John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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The building
Good morning pastor,

I had a dream where I was in a house and I noticed dat my ex's senior bro and his wife moved into the room where I was staying and I noticed dat dey came in wth their luggages bt in real life dey re both doctors n are doing well. The room where we are both staying 2gether is nt nice at all nt 4 a rich or comfortable person, it is lyk a place whr people going thru hard times manage bt I ws surprise cos dey came in wth a girl which dey said is their's n d child was covered wth something white n dey said d child has measles So dey applied dose white tin on her n dey said dat I shld assist take care of d child wen dey re nt arnd, I called d girl n told dem no problem. In reality I think she is pregnant n dey just got married n I noticed dat I was trying to dodge so I won't come across my ex. I dnt understand dis dream.

While I was still in the dream I had ur voice pastor saying that the holy spirit told you to tell me something n I woke up. I cnt remember Wat it is
Why running around, why are you ashame, what are u afraid of?
Why trying to run from your past,what have you done wrong?

Why should you be ashame,afraid? Why,what have you done wrong. What's this unnecessary guilt within you?
What ever you are going through, being through or your past?
Don't you know this same ex's elder brother was once in your shoe,even after marriage?

What's it that you are struggling with,passing through that's new under the sun?
Can't u see u are 'even' better than some couples, living the same standard of life,same/similar challenges in such a way that such would need your assistance/words of encouragement to overcome?

What are u ashame of, why are u embarrassed unnecessarily?
None is better than you, not even your past is worst than that of many out there,including his elder brother.
Why are you hiding, running about?
You are better, far better than some couples : same challenges, same/similar situations et al.
Stop being downcasted.
Bless u
Good morning pastor,  I had a dream were I was in a place like a compound and I saw my colleagues dere also n I noticed dat dey all left the compound to go somewhere and n I was left all alone in the compound and my overall boss in d company whr am currently working was in the office in dat same compound and I went to urinate behind d office n a gurl  came in. I urinated in the white toilet whike she did her's on d floor n I noticed a guy wntd to come in but I berated him for coming to a female zone. As soon as I left dere n came outside I meet my overall bus @ d office talking to the boss of the dept in reality hv been trying to  go  but dere hv been obstacles I suspect dat d head of dat dept in rereality doesn't want  me to join but o saw dis my overall boss dat is higher in rank n who pple doesn't say no to ltalking tto the head of dat dept  n my boss left n d dept head entered his car n was driving n looking at me.   My colleagues at the office came back n told  me to go to where dey were coming from and cos I shld just wrote my name to indicate attendance in case dey re using it either d coy or I cn remember but I left the compound and went outside to wait for a  bus bt I noticed dat I   was on a bike bt I came out n out started waiting for a  bus n I saw someone else but dere was no bus n we continued waiting till a colleague of mine told us to follow her n she ll show us where to  get a bus fast n we continued walking down the road .

2nd I saw two fingers joined together n dey were masculine fingers n I saw my ex coming out of a car and was acting lik a bus crconductor n calling perssenger n I was shocked lik Wat happened to him 

I did prayers last night among all d tins I prayed for, I asked God to stand as a judge btw my ex, his brother n I cos I can't say whr d trap dat was set against me came out from wc am suffering n he shld cast his judgement. Dis is d first time am making such a prayer
1. The mighty shall fall for your sake.
I see the mighty, embargo on your way/progress falling.
I see a wall standing and blocking you crushing before you and give way.
Power shall change hand sooner than expected.
Worry not the lord is on your case fighting for you, who's this standing on your way? The lord will subdue him/her and there shall be way and peace atleast.
In essence, whoever is this department boss standing on your way or blocking you? Relax and see how God will disgrace him for your sake.

2. It takes time, energy and lot of effort to build or reach masculinity, right?
Meaning, presently your ex is struggling, suffering.
Could this be that the lord is already fighting for you or his judgment has come? Hmmm

Bless u
Thank you pastor. 

