John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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The building
Thank you pastor
Good morning pastor,

I had dis dream where I was together with my office colleagues and it rained n dere was rats everywhere, small rats every where and I was so pressed n felt lyk urinating but it was dark , with the rats that were running around, so I was scared but I left on my own but as I came out I noticed that it was at my former house and it has rows of toilet n bathrooms outside but rather dan I urinating inside d bathroom I did it outside d bathroom bt den I felt lyk someone was coming so I went inside d bathroom bt I noticed that after urinating I cldnt find a single rat around me n as I came out from the bathroom, no rat anywhere nt a single rat lyk dey just disappeared.

Then I saw myself in that department at the office I hv been trying to move to in reality and a man there asked me the department I really want to move to in d dream which I told him n he said something about a supervisor helping me but changed his mind and said no problem then he started talking to another man with him about it.

I can't remember much of this but I saw myself n a colleague next to a container of money. I noticed dat I was arranging some.

Thank you.
You days of sorrow, darkness, retrogression, oppression, depression, frustration, manipulation, disappointment and delay are OVER!!

Indeed ye have been in darkness, in your work place, ye have been struggling with powers of darkness/retogression.
But worry no more for the LORD God has sent every evil arrow and inflictions of retrogression back to the senders.

In essence, you days of darkness,disappointment, delays are over.

Congrats wow!!

I see u testifying soon,i see you witnessing your promotion, I see many fighting for you,going through stress for your sake just to honour u,i see your expectations coming to pass.

I see you moving to that new department, I see you having different choices/options to chose what you want or which department u want be.
Wow, now? That's honour and testimony.

Bless u
Good morning pastor,

I has this dream like I was watching something happening close to an ocean, the scene was so beautiful and I saw a lady on a beautiful green gown run up to a man and she started say something to the guy n the guy walked out on her and the guy now raised his face and hand to the sky , the sun was shining and he said in a loud voice which I cld hear that he was going to ask a girl for forgiveness and ask if she will accept him back and he entered the water; it was like the water leads to anoda to come out of that place so this lady he walked out on was now running after him and asking where he was heading to like she was crying n pleading for the guy to come back but he didn't listen to her but Wat was surprising is it seems like she walked on water. But the guy continued swimming away n like I cld read his mind dat he is going to ask dis other girl for forgiveness n God    shld allow the girl accept him back cos he didn't knw y he treated dat other girl like dat. I wasn't watching this event on a screen neither was I there nor am I close enough to hear but it seems like someone was showing me like I can see Wat is happening wthout been there.

2nd dream I was in a building wth my colleagues that is everyone in my department was inside the building n I stood up and left and went outside was wen I noticed that it was an old rundown building dat has started falling n my colleagues were still inside working n I went to anoda new building and I went upstairs n there I met some of the pple that are working in this new departure that am still trying to join n we were at a eatery upstairs n we took dis juice n it seems like I drank 2 cups but I can't really say wen I drank it bt it luks like it den the only female in that new department in reality,  she was wth us drinking and she paid for everybody n they told me that they've closed work for the day n dey were on their way home n we came downstairs together with me dat was wen I noticed how tattered the building of the department I am currently in and I saw the way the workload was piled for my colleagues n wen dey saw me dey now said all of them shld split their work n give to me work on. But I was dodging so our boss will not see that I left d office n I was still outside that tattered build not wanting to go inside until I woke up.

Pls the 1st dream the girl was telling the guy close to the water that they said is time to release him to go but she doesn't want it dat was wen the guy walked out on her as of something left him.
1. Indeed, this is like a movie. Yes, a movie or revelation of your life.
Truly, the lord is talking to you, talking about what transpired between you and your ex's.
I see him/them coming back to beg you, seek for your forgiveness.
You will laugh last indeed.

2. A thousand will fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand but it will not come near thee. You will only observe with your eyes and see the punishment of the wicked

In essence, the lord said, many shall fall, be dispose, die, disappointed and frustrated.
But none of these shall be your portion.
I see an overall reshuffle in this company.
Changes and challenges will come along with these.
But so says the lord of host : none of this will come near you nor your portion for the lord will lift u up instead, bless you and honour u while others are laments. Wow!!

