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The building
Good Morning Pastor,

The father of the guy (rship) dreamt where he was on their ship and 2 men came in. The 2 men said that they were mechanics sent from the head office/quarters (The father is a chief engineer on a ship in reality and there is an issue at his place of work because some of his colleagues sold somethings when he was on study leave and a penel is being set in reality to investigate the case). The father said that when the 2 mechanics came inside the ship, the one that acted like the senior of the 2 mechanics came towards him and shook his hand notifing him that headquarters sent them to come and work/ repair the ship.

Thank you.
I am seeing your job/work being suspended for a while,while the investigation is going on. Certainly, I don't see you being dispose here.

But i must let you that I had to edit and rewrite this message because the lord warned that some important content are missing.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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