John 3:16 Arrow For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life ^DREAM interpretation ministry

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Pls, help me out
Good morning Pastor.
1)i didnt remember this dream well, the only thing i heared was "attack on the AROLE" that is the first male or female child in a family. Though i'm praying about a man, i dont know if it has anything to do with it.

2)a male colleague printed a paper for me that looks like receipt but has logo like a certificate. I did the thing on the computer myself before and i didnt tell him to print it for me but when he printed it out it appeared big just like certificate. People were now looking @ it.

3)my flat mate was so keen to know the diagnosis made for a neighbour's son that was admitted in my place of work. Though he is being managed for psychiatric condition & i dont want her to know about this. She was using method to get some facts. I twisted it for her because were are both professional colleagues but different establishment. This neighbour was complaining that our landlord didn't check on them in the hospital. I said he might be busy & not like that. Physically this boy is well.

4)i went to a resturant & when i wanted to pass behind a guy, he used his head to hit my chest. I was furious & began to abuse him. He said he just appreciate me.

5)i was in a place maybe this resturant i am not sure. Somebody showed me a food wrapped with nylon & vegetable is inside. I said nothing is wrong with it. A woman also called me again but didnt follow her immediately. She went inside & bring a former school mate and show me this same food with fresh vegetable inside. I said she can eat it. I later saw this former school mate carrying something on her head as if she is fetching water but not sure.

6)i saw a youth corper that served in my place of work before. She didnt greet me & i also saw a lady that the tribal mark on her jaw resembles a patient i have seen before. Both of them didnt communicate with me. This scene looks like my former school.
Thank you sir.
1. Yes. It has lot to do with him. He needs more prayer.

2. It's means, success or the result of your sweat/efforts. Coming out conspicuous.

3. Be wise and very careful around and with you flatmate. She's not to be trust wholly.

4. Anger. Anger. And anger. Be wary of it.
Above , the lord said, be wary as someone might provoke you. Be act and be wise. Because you can never tell if God/somebody is trying to test you endurance/patient or faith?

5. The lord said, retrogression, stagnancy, witchcraft dominance and influence over your life has ceased and shall no longer be your portion.
But many, you shall see, still struggling to be delivered from these inflictions.

6. Every communication, link etc between you and infliction,dominance, attack of retrogression/stagnancy has been shut and silenced.

Bless u
Good day to you pastor.
1)at the back of my window, somebody was carrying ripe bananas likely in a tray & i heard every witchcraft dominance has been carried away.

2)i was in my parents' house & snapping pictures in my secondary school uniform with some friends. I turned my back so that they could snapped it too. I held a cardigan as if i used it to cover imperfection in my clothe. I told my mum that who could know that somebody among the people we snapped together could do something to me. It looks as if i hold this picture & it is playing like film. My mum asked me what i am doing & i said i am just writing something down or books that i want to buy.
1. Yes. The lord said, every dominance and influence of witchcraft over you coming blessing has been removed/disposed.
Congrats - what a mighty GOD!!

2. The lord has destroyed every dominance of retrogression over your life and every attacked inflicted on you while you were in second days/former evil possessed house.

Lastly, pray against every influence/reflection of retrogression - say, I have nothing to do with it.
Bless u
Good afternoon man of God.
1)i was locking my door with keys. My landlord\lady were in this scene but not at my door. I cant remember what they said.

2)i was brushing my teeth in my place of work. I first used close-up & later said that it doesnt last in my mouth. I now used oral-B. I also back a child & i gave him brush to brush his teeth too, i used the same toothpaste i used for him too. He has slept on my back before i could rinse his mouth. A co-worker was asking me what i am doing & i told him. The lady that i dont allow in my room came in, her hair has been cut. I didnt want to relate with her.

3)likely in the above scene, a woman complained about a new pot that it is dent. I told her it was not like that when i dropped it. The room we were was full of people. There are other new pots there.

4)i was sitting in a place & i asked the people beside me what they are burning. They said nothing, i told them i could see smoke. I stood up & see fire burning things in front of my house. It is like i am the only one that was able to see it. Electricity also came during this time. I also see some primary school children in uniform going on a line with their hair un-kept & looked malnourished.

5)a woman was cutting dry trees in my compound as if she wants to sell them, Somebody told her that if my landlady is around, she wont be able to do that. My landlady also spread clothes in the sun.

6)i was telling somebody that a man looks younger than his age.

7)somebody entered my compound & was surprised about the number of buildings there & those that are still under construction. He\ she wishes to rent from them.

