John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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To God be the glory
I thank God for the manifestation of this dream as it continues to unfold.God indeed is a miracle worker.
He chose to use a sworn enemy for my business breakthrough and wipe away my secret tears.

To him be all the glory in Jesus name.

You are going to the next level now, you are on high speed and you can't be stopped now business-wise, career-wise, and likewise, otherwise.

In essence, the Lord said, I will silent your husband through your testimonies, next level, and force him to swallow his pride and the doubts he had about you and all the promises of God for your life through visible manifestations of them and your breakthrough.

Your enemies, those who rejected and rebuked you even, I shall cause them to bless you and facilitate the fast-tracking of your next level and unstoppable breakthrough.

Praise the Lord.
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To God be the glory my daughter has finally been delivered from strange spirits causing her to eat dirty things for some years now and also smell awful.

Through God's servant's ministration for her we have been seeing God's hands upon her life.

I trust God to perfect all that concerns her life and health in Jesus name

I also want to thank God for finally showing me a way in business after so many failed attempts, he has been faithful with funds, ideas and destiny helpers to also start the business.

When I thought it was over God showed up for me and made a way.

Lord take all the glory in Jesus name.
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God is faithful
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This testimony is to encourage others and show that truly giving works wonders.

For many years the father of my children has been tormenting ,oppressing ,maltreating, abusing and also cheating on me at will.
The marriage had been a living hell, because of his bad ways my children and I countless times have suffered for the consequences of his sins.
I have prayed ,fasted, went to mountain in fact everything as been in possible.
The lord caused a spiritual divorce and finally my kids and I are spared from partaking in his judgment.
Again there was another interpretation that if his baby mama leaves ,she would become dangerous and go to the extent of trying to kill my children or I and serious prayers is needed.
In the confusion, I sowed a seed to avert whatever would happen and shockingly that same night my kids father suddenly slumped in the living room holding on to his chest since then his health has not been good.
I dont know if its the judgement the lord spoke about or the attack from his baby mama but I thank God my kids and I were not affected because we have always been the ones receiving the arrows of sickness for many years.
Also since the chest pain started he stopped abusing me and became humble.

There is power in seed Sowing it works faster than prayers,it does what prayers can't do.
Is there any challenge that has lingered for long and refuse to move or change, a seed will go a long.

Praise the Lord.
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