Fear not. You Are about to laugh last. The lord will lift u above the rest.

Like I wrote above there, the whole scene was like a movie of what transpired. Be rest assured that you will laugh last. Indeed, it's here. Whatever was holding them(ex's) down, chasing them away shall release them now and will come back begging. Seeking to be in good terms with you.

Bless u
Good morning pastor,

Thank you for yesterday's interpretation.

I had dis dream where I suddenly woke up in that dream and found myself sleeping nxt to a guy that looks familiar like my ex's younger brother or a friend in a room and sitting nxt to us is a woman saying she won't sign for me or approve my marriage dat am nt from the state she wants the guy to marry n she insulted me so much n wen I left I responded to her dat she shldnt insult me and I can't remember the other tins I told her but I collected my phone and a book n I felt like she was supposed to sign in the book but wen I gland thru the first pages of the book I saw that it was blurred like wen dey pour water inside a book the way u can't read or see Wat is inside cos the link has wiped away. So I started crying n I left there crying and the guy followed me but I didn't bother to look at him cos I felt he shld hv responded to the woman. I walked till I got to my office and he followed me into the office and dere he looks like my ex's younger bro and I went to meet this supervisor of mine that is really prayerful and a christian in reality. So I went to the supervisor crying that the woman refused to sign the book and the book is now spoilt cos u can't see anything dat she spoilt it while it was still in her possession, then the supervisor held me cos I was kneeling down n crying and told me to start opening the book page by page which I did n it got to a page that is now clear n I noticed dat Wat was in the pages of the book were pictures of men and others have been wiped off the book and I smile n my supervisor told me that the book is still useful and not totally damaged. I don't know why that book contained pictures of men and while most of the pictures starting from the front page was wiped off and y the younger brother of my ex was following me and y I woke up inside the dream.

I dreamt again where was with 2 bags at night and noticed that some people wanted to rob my so I entered a house and hid the bags dat I had wth me they still came to the house and asked the occupants about me that dey shld bring me out with dose bags n I told dem Dat I had no bags on me but the bag was hidden somewhere but I later left but dnt knw if I went wth the bags but dose pple left.

3rd dream is where I was with some of my friends and we were going to the market to buy clothes den an empty danfo bus came along and we were abt entering but wen I got to a place some of my friends/colleagues at the market but doesn't look like one told me Wat they bought and dey were going to give some of the tins dey've bought and I woke up.
1. Tribalism was the major, key player and the reason you lost your ex. It runs in the family.
There is a battle, chaos that runs in this family.
As I see a mother/family that's extremely tribalist and selective at the mention of marriage.
Mind you, you won't be the first person that's happened to in this family, as this has been running in this family.
Now, the lord said daughter wipe away your tears, cry no more. Because if you had married him you will have lot of trouble/tribalism to deal with.
Mind you, I see the younger brother falling in love with you now, trying to get close to you. Hmmm

2. It's called/they are called 'spiritual robbers '.
Something must be done asap before its too late or become reality. (call me for further explanation and what to do)

3. You are surrounded by unfriendly friends.
In essence, trust none and don't be disappointed when some/a mere mortal human disappoint you.
It's only God that doesn't fail nor disappointment. He's God, immortal.

Bless u
Good morning pastor,

I had a dream where I saw a man, he was dressed lyk these Jewish in the bible and he luked lyk them from hair till toe and pple refer to him as Samuel lyk in the bible but it seems lyk he was locked up for so long wthout food or water n wen he came out of where he was locked; rather dan die he was filled wth so much amniotic that his captor cldnt come close to him cos of the annionting and power around him den a woman came and she luked lyk my bus at the office n I dnt knw if the man went back to the place where he was locked initially I cnt remember.

