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Pls, help me out
Thank you sir.

1. I was at the ATM but the network was very bad and many people were behind me. I had to give others chance to use the machine.

Later or in another dream, nobody was at the ATM and I said it would have been the best time for me to use the machine if I want to withdraw huge amount of money.

2. I was driving a car which my fiancé bought for me. Not very clear.

3. My sister and some other ladies wanted to buy a type of dress they saw on the internet. I wondered if the elder sister of one of the ladies would let her wear trousers. I said I don't see any special thing in the dress.

4. My sister's boss sew a dress for herself and she attached some parts that are pieces because she managed it.

5. I was listening to pastor Olukoya preaching on the radio and I was as well writing something. My brother was having issues with a lady that is a chorister at MFM but he became cool when he saw her mother that came for what I can't remember.

6. My father has a lot of phone numbers belonging to a business man. My father said he prefers to call d man before going out because he can't be dressing like he's going to the office all the time. He was with a lot of bricks.

7. I was among some ladies. One of the ladies didn't mind exposing her breast because she's a nursing mother. I used door to trap something that has a tail which terrified me.
1. A patient dog eat the fattest bone.
Keep up with your meekness, considerate and humble personality for your reward is certain.

2. I see you owing one, bought for you.

3. Your sister should learn simplicity and humility from you. She has lot to learn from your personality for her own good and future.

4. Can you sister really find wealth here or discover her true self under this one --living below her financial and..potential even under such profession/career.

5. His heart is not in one accord with God. I see him far from God even while in his presence.

6. Opportunity,crave for prosperity should never rob us of our sense of reasoning,logic and common sense..

7. Such a great secret the lord had just revealed/exposed to you ; ' there are/is a demon(s) that is attracted to uncovered or exposed woman breast now I don't know why, or what it does with it but this is not something good at all as I am seeing a very demonic,strong demon here. I pity women/ladies that expose their breast in the name of fashion. This is a very strong warning to every woman out there especially if you are the type that exposes your breast in the name of fashion - there is a beast/demon out there now for you..

Bless you
Prophet Ebankole

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