John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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The word for today- A daily devotional 10

'We rejoice and delight in you' We should open the gates of this year,not to the mourning sounds of trombones,but to the sweet strains of harps of joy and cymbals of gladness ."Come ,let us sing for joy to the Lord;let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation " Psalm 95 :1
We,the called ,the faithful,and the chosen should be determined to drive our grief away and to set up our banners of confidence in the name of our God . Let others lament over their troubles,but we who have the 'piece of sweet wood' (Exodus 15:25) to throw into marah's bitter pool will joyfully glorify the Lord . Psalm 34 : 3

"We rejoice and delight in you " We are resolved to do so .Jesus must be the crown of our heart's delight ,for we will not dishonor our Bridegroom by mourning in His presence .We who have been ordained ultimately to be the chorus of the skies ,let us rehearse our everlasting anthem here before we sing it in the halls of "the Jerusalem" (Rev 21 :2 ).

"We rejoice and delight in you" .These two words ,rejoice and delight ,have one sense: double joy and blessedness upon blessedness .Thus,does there need to be any limit to our rejoicing in the Lord now ? Don't people of grace find their Lord to be "henna and nard...calamus and cinnamon" (song 4:13,14) even now ? What better fragrance will they have in heaven itself ?

"We rejoice and delight in you " The last word,you is like the meat of the dish ,the kernel of the nut,the soul of the text . What heavens are found in Jesus ! What rivers of infinite bliss have their source,their end,and every drop of their fullness in Him !

O sweet Lord Jesus,since You are the present portion of your people,favor us this year with such a sense of your preciousness that from its first day to its last ,"we may rejoice and delight in you "

May January open with joy in the Lord ,and may the year close in December with gladness in Jesus

Everything on earth needs renewal from time to time,for no created things continues forever by itself . The Psalmist said of the Lord "You renew the face of the earth " (Psalm 104 : 30) .Even trees,which never have to worry about daily care nor shorten their lives through difficult work,must drink in the rain of heaven and absorb the hidden treasures of the soil . "The cedars of lebanon that (God) planted " live only because they are full of sap freshly drawn day by day from the earth .

Neither can human life be sustained without renewal from God . Just as it is necessary to restore the body’s energy with frequent meals ,we must reenergize the soul by feeding on God’s Book ,by listening to the word being preached and by observing the soul-strengthening sacraments . How weak our spiritual gifts become when we neglect these means of renewal. What poor starving saints some believers are who neglect the diligent use of the Word of God and time of prayer. If our spirituality can survive without God ,it is not of divine creation –it is nothing but a dream .If it has been born of God ,it will look to Him as flowers look to the dew of heaven .


Without constant renewal and restoration, we are not ready for the perpetual assaults of hell, the afflictions of heaven, or even the stresses and strains within us . When the whirlwind is unleashed, woe to the tree that has not absorbed fresh sap from the earth and grasped the rock below with many intertwined roots . When fierce storms arise ,woe to mariners who have not strengthened their mast ,dropped anchor or sought a safe haven .


If we allow the good among us to grow weaker, the evil ones will surely gather strength and will struggle to gain control over us ,and perhaps then a time of painful desolation or a disgraceful sin may follow .Instead ,may we draw near to the footstool of divine mercy in humble prayer, for only then will we realize the fulfillment of the promise . “Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength “ Isaiah 40:31 .



The ‘voice ….calling in the desert” demanded a “way for the Lord ,a way prepared, and one specifically prepared in the desert . I must be attentive to my Master’s proclamation and allow Him a road into my heart ,one actually prepared by His gracious work through the desert of my nature . Our text today is a quote from Isaiah 40:3,and the four directives from Isaiah 40:4 must be given my serious attention.


“Every valley shall be raised up” . Low shallow thoughts of God must be given up ,doubting and despairing must be removed, and self –seeking and sinful delights must be forsaken . Across these deep valleys a glorious causeway of grace must be raised.


“Every mountain and hill shall be made low” Proud self-sufficiency and boastful self righteousness must be leveled to make a highway for “the King of kings” (1 timothy 6:15). God’s divine fellowship is never granted to haughty ,high-minded sinners .”The Lord ….looks upon the lowly (psalm 138:6) and dwells “with him who is contrite and lowly in spirit” (Isaiah 57:15) ,but He “detests all the proud of heart “ (proverb 16:5) . My soul ,petition the Holy Spirit to set your heart right on this.


