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Dreams 123
Greetings pastor

1. I dreamt I was sleeping on a bed with a woman who was supposedly my husband. We slept for some time and and then she asked me something I don't remember now, and I said "no you're a witch". I don't know why I said that because she didn't seem like she was doing anything bad. I went back to sleep and later woke up and she was awake already. I asked her if she had been awake the whole night and she said she was as she had things to do, and I said so you were listening to me snore the whole night. She didn't say anything and she was playing with something like an ipad or so and she was smiling. I or someone else asked her something about having children and she said that won't be necessary. Then she was sitting on a chair below the bed and she had this smile on her face while she was looking at something on her hands. She called me to her and said "look how I spread myself in space" and she showed me a picture of her wearing a black witches robe with a hood. Then I realised that I was right when I said she was a witch even though I didn't know per se. I started thinking that all this time I had been sleeping with this person and she is a witch. I started praying saying thank you Holy Spirit repeating. I must have been saying it out loud because my husband woke me.

2. I saw my cousin's mother and she was worried about my cousin. She had a list on a big white board detailing all the sicknesses my cousin was suffering from, and the list was long with a lot of serious deadly diseases. I remember thinking this was so bad because her brother is blind (in the natural) and now this.I seriously was feeling bad and expecting she could die anytime.

3. Then I got a message that my friend's mother had died. Later on I was at my friend'd hometown to attend the funeral and I saw her husband wearing a white shirt and black pants, he was with other men who were wearing the same outfits. He asked me if I knew about my friend's mother and I said yes. He then said OK and he left in a hurry. Then I was standing among people at the funeral and this little girl (maybe 5 or 6 years old) was sitting across from me about 2 metres or so. She looked at me with this evil in her eyes and she stood up and said to me "I don't want you here" and she came straight for me. I realised she had a demon and I started rebuking it in the name of Jesus and this girl kept coming for me as if I was doing nothing. I kept rebuking and she fell on the floor but she struggled back up. It was a strange encounter, I don't remember how it ended.

4. My boss's boss was talking to me as if he was testing me or something. Then he said he has something for me to do,which he explained that he wanted me to convince another lady not to leave work because he had tried but she refused. (This lady I know her from some time back we used to go to the same church, she is always changing jobs moving from place to place, but she doesn't work with us). So I went to speak to her and she was adamant that she was leaving.

5. I dreamt we were asked by my landlord to vacate the flat we live in and occupy another one in the same complex because they were renovating or something. So we moved to this other flat which was the same as the one we vacated. In the new flat there were two fridges, one belonging to me and the other belonging to my husband. The one belonging to me looked newer than the one belonging to my husband. I don't know if there was any food inside. The landlord came and said the other flat will no longer be available for us as the other people decided to stay there. So we thought we just stay where we were. I saw my husband's fridge open and I went to close it.

6. On two dreams over two consecutive days I saw a spot of blood on my underwear, the second was more like diluted/watery.

Thank you
1. Never you for once doubt your spirit man nor your guardian angel. And also rise up to pray if it warns of impending danger or attack such as these one.

2. I see gene-rational curse or affliction. O yes! If the son refuse to tighten up his belt and pray his way out of these gene-rational curse or affliction? His case would be worse than that of his mother- the lord warned!

3. Whatever befall the above family or this one in this dream? Is beyond ordinary as the powers that be, in human form (but demon) is behind it. But the lord said, ' the evil spirit, attacker can be terminate " in the name of Jesus " if that family or whoever is concern embrace it - that's why it was terrified at your presence. That family need a savior, the name of Jesus or someone who can represent christ for her until then?the evil spirit within will have it way.

4. This or that lady? Her case is spiritual.
What's troubling her is called " wandering spirit ".

5. Whatever happens between you and landlord, pleasant or not? Trust God its surely to establish you and your husband and expand you. Infact, it's a blessing, in disguise.

6. It's actually a good sign as it's an opening, preparation for birth, spiritually -- but you can command it to cease.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you sir
Greetings pastor

1. I saw people who were intimidating me and I was trying to defend myself but they still continued. Then I saw my pastor and ran to him and he picked me up like I was a little girl.

