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Illumination / Understanding / Interpretation ??

Please I need help with this dream (one of many) I had last night.
I had a dream I was with the owner of the clinic I work at.  I was with his wife, and my daughter.
In this dream, there was an argument about a scholarship which the owner of the clinic was paying for my daughter (around £4000-£5000), his wife was not happy with this and wanted him to stop paying it.
She walked away and was in front of us, I believe my daughter was in front of us?

We walked pass a what looked like a pile of boxes that blocked us from the view of teh others and he pulled me back and put his lips on mine, I was not surprised and may have even expected it?

It felt like he slipped something in my mouth.  I woke up and that made me worried.

The thought of that action had made me worried though out the day

Another dream I had after I went back to sleep that same night;

I was on the road of the clinic where I work and started talking to the lady who owns the land next door.  She looked nothing like teh lady who I knew owned the field.  In fact as the dream progressed I saw the lady. I know to own the field tending the land, she has two horses on this field.
Coming back t the conversation I was having with this lady, she was telling me she used to breed horses on this field and had to give it up,  I cannot remember exactly why (cost maybe?).  I saw some old toy horses at the end of the field.  I said to her how beautiful the area was with all the trees, fresh air and open space.  

I believe she mentioned he has always lived in places like that and after a while you do not notice the landscape.  I ember thinking (or maybe saying, I would never not see the beauty if I had the chance to live in a place like that.

Thank you for reading this far.  
I really look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.
WELCOME TO THE MINISTRIES "..nadorah..' in Jesus' name.

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But to mention but a few you must not post on Sundays, and you must always number your dreams and separate them if they are more than one. Also, you must maintain ( this ) one thread for daily use and or updates of your dreams.

Now your revelation. I consider, critical, I must say ;

1. The Bible tells us that, only the gift, blessing from God adds no conditional attachment and or sorrow to it but this is not the case when it comes to a gift or blessing given by mankind like you and me!

Whatever you've received ( or expecting or even intending) from your boss ( the man you work for) or anybody you've just been warned to prepare for the tough days ahead. That is, whoever it is or the man in question is coming for you, your body, or whatever he feels you can offer him and, his wife is coming to fight too, to protect her so-called ' interest " .... Husband?


2. Like the saying goes sometimes... We don't know nor value what we have until we lose it ".

God warned, appreciate what you have, embrace it, the land is no greener out there like you thought or imagined and all that glitters that you see in the lives of those you wish to be like or admire is not always gold at all.

Bless you.
Jesus is Lord
Prophet Ebankole

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