John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Dreams 123
Greetings in Jesus mighty name

1. I was somewhere and I saw my ex brother-in-law (BIL) walking towards where I was followed by his wife a few meters away. When the wife got close I realised she was crying bitterly. Later on I was in a house with them and we were looking at clothes in a wardrobe. There were my clothes as well as a man's clothes in the wardrobe, it appeared the man's clothes belonged to BIL. At some point i was choosing clothes together with the wife of BIL and I realised I was wearing a jean (in the natural I stopped wearing pants last year, I don't even have any in my wardrobe I cut them to pieces and threw them away). And also in my wardrobe there were pants as well. Someone said they should not even be in the wardrobe. So I took the one I was wearing off and I put on a skirt or dress. This dream had many things happening but I’m having a hard time recalling them.

2. I was in a car with the king of our tribe. I was sitting opposite the king and someone he was with. I think I brought something to him on a tray and I started praising him (the normal stuff people say when they greet a king but in my language). The king was very happy and impressed he said he'll give me that job.

3. I got a call from an old friend from high school,(last I spoke to her she was living in the same city I live in now, but because I haven't spoken to her in over 2 years, she doesn't know that I'm here but I also don't know if she's still here). So she told me she is at home because her grandmother died, but she lives in the city still. She asked me why I didn't tell her I was in the city and I said I had lost her contact details. I asked her if the number she was calling from is her number and she said its her parent's number but I can call her on it because she's still at home. At first she started to give me the number, the area code was not of the area where she was calling from it was of the area I used to live with my ex. Then I looked at the number on my phone but it was a cell phone number not a landline she was calling from. The scene changed.

4. I was about to write an exam, it seems from the university I’m still completing my studies with, and the same subject I’m doing (in the natural I won’t be sitting for exams). There were many people who came to write as well though they were going to write different subjects. There was a main parking lot and another place with grass which was not necessarily a parking lot but I parked my car there because it was closer to the exam venue. I went in, there were two venues where exams were being written, one on the left and the other on the right and there was a wall between them. I decided to go to the one on the right. I found two people there, a lady and a guy (fair skinned and very handsome). They gave me a couple of papers that were appendices for the exam. They were supposed to give me a seat number as well. The guy was now going out of his way to make sure I get all the papers and anything else that I needed. He was overly helpful and very friendly and he was chatting to me as he was looking for the things I needed. I’m not sure if I sat for the exam or what. But I was now back at my car and I wanted to remove it from the grass and place it in the proper parking. I was thinking I will probably not find parking because there were many people around. I drove out of the grass and I found a spot parked in the concrete parking lot.

5. I was greeting some people (I was saying "its nice to meet meet you" ) in a language that is spoken mainly where I live now and it's not my home language. It was a group of men in suits, they looked like business men. I was amazed at my command of the language because I am still learning it, I'm not quite good with some of the expressions. But the way I greeted them it was like I have been speaking the language for ages. I was greeting each one and shaking their hands.

1. There is a norm in this (ex's) family that frustrates every marriage .
In fact, who ever that's married into this family, as wife will end up frustrated and might eventually divorce or be divorced ,especially if such marriage/woman wasn't born again.

So much that, if you or BIL's wife were born again or we'll grounded in christ you wouldn't have agreed to be married into this family. Because everything, this strange norm would have been made known to you.
As I see a strange norm, such that frustrates every woman in this family.

In essence, its quite unfortunate that what happened between you, your ex might surface between BILs and wife as well-soon.

2. I was in a car with the king of our tribe. I was sitting opposite the king and someone he was with. I think I brought something to him on a tray and I started praising him (the normal stuff people say when they greet a king but in my language). The king was very happy and impressed he said he'll give me that job.

No. That wasn't the kind of your tribe. That was the king of kings, lord of lords. Ancient of days, lion of judah...

Wow. Wow.

