John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Dreams 123
1. Powers of the grave from your father's house dug a hole to swallow your son but to the glory of God they failed woefully. Indeed, he shall not die but live to declare the glory of God in the land of the living.

Thank you Jesus !

2.'s not just your son after all as they also aimed to hijack the fountain of peace and harmony of the whole family by disconnecting you all and your heavens. But again, they failed.

3. The lord warned strongly, your relationship with the client or clients should strictly remain official and nothing more especially when you are being indirectly or directly compel to please a client beyond job ethnic or against your will,what you are not confortable with. The lord warned that doing so is like indirectly being confined or enslaved such that would be difficult to come out of.

4. Many are being led to their early graves,to HELL fire,astrayed and into the path of destruction in that country in the name of gospel of Christ yet they see not these and keep falling. But surely, it would take great boldness and divine anointing like in the day of john the Baptist to expose these evils and wickedness in that country.

Yes, maybe someone like you can speak up against those fake churches,doctrine of Christ but of the devil,and demonic prophets and satanic gospel so that those blind ones can see the light ?? But I can still a bit of fear in you. But who shall save those ones now, who can show them the light and lead them away from those fake and demonic pastors and churches in that country ?? Hmmm.. Yes, I see you rising to fight them,expose their evil works and satanic gospel.

5. That wasn't a dream but another deliverance from spiritual worms/flesh eaters,blood suckers...devourers.
Of course, you know them as they are not new to you. But I give God the glory for another deliverance.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Greetings pastor and thank you for the interpretation above

I dreamt I was with some people, a family I think. I think they were fighting me. One of them came to my house and went back without doing anything. They told me that they saw my guardian angel and the angel would not allow them to pass through to me, as they were talking I saw something like a lightning flash. They tried other times but they told me that they were stopped by the angel and they were asked why they were coming to my house and as long as they were there to fight me the angel blocked them. I didn't see the angel but those people could.

Thank you
Your dream is as crystal as it came. Its self explanatory and straight forward. Yes, many and countless times the enemies , powers of your Father's house and round about you had tried to penetrate and attack you, your home but he who keeps you does not slumber neither does he sleeps.

Surely, no weapon fashioned against you and your household ( home) shall prosper.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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