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Please help me interpret these dreams.
Good morning sir, I am a newbie here. May the continue to strengthen you. Here is what I remember of the dreams.

1. In this dream I was going somewhere and began to give the various prophetic word and interpret individuals dreams. But the problem was there was not enough time to speak to every individual and some were asking how they could locate me to finish giving their word.
I got to my destination and meet with my financé to see his spiritual mom and he was trying to get me to talk about why I was annoyed with him but I didn't answer him. When we walked into her office, the Secretary was seductively talking to my finance especially as he gave a tip as usual when he is around. I got annoyed and told her to back off from my guy. When walked into the room, I hoped I wasn't underdressed because the meeting by his spiritual mother was called out of the blue. She walked in dressed in a white lovely dress looking very elegant and ended up picking a seat right next to me, even though I had tried to pick a seat that wouldn't be in the front view.

My aunt's young son wanted permission to invite some people to the wedding but I didn't know why I was stalling in giving him an answer. Something told me that the people he wanted to invite are important powerful people that would bless me, even though he is only a teen.

2. I was hanging out with a popular influencer with her friends in a fancy restaurant. The restaurant was so posh that it had a swimming pool. The influencer asked if I wanted to swim and I said I can't because of my hair, also don't have a swimming costume and I remembered that I was also on. Her friend jumped into the water and we ate our food. We decided to walk round to the other side and while I took the steps the influencer walked through the pool route. The place was already packed and quickly found a spot and other people that we were to work with was there such as a camera person.

3. I went to my uncle and saw that he had lots of drinks brought for the wedding. I told my mom there was no need to buy drinks for the wedding. There was a boy who had written a poem about being changed, I found the paper it was written on and returned it. When the parents opened the door I asked if the boy was at home but they said no, they were also unsure if the boy had truly changed from his bad behaviour. I dont know how but I was able to convince them that he had because I had a knowing in my spirit.

My mum arrived in front of an old priest man dressed in white and was crying that man should pls help for my younger to be changed in behaviour and become something in life. I told the man that I recently spoke with my brother recently and he is gradually sounding like a changed man, that he kept saying he wants to be reunited with the holy family. I asked the man that is there was something to help make him calmer just as both my mum and younger brother arrived. I told the man that we all still love him and will be there for him but we want him to be a changed man for good. My mum became scared that my brother would get angry for trying to leave him with the old man but there was no need for him to be left with the man. While all this was going on the old priest has an apprentice and someone present, I looked into the bill ain't the apprentice had written. I became worried when I saw the amount as I knew my mum had spent a lot on my brother and I was thinking where would I get the funds from to pay. The old man left without saying a mouth and handed me an envelope filled with paper rubbish however at the bottom there was a lot of money inside. I was surprised and I knew he had given me that money to help settle the bill without the others noticing it. But the other guy did and wanted him to collect it from but I said I know where the old man stays I will go and return it to him but I just planned to say thank you. I went to get changed for work before going to thank the old man and then my finance turned up and I told him to quickly enter the room but he thought I had other intention so I explained what happened and don't want to be seen by the other man.

Thank you
1. Three important things are surrounding your life, your now and or the future namely ;

* Marriage or raising a family of your own.

* The grace and privilege to connect and become an important personality, an influential, or popular figure.

* Your gift, the calling of God upon your life and tk serve God, humilIty through that gift and make a change the world.

All of them are good and are a channel to become somebody and make a difference with or without God confine or calling.

But, there is a " BUT " and that is, the first choice you make or path you follow among these three will define your life positively or negatively forever along with the two that lie below your first choice.

2. The door is open, the opportunity and or the potential is there for you to fit in, to connect, and become an important personality though gradually but you cherish your privacy, and though you may not discard the opportunity or potential lay low and maintain your privacy within it.

That is, you can't take it out of you but live within it being yourself.

3. This is the extension of one of the messages in your number 1 ;

A soul, within your family circle, your brother, wot in friends, or relative is crying out, calling out, craving for the restoration of the soul and redemption but you've doubted your gift/calling, you've hesitated, and you've held back instead of going ahead with it and God will bless, reward you greatly for it, beyond your expectation and imagination.

However, you still choose to God about it be it, through the backdown, background, or directly God may choose to bless you but your gift and the purpose of which God has specially designed you through the gift may never be unraveled.

Bless you.
Jesus is Lord.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning sir, More grace and strength to you. I am sorry I don't really remember much of this dream.

I went to a funfair with a group of people. I went on at least one or two rides and while on one of the rides I was thinking about how I could apply to work in the funfair but then realised that the funfair will be ending soon. So there was no point, I was calmed by the fact that knew if I needed money I would easily be able to book for a shift at my old workplace. Especially if there was anything that I needed to pay for my wedding.

