to the owner but I'm not sure about what. There were other people who came to apply for the job. I'm not sure why I applied because I knew that what they do is not in my line of work and I had no experience. So the owner made a decision she decided to take another lady who had been running a small publication in a small town. We were happy for her because we thought that she deserved it after working so hard on the small newspaper. Then the owner called me and showed me the answers to the test she had made us write. It was something about financial ratios and I had apparently done very well on the test. She showed my answers and the expected answers and they matched quite closely. Then someone was showing me something about a dough mixer and she was telling me about the different bowl sizes. I'm not really sure what it was all about.

3. I was with my colleague and we were in the office where our former boss now works. I saw the ex boss in her office and next to it was another office and there was a man inside. There were lots of offices and a long corridor. The floor had a carpet in the offices and the corridor. Then we did what we came to do and we left. We went to another part of the building and as we split. I finished what I was doing first and when I was about to go I went to look for my colleague and she was doing something not sure what now. Then we left that place and I now met with my ex's sister. I wanted to get my dishes and pots from her. She took us somewhere and I went to a cupboard and got my dishes out but I didn't see the pots. So I asked her in a panic where my pots are and she pointed another side of the cupboard and I opened and I found them. There were two sets. (In the natural I had asked for my dishes and pots that I left when I moved to be sent to her because she's closer to where I am, but it's only one set of pots). I spoke to her about the recent loss of her mother in law and she was feeling quite sad and said she missed her. Then it was time for us to go. I looked at the place we were and thought the way out was towards the north but my colleague said no its towards the south so we went and indeed the landmarks were there as I had noted when we came in. So we were in the right road. We got to the road and it was next to a school. And there were signs which pointed to different places one of them pointed to a private airport and another one pointed elsewhere. Then the scene changed it was as if I was standing on a mountain or hilltop with my ex. Across from us were two roads that were built on a hillside they were winding and looked dangerous going up the hill. He said he wanted to take the one to the airport but it was one of the bad winding roads on the hill across though it started where we were. I said but we can't use that road because it's going to a private airport, we need to go to a commercial airport, but I couldn't see a sign to the other airport. I'm not sure what he did but I went towards the opposite direction.

Thank you
1. The lord said, you've been anointed/established to (develop:) deliver and redeem you foundation from infliction of poverty, stagnancy, manipulation, suffering, backwardness,sorrow, witchcraft dominance et al..
But,and he said again, daughter do you think they will embrace you? Hence the lord referred you to the book of...and it says :

â—„ Matthew 13:57â—„

And they took offense at him. But Jesus said to them, "A prophet is not without honor except in his own town and in his own home."

I see your love, passion and desire to bring about salvation and restoration of glory to your foundation/family but, will they embrace this new life/gospel? There lies the question ! Hmmm

2. Favour, honour, favour and heavens of grace is all I see over you, and /or on whatever you lay your hands upon.

The lord said, success abound and dwell with you. There is no failure nor disappointment in your life anymore.
In essence, go ahead, dare anything, go for it and see how success will overshadow you from coast to coast. The lord said, you and failure/disappointment no longer have anything in common as many, & as many struggle to reach the top you will with ease. Because you've been favoured.

The only disappointment that's likely to surface would be that of testimony and reason to justify that that particular thing isn't meant for. Success, favour and honour walks, wine, sleep and dine with you now.

Wow. Unbelievable!!

3. â—„ Hebrews 11:1 â–º
Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.

The lord said, you destiny was build on faith from the womb.
Perhaps somebody led you to your ex or you chose him by yourself.

But listen to this, you've always strived and stand alone in what u do from the day u were born ; that's your destiny; to be in total control

The lord said, just like your friend and ex, you've allowed those around you to control, influence your life and decisions(perhaps in your past now?) which has caused more damaged than good.

This has led to confusion, lost of priority ,lack of concentration, determination and or direction.

This caused you so much, you allowed this man, people around you manipulate your destiny and determine your next line of action or the path to follow in life.

Above all, it's time to stop this if you are still permitting it. The lord have always helped you make better and more rewarding decision for yourself. You've always known what u want and how to go about it : this is how your destiny was designed from the womb.

In you glory/within you lies the power to be (self made) successful/possess your possession without the input or help from nobody.

You are to lead and not be a follower.
You are the head not the tail.
You destiny is blessed from the womb.
Success dwells in you but because of ignorance you allowed those around you to control you life and leave u at the cross road of confusion/lost of priority.

For today, the lord unravel your destiny and how to sustain and go about maintaining its sustainability and expansion.

