John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Pls, help me out
Greetings sir.

1. A woman is being prayed for in white garment church and I heard that she should bring #3000. I heard from God that it's her husband that is inflicting her. I later had a dream where I confronted the husband and I was in the same room with them & I almost hit him. I narrated everything to the couple.

2. A guy in my house was fetching water for me and I told him to be careful not to fall in it because of the way he was standing @ the edge, the water was springing out continuously. The guy said there's a rock under the water & I told him it was by God's grace that we got water there as if it was our well @ home in real life.

3. A colleague's mother in law told her to carry her child & wash the remote control in his hand but she wasn't interested & complained, I said it is because her mother in law has been assisting her with her child & her next child won't be like that.

4. 2 elderly men in my place of work came to disturb me as I was reading or preparing for something. A colleague told me the amount I will pay her for a document she gave me because she went through a lot before she got it & I said I will pay her, I was thinking I needed to get the type of document with the money I planned to pay her. We were @ the entrance of the bathroom in my former house to bath and I thought my documents with that of the colleague have fallen into the bathing water but I only found my underwear in the bag I thought is wet. I was trying to cover my privacy when we wanted to bath but she did not mind.

5. A colleague told me that she's back to the market again for some reasons I couldn't remember, she said she has taken her children to her mother's house because it's not easy for her.

6. I was in the shop of a neighbor that sells food items. The rice I thought I have in plenty was not much again & I was wondering if I bought just a bowl of rice, but seemed I bought the rice elsewhere. Someone told me that the semolina I bought from my neighbor is costly even though I thought she has done me a favor.

7. I gave a drug to my nephew and later remembered that it's no longer good.

8. My sister used some of her clothes during menstruation and she washed it though I still see some hard stains.

Thanks sir.
1. Anointing to see vision, the hiding secrets of the world and the realm of the spirit is in you.

2. I see uncommon,divine grace upon you.

3. Pray for good and loving mother in-law such as this one.

4. A force on a mission to disgrace,retrograde you even academically. You must wage war against it.

5. To be a career wife and mother isnt an easy task but a supportive mother or mother in-law is a blessing in marriage and strength.

6. Be wise and trust nobody. Always have your ears on the ground and your eyes open lest people you consider trustworthy manipulate and take advantage of you at will.

7. Your attention and care for him is being divided. This isnt healthy as long as he's still under your roof.

8. Indeed, she's perfected the act of hiding her sins or secrets ( privacy) from you and many but there would always be a loophole. As i see one among her thousand secrets exposed.

Bless you.
Prophet Ebankole

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Thanks sir.

1. I passed among 2 men that held bamboo trees & they used it to injure my hands. I met their boss in front with a lorry & he collected my cutlass but I was later given the cutlass.

2. I was in the classroom and I couldn't see the things written on the chalkboard clearly & the former classmate I wanted to spy from didn't allow me.

3. We were to go somewhere & I met myself first in the bathroom before my former classmates, someone came to knock the door and she became angry because the door wasn't opened immediately.

4. My sister said she wanted to collect her money from my friend, seemed my sister has been doing house maid unknown to me. Not clear.

5. I can't remember the beginning of this dream. I followed a lady that we both entered a car. The driver didn't wait to collect my money & I was wondering if the lady wanted to pay my transport fare.

We got to a place where two puppies came to me & their mother came to bite on my hand when it heard their cries. I begged a woman whom I thought is the owner of the dog to rescue me but she didn't. I said negative words to the woman. I later sat with the dog and another one but it didn't attack me.

6. Mushrooms were just growing in a house, I didn't say anything & planned to uproot it later. I asked my mother if she sees the mushrooms and she said yes. A colleague uprooted 2 stands from the mushrooms & brought to my mother & I said the colleague has no secret.

7. I woke up in the morning to switch on lights but was switching it from somewhere else because my eyes weren't clear. My boss told me that he has written what he supposed to write in two days' time in advance because he won't be around.

8. A younger lady was with my boss and I was thinking if she's his wife. The lady & I was comparing our abdomen in terms of sizes.

9. A woman has a baby with hunch back & I was thinking if she has been hiding it.

10. The boss was tilling a soil where my former bosses have planted things in the past & I told him the soil is very fertile. My former classmates were on line & passing by. A client was begging my boss to let her not pay some bills because it's a waste but my boss insisted she pays it. The boss gave us money & we bought fuel, some colleagues came to tell me to give them from it because the person that went to buy it got a free ride. I was contemplating if to give out the fuel.

11. My boss called a woman I thought is his wife to evacuate a pregnancy from the lady I initially thought is his wife, he did not want to do it in my place of work for some reasons. I said his wife is naive.

Thank you sir.