To God be all the glory, honour and praises.
You must have offered something that impressed the lord, so much that he's highly pleased with you, and has vowed to change your story forever, give you a new a new beginning.

What manner of love is these?

So that the lord has vowed and made a covenant of new beginning, and bring all your expectations pass.

Something great, new, next level, better job/option is coming for you.

I wait your testimony!
The lord is sooo please with you.
You know what? Praise him more often.

You can't see what I am seeing. But it's ok. Hmmm
Thank u jesus!

3. The lord has opened your his book of remembrance over you life.
In essence, I see you and your find coming in contact. As she'll remind you of your past, both good and bad. Above all, it's shall be well.

4. It's called "success at ease ". Favoured or honoured '.
The lord said, he's been good to you back from school and he's been behind your academic excellence during your school days.

In essence, these credentials/cert will fetch you prosperity at/with ease " for you'd found favour before God and man.

5. But the way I greeted them it was like I have been speaking the language for ages. I was greeting each one and shaking their hands.

All I see hovering, around and all over you is glory, honour, favour ,and grace.

I see you winning many heart to yourself, I see honour/respect being accorded to you.

I see you winning favour, honour and respect of men/many to yourself, be it in your work place etc..

You shall please many, many would be please with you so much that- but keep in mind that..? It's the lords doing, his spirit working with/in you when these begin to unfolds.

I Am speechless.

Bless u
There is a scripture in John 4 where Jesus was speaking to a Samaritan woman, after He told her she had 5 five husbands, the bible says in verse 39 she went and told her kinsmen: "He told me all I ever did". Right now I'm feeling like that woman.

1. Yes this is so true. In fact my ex's father divorced his (ex's) mother, his youngest uncle did the same to his wife, one middle uncle died some time ago leaving a relatively young widow. Out of the four brothers only one is still married (to the same woman). Wow, I am speechless. You are right when you say if I had been grounded in the Lord I would have seen it coming and would not have married into the family, all the evidence was there. But I was spiritually blind at the time.

2. You could have knocked me down with a feather ...!! Thank you Jesus!

4. Again I'm speechless. I did very well in school, I never failed any class ever. You could say I breeezed through school. In fact I remember when I was still doing mathematics, when I encountered a difficult sum/problem most of the time I would get the solutions in my dreams (i'm not kidding). I'd go to bed and get a dream on how to go about solving the problem. So now it makes sense, I always wondered.

5. Thank you Jesus.

Thank you sir.
â—„ Psalm 14:1 â–º
Only.... The fool says in his heart, "There is no God." They are corrupt, their deeds are vile; there is no one who does good.

Indeed, many are called but few are chosen.
I can now, authoritatively say, you are among the chosen ones.


What a mighty jesus!

But i'm not much surprise because the lord has spoken to me about you personality ,right from the days of (through) email interpretation. ..I know u understand what I mean.
It's well with you.
Bless u
Greetings in Jesus mighty name

1. I was somewhere in the village driving my car and I parked at a neighbour's house. I went wherever I was going and I came back from the direction of my former house, it was dark by then and I was now looking for my car but I was now looking on the road not the house where I left it. But I was met with a broken down car and another one in front of it. I realised I'm looking at the wrong place and I went to the neighbour's house. I saw people there like they were having a ceremony of some sort. So I went to the side where I had left my car and I was still a distance but I didn't see it... and I woke up and prayed by violence.

2. I was driving with my ex from where i live now to the town I lived at with him. When we got there we separated, I found myself at one of the big companies there. I saw a guy who is married to a woman I know but the guy was different from the one I know. He was wearing a uniform and driving a different car from the one I know. I learned that they are having problems in their marriage (this is true in the natural). Then I was looking forward to going back to the city and my ex was nowhere to be found. I eventually got back to the city but I'm not sure how I did, the next thing I was there talking to a woman.