8)i was looking for where to urinate @ night. A man now on his torchlight at me. He asked me what i am looking for & i told him, likely he told me where to use. Seems i am confused on the path to follow.
Thank you sir.
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Good afternoon man of God.

1)The only thing i could remember in this dream is that a woman was shot dead.

2)in one of the buildings in my compound, i was with two female colleagues. Another colleague called one of them on the phone. She was reluctant & did as if she didnt hear what the caller was saying. I left the place & went out. I met a male boss at the entrance of this building, when he entered, he wanted to close the door & i told him not to close it. He now opened it again. The one that called someone on the phone was coming from my own apartment frowning her face. I told her that the network didnt allow that person to hear her on the phone.

3)you interpreted a dream for a lady telling her that you were once like that fighting some battles but it has become a thing of the past today, you said you also heard headmaster & that made you to work harder. And thank God she didnt take her dreams unserious.

4)a woman came to deliver in my place of work. The husband was telling me that i should be fast or else she would deliver on the floor. I told him they didnt bring their bag & i cant use bare hand. The husband went back to bring it. When he came back, i helped him with the bag but i didnt allow them in the labour room cos i wanted to check it if it is clean. When i entered it was dirty & the windows were locked. I opened it & began to clean it. A lady that it has been long that i saw was calling my name but i didnt answer & i dodged her too. She went to buy credit to call me also. It is now becoming dark & i saw a colleague sitting down & looking at me, she also made a call.

5)i was sitting in the office where a woman called somebody on phone to on generator so that they will help her to print a letter to the NEPA. A man was operating a computer there also. A man there was trying to fondle me but i was resisting him & report him to the one operating computer. I told him i am not married to him & he said he would pay a certain amount to take me from my parents. I said it cant buy me. A man was also there that didnt say a word. I was looking @ my dream book & non of them sees it & i took it with my other belongings & left.

6)as i was going, i saw a lady with a child on the bed. She greeted me & i had the thought that she wants to tell me the story of her life. When i didnt go to her, she followed me & greeted me again i now see that she is a fair skin lady & the child she carried doesnt resemble an albino totally.

7)i was following my female boss that has been transferred to the labour room. When we were going, i saw my boss battling with the woman in my number 4 dream. When we reached where we are going, my boss bent down such that i thought she wanted to take a thing under something. She now inserted a needle to the side of somebody there. I was surprised about where she inserted it. Blood was now gushing out of both buttocks, i wanted to touch it but i said i didnt wear my glove. This person they pricked likely wore a white clothe.

8)a man in my parent's street was discussing with my mum. Me & my dad was listening somewhere. Physically this man and my parents are not in good term.
Thank you sir.
1. Another enemy, contending with you destroyed. Congrats. This is real, it actually happened someone.

2. I see a gang up against you. I see a set up but the lord assured, that they shall fail woefully.
Any gang up,plot against you especially in your place of work shall fail.
Be very careful of whom/those u trust especially among your female/male colleagues.
I see a gang up against you for good or evil? But they shall fail woefully.

3. I was once in 'all of'' you shoes.
Indeed, the lord assured that whoever is a member of this ministry shall testify atleast, because i, myself (ebankole) i'm a living example/testimony.
Above all, this conversation actually happened today.
Glory be to jesus!

4. Poor is he who works with a negligent hand, But the hand of the diligent makes rich.
Proverb 10:4

5. Yes. You are ripe for marriage and the heavens agrees. Man will troop around and seek thee.
But indeed, the lord said, fear not for you have everything with you, all that you 'll need to know to know which man is right or wrong for you.
Yes. Free your mind and , everything u need to know,see and verify the right man is there in your hands. And that's? Here, and your dream book.
Congrats. Don't push them away but instead adopt what is written on your dream book,here. And all of a sudden, your wedding bell will ring.

6. You have come a long way and people shall seek for you, to be encourage and counsel by you.
Remember, you were once in their place? So do not ignore when such come knocking to seek your help, to be led by you. It's in you.

7. I can see that you love your job so much, that you see nothing tedious. But u must watch it as none is perfect, nor any of your bosses as they so you won't implicated or caught up amidst the error of any of you bosses.
Meaning, paying for the mistakes of others or being implicated amidst the error of others/any of you bosses.

8. Whatever it is between the man, specially with your dad shall be settle.

Bless u
Good morning man of God.
1)i was with somebody where i saw a file that has torn into two @ the middle. I told the person beside me that maybe they should use cellotape to join it or buy another.