Bless u
Thank you pastor
Greetings in Jesus mighty name

I needed to get somewhere (maybe a job) and I needed to write a test and do other things to qualify. I wrote it and I passed and my cousin and her husband assisted me to get whatever it was like a prize of some sort and i got in. My cousin was amazed that I passed the test and the things which were required for me to do were waived. Then as I was coming out of some place my cousin's husband called me and gave me a hug and congratulated me. I then joined them to go out. I saw their daughter who is currently studying in Australia but in the dream she was back for a while. I poked her arm and she looked at me and I asked her how is Australia, she kept saying "what?" She did this about 3 times. I eventually got closer to her and she said oh its fine but she's coming back to finish her studies here. She said her parents have asked her to come back. Then my cousin and her husband got really angry and asked her "did we say you must come back or you did that by yourself? " The daughter (i'll call her KD) insisted that she's coming back. Then I asked her if she's back as of now she said no she's going to go back and write exams she will return after the exams on the 11th of November. Then I asked her about her boyfriend Adam. She said she would have to leave him there but she doesn't know how she'll do it because she loves him. But Adam is here now they came together for a visit. Then I jokingly said to her she must pay a bride price to get him to come stay with her. Then I was in a car with KD and Adam seated at the front and I took the back seat. Some other things happened I'm not sure now. Next thing Adam leans back and snuggles up on me. He continues talking as if nothing is wrong. KD says nothing. I got this mental picture of KD rowing a small boat as if she doesn't want to do it but she's doing it because that's what Adam wants. In that mental picture she's almost enslaved to do this guy's bidding. After some time I tell Adam to stop snuggling up to me. We were now out of the car and at a station with my cousin and her husband and maybe my brother who comes after me. We were talking and all of a sudden Adam appears with a gun, those with long barrels. He is threatening to shoot us. He went past us to the other side and starts shooting at first not towards us. I start to challenge him and he points the gun at me and shoots. But I see the bullet coming out and I dive down to dodge it. I raise my hands as if to protect someone. I check my hands they are fine. I don't know how i manage to subdue him and I got him on the floor and and whipped him on the face (im not sure what i used ) until he was red (he's white). As I was whipping him I learned that he's a right winger (I'm not sure what that is actually I know it's something to do with politics ) and he came to the country to unleash terror upon the people. In fact he's planning to come commit mass killings while he's visiting my cousin's family. The whole point of dating KD was to gain access to the country. It was unbelievably appalling. I told him to go buy a ticket now and leave the country. Someone said he's got a ticket already they showed it to me. I let him loose and he stood up and tried to hit me back but he somehow couldn't. I woke up.

Thank you
I needed to get somewhere (maybe a job) and I needed to write a test and do other things to qualify. I wrote it and I passed and my cousin and her husband assisted me to get whatever it was like a prize of some sort and i got in. My cousin was amazed that I passed the test and the things which were required for me to do were waived.

@the bold ; The lord said,whatever/anything that you lay your hand upon will be successful, you will be favour and honour.

All you struggles are no over.
You won't have to struggle to possess your possession, to be successful and honour. For, with ease success/favour shall come to you.

Secondly, the lord said, you marital slavery is over.
The lord have given you power to trample and silence you marital captors/slavery.

Lastly, KD needs some serious prayers and counselling.
KD is associating herself with wrong people/GUYS over there in Australia.
The path, way of life she's living in Australia is dangerous.

Bless u
Thank you Jesus! I have to admit it felt so good to whip that guy :-). I thank the Lord for His mercies.

Thank you sir
Greetings in the name of our Lord & saviour Jesus Christ

1. I was with several women it may have been at the hospital but I'm not sure. We were looking at different sizes of disposable diapers. There were smaller ones for newborns but they were pants the following size was for 1 to 3 months they were also the pant type. The third size was 4 months and above. It was a normal shape that is open. But what was strange about them is that they were plain white (normally they have colours and designs). I was examining them not sure for what purpose.

2. My ex was looking for a car. He was at a dealership and they gave him one to test drive. I'm not sure if he asked me to help him choose but I was helping him to decide. They gave him specifications of the car and asked him to look over and decide. It was like there was a break from this dream. The next scene it was like something that is now happening the following day. We were at the dealer again and he took the car he was test driving previously and asked some questions about it. But when I looked at it it looked old and unsuitable for the price they were asking for it. Then he asked for another one. But this time it seemed like now he was looking for shoes although we were still at car dealers. They brought him a pair to fit and he put the socks on and put the shoes on but they didn't fit properly they were a bit small and they didn't look good on him. I told him they don't fit very well. Then they gave him another car but it was almost twice as expensive as he was willing to pay. But it was newer and nicer. The dealer brought out 3 or so files and told him to look there for whatever was the right fit for him now referring to a car. Then they gave us a map of the town we used to live and said we must find what is suitable for him there as if the cars were in different locations. I asked them how are we going to know which house has a car. They said all the houses with cars have been numbered 10. The map was as large as a room and it was spread out on the floor. It looked like 3d pictures like we were on Google earth. So my ex started the painstaking process of marking all the houses as indicated by the number 10. The dealer told us we would look on the file and if what we see on the file fits my ex's needs we would then have to look on the map to find it. I found the whole process extremely frustrating. I was thinking how easy I was able to buy a car but why was it so difficult for him.

3. I was with my ex's brother and his wife and we were doing something which I can't recall now. But they were saying I must do it one way and I wanted to do it another way because that's how God wants it done. They were adamant that I could do this another way, I got so exasperated I stepped outside saying "God does not need/want our help, He can do this all by Himself!".

4. I can't remember how this dream started. But it was like we (my parents and my siblings) had just bought a plot and built houses there but they were still being built. We bought sand and stones and the trucks came to deliver them on the yard. In the end the yard was full of piles of sand and I was thinking that once we are done with building there will be so much space. There were maybe 3 houses on the yard. There was a river running at the bottom of the yard. I saw my eldest brother and his wife coming from the direction of the river holding hands (a rare sight indeed), and it was like they were coming from taking a bath. But they were dressed nicely, the wife had a cream white suit and a nice hat (as if going to a wedding or something). I asked them where they had taken a bath, they pointed at the river, I saw that someone was also taking a bath there (one of my younger brothers ). I saw the water was running and had a greenish tinge like an ocean. There was also a pond or swimming pool in the middle of the yard and the water was crystal clear. My father was lying at the bottom of this pool facing up for a long time. In fact while I was observing my oldest brother and his wife my father was already lying at the bottom of this pool. It was as if he was dead. But no one seemed to be worried although I don't know how he was breathing. Then I said why is he lying in the water like that. He woke up and raised himself from the water.

Thank you