“The crooked shall be made straight” A wavering heart must have a straight path of decision for God ,one for holiness “marked out” . (Hebrew 12:1) for it . “A double –minded man is unstable in all he does (James 1: and is a stranger to “the God of truth” .My soul ,take heed that in all things you are honest and true “for the Lord searches every heart “ (I chronicle 28: 9).


“The rugged places shall be a plain” . stumbling blocks of sins must be removed and “thorns and thistles “ (Hebrew 6: of rebellion must be uprooted .Our great Visitor must not find muddy paths and rock –covered roads when He comes to honor His favored ones with His presence.


Oh,may the Lord find in my heart today a highway made ready by His grace ,one upon which He may make triumphal progress to the very limits of my soul from the beginning of this year to its last days !


We often consider the need for growth in our knowledge of the Lord Jesus ,but let us now consider a related topic namely ,the knowledge our heavenly “Joseph” has of us . Actually, His knowledge of us was absolutely perfect long before we had even the slightest knowledge of Him . “Your eyes saw my unformed body . All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be “ (Psalm 139:16 ) .


Before we had a place in the world ,we had a place in his heart . When we were still His enemies, He knew us; He knew our misery ,our madness and our wickedness .When we wept bitterly in despairing repentance

And saw Him only as a judge and ruler ,He viewed us as his well-beloved family and His heart yearned for us . He never mistook His chosen ones for others ,but always beheld them as objects of His infinite affection. “The Lord knows those are his” (2 timothy 2:19 ) is as true of a prodigal who “feeds pigs”(Luke 22:30 ).


Alas, we did not know our royal Brother ,and out of this ignorance grew a multitude of sins ! We withheld our heart from Him and allowed Him no entrance to our love . We mistrusted Him and gave no credence of His words .we rebelled against Him and paid Him no loving honor . “The sun of righteousness “ (Malachi 4: 2 ) shone forth, but we could not see Him . Heaven came down to earth ,but earth did not perceive it.


May God be praised that those days are over for us ,although even now we know so little of Jesus compared with what He knows of us .We have only begun to study Him ,while He knows us completely .It is blessing ,however ,that the ignorance is not on His part ,for then we would be a hopeless case indeed .As His children ,He will never say to us “I never knew you” (Matthew 7:23 ) ,but instead will “acknowledge our name “ (Rev 3:5 ) on the day of “his appearing” (2 Timothy 4:1 ) .And meanwhile He will reveal Himself to us in ways He will never do for the world

Today let us consider the special view God had of the light He created . " God saw .....the light " . He looked at it with a sense of satisfaction ,gazed on it with pleasure ,and saw that it "was good " . And if the Lord has given you light,dear reader, He looks on the light with special interest ,for it is dear to Him because it is His handiwork and because it is like Him ,for " God is light ". 1 John 1 : 5 .

It is pleasing to know God's eyes tenderly observe the work of grace He has begun in us ,and to know He never loss sight of "this treasure" He has placed in us , who are " jars of clay " 2 corinthian 4 : 7 . Sometimes we cannot see the light in us ,but God always sees it ,and that is much better . It is better for the judge to see my innocence than for me to think I see it . It brings me great comfort to know I am one of God's people . But whether I know it or not , as long as the Lord knows it ,I am safe .The foundation of this truth is this " The Lord knows those who are his " 2 Timothy 2 : 19 .

Perhaps you weep with regret over your sinfulness and mourn over your inner darkness ,but remember ,the Lord sees light in your heart because He placed it there , and all the cloudiness and gloom of your soul cannot hide your light from His gracious eyes . You may have sunk into despondency ,even despair but if your soul has any longing for Christ and if you are truly seeking to rest in His finished work,God sees the light .

In fact ,He not only sees it but He also preserves it in you . " I , the Lord ,watch over it.....I guard it day and light " Isaiah 27 : 3 . What a precious thought to those who ,after anxiously attempting to watch over and guard themselves,feel their powerlessness to do so . This light ,thus preserved by His grace ,God will someday develop into brilliance of the noonday sun and the fullness of His glory . The light with us is simply the dawn of the eternal day .