Good morning pastor, I had dis dream whr I gave my supervisor a paper to help construct my cv n I left bt I noticed dat I found myself in my former house wth a former neighbour of mine n I gave her 500 naira which is 2 making it 1000 bt I changed my mind n collected 500 n leaving d oda 500 naira wth her to help type my  cv n she asked y I didnt give her everything n I told her dat I paid enough.
i saw myself in my office at a different desk and and my boss was saying dat I and someone gave a man money to pay for d wife medical bill for delivery n d man was telling everybody dey were fifilming it n d man was blessing us wth words of his mouth but I can't remember doing such but she just said it n d family was so happy.
1. The lord said, you have paid the price. Price against powers/inflictions of retrogression....

2....and for this reason you shall find favour before your boss.


Bless u
Good morning pastor,

I had this dream where I was in a place with my ex and we were gisting and laughing together for a long time until some came n told him that a man was calling him, which he went to respond and I wntd to ask him something lyk y he treated me badly the way he did so I decided dat I ll wait till he comes back. The man he went to answer in that dream is known as a powerful man and a father to everybody, he has authority and was respected by all in that dream but I didn't see his face. So my ex entered a door to go and answer the man. There was this girl dat was asking wc of the clothes she is holding ll be ok to wear but as I wanted to answer her I nw saw a screen like a television screen in front of me n it was as if someone was writing something on the screen neither can I see who is writing on the screen but I cld read the words written on the screen. So I waved that girl dat was asking me abt the clothes she wants to wear n she entered dat door dat my ex entered n I started reading Wat was being written on the screen which is " and she doesn't want to be single anymore but wants the joy of woman and motherhood and as I was reading it on the screen it seems as if I was hearing a voice talking to me that the powerful man decided to settle n give her heart desire" I tot it was the girl dat was asking me abt which cloth to wear dat dey were talking abt since dey went thru the same door but my ex came out from the door and was looking at me somehow n came n sat nxt to me so I decided to ask him y he treated me d way he did wen we were still in a rship but he luked at me in a different kind of way, lyk wen someone doesn't wnt to answer a question n gives the attitude so I left where we were sitting together n sat somewhere else but we were the only two in the room and I woke up.

Pastor we don't talk at reality, I dnt get y I keep seeing him.
No, it's not him per se.

Indeed. You once rejected stone shall/has become a corner stone.
The lord/heavens had settled you case, has come to wipe away your tears maritally et al.

The lord said, whoever it is or powers that's been contending with your maritally glory/manifestation has been removed permanently as the heavens has took over your case and settled it.

Rejoice, for thy day season of joy has come maritally etc.. rejoice for the lord God has fought for you.
In essence, it means, you shall henceforth become a corner stone and those men that left you shall come back seeking for you, begging. But you shall not fight them nor accuse them for they shall have nothing to say nor be able to defend their(past) wrongs before you because? What happened in the past wasn't totally his/their fault.


Bless u
Thanks pastor.

I had dis dream where I entered a house and met a molded lion and d lion shakes and the scales went off and The lion roared and was abt coming after me wen a voice told me dat the lion is tamed and the lion kept quiet n went to sit down like a human being and a gorilla came also and did u same tin n d voice told me that d gorilla is equally tamed n I noticed that both the lion and gorilla has no tooth not a single teeth n d the lion told the gorilla to come and sit down which he did.

I entered into a shop n a guy wanted to sell a worn out Nokia touch light others were prizing him 2500 n he refused to sell n he asked if I wanted it n I told him 1000 m he agreed n gave me d fone as I was abt bringing d money he turn n said he is no longer selling n I was surprised cos d way he said it n he was acting lyk he was in a hurry to leave den I noticed two people outside the shop on white just standing dere immediately that man dat wanted to sell his fone ran out of the shop n continued running like dere was something chasing him.

Thank you
1. Its bye to you every spiritual/physical intimidator and fear . The lord has settled and silenced these forever.

2. It's called fraudulent deal.
This would have happened but, God in his mercy delivered you from being scam or cheated.
Perhaps, recently and not too long someone tried to scam? Anyway whether it's happened or about to? The lord had exposed ,disgraced and destroyed it.

Bless you