John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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The building
Good Morning Pastor,
Good Morning Pastor,

where i saw myself carrying my travelling bag and walking on the road
next to my secondary school. I saw people entering my secondary school
and i was wondering why cos they were like grown people. Then i wanted to
go see why they are all entering the school but i realised that i was
carrying my travel bags. so i walked straight down and saw an aboki selling
biscuits, so i thought some people were asking him to watch after their bags.
it seems like i wanted to talk to him to help me keep my travelling bags so
i can enter my secondary school without carrying too much load.
i dont know if i spoke with him or continued my journey. cos i just woke up.

The lord warned, " this journey you are embarking upon do not look back. Forge on and fear not. Forward ever,backward never. ..

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good Morning Pastor,

I had a dreamt yesterday where i was walking with someone and
it seems like the person was among those to be honoured on the stage.
I thought that i would be a spectator but suddenly it seems like i was
included to perform and be honoured on the stage. People where already preparing
the stage but for those to be honoured. i was so surprised and
did not know how i got to be included neither was i even ready because i was
now running around asking people if the group i have been assigned to join and
the group my song was included. I was in shock but did not care how i was going to
get it done because i will get anything done as far as i have already been included
to perform and for honour.

Thank you.
Unexpected,divine honor.
But you must refuse to bow,lay low and/or be intimidated as its well deserved and its the Lord's doing,surprise package for you.

Bible ref :
Ps 1.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good day Pastor,

i dreamt where i was just lying down on the bed with the guy
am currently seeing, it was like we were sleeping and a slim girl came to where we were lying on the bed and told him that is did he not come to the court. He packed his bag followed her and was heading to the court. He was not dressed as fine as he currently dresses but was looking like the way he dresses when he was struggling. i was just standing on the road looking shocked because he left me without saying anything and i dont know why he should be at the court because he is not a lawyer
I see a great storm,force capable of returning him back to his days of suffering and poverty. In a nutshell, I see grace-to-grass storm rage overwhelmed him.

You must pray for him and if possible draw his attention to this message to fast and pray lest he falls and return back to the bottom of the suffering and poverty he once overcame.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good Morning Pastor,

I prayed according to your advise and i sent the process on whatsapp. Please read the whatsapp message first.

1st dream i dreamt where i was wearing a fine, comfortable
sandals that i love so much. Then i saw another designer sandals
that was placed on another beautiful casing. i was attracted
to that sandals and wanted to buy it. so i took off my sandals
gave it to a hand so i can try that other designer sandals. but
on getting to where the sandals was kept, i realised that i dont
like the heels on the sandals and the sandals was not looking as good as
the packaging. i just stepped back and couldnt touch it because my
heart kept drawing me back to my other sandals i gave to that hand.
My heart preferred that my previous sandals and kept drawing me to go and
collect that my sandals back because it is fine, comfortable, i like that
sandals and there is nothing i can say against the sandals. I just stood
and my heart continue to drag me to my previous sandals and not to take that designers

2nd dream i dreamt where i was inside a bus with a male colleague of mine that is
prayerful. i noticed that we were in the environment of my former childhood area
and there is a particular bustop i told the driver that i wanted to alight. After this bustop
is my childhood street and i wanted to go to my childhood street and house but when
i told the driver to stop, he stopped at that bustop but this prayerful colleague of
mine came down from the bus instead at that bustop, instead of the driver allowing me to '
come down; he just drove off with me still inside the bus. i was so angry that he took me off that bustop,
off my former street that i was suppose to enter and he dropped me in a street after my former street
and i didnt like the fact that this colleague of mine was left at that bustop that i was suppose to alight from
and that was not the bustop he was suppose to get down from. As i was getting down from the bustop
after my former street, i was so surprised when this colleague of mine that was dropped 2 streets away already made it
to that bustop i was dropped. As i was about heading to my former street, dis colleague told me that ii shld
join him to where he is going. we started walking that d street where the bus dropped me (which is after my former street) until we got to a place and saw
a church. i entered inside the church and i saw 2 of my female collagues that are already married. I told them that i need
water and they asked why i just came now. so they started getting water from anywhere even their buckets to fill my large
bowl and i even saw an orange colored something. They filled up that bowl for me and told me to carry it. i wanted to ask
them to help fill the bucket for that colleague of mine. My large bowl was filled that i was trying to get someone to put it on
my head so i can carry it home.

NOTE;Please i sent a message on whatsapp concerning these dreams to you.
Thank you pastor.
1.The former or old sandals that you loved so much or chrished is the man in question while the attractive and new sandals is the new man. That is, the new man seems attractive and good but only from afar therefore the answer is " NO! ". He's not the right man but still the old man and where your heart is.

2. This is self imposed retrogression and affliction of marital retrogression and failure. But to God be the glory as the lord in his mercy and by his divine grace catapulted you out of that marital affliction,retrogression and captivity that you were about to subject your destiny and marital life to subconsciously.

Meaning, the yoke of marital delay,retrogression was broken overnight and deliverance took place in your marital heaven.
By faith, I therefore await your testimonies soon in Jesus name.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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