There was a pregnant woman and 2 children came to see a man and they just stared at each other and another who looked like a Nigerian actress told the pregnant lady to please try and keep her distance until after the wedding.
Your " gift " is a gift of a "counselor", a usual inspirational speaker - a message from God to you this mourning. Do note this down for future reference.

Your revelation :

There is time for everything under the sun; time to speak, time to go silence, time to strive, and time to rest, time to struggle, and time for luxury, time to sow and time to harvest, time to seek and time not to, time to work and time not to, time to distance yourself from certain things and people and time to draw close.

This is not time for you to strive, to seek, to struggle, to go out there, to labor, to draw, run, to focus on what you don't have now but a time to trust in God, look up to him and help and for divine intervention.

Down tool your tool and look ahead of your glorious day while trusting in God to meet that needs before and after you desire it through divine intervention.

The bible says the race is not to the swift nor the wise. For, unless builds the house its builder's labor in vain.

Bless you.
Jesus is Lord.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good day sir, Thank you for all your help, God bless you.

1, I was in a room with my previous Church's pastor wife from when I was at uni. She was in the room with her little boy and she was annoyed or so, and about to tell the boy off. I stepped in and said I would speak to her boy while she cools off. When speaking to the boy he said he understands but I should tell his mom to be nicer and asked if I could stay and said I can't and I think I said I will speak to his mom.

2, I was like in a school hall and a lady lecturer saw me sitting and I think she was saying well done on my assisgnment. I then asked her what are the available options regarding the completion of my degree if I was to become pregnant. She said that myself and another student are among her best students so she doesn't want either of us to drop out because she thought I was saying that I wanted to drop out of the course and I explained that I would not be dropping out, I have waited years to gain admission on to this course and wouldn't give it up, especially when I have been granted it. I just wanted to know that if I was to get pregnant now, would I be able to defer the remainder of the course and finish it a year later. And she said that becoming pregnant would not stop me from completing and gave me the impression that there will be no need for delay if I became pregnant. She smiled and walked away.

I was in a place with 4 young children who were accompanied by their parents and a nanny I think. The dad was present in the room with some aunties and a newborn baby. I was trying to help out when one of the aunties said I should speak to the children to be listening and so I did, I told them they need to listen when an adult speaks to them and also gave individual tasks for them to do and that I will know if they dont complete it as their parents will tell me. I also told them that as long as I am their Sunday school teacher they can't do much unless I resign or get fired. One of the boys was still grumbling and I told him to behave.

The children wanted a drink and there was a red wine bottle and the lady bought tiny cups similar to the size used for common in and gave them a little similar as they were to have communion. The dad stated that at least the children listen to me.

I wanted to carry the newborn baby but someone had her and the baby was sleeping so I said I will carry the baby after the lady. Then the mom came in and she looked stunning in a silver dress and looked slim fit. I thought in my head how gorgeous she looked. She asked what do I do and replied I am studying which she said that's good and started that having children while studying this course can be difficult. Something told me that once I finish my course I can starting having a family, I don't have to worry about having it before completing school.

My fiancé came in and also wanted to carry the baby as well, he went to sit near the children and pulled me to sit down with him and he gave me a peck and a hug. He then told me he can't wait till I become his beautiful wife and made lovely promises to me.
1. Remember what I told you the Lord told me to share with you about you, your gift, or calling, this...?

Quote:Posted by ebankole - 03-09-2021, 02:51 PM
Your " gift " is a gift of a "counselor", a usual inspirational speaker - a message from God to you this mourning. Do note this down for future reference.

Well, it's also confirmed by God, below ;

Quote:, I was in a room with my previous Church's pastor wife from when I was at uni. She was in the room with her little boy and she was annoyed or so, and about to tell the boy off. I stepped in and said I would speak to her boy while she cools off. When speaking to the boy he said he understands but I should tell his mom to be nicer and asked if I could stay and said I can't and I think I said I will speak to his mom.

Well, there you have it!... Again, above and according to your dream above; a counselor, mediator, and meditator.

2. Everything about this revelation can be likened to the reality now, today, yesterday, and the future.

You are/were one of the brilliant students with great potential and future.

Yes, if you are yet to defend your final project or what have you marriage won't limit or stop you but keep in mind that this comes with stress and great responsibility, emotionally, mentally, physically, and psychologically.

Again, your gift, leadership spirit, and rare talent, below ;

Quote:I was trying to help out when one of the aunties said I should speak to the children to be listening and so I did, I told them they need to listen when an adult speaks to them and also gave individual tasks for them to do and that I will know if they don't complete it as their parents will tell me. I also told them that as long as I am their Sunday school teacher they can't do much unless I resign or get fired. One of the boys was still grumbling and I told him to behave.

You'd most likely do well as a leader, counselor, and mediator, and meditator even that parenting. Keep that in mind as this can be proved above, on the quote.