"The hand of the Lord " may come upon me as a work of His judgement ,and if this is the case ,it would be wise for me to consider the reason for such a visitation and then submit to the rod of correction and Him who ordained it .Surely I am not the person to be chastened in the dark "evening" of life ,so may I cheerfully submit to the affliction and seek to profit from it .

The hand of Lord ,however may come upon me in another manner ,strenthening my soul and lifting my spirit upward to eternal things . Oh ,that I may experience the Lord dealing with me in this ways ! A sense of His divine presence and indwelling spirit lifts the soul toward heaven, causing it to soar on wings like eagles isaiah 40 : 31. . At such time we are filled with spiritual joy and forget the cares and sorrows of earth ; the invisible is so near and the visible loses its power over us , our fleshly body lingers at the foot of the hill ,while our spirit worships atop the summit in the presence of the Lord .

Oh,that such a blessed holy time of divine communion may be granted me even now ! The Lord knows I severely needs it ,for my gifts are withering ,my depravity rages within me ,my faith is weak and devotion is cold - all reasons why I need His healing hand upon me .His hand can cool the heat of my burning brow and calm the turmoil of my pounding heart . His glorious right hand that moulded the world can recreate my mind ,the untiring hand that holds the pillars of earth can sustain my spirit ,the loving hand that embraces all the saints can cherish me and the mighty hand that breaks the enemy into pieces can subdue my sins . Why shouldn't I feel that hand touching me even now ?

Come my soul address your God with a powerful plea ,asking that you may sense the same hands that were pieced for your redemption being laid upon you . Ask to feel the same hand upon you that once touched Daniel and sent him to his knees that he might see visions of God .


‘Blessed are the pure in heart...’


Make your heart ‘a controlled environment’, because what happens there determines how you respond to life. When it comes to people, pastimes and pursuits, don’t open yourself to anything that has the potential to take you captive, or to make you cynical and cold-hearted. If you do, you’ll shut yourself off from God’s blessing. In his book ‘Next Door Saviour’, Max Lucado writes: ‘The countryside was flat and predictable, that’s why the refinery stood out like a science-fiction city. The function of that maze of machinery is defined by its name. A refinery takes whatever comes in and purifies it, so that it’s ready to go out. It does for petroleum what your heart should do for you—removes the bad and utilises the good. Jesus said, “The good man brings good things out of the good stored in his heart…” (Luke 6:45 NIV). So here are some questions you need to ask yourself, “When I’m criticised or ignored do I bite back, or bite my tongue? When I’m on overload do I blow my top, or stay cool? When I hear gossip do I entertain it, silence it or spread it? When somebody offends me do I harbour a grudge, or choose to forgive?” It all depends on the condition of your heart.’ When your heart has been purified you’ll begin to see God in people, places and situations you never noticed Him at work in before. Knowing firsthand the dangers of spiritual heart disease, the Psalmist wrote: ‘Create in me a clean heart, O God…’ (Psalm 51:10 NLT). If you need a spiritual catharsis, spend time in the presence of God.

Exodus 20:1-3 , Deuteronomy 6:1-9, Mark 12:28-34, Revelation 2:1-7



MATT 5:8

Gracious God of Forgiveness, I lay my heart open before You today, with all its strengths and its flaws.  I want a heart that mirrors Yours – dreams and passions and longings that reflect Your beauty and purity.  Clean out my heart today, I pray; wash away what is impure and untrue.  Give me a heart that beats with Your love and Your life.  And as I tune my heart to Yours, help me to see You more clearly.

‘Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake...’


