John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Pls, help me out
1. The lord shall perfect your effort and that which you long for.

2. Old things shall pass away and all things shall become new. The lord shall do a new thing.

3. You falling in love or this is just a manipulation from the devil,flesh? Time shall tell.

4. I see that reproach in you disposed and I see shame and disgrace failed over you.

5. She lacks the ability,knowledge to take good care of her son.

6. I see the future and it's here, I see your marital tomorrow and home.

7. This further confirmed and established the message that your number 5 dream interpretation contain.

8. ..and this one too.

9. I see a long time bandoned, long delayed blessing diverted to you.

10. Marine agent crushed.

11. The woman,her family are capitalizing on your weakness to delay the money she's owing you.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thanks sir .

1. A colleague wanted to use a blunt blade to scratch my hand but I didn't allow her though not clear if she marked little. She wanted to narrate something to me because she has same on her hand.

We were in a place like herbalist home to enquire about maybe I have been involved in something & it was revealed yes. I said it means there was an unconscious initiation made on my behalf. I was later praying & casting out demons.

2. My Landlady was sweeping her own side of the road. Not clear.

3. The neighbour that owes me money said she used her money to buy fish including her transport fare & people were asking her why she is trekking. I didn't do as if I am no longer interested in the money.

4. I was told by my colleague that my uniform has stained. I actually got sanitary pad in my pocket but I forgot to use it. I don't know why others aren't seeing it. I later used my apron to cover it and wanted to wash my clothes.

5. I wanted to buy fish.

6. A woman that just delivered a baby and also came to deliver at my facility because her friend recommended me was mentioning my name. The baby was pale and needed to be transfused. People that were ready to donate blood weren't medically fit to do so and likewise me because I was menstruating or just finished menstruating.
1. Let me use this opportunity to share with you all the one of the consequences of stepping your foot on a native doctor,satanic prophet or sorcerer altar/place ; once you step in or protronize such some demon must possess or leave with you and at the very moment you stepped in there.

Daughter ? If you were once a victim of ignorance or have once or twice stepped your foot at such place? The lord is saying there is a covenant and demons that was initiated into your life that you are yet to be free from. Should that be the case ? You will have to embark on 3 days vigil and violence prayers casting out these demons and breaking that demonic covenant that you consciously/unconsciously made. If otherwise? Then its a warning to be wary of that colleague influence on your life as the lord warned that she's a bad influence and could lead you to the path of hell/evil covenant unconsciously.

Be warned!!.

2. She's territorial.

3. She's dishonest, untruthful and not straight forward. She lies a lot and full of deception.

4. I see a disgraceful encounter,moment but the lord shall come to your rescue, hide that embarrassing moment or shame.

5. Wage was against marine manifestation.

6. Many believe in you, what you do and finds strength in you.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thanks sir.

1. My father was with me and my brother. My father didn't mind to cover his private part.

2. My sister brought her sewing machine to my former school and the two bike men that carried it were complaining about slippery ground as a result of rain. I followed her and saw her son's blue socks on the ground, he has another type of the socks at home. My sister refused to pick the socks so I picked it. I asked my sister why she brought a standing fan from home and they might need it being sunny season but she was insensitive to my concern. My sister and the bike men were later arguing about the money she paid.

3. An helicopter was flying so low in my parent's compound. My father or brother cut the helicopter's compass that was dangling. I asked them what the helicopter will use but I was told that it has another compass. The helicopter has a very long string that was tangling. My father was planning to go to farm that day and the following day again.

4. My sister told me that my scalp has burns from hair relaxer. I said I know.

5. A colleague visited ear clinic to check her ear for hearing loss.

6. My landlady was telling my fiancé about my characters and that he has never found a man with me.
1. Your father has chosen to be naked to his household, family. That is, live freely and open so that nothing is hidden or secret about him before you and all.

2. She's proud,inconsiderate and insolent. This is how heaven sees her anyway.

3. I see hovering or awaiting destruction over your household averted terminated.

4. This thing is delaying your hair while continue using or applying it on your head? This is self inflicted affliction.

5. Always thank God for giving you good health,healthy body for I see a victim of a rare health challenges among your colleagues.

6. Indeed, a good name is better than silver and gold. Your faithfulness,honesty and endurance will always be your defense and speak for you before or behind you.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thank you sir.

1. I was beside a river and I got a name to give my newborn child and the name was AKINTUNDE, I can't remember the other one.

2. A classmate with a baby was groaning in pains after delivery and I was wondering if she's bleeding and why she didn't call us. I was in the bathroom doing what I can't remember. I entered the room and stepped on an injection bottle that another classmate has swept and I began to remove them from my leg. The classmate that was in pains didn't know we are finishing in school that day so she was told so. Looked like the classmate later didn't look like someone in pain.

3. Someone said she's making move to hastening our project supervisor to be fast in attending to us but she has refused to pick her calls.

4. I saw that the fence beside my house was somehow and white hen ran out of the fence where something was used to cover the fence. My landlord was rearing a goat there.

5. I was in the classroom with some people including a classmate that looked more beautiful after child birth. I told her that her husband and her friend's husband resembles except one is fatter than the other. She said what I said is true. The classmate's husband sat among us in the class.

6. A colleague lied to someone that her child is sick. She gave her child a red drug and I said she shouldn't have given her when she's not an illiterate. I tasted from the drug and later spit it out. Her husband came with a white garment church rosary on his neck.

7. I didn't want to pass in front of the Baptist church where they were having program, though I do pass there before but I decided to pass the other gate. They were selling mugs and travelling boxes.

8. A school boy wanted to take the video of an artiste on the road but he wasn't allowed or the child decided not to capture it anymore. I discovered a new fashion designer.
1. You shall pray against forced and unconscious covenant with marine kingdom in your marital future.

2. I see arrow of affliction aim frustrate your academic performance and life incapacitated and failed.

3. I see an evil attempt aim to stagnate your academic life and frustrate you but you won't be the only victim. You shall cry out against evil personality and forces working day and night to stagnate and frustrate your academic life.

4. I see a household in disarray/disorder as a result of the owner's nonechalant attitude towards her household environment.

5. Just like marriage has it ups and downs and bad sides we can not overemphasize on it beauty and the beauty it brings to one's life,couples.

6. Lies and deceits brings self impossed affliction.
As the lord warned that , whatever befalls the said person or family is as a result of her/their foolishness.

7. Your spirit man frown at such church and everything that has to do with it. In essence, i see you conquered that troubling fear and insecurity mentality.

8. Our failure or disappointment sometime are blessing in disguise.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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