And lastly, I am seeing a glorious marriage, life in marriage before you, with the right man and partner I am seeing before you now.

What blessed and glorious days are ahead of you.

Bless you
Jesus is Lord.
Prophet Ebankole

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Good morning sir, trust you are doing well. Thank you for all that you do.

1, Myself and finance were boarding a flight. The plane had some emergency and we were suddenly ejected out of our seats while still very high in the air. We held until the lifeguard thing and I was scared at first but we somehow landed through an opened window, onto a soft landing. I was so surprised that we were even able to survive with no scratch or issue. The plane company had sorted of calculated all of this from ejected to landing, which I thought was this possible as they had thought of everything and calculated that we were had a safe landing in that particular house. I also found it strange that I couldn't see any other passengers from our flight. We got up and dusted ourselves and met the owner of the house. He had a massive fish tank in the middle of his living and one girl and boy in the room who I believe are his children but they didn't look happy. The man was a government official, so we explained what happened and he asked us not to inform anybody about the incident. I said we can't remain silent that it was dangerous regardless if the airline had thought of everything. He told us there will be consequences if we did. We left the house and we didn't even know which country we were in. We walked into the street and it was so quiet while trying to figure how to get back home and then I suddenly looked up and saw that the entire streets were filled with police and the looked like there was going to be a shoot out. I told my fiance that I think there is going to be a shoot out, we need to find a place to hide cause it can happen at any moment. we entered a shop and saw a policeman and asked if we could hide here as we noticed the police outside. He said yes we could that we should hide under a table and said if anyone asks us who we are, we should say we the couple that is testifying as witnesses. We agreed and went to the hiding spot. A voice which I believe as the holy spirit said we should tell the truth instead if we are asked who we are. I whispered it to my finance who saw an officer approaching us. The officer asked the question and we told him what happened which he smirked and the government man showed up and said wrong move, that didn't he tell us not to say anything. This is all seemed like a massive set. We entered another house to ask for help but people sorted of acted like robots and they started attacking us and I started praying and was able to charge at them by hitting all of them that came at us with such strength. My finance was shocked and asked how did I do that I just said I had the help of the holy spirit.

Then a guy dressed in Muslim clothing covering his face and body came down the stair. I got scared and began calling on Jesus and he followed us to the kitchen and I because he repeated the word, Jesus, I assumed that he won't harm us and that he would help us. He spoke to my finance and told him what had happened. And we were about to leave when the same government official man arrived and the boy disguised in Muslim clothing got scared that the man would hurt him for helping and I told him not to worry that he should him remove the muslin clothing and act like he was about to attack us and he should tell the guy that we escaped. The government man seemed to know everything and he was annoyed that they couldn't get us, he also knew there was something different about me which annoyed him the more because I was getting away. I dont how I knew this but I did. We made it to an airport and was able to make it home.

I had just got in and I heard my younger bro call my name outside of the apartment. I found it strange a bit that he would shout my name out especially cos he knows I had travelled, and I hadn't told anyone just yet that I had returned. I looked outside the window and saw some boys in black and they seemed to have met up with my bro and they looked like they were coming to rob. I was surprised cos I know my bro doesn't keep company and they didn't greet as friends so I was wondering why he was being used to gain access to my apartment. I went too quickly and quietly try to hide before they came in. They looked around and found me and started their boss is coming, however, one of the guys planned on taking advantage of me and took permission from the guy while they wait. So I played along so when he took me to another room I planned to try and escape. When we got into the room shortly after a red sports car somehow appeared in the room and out came my pregnant house. I was worried I tried to get both of us into the toilet and lock the door. We also heard movements outside and it seemed like the police had arrived and I was scared they could be like the other policemen in the other countries l, so I wanted to lock in the toilet till I figured how to get help. Even the guy that wanted to take advantage of me was scared and asked me to help, I dont why but I said ok and I knew he couldn't hurt me or my housemate as he was really scared. We escaped somehow into the streets and it seemed like we had walked into a protest and there were so many people running and pushing. I began to cry that I couldn't believe all that has happened since boarding the flight. I found my fiance and little brother and was also worried about where my housemate especially cos she was pregnant. Her mother also found me and was asking about my house and I told her I dont know where she is, and then a video call came in and it was from my house who was at the airport dressed in a sun hat and said that she was going to another country because she can't deal with protest and issues here, but she will be back. I was thinking if she is even fit to fly as she was due at any moment. She assured us that she is fine.
Do not bother, trouble yourself, and hoping for the generation of the perilous days and end time, you are fortunately or unfortunate of that generation and that end time is now!

* The time of secrecy, true privacy, and finding a hidden place/personal place is forever gone and shall be no more.

* The time and season of e-government and one-government is your generation and there is no place to hide.

