John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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The building
Good day Pastor,

i had a dream where i saw myself got out of a bed and i looked around and saw some naked men around me like dey want to sleep with me. but i was uncomfortable and i left feeling like if this guy (Am currently in a rship with a guy in reality). if this guy am in a relationship sees this naked men around me, he might think that am sleeping around them. so i left the room and those guys. On my way outside i was carrying my bag and other things but some guys came out also to cause chaos and indirectly steal my bag. They stole my bag and i stood up, continued on my journey then one of those thieves called me and threw back my bag at me. i collected my bag and check to confirm if my wallet filled with money was still there. Everything in my bag was intact and i carried my bag and
entered a house. The house i entered was calm, homely and welcoming. Then i saw this guy that am currently in a relationship with sitting on the chair and he welcomed me to his house. i was just looking around his house and what attracted me was that i was coming from chaos otherside but as soon as i stepped into that house, i had peace then i asked the guy(the one am dating) that the interior of the house looks familiar. he smiled and asked me to sit. the interior of the house looks beautiful and peaceful.
And again.. the powers,evil forces that terminate and destroy your relation came to implicate and destroy it. But to God be the glory, and the lord awoken your spirit man, confronted and defeated their plot and your prevail.

Surely, this relationship shall stand.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Good Morning Pastor,

i had a dream about coming out from lectures (Am currently schooling in reality). Then i entered a car and there was a guy sitting beside me another at the front while the driver is driving along my
former area. suddenly, the car turned and reversed back to where it came from, immediately the guy sitting beside me brought out a gun and pointed it towards me saying that i should take my hand off the door because i was trying to open the door with one hand while i used the other to drag the gun out of that man's hand and pointed it at him like i was about to shoot him. The car was still moving, so i threw out my phone( which is the phone a colleague lent me in reality pending when i purchase another), then i jumped out of the car to the road and that car sped off. i turned and realized that i might have left my bag containing books in that car while i was trying to escape them. so i saw a man standing beside the road close to a house and he threw a phone at me saying that i should take my phone. but the fell on the tyre of a car and was smashed. i looked at the phone but it was the same samsung but the one am using in reality is quite different than the one that just got smashed. i looked around me and realised that i dont have my bag, books or phone but i have my life and i was so happy. i left the smashed phone and continued walking then i saw a good colleague of mine and one of my closest uncle, they were both going out and i asked if i could join them but i declined and told them that i just escaped 1 chance vehicle but i dont have anything but my life. i was hurt about those items i lost but was happy to be alive.

2nd dream, i dreamt where i left with some of my colleagues( the ones who attend this same school that am currently attending in reality) we went with another colleagues car because someone blocked my car. so we left with his and he parked it beside my house and went back to take mine. So, i join this former female colleague in her car (she just got marriage and relocated to another country recently)she carried us in her car then dropped i told her to drop me off beside my house. and when i opened the door to inside my flat, it was like they are using it to rear chicken. the white feathers of the chicken were everywhere and i was wondering how it came about and if am really rearing chicken. A man stood beside me talking with me and i think either he is dark in complexion or he wore a dark cloth but what was in my mind was that i will sell off the chickens and wash the entire place to clear the smell of chicken and feather. so i can leave comfortable in the house.

Thank you.
1. Pray,and fast too if possible, this must be averted ; I am seeing one chance robbery before you.

Ps 91,24,8,19 and 27.

2. It's called " household enemy altar ".
I see altar of sin, household enemy frustrating your progress, day and every day life, comings and going. But it's exposed now as I see you about to ransack and/or dispose them all OUT!.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning pastor,

I had a dream where it seems like i was talking to the guy am in a
relationship with his parents. It seems like someone that sounded like
his brother did not like me or was pointing out things he felt i was
not doing right to their parents while i was on the phone
with the dad. i dropped the call and paid a surprised visit to the family.
i noticed that the guys family are from a humble home and not a rich family
but when i knocked on their door, it was as if they were living in a one room
apartment( but they live in a flat in reality). The parents were so happy to
see me, his mum and dad and i now tried dragging the brother in a conversation
to buy his heart but i noticed that he does not hate me but maybe wants me closer
to the family.