2)i was in my former street. I saw pineapple that has been harvested before but it is growing again but with two fruits. One has already been growing. I saw a pepper tree with two species and they are ripe & unripe ones. The tree is tall so i used something to support my legs to pluck them. My mum & one of my brothers were there with me plucking it too but the place changed to a room. I saw my former neighbours at two different places. I saw two guys that greeted me too, one was fair skinned. Also i was somewhere that i saw two types of dead rats. I picked one & said i should have taken the second type.

3)an office that is owed by SS in my state was changed to state house of assembly with national flag there. The Governor of this state is there and the place was guarded by two national youth corps at the gate.

4)i saw my brother in maybe our former street but not the house we lived. A boy i know in this street gave him a sheet of paper as if he wanted to consult him for dreams interpretation. I was even thinking of giving my brother my dream book. I wanted to climb a place in the scene but i couldn't, i now said my sister that i back should come down because her weight is affecting me, i now climbed it. My dad was in this dream too.

5)i was coming from work & i met a former school mate coming with bags. She asked me for #30. I Opened my purse and when she sees #1000, she took it, i told her to return it. She wanted to change it to two #500 but i declined. We now see a man as if he is a butcher, and this friend is looking for a person she bought cow from. This man told her not to worry that the cow seller would come. The person now changed to one of my brothers who likely wanted to exchange this money with lizard. Likely this butcher & my brother was now chasing the lizard on grass and killed it. My brother took it and wanted to give me. I said i have nothing to do with it. When i touched it i was scared as it was gasping and i woke up.

6)the man i told you about was showing me something. I opened a book & found something which i gave my sister to give to this man. I told her she must not give it to him in the presence of another man beside him. My sister didnt comply and gave him. I now looked at her somehow.

7)i was at work at night and my senior gave me a roster that she has written those that needs red biro so that i will write the remaining with blue biro. It is like our boss gave her to write. She is still writing the second copy. A woman in another department was beside me, she wanted to look at it but i didnt allow her cos it doesnt concern her. I cant remember if i later gave her.
I opened my dictionary and found #200 in between. This my senior was now talking about a clothe she bought during her friend's wedding.

8)a colleague wore a combination of colour green with a head gear that i have the same we bought during a colleague's wedding as bride's friends. I asked if i should off it and wear another she said yes reluctantly. Then i went inside.

9)a neighbour was upstairs and the baby at her back was playing & at the same time invisible to me. When she came down to meet me the baby has slept and i also smiled to this neighbour.
Thank you sir.
1. The lord has increased u in wisdom

2. The lord is restoring back all your lost/hijacked blessing and destroying every powers behind these.

3. Power may change hand in the state soon. I see issues been raise and political battles within the state.

4. Focus on your safe now, maintain these grace opportunity within yourself for now, you are not capable yet to carry others. Meaning, to reveal how God delivered you thru this medium or how u dreams is being interpreted on here.

5. Do no offer you offering, tithe unto anything that will bring spiritual battle and or attract spiritual vulnerability.

6. Love is here.

7. The lord said you shall not use your hand to bring about trouble and failure in you place of work but instead, the lord will use your hand to bless you more.
Many shall groan as the red means, danger.
While the blue signifies, sky/heaven ,the lords attention on you.

8. Don't and stop this habit of ' I must hear listen to her optionion , she must speak or give me her suggestion before I can do this ''

As the word green means, peace,blessing,grace etc.
Meaning, the right choice.
Stop trying to win people's before you can make any critical decision. The lord has given you spirit of wisdom to discern what's right from wrong.

9. You have been given the spirit of grace to smell and identify danger while it hovering around or close by.

Bless u
Good evening pastor & thanks.

1)a dream paper is being chewed by a man & also a dog is taking away something. (physically my landlady's dog carried my thing today, i dont know if it just my thought)

2)that man was backing me and singing.

3)i saw two of my church members that we dont interact and a woman and her children that i know in my compound. All of us were discussing.

4)i was likely fetching water inside but not sure . This man was telling somebody or a friend that he has been told where & how he would find his wife for a very long time. But after he has married the forth or maybe the fifth wife and they followed the same pattern. He had to go and trace where/what he was told earlier.

5)when i got inside i was looking at a neighbour buying "EKO", the white pap inside a green leave. I dont know how one appeared in my hand that i almost finished it, though, i was contemplating on buying but this woman almost bought everything. I was also asking my brother what he wants to eat.