In Yellowstone National Park there’s an interesting tree called a Lodgepole pine. Its cones can hang on for years before falling off. Even then they remain tightly closed. They open only when they are in contact with intense heat. Whenever forest fires are raging and all the trees are being destroyed, the heat opens these particular pine cones. As a result, they are the first to assist nature in repopulating the forest. Jesus said to His disciples: ‘Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.’ There’s potential in each of us that’s only released when we’re under pressure or in a fiery trial. Job discovered this when God permitted satan to test him. Job lost everything he had, including his children. And to add insult to injury, he was forced to endure the scorn of his wife and friends because of his unwavering faith. When it was over, Job, who got back twice as much as he lost, prayed, ‘I have heard of You by the hearing of the ear, but now my eye sees You’ (Job 42:5 NKJV). It’s one thing to hear how God works based on somebody else’s experience, it’s another to see it first hand when you’re wondering, ‘What did I do to deserve this?’ or asking, ‘If God’s really there, why am I here?’ Why? 1) Because it’s in the fire that you discover new aspects of God’s care and character. 2) What turns worthless carbon into diamonds? Heat! Pressure! 3) In the fire you discover that when others abandon you, God remains faithful.

Leviticus 11:1 - 13:37 , Matthew 5:27-37, Psalm 42:6-11, Proverbs 1:24-28

‘…Epaphroditus…ministered to my need.’


When people are hurting, they need your support until they can get back on their feet again. Medical researchers have developed a bone-bonding compound that illustrates this. It looks like toothpaste. Once injected into the body it hardens in ten minutes. In twelve hours it reaches the compression strength of natural bone. A study in the journal, Science, found the compound virtually identical to natural bone crystals. It so closely resembles real bone that the body doesn’t reject it. Weeks after being injected into the body, the cement is replaced by real bone. According to the Associated Press, clinical trials ‘show the material has allowed patients to discard casts early—or altogether—and to resume walking more quickly and with less pain.’ Epaphroditus is introduced by Paul as ‘…my brother, fellow worker, and fellow soldier…and the one who ministered to my need…Receive him therefore in the Lord with all gladness, and hold such men in esteem; because for the work of Christ he came close to death, not regarding his life, to supply what was lacking in your service toward me’ (vv. 25-30 NKJV). You ask, ‘What was Paul lacking?’ Encouragement! And who brought it? ‘Epaphroditus, a brother, a fellow worker, and a soldier.’ Epaphroditus worked side by side with Paul and he fought for him. What an asset he was! We look for such people in times of crisis because they lift us. So today ask God to make you an encourager whose words and actions bring comfort and support to others. There is no greater calling!




1 CHRON 29:14

It costs money and takes time to train someone to be a mentor in a school.  In a society where money and time are often both in short supply, pray that funding will continue to be released for this vital service, and that people will be increasingly willing to give of their time to help young people find their way through life.  Pray particularly that Young people won’t be let down by existing schemes losing fund


‘Pure…religion before God…is this…’

JAMES 1:27

Jesus said about every act of kindness you show toward someone who’s hurting or in need: ‘…You did it to Me’ (Matthew 25:40 NKJV). Wow! Maybe next time you’re too busy to show concern, that’ll make you stop and think. In answer to the question, ‘What must I do to inherit eternal life?’ Jesus told one man, ‘…Sell what you have and give it to the poor…[then] follow Me’ (Matthew 19:21 NKJV). This man could have blessed many others, and even been numbered among Christ’s disciples, but it didn’t happen because he was self-focused. Jesus told another story about a rich man who died and went to hell. Now, he didn’t go there because he was rich. The only sin he was charged with was selfishness. He allowed a poor man to sit on his doorstep with wounds untended, his body ill-clad, his stomach empty, and did nothing about it (Luke 16:19-31). On the other hand, Zacchaeus, who overcharged others in order to enrich himself, saw the folly of his ways, renounced selfishness and made a decision to follow Jesus (Luke 19:1-10). The story’s told of an angel visiting a wealthy man who happened to be on his deathbed. After the man listed all the things he’d like to take to heaven with him, the angel informed him, ‘You can only take what you have given away.’ Don’t wait until the eve of your departure to give; experience the joy and reward of it—now. ‘Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble.’ So today, practise pure religion!



Leviticus 18-20 , Matthew 6:9-18, Psalm 71:1-16, Proverbs 2:1-2



ISA 40:30-31

Lord, I pray for all those of all ages living on my street who are weary with the pressures of life.  Renew their strength.  Lord, teach me to wait on You for the renewing of my own strength, so that Imay pray and work tirelessly to see my street changed. Make regular appointments with God, where your mobile is switched off and no one can contact you.  Take time to rest in Him and talk to Him.