2nd dream, i dreamt where i was in mountain of fire church and we had a serious
prayer session and a woman co-ordinated the prayer session and we prayed so hard
that after that she requested that we shld write down the name we would like to give
our unborn child. Those around were writing only one name in a sheet of paper and passing the paper
around for the next person to write. when it got to me, i noticed that MR K was also
in our midst and he was all by himself. i didnt want to speak with him so i kept to myself.
and i was so free with others. he was isolated and on his own( his clothes looked a bit faded)
he also wrote the name of his child on the paper. When the paper got to me the only name i cld remember
was a girl child's name but what i wanted as my first child is twin boys. i kept on thinking on
the 2 boy children names but it was just a female name i cld remember. i didnt hand over that paper to the
woman until i cld remember the names i wanted for all the children names that i wanted
and i wrote it on the paper and handed it to the woman and she touched and gave it back to me, then i noticed
a chewed bubble gum close to the paper and i later trashed the paper.

3rd dream. i dreamt where i was in my former house and i went to the kitchen to get water from the
drum, so i can fill the bucket am carrying. As soon as i used the bowl to dip into the large container filled
with water and as i was using the bowl to carry the water, a hand held my hand not to carry the water.
initially i was scared bcos i kept perceiving or hearing something like death death but if i look around, i
wont see anyone. when that hand held my hand as i carried the bowl of water, i was scared but something in me became strong
and i tried taking water, the hand held my hand to stop me, i dragged my hand but it kept holding my hand on different sides
despite my struggle, i started pleading the blood of jesus and commanding that hand to leave my hand alone.the hand left my arm during the struggle and held my finger. so i used my other hand to drag that hand out bcos that hand was hanging over that large drum of container filled with water and was stopping me from taking water. i drag that hand out from that place it is hanging despite that, it was still holding my finger i came out of that dark kitchen with that hand and luckily i saw that woman that lead our prayer session in the second dream, i dragged that hand off my finger and handed it over to her. she took it and said she will pray on it and i woke up.

Note; i am currently doing the 70days fasting and prayer (mfm)

Thank you.
1. This is a home away from home. What a family and place every wife-to-be or wife material would rather be.

2. I see the power and unseen evil forces troubling your marital wishes,dreams and motherhood expectation,desires incapacitated,exposed and set on fire and destroyed.
The God of that church has come or came to your rescue .

Thank you Jesus !

3. I see the power of retrogression,death emanating and whispering from your past silenced and defeated over your soul and marital life by the same God of that church.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Good Morning Pastor,

I had a dream where i carried 2 buckets of water and i was
searching for the Guy am currently in a relationship with because i was suppose to give
him a bucket of water for bathing.i was attacked as i was walking with the
bucket of water and i was dragged inside the ocean while fighting with my
attackers, i fought so hard bcos it was just me and my attackers
where more. My whole body was hurting me and i could barely drag myself out
but i continued walking out of the ocean, despite the fact that i had very little
strength remaining after the fight but i kept on calling God to help me and
increase my strenghth as i leave that ocean. There was this fair girl and
it was her and her group that fought me and are trying to stop me
from carrying the bucket of water to the guy am dating because in that dream, she
seems to be claiming ownership of the guy. They were surprised that i could walk and are
wondering what other way they could attack me since am refusing to be defeated. i walked until
i came out of that ocean.

2nd dream i dreamt that i was still carrying the bucket of water and looking
for this same guy in the first dream but i couldnt find him. i searched everywhere
still carrying it. Then i noticed this same fair girl walking beside me and following
me about and she was still behaving like the guy was her own. i did not want to bother looking
for the guy bcos i felt like is he is having another girl beside me and i wanted to just
leave him alone but i couldnt find him and i done know why i felt that he needed the water in that
bucket for bathing. i asked the girl directions and she directed me wrongly. i walked and kept
searching then i just gave up and wanted to go home because it was already
dark at night. so i entered the keke to go home and i didnt see that fair girl anymore beside me.
i was sad but continued going, suddenly my phone rang and i picked the call.As i picked it the voice on the
phone sounded like that of my uncle(who is like a father to me in reality), The keke stopped and i
looked up a building and saw a man standing and rays of light was shining where the man was standing
and he asked where was i heading to and i told him home, he asked about why i did not
tell him about the guy am dating, i told him that it seems like the relationship has failed
and he said that i should wait and gave me the directions on the phone and told me to take the
water to the guy, suddenly another bucket of water appeared in my hand, i came dwn from the keke and carried the
bucket of water, followed the directions that man gave me and behold i saw a guy(he seems like the guy
am in a rship with but his face was looking different like another guy's face). i walked up to him while he was sitting on the chair
and that fair girl that has been fighting and following me around including giving me a wrong direction was sitting
beside him. The girl was so shocked to see me there and still carrying the bucket of water. I did not bother looking at her
but i was a bit upset with the guy considering what i have suffered and gone thru the whole day just to give him
the bucket of water and he said that he has been sitting at that place althru the day. i gave him
the bucket of water and he took it saying that he will go somewhere to have his bath and i just sat on the chair while the
fair lady was still in shock.