* The new world order where the governments of the world control everything and everyone and no hidden place is right before us.

* The time where the true sayer is hunted.

* The time where and when the true children of God will be hunted and sought to kill but the one-world government comes though God among the chosen one shall keep and hide you and your own.

* The time where the world at large becomes one, ruled by one-world government, and everything you think you used to do in your closed door can be traced and found by the government of the world.

There shall be no place to hide, no cover, and no privacy but God assured if you'd stand for the truth, by the word of truth and for God, he will keep you, he will protect you and your own and away from the one world and e-government of the world that's about to take over.

I must also confess, you are among the chosen ones.


Bless you
Jesus is Lord.
Prophet Ebankole

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Wow, thank you so much sir, God bless you!
Good afternoon sir, more strength and grace to you.

1. I wasn't sure where I was but the building I was in seemed like a big hotel. I was in a room and had given birth to twins. I wasn't sure what was wrong with me after the delivery as I was really weak and could barely talk for days, but I was wondering where my babies are. I wasn't able to ask where are they and got more worried that I haven't even heard any baby's cry throughout those days. I was able to gain strength one day and demanded that my children are brought to me and the people around were scared as it seemed like the babies were missing and I said I don't want to hear it that my babies are around somewhere. I hoped they are alive and well especially as neither had my body produced milk yet and was getting worked up. They eventually brought my babies to me and they were alive and ok but they just looked skinny. I had them by my side and didn't even want to leave them. I touched one of the babies tummies and somehow saw an internal shield-like looking covering the tummy area. I believed this shield was protecting them somehow. I was glad they were able nor did they cry, they just slept.

A few of the girls were around as it was meant to be like my bridal shower but again I was scared to leave my children even though they had got the person that attempted to take the children. I went to another room which had the party just starting and simply took a present they had waiting and returned to my room. A friend and two other girls had suggested to have just them and chill in my room instead of going to the party and reluctantly said ok but only some I trust can watch my babies. They went outside to start getting ready. I was thinking about who I could leave the children with while also about to get ready. A lady who appeared to be my partner's mom was by the door, and when I looked on the bed the babies weren't there and I knew that grandma had taken them and although in my heart I knew they were safe I was still worried and anxious. As I looked outside my friend and one of the other girl was telling the other girl off and I knew that for my friend to be telling her off she must have passed her bonds. I only saw my friend's back but she looked lovely from behind.

I was also confused as I wasn't yet married and was confused about how I gave birth especially as I and my partner hadn't gone the whole way. I was worried cause the church won't marry us and won't believe us either. A voice said I could still complete a pregnancy test and that they would marry us but I was still confused. I was also confused that I don't remember being pregnant nor the actual labour and also the babies were a bit lighter in skin completion compared to me and my partner. But something kept telling me that they are ours and that I should not worry about the dynamics.

2, I was walking to meet my uncle and then I saw my dad and younger brother walking while smoking a cigarette and they walked past us without a word. I was sad and my uncle hugged me and said not to worry about it.

3, I was in a massive house, which seemed like a party was loading. I had a room to myself in that house and was walking through the crowds. I said hi to a few and even a woman called my name and said I am the bride rite, to which I said yes. She congratulated me and introduced her daughter to me who also seemed excited to finally meet me. I was confused about how the mom knew me as I was sure I didn't know her. I was going to go back to my room to see what was going on and as was making my way through the crowd there were some people I recognised and others I didnt, a friend called out my name and turned and was excited to see, I said that I will come back. I continued to my room and beside my room was a table with a popular comedian and the hairstylist person that I wanted to book for my wedding but said she isn't available. I began to panic because I thought the party was my traditional wedding and People had also had been saying congratulations and when I saw my friend reason I thought this was meant to be my traditional wedding. I then began to panic that my and partner's clothing is still at mine in a box. I began to rush I went to go look for my partner who also had a room somewhere in the house to tell him. When I found him he seemed to paying attention to something and won't listen to me, so I wanted to rush back to my room as I left my phone and everything there. I wanted to book a taxi to rush to mine and I will be able to make it back in time. I got to my room and was about to leave and something small like having a remote in my hand when I had grabbed my stuff would cost me to open my door. Just as about to close the door the speakers came on and a popular actress began to talk.

I relaxed but was wondering if this is not my wedding then why I am here or maybe there I am in the wrong place. I couldn't understand it especially as I was given a room. The crowd seemed to know me but I didnt know most of them I didnt know what to do. While I was thinking a recognised producer person that I know sent me a Dm requesting for my number. This person hadn't spoken to in a while and just made me wonder some more.

I am not sure if this is part of the dream or another dream but I can't remember it but I was with my partner and he was slightly cranky and I asked what was wrong and he called me an idiot which really shocked me because we never use such language at each other and I know that he would never call me that.