2. I was at our former house in the village and I wanted to use the toilet. When I got there I realized that the pit toilet was cracking, the floor and the seat were cracked with large cracks and they appeared unstable such that I thought if I went in there I could fall in, there was water seeping through and another water that was coming out outside the toilet as if there was a fountain. I don't remember what else happened.

3. I saw like my eyes were open but I was sleeping, like it was dark and I saw my sister up close as if I was looking through a camera lens or on a screen. It appeared as if a torch was illuminating where I wS looking while everywhere else was dark such that I saw my sister in clear detail, she was holding a child. The pictures kept changing as I saw her lying down and the light was still on her. It was more like when one is seeing through a camera lens.

4. I had this frightening dream: at first I heard a voice say my prayer has been heard, here are the angels. Then I looked on the side, there was an open door (entryway), behind the door were white clouds and standing at the door were two very tall angels. I don't remember if it was a voice or I just knew that those were Gabriel and another name I can't remember. Then one of them flew downwards while behind the door I could hear thunder and saw lightning. I realised that this was heaven. I got so frightened.

5. I was in a flat maybe mine not sure cos it didn't look familiar. I was with someone who was helping me to remove some rats that were in the stove, hiding below the oven. We opened the stove up and rats and birds came out and we threw them out the door. We came back to and it seemed like more rats and birds were still coming out, I wondered if there's a snake as well there. Indeed before I finished asking a snake also came out running, I woke up.

Thank you sir
1. Indeed, God is indeed our heavenly, true father :

Proverbs 18:10 ►
The name of the LORD is a fortified tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.

2. Your father's house or village needs both spiritual and physical redemption, renovation.

3. Joel 2: 28 was fulfilled.
Surely, you are a chosen generation, the daughter of the living God hence he shows you the hiding secrets of the world through his light, the power of vision. The lord is indeed with you.

4. Everything you heard, experienced are exactly what it is and reality of God's promises and manifestation to you at that moment in time. Therefore, rejoice for the lord had shew himself to you and the splendor of his glory, angels while he assured you of the answers to your prayers at the same time.
In a nutshell what you experienced or encountered it's called " open heaven ". ; Emmanuel : the lord is with you.

5. The enemies had made your home their dwelling place for some time now.
But I see spiritual cleansing, I see them being dislodged and disposed out of your home and of their hiding places within your home.


Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Greetings pastor in Jesus mighty name

Thank you sir for the interpretation above

1. I saw myself looking at a house in a complex. It seemed like it was owned by a family I knew, I'm not sure now if they were selling it. I w went inside, the walls were a grey colour as if the blocks were not painted. I looked around and I saw a semi circular room which was very large and a smaller one which was raised up like a platform, I thought this was the dining room. The house was not really nice it would need a lot of work. I left it and on the way I met my mother and we spoke about something I don't remember.

2. Then suddenly I woke up as if I had been in a car and had gotten into an accident such that I was lying on the side of the road but not injured. But it was like I had been sleeping cos I didn't remember even how I got there, the drive. I had a companion with me who was also waking up like me. We were both confused about where we were and what happened. But I had my phone with me and it was working fine with coverage and I checked the Map using location, and the map said we were about 6 hours from where I live. That place was rural and had no buildings or any type of civilization. I noticed on the map that the distance to a place I know was not too long. We asked many people who were passing by how do we get back to the city. But they did not seem to know. We saw a road that seemed busy like a highway, but when we were closer we realized it was a local gravel road not going to the city. I think we got a ride and we were suddenly at a house. Then unexpectedly it was my aunt's house. I asked her how we could get back to the city that day. She said my mother (her sister) is coming with a car to bring her child, we can go with her. I asked her when my mother was coming, she said tomorrow. I didn't like this because I wanted to go today. But I took my phone and looked at it, the battery was still maybe half full, and I thought it would last until tomorrow. Then I started to make a call to my mother and I woke up.