3rd dream. i dreamt where i was with the guy am currently dating
then my phone was merged together with his own phone and i
was holding both phones. then he went home and he told me to call him.
When he left, i realised that i was with his phone also i did not
know how to call him since am with the phone. I saw myself
inside a house and i saw a guy previously asking me out and he is still trying to date me in reality(I dont like
him, he is very self-centered and frustrating individual) in reality i might work
with him but in the dream i was in his house and i wanted to leave.
cos i thought the house was that of the guy in a rship. When i entered,
i saw a female cooking for him and she said i can now take over. I really wanted
to leave there cos i dont like allowing that guy close to me cos he
is very manipulative. I left his house with my bag and realised that i forgot
something and went to get it. Getting to the house, he was outside with someone
looking for me cos he had no idea when i left but i apologised for that and he
said that he will drop me off since i wanted to leave.
One and two fall into the same category -

I see a strange,fair but marine agent,a lady the man you are presently dating was in a relationship with,love or sexual covenant with. She vowed not let go nor release him spiritually and... But to God be the glory, you came and broke and destroyed that evil covenant between them and delivered him from the grip of marine kingdom. I must confess that the battle was strong and powerful to beheld for you but God was with you and you conquered.

The water signifies ; deliverance or power of resurrection,redemption. His soul has been redeemed from the kingdom of marine ,and all thanks to God and you,your unrelenting spiritual intervention.

Thank you Jesus!!!

3. Thou shall have nothing in common with the other man as your spirit man rejects,rebukes him.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Good Day Pastor,

i had a dream where i saw Mr K or someone that looks like him was about to get married and he was standing at the altar with the lady in white. But it seems like i was the chief brides maid but when i looked at myself, i felt like am suppose to be getting married and not the other way round and why shld i be MR K's bride chief brides maid. i was uncomfortable and i thought that am suppose to be the one getting married but i couldnt see the groom that i should be getting married. Suddenly Mr K said that he is no longer getting married again and cancelled the wedding. i was initially standing behind them but after the cancellation, i stepped away and decided to go and look for my husband cos am suppose to be getting married. Then i saw a male friend of mine who was already married in reality, so we just started talking.

2nd i dreamt that i came outside and saw the guy who am currently dating in reality sitting in his car, so i called him and told him to follow me cos it seems there is no place for him to sleep and i think i want to rent a room or already have a room. So, he grugingly followed me inside and i think it was inside the house i lived as a child in reality. So, we climbed the stairs and he was walking behind me, as we got to the stairs, i saw my mum sitting at the corridor beside the toilet. i turned and gave a sign to the guy cos the guy has not formally visited my mum and i did not want her to knw that i wanted to help the guy to get a place to sleep. When my mum spoke to me, i just did not answer straight and i went downstairs but this guy passed beside my mum. I think he entered the toilet and i believe both him and my mum spoke, then he came at the backyard downstairs to wait for me, Then i looked at him and it seems like he looks like MR K elder bro, the one i was formerly close to and i turned that if its MR K's bros that i dont wnat to have anything to do with the family. But the guy was now looking like my current guy again and he was wearing a sweat shirt and jeans. NOTE; This was after my midnight prayers.

Thank you
1. Mr k , is a symbol and true definition of marital failure,disappointment,flop,a player and a core heart breaker. Its all round about him as he's chose the part of manipulation and lover boy instead of marital settlement. Indeed, any young girl that fall into his trap shall suffer greatly and her marital expectation shall slip before her very eye.

Yes! You've loosed yourself from the of his manipulations,evil agenda and marital failure and made a better choice elsewhere. It wasn't easy though but you came to your senses and it was worth it after all...let him go.

2. The lord warmed , do away with these trauma,fear and comparisons -- don't allow your past to hurt your today,don't use Mr k or his brother to judge or assume the new man in your life.

The best of our lives is always about today

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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