John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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God had done it; made impossible possible
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He made impossibility possible ; We've Found It

This is going to be a long read a bit so, follow me, join me as I share the wonder-working power of God and the unbelievable and impossible miracle God had done for myself, for this ministry, and this household of his.

Brethren! God is here, he's real, he's in our midst, he lives here and he answers our prayers. I am sure, you must be wondering why I said that why such statement or words would be coming out of the prophet himself despite all he has witnessed, seen, read, and heard from the mouth and the followers(members), and the children of God here plus countless testimonies in various forms and manifestation?

Well, for someone like myself ( Prophet) who only gives and receives less or nothing ( spiritually but directly from God ) and whose passion and zeal is not based on his interests and or spiritual wants and what have you, you must understand why we are the spiritual head, the called and the chosen and why we only live our lives for others, for Christ and put asides out own interests, desires, and spiritual wants, needs, or desires for others.

Often I can't, don't nor think about my spiritual needs or expectations and even physical needs all for your sake and the love, passion, and zeal for the work of God, and all for, to attend to your needs, spiritually and physically. I am proud of this, I love it, and I have no complaints, reason to wish that away, ever! Never!

You must be wondering, pondering, thinking, and questioning within you what's this all about, what's this man of God up to this time, and or how this long explanations and narrations?

Well, I am boasting, let me boast, let me shout it, let me loud it, I want to boast with pride, with style, in glory, honor, and for, in Christ and God alone for doing the impossible again, for proving to us he's God and he's faithfully and truthfully the one that chose me, that called me, and he's indeed the owner of this church of his; DreamsTorchligh ".

Well, you all know what happened ( I updated the forum and all our members about the unfortunate event (s) ) last week what we often and daily use to minister on the forum was picked up/stolen by a strange who later switched it off blocking all access and possible room for any chance of negotiation or handling is back to us.

All calls, attempts, and or chances of reaching the " thief ' proved abortive and impossible...Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday all to no avail. The situation turned everything around and round shout upside down and practically everything was stalled and seemed to be against us and the prophet himself and even my family was not spared of the trauma and the unfortunate event.

Going back a bit; the spot we believed the gadget or phone was picked up/stolen we went there asking everybody around if they saw any of such and picked it but none could give us an accurate or any direct answer even though at the said spot Prophet's glasses for ministration could be found. The whole experience was tensed at the beginning and filled with so much confusion that you could never imagine.

On The 6th of August, Friday, at the police headquarters, Lagos Ikeja( Lagos capital), GRA I reported the case to the police,' Phone Theft ' track the gadget via it IMEI but was given an option to return and report the case later or put down a report (in written) with a down payment of ₦20,000 ( that's about $48 or around that or above ) because, the equipment used for tracking lost phones, etc was presently down or faulty so, the situation made us part with the sum of ₦15,000 only after all the pleading and negotiation. Keep in mind that the device can not be tracked until only-God-knows-when-the-breakdown equipment-would-be-fixed or get-fixed-up.

You'd all recalled I even pasted the news report about the equipment break down and all in my previous updates about the situation and unfortunate event.

Friday...Saturday and Sunday went no calls, no text, no information from the police, and well, this is expected as we were beforehand informed about the situation on the ground - the broke down tracking equipment and all.

Amid this longing, hopping, and high expectation for the recovery I took the matter to God in prayers with holy anger and violence despite my spirit was downcast and overwhelmed with everything that had happened.

This is my specific prayers ;

Oh God turns everything against the thief and unsettle his/her soul until the gadget is returned.

Oh God arises, send the spirit of trouble, guilt, great fear, and terrifying sorrow into the heart and soul of the thief.

Arise, God, let everyone around the thief turn against him/her until the gadget is returned to me.

I send out the spirit of heart attack, pain, unhappiness, great fear to the one that stole the gadget.

Lord takes away his/her peace of mind, his/her peace, filled him/her with agony, and causes whoever it is to experience the pain, trouble, depression, frustration, and confusion that the loss of this gadget has caused us all.

Whoever it is must not have peace of mind until the gadget is returned to me.



.. After so much pressure, persuasion from my wife on Monday, 9th of August ( I was reluctant on retrieving the sims because deep within me I had so much hope and faith that the God I serve will return everything perfectly and untouched ) I gave in and, to one of the mobile lines (it uses two sims), Glo world outlet to register and retrieve the sim though to my utmost surprise we found that my names were on the sim but another person's identity was found there, a female pictures...everybody was shocked and that could have been another trouble for either me or the female picture -identity theft '. .. You know what I mean? Hmmm.

Anyway, after spending almost all day at the Glo world outlet re-registering, reactivating, and changing the identity in the sim ( this takes time and it took me a whole day), and thank God I have the sim pack and all as that's what made that possible, if not?

After the whole stress, a whole day at the Glo world outlet we returned home at the baby hour of Thursday evening. And just 20-25minutes er returned home we heard a knock at the date, a woman and a boy, Wife was attending to them while I was in the room planning my next move and the resumption of ministration on the forum ( I announced about it that we would have to make do with the alternate phone that has glitches and all). I was indeed quite busy when my wife called me through the window, from the gate so. At the main door to the sitting room, she announced to me that my gadget/phone has been found!

Oh God my joy couldn't be contained in my body so I ran straight down to them with so many wrinkles and rays of joy and excitement in my soul...collected the gadget and I indeed confirmed it belonged to me.