3. I was at a fire station, I got on the phone someone on the phone was telling me that there is an emergency and I must tell the other people (fire fighters). So I got off the phone and told them there was a fire but I wasn't sure if they would take me seriously. But they came towards me to confirm and I hit the bell/siren that informs them if there is an emergency and they all started rushing around to get going.

Thank you
1. The power of purchase.
In due time the lord will give you the grace,blessing to be able to invest into real estate of your choice.

2. The power that wanted to cut you off suddenly has failed woefully. You shall not die but live to declare the glory of God in the land of the living.

3. I see the wisdom, power to save. Truly, the world may rebuke you but the lord will still use you anyway to win,save many souls from HELL or death.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Greetings sir

Thank you sir for the interpretation above

I dreamt that my parents had bought a house, it was very big with many bedrooms. They told me that they were having a problem with snakes in the house. The snakes were everywhere, in the yard there were trees that they stayed on. In the house they would be on the ceiling, on top of wardrobes and any other place. It was really disturbing what they said. They gave me a room to sleep and I saw them (snakes), they were jumping from wall to ceiling and doing all kinds of things. As I slept I felt uncomfortable knowing that the snakes could be anywhere in the room. I looked around in my room but didn't see any. Then I was out in the lounge and there were other animals maybe dogs or cats and chickens or so (I'm not sure now). I started shouting at them to get out in the name of Jesus. They had been coming towards me, so they reversed and ran out. I realized that every time I mentioned Jesus name they ran even more. I saw some snakes also and I commanded them to get out in Jesus name, they ran out the door. I went into another room where there were snakes on the ceiling, some were hiding I couldn't see them. When I got to the room I started commanding them to get out in Jesus name, they ran for their lives. Those I couldn't see came out and they started running off the roof, I could hear them hit the ground outside. They were different colours, some black, some brown, and other colours. Another one fell on my arm and when I removed it a part of its skin was left on my arm. When I removed it I saw like a small rash that looked like a ringworm (the size of a tip of the smallest finger).

Thank you
What a terrible foundation of serpentine you come from. Yes! The lord say ', you come from a serpentine foundation, a foundation,father's house where serpentine-marine kingdom reigns. But rejoice, as the lord say, I have established you therein and empowered you to destroy them. To dislodge them of their hidings, dispose them and destroy their foundation in your father's house. Surely? I see you disposing, destroying them already because you've been empowered to do so.

Indeed, you are the saviour the lord had established in your father's house to deliver her from these serpentine-marine powers and their sources.

Thank you jesus!

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Greetings pastor and thank you for the interpretation above

1. I dreamt I was fighting some girls who were devil worshippers. One of them I remember had lots of tattoos on her arms, I don't remember what I said about Jesus and she said I must not mention that name here. She started fighting me and I fought her and I defeated her she ended up lying on the ground. There were several others that came to fight me but I beat them up and they all ended up lying on the ground.

2. I was in an unfamiliar place like I was a guest, although it seemed like the place was a clothing shop. I was wearing something which didn't cover my bottom part appropriately. I told someone that I needed a skirt. Someone came along bringing two pairs of jeans which looked too large for me. But they insisted the jeans were good would fit me. So they gave me one pair and when I put it on it fit me, although the waist was a bit big. I had my handbag with me and I decided to go somewhere. I got to the stairs and I met a young boy (maybe 5 years old) and he greeted me and said how are you my love, as if he was an adult. I was shocked that he said something like that. Then there was a commotion at the top of the stairs and I ended up leaving my handbag. I went down and after some time I went to look for my bag and I found it. I thought maybe someone took something from it while I was not with it, so I decided to look for my wallet which is always inside. At first I saw something like a sponge same size and colour as my wallet, which made me think the wallet was not there. But when I looked again I found it. When I opened it I realized that my bank card was not there, another card as well. I started to think I need to call the bank and cancel the cards. Then it's like I was now also holding a plastic bag and inside were both my cards. I was so relieved and thought who could have taken my cards and put them in a plastic bag. I woke up.

Thank you