John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Dreams 123
Thank you sir

Do I need to do anything about dream 1? After waking up I prayed but I'm not sure if I should focus on something specific. I got the parcel today, but it was delivered yesterday at work and I was not at work cos I was off sick yesterday.
That's because the battle has already being won.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Greetings pastor

1. I dreamt I was in my place with my younger son and my period started without me being aware it would start. The blood went down my legs and fell on the floor in two puddles, one from each leg and at that time I'm scrambling to go to the bedroom to get sanitary towels, being mindful for my son not to get alarmed. When I got to the wardrobe where I keep the sanitary towels they were finished and I saw a box of tampons and inside there was one old tampon that was falling apart. I decided to use it because there was nothing else to use, but it was too damaged, it fell apart when I tried to insert it. I ended up using a tissue paper and the bleeding had eased.

2. I'm not sure if this is the same dream. Then I saw myself in a plane with my son and there was a man who was with his son who was travelling with us, but they were behind us although their seats were close to ours and they needed their seats to be reserved for them not to be short of seats. So I decided to reserve their seats for them and they eventually came and when they sat, it seemed like the seats were made for them, they fit perfectly. One of the seat numbers was 36. I'm not what else happened.

3. I dreamt that I was with my ex and his wife. He was telling her that it was wrong that he married her and they should separate until he deals with me first. The wife did not like this and she was very angry and she started fighting with me. I bit her finger such that the first joint was severed, I saw blood and she was left with a stump. Then I looked at my own finger as if it was the one that was bitten, but it still had a nail, although I felt like something in it was missing still.

4. I wrote a post on Facebook that said "your problem is that you don't want the gospel to change you, you want it to adapt to you". Then later my sister said some people were harassing her daughter because of what I had posted. I don't remember very well what happened next.

5. I was at my son's school at the tuck shop to buy something to eat. I saw a queue that was for senior students, it had a feel like celebrity type with a red carpet and separate from the other kids. I found myself in this queue and I bought a sausage roll from this very short child and she said it's #1.26 and she was holding it in her hands like small pieces of it. She gave me and I joined another lady. as we walked I was eating what looked like a sandwich made of two beef patties. That's when I woke up.

6. I saw myself with short hair like i normally keep it. Then I started combing my hair and each time I put the comb through it got longer.

7. I was holding what looked like a vase or what was used to fetch water in the olden days. I was pasting what looked to me like pink caterpillars all over the vase, even when I thought the caterpillars would run still there was more landing on my hand and I continued with pasting them on the vase. As I was still doing this a voice said to me "from now on everything you do will be easy."

Thank you sir
1. I see evil fashion designed to disgrace you in the pub subdued and brought under control.

2. Your generosity, sacrifice or good deeds makes somebody's life perfect and beautiful. Therefore, continue to be a source of joy,perfection(fit) and blessing to the world.

3. Halleluyahiii
The lord said, the marital finger( for wedding ring), bond between you and your ex has been amputated, cut off now.

4. The world hates and detest the truth therefore, be wise how you go about it lest they fail to attack you(online etc) and attack your loved ones or people that are close to you.

5. There are parent and there are parents and students/pupils in that school but honor and glory conspicuous you and your son therein.
Above all, wage war and purge out every deposits of night caterers and table of witchcraft before you.

6. It's called " growing and glowing glory ".
I see your glory growing and glowing.

Quote:7. I was holding what looked like a vase or what was used to fetch water in the olden days. I was pasting what looked to me like pink caterpillars all over the vase, even when I thought the caterpillars would run still there was more landing on my hand and I continued with pasting them on the vase. As I was still doing this a voice said to me "from now on everything you do will be easy."

You've paid the price and now the rewards for your endurance and long suffering has finally paid off.

Praise God!

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Greetings pastor in Jesus mighty name

1. I dreamt that I was in taking a shower with my younger son. We put soap on the body and then I would go under the shower and then I would let my son get under the shower, we alternated like that while also putting soap.

2. I was with some boys like in a youthful camp or so. They sat around and I asked them if they knew the Lord Jesus and they said they did not and I asked them how could they not know the one who gives them life, whom they are alive because of his will. Then I started preaching about how Jesus died on the cross because of our sins. I said something else I don't remember now.

3. I had a similar dream as number 2 but I don't remember the details, I only remember that I was preaching and what I was saying was quite profound.

Dreams 2 & 3 I had them within a week.

Thank you
1. I see the joy of the lord and the power of resurrection overwhelmed you and your son.