After checking, cross-checking we found that the whole memory and information on the gadget has been wiped off ( it's called " phone flashing), and well...

It's returned now and right before us is a boy and his mother and questioning ensured ;

We asked the mother how the phone was found, she replied her boy found the phone in between or within the walls of their fence ( it's an open neighborhood there and it's just a two-minute walk from our place here), and what happened to the phone memories and all that, the boy, with fear was written all over his face answered that he had no idea and he just found the phone, picked it up and came down to out place to return it to us.

The mother said when her son found the phone she was perplexed and troubled at the same time cause she could be implicated along with her son as we would see fear was written all over her and her son but we assured them that it was all right and they should not be troubled.

So, that's it, brethren, the miracle-working God caused thief to one ;

* Use the boy as a cover-up to return the gadget because of the fear of being accused or arrested.


2 S/he out of fear, guilt, and most likely, after being arrested by the holy spirit and couldn't take it any longer decided to hide the gadget where it can be seen by anybody for a possible return to its owner.

Well, this left us with questions and a riddle, which is this do you think was the strategy used by the thief; he used the boy as a cover-up or place the gadget where it would be found for everyone to see and the possible return to us, the owner?

Brethren, it should be noted that the ' thief " had no initiation of returning the gadget anymore, and how, you'd asked?

* Immediately the gadget was successfully stolen it remained on switched for like forever.

* The phone had been fleshed and all memories were lost.

* The case of the phone had been disposed of

* Out first attempt to reach out to the thief was successful but it has remained switched off since and after until it was returned to us.

Brethren, on behalf of everyone, your prayers, and the ministries, Dreamstorchlight " I want to thank God for proving to me he's God and that he was indeed the one that called and chose me, and he answers prayers of his chosen ones and the called speedily.

I am thanking God because he is shamed the devil in all his plans to make me quit this ministry through depression, frustration, and all the attacks he's targeted at me and my household.

I am thanking God because just like he lifted an ax out of the river and made impossible possible, he caused his angel to inflict the thief with fear, guilt, and unprecedented terrifying trouble and force him/her to return it. He took her/his peace away and replaced it with terrifying sorrow, pain, and sleeplessness.

God has done this (similarly ) before when he led me and my wife to the bus garage when our laptop was lost, forgotten in the pub bus. No purpose, no direction not any specific person to go to but he led me and my wife to the garage and the spirit of God caused me to ask one of the drivers ( hours after the laptop was left on the pub bus) if he was the one a laptop was left in his bus and to the surprise of all of us he declared yes and that since he had no means of reaching the owner of the laptop he's given up. So, you see? Brethren, the God that I serve day and night without adding anything to and but truthfully has never failed me. He makes impossible looks easily possible and makes it possible.

I can't thank God enough and today, this moment, this hour, minutes I am returning all the glory, honor, snd adoration to him alone like this matter is beyond the gadget to myself but a proof that he answers the calls of his prophet too and speedily.

Yes, I know, this whole rage and storm against me and my family are because and for the sake of this work and ministry, the devil wanted me stopped by all means, at all cost so much that I almost developed high blood pressure out of the blue, out of nowhere.

A special thanks to everyone that joined us in prayers and followed the event and even to this end, and especially to God almighty. Lord, this is what I promised I would do if you do this and you did; I am sharing the testimonies to the world and I am telling it raw (, no hold back) and I am doing so on the testimonies thread as I promised.

Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!?

Thank you
Thank you, Lord
Thank you, Lord.
Thank you, Lord
Thank you, Lord
For everything, you've done...

Ancient of days
As old as you are.
As old as you are
As old as you are.
You'd never change

Ancient of Days
As old as you are.
As old as you are.
You'd never change.

What police, phone trackers couldn't do, failed to do you did it in a jiffy like it eas nothing, like it eas that easy to locate the thief and or arrest.


Prophet Ebankole.

(Pardon any error you might find in the written it took me hours to put them together and ministration must resume now hence no room to cross-check this time. We have a long way and message to catch up with though but we would get there.).

Prophet Ebankole

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Abba Father! You are God, unchangeable! Same
Yesterday, today and forever!
I can't contain my joy, I've been jumping and clapping and thanking God at the news.

Thank you God most of high!
Thank you Jesus Christ!
Thank you Holy Spirit!
Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

Congratulations to you sir!
Congratulations to us all!
I am speechless

What a wonderful working God.

He showed up when all hope is lost.

Congratulations Sir

May God to perfect all that concerns you and this ministry in Jesus name.
I missed everyone, you all.

Glory be to God.

Thank you, Jesus
Prophet Ebankole

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Glory be to God
This is a wonderful testimony.
He will never fail, even though the devil tries but we are always victorious.
God bless you and your family sir
All Glory and honour to the Ancient of Days, to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, to the God of Elijah who answers by fire, who neither slumbers nor sleeps, who sits on the Throne, whom no man has looked at and lived! Blessed be our God who lives forever and ever, who has all the power in His hands!

We thank you Father for you are ever faithful, as your word says those who trust in you will never be put to shame. Thank you Lord for proving yourself once again as you always do.
This is miraculous!!! Congratulations to the family of God. Thank you Jesus.
Hearty congratulations.
I thank God for the miracle!!!.…many more miracles to come in Jesus name amen
I am the daughter of a King.
I thank God for this miracle,this is really the lord doing,i pray for you sir the lord will keep strengthing you for his work,i know is not been easy.