3. I saw a man who manufacturers building blocks and he was operating a new machine that made the blocks automatically. He had people working for him. When he saw me he said to me I must come and see what he did after I advised him. He was happy. He showed me the machine and as we were looking at it I realised the conveyor was turning at a smaller circle and I gave him something (not sure what) that he needed to use to make the production better. Then I later saw that he had changed the configuration of the machine and the conveyor belt was turning at a larger circle than before and he came to me ecstatic that the machine is performing even better than before. He said if I hadn't helped him with the idea that he can hire the machine while waiting to buy he'd still be doing nothing. He also thanked me for the second thing which I did which I don't remember now.

Thank you
1. Pray against foundational robbers.
Pray against every evil eyes against that car and/or your belongings.

In essence, there are forces that are not happy that your life is improving from your father's house.
Above all, pray against these, and pray(hear from the lord) if you must visit the village with your car lest accident or arm robbers snatch it from you.

2. There are forces against marital glory and/or marriage in that environment.
In essence, the lord said " its bye to you and your ex as what connect(ed) you both( the environment/memories etc),spiritually/physically has separated.
You will be fine now, and now you can move forward maritally etc has the covenant has now been broken spiritually /physically.

3. He said if I hadn't helped him with the idea that he can hire the machine while waiting to buy he'd still be doing nothing. He also thanked me for the second thing which I did which I don't remember now.

I see a woman with wisdom, knowledge, glory.
You'll be an inspiration,a mentor, guidance,leader and a source of wealth to men and women alike.

I see a woman whom God has destined (now) to unleash/open doors opportunities to many generation through her words of inspiration, wisdom and knowledge. These? Shall not only bring glory to your God but yourself and, wealth and honour shall follow suite

Bless u
Thank you very much sir.
Greetings in Jesus mighty name

1. I was somewhere with some people and I don't know who they are but it seemed like it was a church, there were many young people there. It seems we were collecting soft drinks in 2L bottles to be drank collectively. I then gave mine which was half empty and others gave full bottles. Then it was like there was a celebration of some sort at the church. I saw a stadium with people but it was not full. Then I saw many photos of me with other people, in all of them i was smiling and looking happy. There was something about light bulbs but I can't remember now.

2. I was at a shop with my son and I saw a stethoscope for #30. I took it and exclaimed that it was so cheap. I IT was made of bamboo or other light wood like that. But the ear pieces and the round thing that goes to the skin to pick the sound was looking normal. I put it in my ears wanting to hear my heartbeat. But it was not making any noise. I saw some people going past the room which now looked like doctor's rooms. I listened again and I heard a slight sound like a heartbeat.

3. I was at one of the branches at work. I met some colleagues there and I was actually wanting to talk to another colleague of mine who is a friend but in another branch. They told me she's upstairs and I saw a staircase and walked up. I was still thinking how will I know where her office was. But when I got to the top of the stairs she was standing there waiting for me. I'm not sure what we did but then I saw myself walking on the ceiling part of the building, it was like a mezzanine floor (i cant explain this thing) in an attempt to get downstairs. I could see the bottom though.

Thank you
1. You've just been booked/listed among those will celebrate. Marital celebration, promotion, house warning/commissioning et al?

Well, all I see here is celebration, celebration and celebration hovering, around you.

It's established!!!


2. It's called " stable and healthy life/heart.
In essence, the lord said, cheap or not, you'll not be found on the hospital bed neither will you spend your money on any disease,sickness.
He said, you heart, health, safety and life are in my hands now.

Thank u..thank u..thank u jesus.
What manner of love is this...?
If the lord is so much concern about your health how much more would your safety/security,soul et al would be precious to him?
What an amazing grace!

3. It's called " uncommon grace, altitude, honour, performance and or extra ordinary grace ".

In essence, The lord said, now that i've honoured you, favoured you and wholly in you," i'll cause you to achieve a FEAT that's never been achieved in the history of this film/company before.

Wow. Wow. Wow.
You'll be amaze, you won't belief yourself when this will occur.

Bless u
Oh how good is the Lord !

Thank you pastor