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Unfprtunate event
A lot has been happening lately and for a few months now to frustrate the man of God and the work of God (the devil is out for myself and my family) but that of yesterday is something beyond our control hence the ministry and ministration may be stalled for now until further notice. Our gadget and along with all our data in her got stolen yesterday. I am aware this way beyond what got stolen.

We are making efforts to tract it through whatever means we can or the police as we can not afford to lose this information and details so, the man of God will be going to the police CID or headquarters to report the case and have the gadget tracked down by the grace of God.

But all these are not enough so therefore we are urging all members or anybody along with us who have a friend, a relative, a neighbor who works with the police /DSS force, or works directly work with any of those law enforcement agencies in lag is/Nigeria who might help us tract the thief even if we have to pay.

The experience is a heartbreaking one as it's going to stall a lot of spiritual activities for now until further notices and even for the prophet himself as we continue to run around to locate the thief and the phone.

Pray with us, help where you can as this is a war against the work of God and his kingdom, this ministry.

We need more contact and direct insider that work with the police forces or any of the law enforces agencies as we've been assured we will tract the thief if we insist and go through the right channel or connection.

I leave you with the peace of God.

God bless and be with you all, in Jesus' name.

You can reach us via the pm, phone, and or any of our contact for supports or more information.

I am trying this with an alternative but uncomfortable android .
Prophet Ebankole

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  • Onyinye Karen Betty
It is well Sir, the Lord sees all that is happening and he is faithful to perfect all.

This is a call for everyone to arise and help because this ministry has been a great guide to us all.

Anyone who knows people in the I t unit of the police should kindly help and if we have to contribute for another gadget we would as the work of God must continue.
It is well,let us remember the ministry at this time in prayers.

May God perfect all that concerns this ministry and return the stolen gadget so ministration can continue.

May God put an end to the attacks of darkness and take this ministry to the next level in Jesus name.

May God uphold his servant this season in Jesus name.

May the host of heaven arise and trouble the thief to return the stolen gadget in Jesus name.

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  • Abby
Devil has failed over the ministry and your life sir. Shame on devil.
God will take perfect control of everything in Jesus name.Amen !
May God take control over the situation in Jesus name.
We would be embarking on retrieving the phone numbers that were stolen, today. And by the grace of God when that is done we would announce the resumption of ministration day.

Also, it should be noted that our alternate option for ministration is not stable and it's not reliable though manageable pending the time our gadget is recovered by the police. We were assured( well, I hope so, I pray so) that it would be tracked and recovered theugh the equipment used for this purpose is presently break down(uhn!).

News info about the equipment below ;

So, keep in mind that ministration ( for now) will come a bit slow, sluggish, and delay until our gadget is recovered.

Brethren, I must confess to you that this has been one of the major storms for the prophet himself and his family as a lot has happened and has been happening to me personally but God prevails.

And all for what? And why is the devil all out for me and my family and the ministry? Because it wants me to stop, it wants to see me frustrated, depressed, oppressed, and shut down the forum --these I found during my time away from here. It took everything, I mean, all that makes the forum and ministration, the forum available, function, and moving but well I am sorry to disappoint the devil that this has only made us stronger and grow so, we ain't quitting soon or anytime.

Anyways, I will from now on keep you up to date as per our progress and the recovery process of the gadget.

You are not alone.

God bless you all and to those you that stood by us in prayers and supports behind the scene may God bless you all.

Our dry bone is rising again.

Bless you.
Jesus is Lord.
Prophet Ebankole

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  • Abby
The lord will prevail and the devil shall be permanently silenced over this ministry in Jesus name.

God is your strength sir
Amen and hallelujah!!!

I am so happy at this update thank you Jesus Christ!

Our dry bones shall indeed rise again. God is God and he never fails. God is with us.
So sorry about that. The Lord will restore what is lost.