John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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The building
Good day Pastor,

i had a dream where i saw myself got out of a bed and i looked around and saw some naked men around me like dey want to sleep with me. but i was uncomfortable and i left feeling like if this guy (Am currently in a rship with a guy in reality). if this guy am in a relationship sees this naked men around me, he might think that am sleeping around them. so i left the room and those guys. On my way outside i was carrying my bag and other things but some guys came out also to cause chaos and indirectly steal my bag. They stole my bag and i stood up, continued on my journey then one of those thieves called me and threw back my bag at me. i collected my bag and check to confirm if my wallet filled with money was still there. Everything in my bag was intact and i carried my bag and
entered a house. The house i entered was calm, homely and welcoming. Then i saw this guy that am currently in a relationship with sitting on the chair and he welcomed me to his house. i was just looking around his house and what attracted me was that i was coming from chaos otherside but as soon as i stepped into that house, i had peace then i asked the guy(the one am dating) that the interior of the house looks familiar. he smiled and asked me to sit. the interior of the house looks beautiful and peaceful.
And again.. the powers,evil forces that terminate and destroy your relation came to implicate and destroy it. But to God be the glory, and the lord awoken your spirit man, confronted and defeated their plot and your prevail.

Surely, this relationship shall stand.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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Good Morning Pastor,

i had a dream about coming out from lectures (Am currently schooling in reality). Then i entered a car and there was a guy sitting beside me another at the front while the driver is driving along my
former area. suddenly, the car turned and reversed back to where it came from, immediately the guy sitting beside me brought out a gun and pointed it towards me saying that i should take my hand off the door because i was trying to open the door with one hand while i used the other to drag the gun out of that man's hand and pointed it at him like i was about to shoot him. The car was still moving, so i threw out my phone( which is the phone a colleague lent me in reality pending when i purchase another), then i jumped out of the car to the road and that car sped off. i turned and realized that i might have left my bag containing books in that car while i was trying to escape them. so i saw a man standing beside the road close to a house and he threw a phone at me saying that i should take my phone. but the fell on the tyre of a car and was smashed. i looked at the phone but it was the same samsung but the one am using in reality is quite different than the one that just got smashed. i looked around me and realised that i dont have my bag, books or phone but i have my life and i was so happy. i left the smashed phone and continued walking then i saw a good colleague of mine and one of my closest uncle, they were both going out and i asked if i could join them but i declined and told them that i just escaped 1 chance vehicle but i dont have anything but my life. i was hurt about those items i lost but was happy to be alive.

2nd dream, i dreamt where i left with some of my colleagues( the ones who attend this same school that am currently attending in reality) we went with another colleagues car because someone blocked my car. so we left with his and he parked it beside my house and went back to take mine. So, i join this former female colleague in her car (she just got marriage and relocated to another country recently)she carried us in her car then dropped i told her to drop me off beside my house. and when i opened the door to inside my flat, it was like they are using it to rear chicken. the white feathers of the chicken were everywhere and i was wondering how it came about and if am really rearing chicken. A man stood beside me talking with me and i think either he is dark in complexion or he wore a dark cloth but what was in my mind was that i will sell off the chickens and wash the entire place to clear the smell of chicken and feather. so i can leave comfortable in the house.

Thank you.
1. Pray,and fast too if possible, this must be averted ; I am seeing one chance robbery before you.

Ps 91,24,8,19 and 27.

2. It's called " household enemy altar ".
I see altar of sin, household enemy frustrating your progress, day and every day life, comings and going. But it's exposed now as I see you about to ransack and/or dispose them all OUT!.

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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