I saw myself with a church member n we wanted to go home after service as we got outside we saw two guys and we wntd to knw if dey re done n on their way home but one just said dat he kills pple, so we just left him and went back inside d church cos pple were nt coming out yet. I noticed dat they were having a celebration and dey placed a baby in front of dis church member of mine and a replica lyk a cake almost in identical dressing n I was sitting down nxt to her. After everything we were on our way home and I saw myself inside a bus that was going but then the bus stepped n d driver started hvng issues wth the other man who he didn't knw had military training cos d way the other man handcuffed him was even surprising to everyone cos he didn't say a word to our driver and pple in the bus now told our driver to start driving n nt fight a battle he cannot win n the driver cldnt say a word to the other man and his countenance was that of submission and the man told our driver to continue his journey wc is driving and the driver entered his car and continued driving den I noticed dat I was standing inside the bus instead of sitting on the sit and a guy was sitting dwn n there is a free sit in the bus so I just sat on the sit and the guy that was sitting dwn nw stood up lyk I replaced him and one other woman dat was standing nw sat nxt to me on that free space and the guy replaced me whr I was standing and I sat dwn replacing where he was initially sitting down. While the yellow bus continue moving on the road.

There is something that caught my attention in dis dream wc is that the driver and the other man that used the handcuff on him and one other man at the conductor side look alike. The same face and body n I dnt knw y d driver was a bit upset wth the man that handcuffed him but that man did not say a word just dat action he took n told d driver to continue driving.

Thank you.
As christians we will be persecute, hated, despite,mock etc on our spiritual/natural journey even in the house of God.

Indeed, the race is not to the swift. Indeed, even in the house of God there shall be hates,persecution, contention and judgment.

But look not at these, focus on jesus alone. For he's assured that he'll never forsake you, and that no matter the challenges and how millions struggle for a space in his house he will always create one for you.

But let you focus be on jesus alone.
Yes, brethens will persecute and despite each other, many will struggle for a place in this house of God/spiritual journey but the lord will never focus forsake you. Do not be distracted.

Bless u
(04-08-2015, 01:38 PM)ebankole Wrote: As christians we will be persecute, hated, despite,mock etc on our spiritual/natural journey even in the house of God.

Indeed, the race is not to the swift. Indeed, even in the house of God there shall be hates,persecution, contention and judgment.

But look not at these, focus on jesus alone. For he's assured that he'll never forsake you, and that no matter the challenges and how millions struggle for a space in his house he will always create one for you.

But let you focus be on jesus alone.
Yes, brethens will persecute and despite each other, many will struggle for a place in this house of God/spiritual journey but the lord will never focus forsake you. Do not be distracted.

Bless u

Thank you.

Good morning pastor,

I had dis dream where I entered my former house and I got a bread from a bread seller, so I went inside the house and the inside now looked lyk my office building, it luked like that department that hv been trying to enter in reality; as I was about talking to someone in that unit a man sitting in front of the departmental head (boss) of that unit now asked me that is it not bcos they are saying that am not good in my present department that is the reason why am trying to switch to this unit and I said no that he shld reconfirm by asking around that am good at Wat I do. But I was surprised as the man took charge in front of a man that does not like taking orders from anyone. Then that same man now told my ex's younger brother to follow him out and I have no idea were he took the guy to and this man, I don't know who he is in reality. My ex's younger brother was not looking happy to go wth the man but he had no choice but to follow the man. My ex's younger brother didn't say a word to me while I was in the department or when they passed beside me, he acted lyk someone that has something against me in mind lyk anger or so.

Then as I was about to leave the department someone gave me a fresh fine bread , not the type you can see anywhere. I dnt knw who gave the bread to me but it was a hand and I took the bread and if u can remember I already had a bread dat I got from a bread seller in my former house so I decided to return it back to the bread seller since I have a beta one cos the one the bread seller gave to me was squeezed and it is this normal kind of bread so I came down from the building and as I was walking out that same building now ll now luked like my former house then I saw some kids playing and couldn't find the bread seller or the bread she is selling; so I asked the kids about her and dey said she has parked her things back inside the house and she is not around cos she went out so I handed back her bread to the child to return it back to her cos I don't want it anymore and the child took the bread and I walked away.