2/3 : I see you spreading the word of God and the word of salvation. The time has come.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Greetings pastor in Jesus mighty name
Thank you for the interpretation above

1. I dreamt I was nursing a newborn baby on one of my breasts. Afterwards I wanted to wrap him in blanket like it's done to newborns, I would wrap him up but was wiggling out of the blanket.

2. I dreamt A and I had a baby and we went to the clinic to take his (baby's) file to start attending another clinic for immunisations. We got to the other clinic and started the process of registering the baby.

3. I was walking in a place where there were people and I got into a mud puddle and I was sinking, the mud went up to my knees and I was wearing long rubber boots so the mud was only on the boots. Then some people saw me and rushed to pull me out. Then when I was out I saw some people who were sinking in the mud like me and I was pulling them out one by one. Then later on I saw that I was not wearing the boots but my feet were clean and I was looking for them and woke up.

4. I took a charger from my phone and put it in A's phone.

5. I saw A walking with someone towards me and when he got closer he greeted me, but he called me by another name as if he'd forgotten my name. He continued walking where he was going, and he stopped to talk to me when I asked about my name.

6. The environment of this dream seemed like the village where my aunt used to live with me when I was younger. I was with both my sons and we lived like we do now just the three of us. My older son would get drunk and come back home late and I saw this but said nothing to him, in fact I thought he didn't know that I knew what he was doing. I gave him money to go to school with and he used it to drink and then he came to ask me for more. I said I don't have it, if he wasn't drinking it, he would still have it. He came wearing a ski mask, and he had a gun. He said he wanted money and I told him that I don't have it, he shot me and the bullet went in the mouth and I almost swallowed it, but I held it with my tongue and took it out. I'm not sure if I was injured but I think I was. After that he realised what he had done was wrong and he started doting on me, doing things for me and even calling me mam. He was taking care of his younger brother as well and taking care of the house. I realised he was sorry for what he did.

7. I was on a television set where they shoot a local drama. I saw some people there who are actors in the natural and to me the whole thing looked real. It was like we were in a township community, there were houses around and people in those houses and it was a very large area. I asked one of the actors if the houses were real, he said no its all part of the set. I said but those houses looked so real, he said they were not real. He told me to come with him he wanted to show me something. We went to another part where I had thought there were houses. He showed me how it was all fake, in fact where he took me it was like a hole with grass growing around it, but like on a wallpaper. I said oh so it's not real houses, he said yes it's not.

8. I just remembered this dream. I was swimming in a swimming pool which started off as blue like pools are normally. Then as I was swimming I saw that it was now filled with soil such that the open water to swim was a very small area, but I continued to swim although the water was no longer blue, it was muddy. When I was still swimming I felt like something got on my foot and when I was out I realised that I had like a worm at the back of my ankle, it was just under the skin. There was another one or two elsewhere, which I'm not sure now where that was. I decided to get a razor blade and open the skin to take them out but then I woke up. When I fell back to sleep the dream continued. This time I saw other people who were swimming there, they had the worms as well. I saw another one who was naked and something had happened to him in the pool. I don't remember much else.

Thank you
1/2. I see a new born baby between you and A. And surely, this is a great assurance : you fertile and capable of mothering a new born baby.

3. Whoever save you saves thousands. Meaning, you are equals to a thousand and thousand because you've been chosen to save many.

4. This two shall become one.

5. The lord said,' A ' even in a state of pride or lost,confusion? Your name will restore and bring him back.

6. The devil is out to turn his life/destiny upside down but you will conquer and bring him back home with the same measure and boldness the devil uses.

7. Don't be deceived by what you watch on TV. For, all that glitters is not gold.

8. ◄ 2 Kings 5:10 ►
Elisha sent a messenger to say to him, "Go, wash yourself seven times in the Jordan, and your flesh will be restored and you will be cleansed."

Congratulations! I see the power of resurrection, renewal,healing, redemption working all over you and removing every disease and sickness within and without you.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Greetings pastor and thank you sir for the interpretation above.

I had a long dream that I can't recall all of it. In the dream A was a lawyer maybe an intern, he lived in a hostel where the other interns were, but the same place was also their office. He would come to visit me where I stayed many times. Then I said but I don't know where he stays. Then I found myself at his office and he was not where I was but he finally came around. He took me to a busy place where all his colleagues were moving around and sat me down and he sat in front of me and started kissing me. I was like why is he kissing me in front of so many people, he laughed and sort of dismissed what I was saying. I saw people working, sitting on their desks and I noticed that the desks looked like the one A had as well. So many things were happening in the dream but I can't put them together now.

Thank you
The lord has answered your prayer concerning A's future in your country.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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